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Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: In James' blog on that sonofdork link when u go on James it says his Hometown is London when its Southend i dont get it
A: Maybe he means that's where he lives now, I dunno.

Q: Could u change the options on the Busted radio??? pllllllllz!!!!!
A: Done.

Q: your site is so great and so addicitve... i check it every day keep doing what your doing :)
A: Aww, thanks. :-D

Q: Could you upload the acoustic version of 'Year 3000' please?
A: Uploading now, I'll put the link on the main page.

Q: Can i download until then the full ver. for free anywhere?? and can you put it on the non busted radio cos it rocks! thnx
A: Err, I dunno. It was on the Paint Your Target single, so buy that. :-p It's on the radio now, anyway.

Q: What? Is it true that Matt is recording his songs in Belgium? Why i ask that: I'm from Belgium! Wow, i really need to see him! Wow!!! What can i say? Um, i really don't know! It's amazing, it's wow, it's, it's, oh i don't know. You see you got also people from Belgium that visit your site. Actually, my class visit your site EVERY DAY! So, keep going, and good luck with your site! Cheers! Your site is the best & rocks
A: Thanks. :-) <3 I don't know if it's true, apparently that's what Darren said. I don't know if he meant Belgium the country or what.

Q: about my question, where is Matt? I know he is in Belguim, but can you tell me where? Is it in Brussel? I'm again that girl from Belguim, so.. bye
A: No idea, sorry.

Q: I have written some songs and I just wondered as you have your own band etc, if you had any advice about what I should do with them next? Thanks.
A: My band's completely haywire lol. I write music, I need to record it. Unless you have recording studio equipment, you can't make really good recordings, but if you have a good microphone on your computer, it wouldn't be bad. Then you could try sending them to record and management companies or something. I'm not sure, A&R people are always looking for talent, but they can be arseholes. Basically, pretty much all of them only give you one chance, so you have one chance to impress them enough to make them want to sign you to the record label they work for. The music industry is shit like that, but that's the way it works. There's some really good advice on soyouwanna.com (look for one about getting a record deal) about getting yourself noticed.

Q: My dearest (no, I'm not launching into Blinkness) I am glad to know you DOO love me more than Matt you shexayful baked bean *pose* did you know that time goes on and on and im still looking for you and time goes on and on while im still looking for you?! Bet you didn't mushhhhtay!!!!!!111!!!1oneone LyK oMgZ i LyK sO tOtAlLy Lv DaT nOw EnIt MuSh BlUtT?! Who's a sexyful singer of cheap regrets eh eh eh?!?! :D betcha can't guess who DIS iz *twarts 4eva enitmushblut*
A: I miss youuuuuuuu. I miss your random messages, I miss talking to you on MSN all the time, I just miss you generally. :-(

Q: that myspace looks really fake - its blatantly not them cos its got no new info other than what we already know and someones just pretending to be them
A: Not everything's fake, you know. ;-)

Q: Hey Clazz, Just to wish you best of luck with youre exam results on tuesday! and hopefully they reduced the pass mark for higher maths or im stuffed lol Carol x
A: Thanks! Hope your exam results were good.

Q: u know that myspace son of dork thingy how come nothings on there anymore and it says beetroot?! do u know anything about it? (there were a couple of questions similar to this that were sent at the same time, so I didn't bother answering those lol)
A: I was hoping they were going to change their name lol, and typed Beetroot as a random thing. Apparently not.

Q: aaaahhh noooo...people are gonna call them sod!!!!
A: lol yeah, I call them The Sods.

Q: Sum times when i try and get on to BO.org, it doesnt work!!! It says 'action cancelled'... it's really weird!!!!
A: Hmm, that's odd. :-s It must be something to do with the host.

Q: On the DVD, how do you get to the spin cam?
A: Spin cam? Which one's that? The gig videoed by a fan? It's called puntercam.

Q: Omfg I nearly pissed myself with excitement there! What a f-ing loser making us nearly die of shock over that! Grrr Ah well enjoyed the hope of Busted reforming for a cause... Even though some wanker made it up... :(
A: Pah. I wouldn't mind so much, but making a hoax based around the London bombings.. it annoys me that people are so disrespectful.

Q: don't you think that a good name for james new band would be 'Red Kriptonyte'? i wish i could tell him this name.
A: It's better than Son Of Dork lol. I like the song Kryptonite by Three Doors Down. Random.

Q: are you 100% sure james band is called son of dork, i mean what type of name of a band is that anyway?
A: lol it's a stupid name.

Q: clazz can you please upload everything i knew. thanks. p.s- love your site ;p
A: Heh, thanks. :-) You could buy the album with it on from Amazon, I may upload it though.

Q: my computer won't play most of the video performances dya know any reaon why?
A: On the videos page? I need to sort them out, find out what works and whatnot.

Q: omg...on da son of dork my space, you could send a message to james if you joined....OMG!!! Will that work?!?!?!
A: Yes, but he probably doesn't have time to reply. I haven't bothered to message him cause I know he probably wouldn't reply.

Q: i don't mind the name son of dork! But does this mean you won't be updating news about james's band anymore and that you won't be supporting them?
A: lol I never judge a band on their name or their looks. I like their music so far, so yeah, I'll be supporting them.

Q: SHIT FUCK BOLLCOKS!!!! ..WHY WHY WHY WHY.. WHY??!! ..What a stupid, americanised, immature, kiddy teeny-shite name!! It shortens to SOD forchrist sake.. as much I think James is a decent bloke, he's too caught up in living in the US, American bands and trying to be American.. it's not big,cool or clever.. he needs to grow up a lil bit and think about how stupid that name is.. I know it isn't all his own doing, buttt.. I wouldn't be surprised if the name was his idea.. *whisperly chants* bring back Busted* hehe.. lots of love clazz, you're doing a great job.. you don't have to post this up if it OTT hehe.. from an anonymous ranter :oP x x x x x
A: lmao calm. :-p I'm getting used to the name now, but I still think it's stupid haha. Dunno about Americanised, just silly. Thank you by the way. :-)

Q: Noticed the non busted song of the moment, it's awesome! Sum 41 are the best :) and son of dork isn't that bad
A: omfg that Sum 41 song! The first time I heard it, my jaw dropped to the floor cause I loved it and didn't know who it was. The second time I heard it, my jaw dropped to the floor cause I loved it and did know who it was. It's just amazing. <3

Q: Are Busted getting back together to bring out another a single?
A: No.

Q: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i hope its trueeeeeee
A: It's not. :-(

Q: I reckon that you should make a comments box/form coz most of the questions are comments on the news/updates. (I'm not telling you how to run your website it's just an idea)
A: lol most comments go in the news form (or sometimes the question form). I was going to put comments on the updates, but I reckon people would abuse it, and as it would probably have to be unmoderated (to a point) then I think it'd be safer to just not have them.

Q: I'm not getting my hopes up coz 1) It might not be true 2) It's only temporairilly (I can't spell!) and don't wanna be heartbroken like I was back in january. But I do hope it's true and they'll see how much they enjoy performing together etc and get back together FOREVER!!!!!!!! (so much for not getting my hopes up)
A: I think it'd be good if they got back together for a charity song. Lots of people said Charlie would never go back to Busted, but I think he would if it was for charity.

Q: Matt should release When Day Turns Into Night it would most definatly get to no.1
A: omg I love that song. He shouldn't release a Busted song though. It'd be cool if he did a new version of one though, for a bside or something.

Q: Do you wish that they were getting back together for good?
A: I.. I just wish they'd never split up. Right now, although I miss them loads, I don't want them to get back together because it would never be as good as it was.

Q: Is it really tru on this: 04.08.05 on the main page? Is it really true? Thanks! This site relly rocks!!!!!!!! jeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa! (i'm sorry for that)
A: Nope, it's not. :-( And thanks heh.

Q: when are ya gunna put the make u mine and sunshine lover on the audio page i know loadsa people have asked you n i know u have a life n u can't spend all ya time on the site but i'd really really like to hear make u mine even if people say it's a bad song lol great site btw luv ya xxxxx
A: Thanks. :-) I put them up, didn't I?

Q: OH MY GOD!!!!! in brown eyed girl live who is daniella that matt sings about when hes saying the bit about 'making love in the green grass behind the stadium with daniella'? :O ooh!! i am very jealous!! love hannah h xxx
A: lol they were performing it on a German radio, Bravo, and a girl called Daniella was presenting the show.

Q: Do you think you can put up a link to the Unofficial Busted Street Team? Thankies! XxX
A: It's linked on the affiliates page.

Q: ha ha lol, remember the days of jaywick...
A: Simpourne still rules all. :-p

Q: You know if matt and james do that single and charlie doesn't sing on it but just does drums they could get somone else to do it and pretend it's charlie
A: No one can replace Charlie lol, Matt and James could have sung themselves though.

Q: I know this is a long shot but do you know if James's band will be touring any where near Portsmouth on their Nov/Dec tour?
A: Are they even doing a November/December tour?

Q: please put some america or busted episodes on! i missed every episode
A: I will tryyyy. I'm going to make a video request section as soon as I get broadband. Which will hopefully be soon!

Q: OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!! Is it true???
A: No. :-(

Q: i was watching american tv, i saw Oprah and suddenly James came up on the screeen, what the hell is james doing in LA???
A: lmao that's from ages ago, when Busted were in America promo-ing.

Q: is matt carrying on his music career?
A: Yes.

Q: what did jojo do to Times Like These... oh no... i dont even wanna hear that!!! lol
A: Made it all pop. I can't even remember.

Q: Why does Sophie have a beach babe swiming costume?
A: Because she forgot her's so she had to wear her sister's. Er, what? lol.

Q: Hello. I know a fat girl. I know this is harsh. But she is HUUUGE. Think Tom. But BIIIIGGGGGGGGGER. Anyway. She is a right loser. I think she thinks James is in love with her. And i was wondering. Do you think James is in love with her? No. I didn't think so.
A: lol random. Lots of teenies are convinced people love them.

Q: to the person that asked about charlies religion, hes catholic cos i know someone who goes to his church. me and my celebrity connections eh! What? you DONT want my autograph? lol this site rocks my stripey holey socks x
A: Oo. Hehe thanks. :-D Yeeeeah, gimme ya autograph haha.

Q: aw poor James about that model thing. wait. what happend to Eve or w.e. haha. i guess thats over.
A: I don't know if he and Eve were even together.

Q: Besides Busteds official site and ebay, do you know of a good place to buy Busted merchandise?
A: Hmm, I'm not sure. Amazon has some things, eBay has the most variety though.

Q: i was just letting you know that the last christmas totp sat link doesn't work. i was wondering if you could fix it..thankx. Becky
A: Should be fixed now.

Q: i asked you if you could fix the Matt, James n charlie version and you said that it was done..but its not..
A: It should have been, hmm.

Q: how did you get the 'make poverty histoy' banner? i want one for my site but i have no idea how to get one!
A: Go to makepovertyhistory.org, there's a code on there to get the banner on your site. :-)

Q: What is going on with Matt and Emma?? are they together or not?? loving the site Clazz!!
A: I don't know any more lol, I haven't really heard anything about Matt lately. And thanks. :-D

Q: clazz you know in the full songs section , have you got 3am acoustic to put on the site?
A: I have it. I'll put it on some time.

Q: clazz can you put busted screensavers on the site because i can't find any from any other site. thanks.
A: I don't have any. Actually, I have a couple from the Busted DVD, but they're not very interesting, and I dunno how you upload them.

Q: LAUGHIN MY FUCKIN ARSE OFF! charlie in thats entertainment he kept singing the same lyrics hahahaha
A: LOL they can't do that song at all. They performed it live as well, and Matt forgot the lyrics.

Q: apparently on a site it said that matt said he's just good friends with emma and never went out with her cos she's out of his league
A: The papers reported that ages ago, but it's rubbish.

Q: is the downloads from megaupload free?
A: Yeah, unless the file is on a premium account. Which I don't have, so any megaupload links I put on this site will be free.

Q: you have persuded me. simpbourne is the way to go YEAH BABY YEAH
A: Hahahaha, you know it. ;-)

Q: did u hear about holly and jessica in scotland?
A: Yes. There was a rumour that the woman involved in the murder moved up here (to Orkney), erp.

Q: u said james has mentioned sex in an interview do u know what he said exactly
A: I'm not reading through every single interview with them. I remember he said he's slept with a few girls but not many, and he was never pressurised into having sex.

Q: not the yr 3000 interview the interview and matts hair is blond in it?
A: What? I'm lost lol.

Q: i couldn't hear james in lola, i love that song BTW their versions excellent but the madnesses version is BOLLOCKS
A: I don't think James gets a solo part in Lola, I couldn't really hear him either. Madness did a version?! Oo.

Q: thankyou so much for the full songs i luv u! the 1st scream is crap and the other 2 are really good hav u seen em i haven't seen the end of the 3rd 1 do u know who the killer is?
A: Yeah, I can't remember it though lmao.

Q: thank you so so so so soooo much for putting charlie's song on the radio, please dont ever take it off. by the way, you're not a stalker at all, just a dedicated fan that's interested in their musical careers just as everyone else is. did you say you put cross out the stars on there too? i didnt see it. thanks again.
A: Awww, thanks. :-) And no probs. Cross Out The Stars was on the non-Busted radio, but it's been replaced by Until Then. <3 Except I've moved it to the Busted radio now.

Q: Hiya A bit of a random question here but have you seen on 'America or Busted' when they are doing the sound check on the beach you can hear in the background Charlie playing a bit of the into of of 'Lost Like Tears' by Fightstar. p.s Listen Very Carefully p.p.s U R WICK!!!!!
A: lol I noticed that. I was watching it one day, and I was suddenly like 'I RECOGNISE THAT! It's.. it's FIGHTSTAR!' Ah, love that song. <3

Q: Clazz, what's the difference between the single version and the album version of SWTLO?
A: The single version is rockier, it has an extra guitar in it. I prefer it to the album version.

Q: Um.. I don't wanna bother or anything cause I know your busy but can you get meet you there mp3 or put it on full songs, or maybe what I go to school for, better than this, fake, that thing you do, or britney mp3 or put on full songs?
A: Buy the albums. :-p I've only got songs that you can't get anywhere else on there.

Q: I Love You, thank you so much for allowing us to listen to otherwise unheard Busted tracks, I miss them
A: Awwww. I miss them too. :-(

Q: Do you have the acoustic version of Year 3000? Or do you know where I can find it?
A: Here.

Q: how hot is brandon flowers (the killers) *sighhhh* yummmm *drool drool drool droool drooooooooooool* :-D
A: lol I don't like him that much, he's alright in some pics though.

Q: 'Frank Edwin Wright III' lmao are you joking?
A: Nope. Check any Green Day site. :-p And maybe their albums, I'm not sure.

Q: 'why is it when harry met sally? does something like fake happen in the film?' < I think Sally fakes an orgasm in it :S lol
A: Yeah, apparently she does. I haven't seen it, though.

Q: I'm soooooooo happy you answered the questions!!!!!!!!!!!Now I finally know what's Dawsons Geek ;-) Thanx!!!!!
A: Hehe, no probs. I need to answer the questions more often haha.

Q: hey, can u put some episodes of 'america or busted' on the site?????
A: May do some time.

Q: clazz have you ever typed in your whole busted online adress in google under images. look what you get!!
A: Haha random.

Q: Clazz can u plz put extra songs like Psycho Girl, When Day Turns Into Night, Loser Kid and Dawson's Geek. I really luv that u put Thunderbirds in the audio section. *CHEERS CLAZZ!!*
A: Buy the first album. :-p

Q: Can you fix the year 3000 game & the you said no game? Thanks for your time! This site is a really good site! Keep going!
A: No, because Year 3000 was on busted.com and You Said No was on the Street Team, and I own neither so there's nothing I can do about it, sorry. Thanks also.

Q: Hmm... James likes the Ninja Turtles right? What's his favorite Ninja Turtle? It better be Rapheal... no one likes Raph :(
A: Hahah aww. I have no idea lol.

Q: hi clazz i know this isn't busted related but i really love 'best of you' by foo fighters so do you know any good fan links with plenty of their audio. thanks!!
A: Buy their albums. :-p I bought three the other day, they're fantastic. You can listen to songs on radioblogclub.com, or google for mp3s.

Q: clazz hi, you answered my question, it's the first question in the 25-31st july one. but the problem is that i can't find the files is it possible you can upload them for me or if that's too much hassle could you put it in the audio section, be video or audio but i'll much appreciate the audio. thankyou clazz ;)
A: Psycho Girl and Dawson's Geek? They're here.

Q: clazz girl you rock!! thankyou so much for uploading sleeping with the light on in both versions,smooth.thanx ;p
A: No problem. :-) Sorry it took so long, though.

Q: hey Clazz! i was just going to lisen to the Matt version in full songs, but they are all charlies!!! which is NOT good! so i was wondering if you could fix it.. but by the way your site ROKS ;)
A: Hehe thanks. <3 Links are fixed by the way, sorry.

Q: Is Here In Your Bedroom a Busted song?
A: It's the Dutch Busted.

Q: I am so sorry but I am in a random mood agin i can't even spell properly I have had to write this message loads of timessssssssssssssssssssss........................................................... Don't delete the full stopssssssssssssssssssssss.......................................................... When I end a sentence in an s I seem to have to carry on putting s's
A: I had to delete them or it would screw up the page. =\ lol you're mad.

A: ..take it you've been watching the Scream movies. :-p

Q: this aint a question but did u know that busted singin last christmas aint working on the audio page and i was just wondering could you plz upload make you mine on the audio page thank u very much and ur site fukin rox u have gotta be the best at doing what u do cuz no one else updates as much as u do n anyone who says otherwise is very fukin much mistaken lol great site clazz! xxxx
A: Aww thanking you. :-D The links should work, I'll check them though. And I'll upload Sunshine Lover and Make You Mine.

Q: Is CD:UK actually going to show James the suggestions for his band?
A: I don't know.. no one said anything about it being shown the other week, so I assume they didn't. Although.. maybe James's band will do a surprise performance on there before PITP! Now that would be worth getting up for haha.

Q: Clazz, your doing a fabulous job on the site.. people sending you tha shit before were jerks.. ok my question now hehe.. what do you think James' surprise on his album'll be?..I have a feeling it's a duet with Matt but I'm unsure. x x x x
A: Ooooh, it could be. I have no idea.

Q: end up like this was written at the time james wrote can't break thru? I was wondering if end up like this was bout charlie..
A: Nope, it was written with Mike Raphael, and I think the interview with Mike where he says that is from ages ago. It could still be about Charlie though.

Q: when i go on the answer page it only has the awnsers up til 5th of june and on the full songs page it still says taken off for now!
A: Sometimes the site takes a while to update for some people, it's weird.

Q: umm why do u claim to have an 'original' version of losing you when its the same as the cd you dumb bitch
A: Because it's not the same. It's from the promo CD, it's pretty much the same but there is more piano in the second verse. No need to be so fucking rude.

Q: would you happen to know if any of the ex-Busted boys are with any particular religion? jw
A: Hmm, nope. Charlie has mentioned religion before, I think his family are quite religious.

Q: this isnt really a ques more of a comment. when i go to listen to james your matts version of you said no theyre both charlies version. just thought id let you know.
A: Yeah, a few people have said that. Turns out the links are wrong haha, fixed now.

Q: what did whole of get from this celebrity
A: You did what?

Q: A shmoke and a pancake thankyouplz, come again.
A: Hahahaha, marry me. *pose*

Q: why is it that i can't copy the full songs onto a cd???
A: I don't know, they should. :-s

Q: it's soooooo kl that the songs are back on!!! thanks soooooo much!!! and i'm being truthful in saying that this website is the BEST and i come on it everyday!!!!!!
A: Awww, bless you. :-D

Q: clazz what r u going to do during the summer holidays?
A: Not much now, I've just been on holiday and to T in the Park, so that's enough really. Local shows, school work, trying to get a boyfriend hahaha. *sniffle* And gotta work on this site. I'm such a nerd, ha.

Q: Whens Matts new album being released?
A: Apparently early next year (or late this year), not sure though.

Q: simpourne is cuter than jaybourne? PAH! *holds hand up* whats wrong with people like you! silly simpourne. jaybourne is the way to be.
A: lmao! But.. but.. how can you resist that?!

Q: wtf is jaybourne and simpbourne??? sorry but people talk about it all the time n i get really confused lol u have the coolest site btw so keep up the fantastic work babe! xxxx
A: Aww thanks heh. Jaybourne is Matt/James slash (the idea of them being together intimately or sexually) and Simpourne (also known as Bournewick) is Charlie/James. And Jaywick also, is Matt/Charlie.