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Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: i actually like the name son of dork. i think its a cool band name :) ROCK ON JAMES AND MATT!!!!!!!! JAMES AND MATT ROCK!!!!!! BUSTED ROCK!!!!!!!!!! JAMES AND MATT FOREVER!!!!!!!! hehe lol sorry! luv hannah h xxx (sorry if i sent this twice i didnt mean to press the enter key!)
A: *eye pop* Fair enough. :-p

Q: whats son of dork myspace address? the beetroot one is blank now!!
A: Hmm, I know. They seem to have taken it down, bah.

Q: this is more of a coment than a question.i think that matt will be supporting james at his first concert on august 28th do you?
A: No lol. The gig on the 28th was Party In The Park, which had loads of pop acts.

Q: whos going to be in james band now and why did he leave?
A: Right, I cleared this up on the main page, but the reason I didn't say why Ben left was because I didn't think he'd want me to. He's told me to tell people now though, so.. he didn't leave, he was replaced cause his voice didn't fit with James's. Still think it was lousy that they took him from Dudefish when James should have known whether their voices would have matched. New bassist/singer is Steve Rushton.

Q: So is James still in 'Son of Dork' as Ben left and will it still continue?
A: Yes and yes.

Q: On your shop page what's the maximum busted thing? thanks x x x
A: It's shit. It's basically a biography of the band read out by a woman (and apparently some of the facts are wrong as well). I don't have it, but apparently the bands have nothing to do with those CDs.

Q: Hmm no ben, wonder where that leaves there gigs, maybe matt could fill in. That'd be awesome, and make me all the more sad I can't go :(
A: lol awww. I hope Matt gets up on stage with them one day, that would be a bit surreal.

Q: Who is in Son of Dork?
A: James Bourne, Dave Williams, Chris Leonard, Danny Hall, Steve Rushton.

Q: Can you pleeeaaaaaaaaaaaseeeh put the full video, hurra hurra die schule brennt on this site? I really need to see it, because then it's my FIRST time! Yeah i know it sounds ridiculous, but here in Belgium play only videos that only Busted have written, so.. Thank you so much, keep going with this site, my class also goiing every day to your site, so your site is really THE BEST!
A: Aww bless. :-) I'll upload it some time, I'm not sure how big the file is though.

Q: NOOOOOOOOOOO how could this happen???? how could Ben quit Son Of Dork????? james is probably going to give up!!!! he's probably had enough of people quitting.. and they were signed.. and they had the single ready.. and they were gonna play in concerts... WHAT NOW??????? DAMN IT... as soon as we thougt things were better with james.
A: Caaaalm. It was James who replaced him.

Q: are u really sure james band's name is son of dork?
A: Well I am now. :-p

Q: what is james address to send mail?
A: I don't have any addresses for him, apart from ones c/o Universal. But he's not signed with Universal any more, so I don't know if they'd forward things.

Q: can you get the 3am acoustic plz?? thnx also luvin da site well done
A: Thanks. :-) I'm going to upload all (or most) of the acoustic tracks, I don't want to use up all my bandwidth though.

Q: Do you still miss Busted? I was watching one of my Busted videos today, and couldn't stop crying, why did they have to leave? :(
A: Awwww, I miss them loads. :-( I'm excited about Son Of Dork though, which helps. But I wish Busted were still here.

Q: when is james's new band coming out?
A: They've just done a couple of gigs, their single and album are both out in November.

Q: Could you upload any of the America or Busted episodes? Or at least parts of it? That would be really cool. Oh and, cool site!
A: Thankaaay! Will doooo, some time. I have a rubbish connection though, otherwise I would have done them ages ago. I'm getting broadband sooooooon, I don't know when any more cause it keeps getting delayed lol. But hopefully as soon as my friend comes back from holiday (he has to help us set it up), so.. not long.

Q: Its true that Camilla and Charlie are over!!! Why?? Poor Charlie...
A: And not poor Camilla? As far as I know, they're still together.

Q: have you got pictures of the band yet?
A: I didn't have pics of them when you sent that, but I've got loads up here now.

Q: What's all this crap about a Busted song being released? I don't think Charlie would do it, he's doing well with Fightstar. Whoever made this rumour up obviously hasn't got any respect for Busted whatsoever. Sorry, I just had to get my point made clear lol. Fab site Clazz!!!! xxx
A: Heh, thanks. :-) And just cause Fightstar are doing well doesn't mean Charlie wouldn't rule out a charity song. It's not true, though.

Q: what d'ya mean by 'sods' i dont get that.. this site rules!! Amyxo
A: Son Of Dork. SOD. Sod = moron. :-p And thanks hehe.

Q: Hey, I personally think if busted chose a different song then 'WIGTSF' They'd have done better in America, and It sucks ass that they are no longer a band .. Cause me & my friends are really getting into them, and we live in Canada. People here would LOVE them, and I mean LOVE. They'd for sure be popular. too bad. anyways, ny question is when is SonOfDork's CD coming out? and is it going to be Universal?! answer ASAP. Thanks love, xx
A: I totally agree about the WIGTSF thing, I think Busted/their label made a lot of mistakes. I won't go into that now. Anyway, SoD's album is out in November on Mercury Records.

Q: Tudsz magyarul?
A: Godfglsmtk lwq;a;ti. *nods in agreement*

Q: got any sites or media samples of S.O.D?
A: I do now. :-p

Q: whats up with charlie and camilla?
A: I dunno, I think they're still together.

Q: how do you listen to the radio on fox fm?
A: I put it on the main page, but they weren't on it anyway. foxfm.co.uk for future reference.

Q: clazz could u add good charlotte song 'we believe' on the non-busted radio?
A: Hmm. It's not one of my favourite songs by them, I like the video for it though.

Q: If James' new band is called 'Son Of Dork', would that make Busted 'Dork'?
A: LMAO interesting point.

Q: How did you go about setting this site up? I would be really interested in trying to make like a Mcfly counterpart?!
A: Counterpart? Like a sister site, or just a big McFly fansite? lol I made this site on Freewebs and it started out pretty shit. Then as I got more experience, it got better, my friend hosted me on her domain for a while until I got bustedonline.org.

Q: Is this really James? [link to myspace removed for privacy]
A: Believe what you like. :-p

Q: make u mine isn't on the audio section n me n my mates were wondering where u got it from if u could tell me where i can download it from thanx clazz ur the coolest
A: I think I put links on the main page to download it, didn't I?

Q: hiya i was just on the audio section and i noticed that the last xmas' aint workin i was just wondering if u could sort that out for me ty. n ur site rox xxxxx
A: It should be fixed now, someone else pointed it out too. :-)

Q: Is James full name actually 'James Elliot Vaughn Bourne'?
A: lol no, that was in It's Hot, wasn't it? They misquoted James and put Vaughn instead of Bourne.

Q: I can't believe it took so long for me to figure out the sod thing *hangs head in shame* OMG NEWS FROM PARTY WO0P 4 days til Cheap Regrets :D
A: Haha awww. You're so blonde. ;-)

Q: Do you think SOD will be at Free at the Dee? I hope so! Closer to home! Haha
A: omg did you go?! So good. <3

Q: James's band is defintely gonna be called son of dork coz it says on the official website!!!!
A: But they weren't on Universal any more and busted.com is run by Universal. They are called Son Of Dork though.

Q: which one of the boys is the most cleanest?
A: Matt, apparently.

Q: 97% pass rates for the scottish exams, pretty damn impressive
A: lol surprising. I passed all mine, some of my friends didn't though.

Q: soo, what did you get as your results? i hope they were good!
A: Should I say on here? Ha. In Highers, I got Bs in History and Biology *eye pop*, Cs in English and Music. I wanted those to be the other way around. And I got an A in intermediate 2 Computing, that's a lower level than Higher though.

Q: Is it really james Bourne on my space?? this site is amazin btw!! luvya Emma x
A: Thanks. :-) And er, ithinksobutshh.

Q: Could you pleasumishaaas upload some America or Busted episodes - I didn't have MTV so I couldn't watch most of it :( and as far as I know there is no official DVD...?
A: I'm going tooooooo.

Q: is it true.. are they releasing that song for london attacks???
A: No.

Q: I LIKE RAPHEAEAEAEAL but I can't spell it :D guess whom
A: Haha. Who iiiis it? I'm guessing Cat lol.

Q: hey, I need ur help, I have this song that I wrote and it goes Verse, chorus, verse, Chorus, Verse and then this other part, it's a bit like sleeping with the light on when it goes something like: I see the sight, with a different light etc. Can you tell me what that's called, it's not a chorus or a Verse but i have no idea what it is. A bridge?
A: I call it a bridge, I dunno really.

Q: How do you make affiliates and blends?
A: Affiliates are just link exchanges really. Or do you mean the buttons? I make buttons and blends on Adobe Photoshop.

Q: James is pregnant with Charlie's baby, right? XD x
A: Hahah! Shhh, it's supposed to be a secret. ;-)

Q: 'MTV presenter Emma Griffiths, 29, has split up with Matt Willis, 22, her boyfriends of 9 months. The Ex-Busted star is said to be back on the bottle just two months after being treated for alcohol addiction in The Priory and a source explained, 'Theres nothing more she can do. she's just devastated'.. i don't know if this is true.. is it? THANKS!!!! from makuita
A: I have no idea.

Q: Do you know where Matt's staying in Belgium???? because I'm from Belgium!!! this site rocks!!!! I always prefer coming on this one than on the official one from the beginning!
A: Aww, thanks. :-) I have no idea what was happening with him in Belgium.

Q: nooooo i so wish that thing about busted reforming was true! :( x
A: So do I. I said on another question that I don't want them to get back together, but for a charity song it would be good.

Q: Charlie Simpson refused to comment... what a surpirse.. you dont know how much i hate this man! or more like that ass!!
A: Why do you hate him? Because he was brave enough to follow his heart?

Q: who's daniella who matt was singin about in brown eyed girl?
A: The presenter of the radio show they were performing it on.

Q: i thought busted split up!!!!!!
A: ..they did.

Q: Beetroot? OMG. THAT'S HORRIFYING! Someone tell them to change it. the world is ending. shit.
A: LMAO they're not called that.