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Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: Do u have the Guinnes book of records where it says bout WIG2S4, YR3000 n YSN going 3,2,1 in the charts?
A: Nah, I think I've seen it though. I can't remember.

Q: what didja get in results clazz?
A: Higher: Bs in History and Biology, Cs in English and Music. Intermediate 2 (lower level): A in Computing.

Q: is there any way you can listen to the party in the park at oxford on the internet
A: It was supposed to be on Fox FM, but it wasn't. Grr. Ah well.

Q: just wondering, did you get any kind of permission for recording the undesided with matt from the last tour?
A: I didn't record it, it was posted on lovemj.tk, and I ripped the audio from the video.

Q: That story about James in the mirror gets me really confused! lol Do you think it's even true??
A: lol I have no idea, I expect they were there and the papers took it out of proportion to make an interesting story. As usual.

Q: If James Fancies me xxxxxxxxx Katie Galloway xxxxxx
A: He does, and you're going to get married next year and live happily ever after. Seriously.

Q: why the fuck are you putting things from news papers AT THE END OF THE DAY! i can't go out and buy them! you silly moose! oh but you are doing a wonder full job! keep up the good work!
A: Hahaaa because I don't buy newspapers. :-p So I have to wait for someone else to give me news heh. Bless yee.

Q: do you have the LIVE electric guitar version of MEET YOU THERE - or was it a one off performace at wembley on 17th Decemeber - it was the best ever. thanks
A: Nooo, I don't. I really want to hear it.

Q: you know what??? last fridy i went to umbaba, and the article says that james went too!!! how small is the world!! shame that i didnt see him!!! (but i had a very good night!!!) Lola
A: Awwww lol. Glad you had a good time! I'd be kicking myself if I found out I'd been in the same place as James. I could have met him last Sunday if I'd really tried. Bah!

Q: Hey... the audios of matt's radio one show dont work... is it possible for you to fix that? if not... do you know anywhere else i could get it? i missed it when it was on!!! *cries*
A: Oh yeah, I had to take loads of things down cause of bandwidth. I'll try and get them back up. :-)

Q: I downloaded the song Let It Go off ur site a few weeks ago, and I was wondering if it was a cover of some old song or Busted wrote it? And if they did, was it James? Luv ur site x
A: James wrote it with Dougie and Harry from McFly. Thanks by the way. :-)

Q: claz what did were your results?
A: See second answer down.

Q: Why is do you think Matt in Glasgow random, but yes??....thanks!!!! grrrrrrrrreat site!! xxx
A: Because he lives in London, so it was a bit random that he was in Glasgow. :-p Heh and thanks!

Q: matt dancing??? i thought that matt haven't got idea how to dance.. it's funny!!! you are the best thanks for all the news (Macarena -SPAIN-)
A: Hahahahaha it's classic! Bless you. <3

Q: How can kelly osborne be such a bitch and try to start a fight with james. if that had been matt she'd have been knocked out. POOR JAMES and then some other girl knocked his drinks over! why can't those losers just leave james alone their only jealous
A: It was printed in The Mirror, they probably didn't fight. *sigh* And James isn't perfect, he's just.. normal.

Q: mcfly are soooo horrible. they say oh we don't need any help from james and we wrote the album ourselves and then who wrote the b side of ill be okay JAMES
A: James wrote at least one of the songs on the album as well (Memory Lane).

Q: why don't james and matt come out and say their gay like mark westlife did?
A: Because.. they're not? :-p

Q: Hey Clazz, I'm askin you about lyrics on fso.com, I hope you dont mind me asking it here lol cause I cant find the question thingy there. Anyway, is it me or the until then lyric is missing some verses? awesome site :D
A: Oh yeah, I've fixed most of the lyrics on there, but I still need to sort out a couple (Until Then and Hazy Eyes, I think). It's cause the lyrics were worked out from the live versions on the old official site.

Q: what is james's band called?
A: Son Of Dork.

Q: Will James bands cd be sold in the U.S.?
A: I don't know what's gonna happen with them yet.

Q: OMFG! James's band is going to Aberdeen?! My prayers have been answered!! THATS the best news i've had since before the split! Oookay... weird obsessive fan... Haha luv ur site Clazz u rock, major KICK-ASS socks!
A: lol awww, thanks. :-D I spazzed when I heard they were going to Aberdeen lmao, I didn't want to arrange anything until I'd heard the music though, so it was a tight call - I don't know how I was able to go lmao.

Q: i hope that charlies girlfriend has broke up with him! i hate him and i wish him all the worst in the world!
A: How about a nice hot cup of shut the fuck up, ey?

Q: whats happening with james band as ben left?
A: They've got Steve in to replace him.

Q: is james alright after ben left?
A: James replaced Ben, he didn't leave.

Q: Ok, I have few questions for you, I thought Matt and James said that they signed with universal when they were with Busted because they care about the music more than other companies, so how come they haven't signed with them this time around? I read somewhere that Matt was in Glasgow is this true? Has Matt and Emma split up because I read that once again lol and if not then they seem to be spending a lot of time apart because he has been all over the place and if he was with Emma then wouldn't he have just recorded nearer to home as im sure there are plenty of places for him to do that he doesn't need to go abroad or anywhere else in the UK!!!??? And finally are you back at school already? If so poor you!!!
A: 1. I think it's because the A&R person who signed them at Universal has moved to Mercury, so I assume they trust him a lot. 2. Matt was apparently spotted in Glasgow, yeah. 3. I have no idea what's happening with him and Emma, or his recording.. it's confusing me lol. 4. I went back to school on August 17th, we broke up on June 29th though.

Q: Im having problems playing the 'Matt dancing' clip-how can I get it to play without stopping constantly. Sally, Sheffield xxx
A: I don't know. :-s It's fine for me.

Q: Why the hell can't James come to the midlands?!?!
A: They probably will soon. Oxford isn't that far from the midlands.

Q: is matt going solo?
A: Yes.

Q: Hey clazz the vid of matt dancing is amazing!!!!! lol how old was he then????
A: lol I don't know, 15 or 16, probably.

Q: What do you mean by right click and save as??
A: Links to downloads can either be streamed online or saved to the computer. It's better to save them to the computer (so you right click on the link and on the menu, click 'save target as') cause it saves bandwidth on the site. I'm not gonna explain the whole bandwidth thing, but basically, every site has a limited amount of bandwidth, and every time something is downloaded, it uses up some of the bandwidth. That's why I always ask people to save target as, rather than just left click and download the files every time.

Q: Have Charlie and Camilla split up???? by by XXX
A: I don't think so.

Q: clazz, i know this isn't busted related but do you know where i can download the song 'in too deep' by sum 41?
A: Limewire (p2p program, can be downloaded from limewire.com).

Q: clazz can u plz upload 'everything i knew', i just love it!. thanx. p.s - ur site rocks!!
A: I might, you could get the UK album from Amazon though. :-p Thanks by the way heh.

Q: why is danny hot?
A: Because I cooked him for breakfast. ..which Danny?

Q: hahahahaha, Mattieboy you're sooo funny! Was it an audition?
A: LOL I think so, I'm not sure.

Q: How old was Matt when he was on Before They Were Famous? Did he just do that dance randomly or was he taught it?
A: lmao he was probably taught it for something to do with the Sylvia Young Theatre School. I think he was about 15 or 16.

Q: how old is james?
A: 21. 22 on September 13th.

Q: when will come out the next fightstar single and whats its name?
A: Waste A Moment, currently due to be released on October 25th.

Q: *cries* who are these idiots who keep asking you stupid questions, Clazz? Cause God you put so much hard work into it but omg you don't update everyday and :O you suck for spending so long doing this site up. God. some people are just ungrateful and it pisses me off like hell. *ahem* sorry. xD haha. Laura x
A: Awwww lol. <3 Some people are silly, lots of people do appreciate it though so that makes me happy. :-)

Q: Have Matt & Emma split up??
A: I don't know. I'm answering girlfriend questions more lately lol, cause I need to update the FAQ page. Mainly with 'I don't know's lmfao.

Q: why was charlie so stupid to leave busted?
A: He wasn't stupid. He was forced to choose, but he didn't want to leave.

Q: Hi! Is it true that Matt can say the alphabet backwards???.. just wondering Clazz.. can you do it? hahaha:).. ciao XXX
A: Yeah, not automatically though. I've never heard him do it, I don't think. Actually, I have. Oh, I'm confused now. I'm sure I heard him do it on the radio or something.

Q: whats going to happen with james band i feel so sorry for him
A: Steve's joined.

Q: do you know any websites for jaybourne?
A: Um, there's a fanlisting here for the relationship between Matt and James, so that sort of accounts for Jaybourne.

Q: Any chance of a new layout?
A: Yeaaaaaah, I need to sort stuff out, I think I'm going to make a Son Of Dork site. It'll probably be hosted on bo.org but may end up having a forwarding domain for it.

Q: I think that McFly lyric is 'and then we'll find some rope and make a swinging tyre?' that's what I heard anyway lol. x Jess
A: Oo. Hmm, I don't know. I'll need to listen to it again.

Q: I thought you weren't gonna put up mp3's cuz of the legal thingo?
A: It got sorted out, I think.

Q: How is matt jay willis?
A: I have no idea, I think he's just recording and writing, Damon's involved with that as well. There were rumours that he's been drinking again, but I think the press would be all over him now if that was true.

Q: what can you tell me about red room sessions, im confused HELP! :-) thanx dude
A: Coca Cola was giving away CDs if you sent away something like 25 ring pulls (twas funny, I went to a dance and everyone was drinking it, so I just went round collecting the ring pulls lmfao! ..that was irrelevant). Anyway, it's got Dawson's Geek, Fun Fun Fun and the remix of What I Go To School For on it. So nothing new.

Q: what do u think of mcfly?
A: Click. I need to update that. I've heard over half of their new album and it's so.. dull and boring. Psh. I'm going to have to review it, fun.

Q: When Busted were on the spot on top of the pops once they were saying some of the names they had come up with before busted do you remember what they were i think one of them had something to do with lemons?
A: Silly Boy Lemon hahaha. And Save The Whales was another one, I think.

Q: Where can I find more busted songs?
A: Pretty much all songs that aren't on their two albums (self-titled and A Present For Everyone) are on this site, apart from remixes, instrumentals, some acoustics etc.

Q: hey can u plzzzz put when day turns into nite for download or at least on the radio plzzzzzzzzzz 'coz the 1st alb that i bought doesnt have it ps YOUR SITE IS THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS!!!!!!!
A: Aww, thanks. :-) I may upload it, and Everything I Knew.