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Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.

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Q: Will Sod be on tour soon, or playing any were in the summer? And what about matt?
A: I have no idea about Son Of Dork, they might play at some pop festivals, but they don't seem to be doing much at the moment. Matt's playing V Festival, he'll probably be on at some others.

Q: Do you know what house charlie was in at uppingham?
A: No idea, sorry.

Q: Do u know if fightstar will be at leeds? do u know if theyll be playing any where else in the summer? xxxx
A: They're playing Download Festival, and probably some other gigs. They're supporting Funeral For A Friend in May and June, and they'll probably play Reading/Leeds festival among others.

Q: Do you know when well hear of the SOD new stuff, do u know how much james wrote with mark hopnus and will any of it be like blink? Do you know if Dave will be doing any more screaming/singing?
A: I don't know anything about the stuff James has been writing with Mark... We're Not Alone is on the Alien Autopsy soundtrack CD, it's awesome. And... how am I supposed to know about Dave? lol I don't know the band.

Q: Don't you think Tom McFly looks like a baby doll, with his swollen cheeks?
A: ...random lol. Maybe.

Q: is 'she'll call again' a busted song? if it is, where can I download it?
A: I haven't heard of it. It might be by the Dutch band called Busted. Where did you hear about it?

Q: Where's the picture of James holding up the sign saying 'Hi Clazz'? Stay cool. xx
A: It's here. :-)

Q: Where in A Cinderella Story is Falling For You being played?
A: I haven't seen the film, I just know it gets played at some point... I think it's when she's getting ready to go out or something.

Q: Did Busted ever do a cover of 'Here in your bedroom'? Cos i downloaded it from limewire and it said it was by them, but it sounded slightly strange...Hmm. Love, LOVE the site! =) xx
A: lol nope, I think that's the Dutch Busted. Thank you also. <3

Q: What do they whisper in Holly I'm The One, do you know? It's been bugging me for ageees! Btw also just wanted to say i think this site is actually amazing! =) xx
A: My mate thinks it says 'Holly fucked David' or something. Cheers by the way. :-)

Q: Is there any chance you can upload the whole song of Fightstar's Leper Messiah? Cos I only just found out about it, and they've got a new issue out! :(
A: I've uploaded it to Megaupload - clickie. :-) Let me know if you want me to upload it to YouSendIt instead.

Q: the fightstar cover of a FFAF song - will it be on hazy eyes single as a b-side?
A: There are rumours that it will, but nothing's confirmed yet.

Q: Happy Easter Clazz! Hope you get lots of yummy eggs! I love chocolate! =p
A: Haha, thanks! Hope you had a good Easter heh. I didn't get any eggs. I feel so loved, haha.

Q: i know i know q's bout busted. but who outta mcfly smokes? ok...and who did outta busted(i know chaz did)? and....SOD?
A: I have no idea, I'm not a fan of McFly. I know that Steve, Danny and Chris from Son Of Dork smoke, bah. Matt smokes as well, but I don't think he smokes regularly.

Q: why does myspace.com/bournio come up with this random girl named hannah? *fuzzed*
A: lol I was confused about that as well, I'm not sure what was going on there.

Q: can you upload at least once in the month? the last upload was in february and we are in april...
A: Yeah, I know. I'm terrible. = I've been way too busy with preparing for exams, doing coursework etc. I had pretty much no time off until two weeks ago (when I answered the March questions), and then I was completely busy again from just after that to today. It's a bit hectic lol.

Q: huh, i uploaded End Up Like this, but i took the Son Of Dork version, i can't hear the differences? Do you know what's different?
A: I have a couple of different versions on my computer, one of them just sounds more produced, and another one had some changes in the guitar in the chorus.

Q: who in mcfly is related to james in busted?
A: None of them.

Q: I miss this site.
A: Aww, bless you. I miss it too. :-(

Q: heya, id love to save this moving pic on my computer, but how can i do that, coz when i click it to save it and i'm gonna see to that pic, it doesn't move anymore, it only moves on this site; [link] can you pleaaase help me? love ya!
A: Hmm, the picture won't even work for me. :-s So I can't really help lol, sorry.

Q: Heya, first of all, how are you? ok, now i'm serious, where can i see all those piccies from the simpourne, and that stuff (i don't remember the other names) coz i can't find them anywhere, not on google, not on yahoo... so can you please give me a site where all of those piccy's are, i'd love to see them, then i saw them for the first time, and when i saw them, i promise i'm gonna think at you dn this ooh so amaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnngggggggg site. love ya and blessya bye
A: Aw, cheers. :-) And can't you view the pictures on here? They're in the 'about' section.

Q: clazz is it possible you can upload eddie from SoDD, that'll be great and most appreatiated. thanx your the best. ;p from BUSTED4EVA
A: Eddie's Song? It's on their album, so I don't really have any right to upload it, sorry.