>> Answers to all your questions


Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: I'm sure this has been asked many of times, but will Matt and James will ever write a song for Son Of Dork?
A: It hasn't actually been asked, I don't think lol. I have no idea if they will, but it's possible.

Q: do you have any press confrence footage?
A: There are a couple of videos here.

A: I could have done that at the weekend, bah. I will remember this week. :-p

Q: if i write to the autograph address will the universal send me an autograph card??????
A: I have no idea, I've never tried writing to it.

Q: will i ever meet mcfly?
A: ...er.

Q: who is the cutest out of busted?
A: Meh. I liked Matt from the start, but then I didn't care lol.

Q: What is son of dorks myspace? the one they personally go on. its full of fakersssss
A: I don't know if there are any that they personally go on, but there's one that seems to have messages from James (myspace.com/sonofdorkofficial or something, I can't check now because I'm doing this at school, and MySpace is blocked).

Q: Do you persoally think that Son Of Dorks song 'Boyband' is about charlie?
A: No, I don't see how it can be, really. It's just taking the piss out of boybands.

Q: will Matt released his debut single in January?
A: Hmm, probably not January, but possibly February or March. I've heard all sorts of dates.

Q: yeah good charlotte did say they liked mcfly cos i read it in a magazine
A: lol fair enough.

Q: Matt will NEVER be the next Robbie Williams!!! don't take it wrong, he is sooooo MUCH BETTER than Robbie Williams!!!! he'll only be BETTER! i'm sooooo looking forward to hear him! i can't sleep!
A: Yeah, but whether you like Robbie or not, you can't deny that he's had immense success. I hope Matt will achieve as much... although Robbie hasn't made it really big in America, has he? So I hope Matt's able to do that.

Q: aaargh! i have to refresh this page everytime i go on it because i keep getting stupid popups! why do i keep getting popups cause its only on this site that i get them?!
A: That's really odd, because it's only recently that it seems to have happened. I think it must be the Google ads. I'm not even making much money from them any more, so I might as well take them off.

Q: hi, just wondering when you're going to have the MP3's back up, and also, maybe i'm blind, but will you have the MP3 for 'Tribute'?
A: They're back up. :-) And Tribute's on there, heh.

Q: hey! well i was just wondering...i kno everyone's still mad about the busted split but i dont understand it (even tho i am still sad too) but now we all have 3 times as much good music as before nd they're all different genres too so that means more variety of people can listen to them... dont u agree? and if you do then why are people soo upset nd i just wanted to kno if you had any recent news on charlie cause the fightstar site isn't giving me anything i dont kno alreadii...? thanx a bunch!
A: Yeah, but it's not the same, is it. Busted are one of my favourite bands ever, and I was looking forward to hearing new music from them, and now that's never going to happen. I enjoyed keeping up with what they're doing, and I know I'm still doing that, but it's not the same. The only thing I know that I haven't posted on fso.com is that Charlie was apparently seen in Harrods with Keira Knightley... last week, I think. I have no idea if that's true.

Q: My oh my, what on EARTH happened to the days when all people used to ask about was the guys sex lives. Clazz they kept me amused for hours. I think you should all go to http://www.myspace.com/deadmile James, the drummer, is amazing
A: Hahaaaaa, good times, eh?! I'll check 'em out later, I can't right now.

Q: Dave Fall out boy t-shirt is cool, any way do u know when matts single is being released?
A: Fall Out Boy are overrated in my opinion, but they're pretty good. As for Matt, I last heard that his single is scheduled for release in February/March.

Q: Murdered In The Mosh metions Yellowcard, Yellowcard are awsome!!! Dave is a real emo kid
A: lol, I haven't heard that much Yellowcard, but I absolutely love Only One. They're a pretty decent band, I like how they use violins.

Q: Do you know the name of Matt's new single :P? Thanks x
A: An article said it's called Hey Kid, I don't know if that's true, though.

Q: do you know any good matt fansites?
A: MattWillis.Org is the one that springs to mind, there are a few others though. I don't have time to find them right now, I'm in the middle of a study lesson. :-p ...'study'.

Q: Clazz have you seen the picture in More magazine of Matt kissing James. I've only seen it on line, but I'm buying the mag tomorrow. Tracy.
A: lol yeah, it's quite funny. Someone posted it up on the Busted boards.

Q: none of the full songs are working plz can u sort it out
A: ...did you read the main page? They're back up, anyway.

Q: yeah i have got download accelator but how do u disable it?
A: It should be in your taskbar, so right click on the icon and click 'disable'.

Q: Where can I find nice pictures?
A: Are there not any nice pictures in the gallery? :-p

Q: Why do i keep gettin weird pop ups everytime i go on this site? i didnt used to!
A: Yeah, I got another question like this. :-s I think it must be the Google ads, so I'm going to take them off.

Q: when is matt releasing his 1st single?
A: Blimmin' heck, this is going on the FAQ lol. February/March time, apparently.

Q: know what... Son Of Dork suck, im sorry but they do... im a HUGE Busted fan but im sorry to say Son Of Dork suck... its a one good song on their new album and that is boyband... and that is what they are, a boyband... sorry but they are... im really disapointed, i know that James could have done better!
A: Why are they a boyband? Just because you don't like them? Sorry, but they're no more of a boyband than Busted were, and... I'm not getting into that debate again, lol. I do think that the album could be better, because it seems to have been too rushed, but there are some amazing songs on there like Sick and Party's Over.

Q: Do James and Charlie still keep in touch?
A: Yes, that's coming from someone who has close contact with them. I don't think they see each other much, but they do sometimes.

Q: Are matt and emma still going out?
A: As far as I know. Someone was talking to my mate last night claiming to be a friend of Emma's, and said that they have split up, but I don't know how reliable the person is.

Q: I miss Matt :-( *sulks*
A: So do I. :-( I can't WAIT for his solo stuff though, I think he's going to be wicked.

Q: did you notice that on America or Busted, just before busted play that gig on the beach you can hear but not see charlie playing the into of 'Lost Like tears In The Rain' by fightstar in the sound check?
A: Haha, yeah. :-D

Q: how come some of busteds songs like 'Why' are only on the live dvd and not on the live cd? Why is sooo my best busted song!
A: I don't know why they miss out loads of songs on the CD, it's a bit silly. They could have at least added some extra stuff on the CD (enhanced stuff, special performances etc), instead of just the studio version of Thunderbirds.

Q: whats the address to the u're sod site cos when i type sonofdorkfans.com it don't work
A: It's .org. :-p

Q: THE NOISE NEXT DOOR DID A VERSION OF TIME OF YOUR LIFE???? NO!!! THEY DID NOT!!! PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME THEY DID NOT OR IT WILL DESTROY ALL MY FAITH IN HUMANITY AND I NEED SOME FAITH AT THE MOMENT (my faith is feeling doubtful cause i got beaten up by chavs at the weekend and my nose looks godawful) BRING BACK MY FAITH!!!! NO NO NO NO NO not the bloody noise next door please PLEASE tell me you made that up about Time of your Life.... *runs away to cry*
A: I... I... *shakes head* It's okay, you don't have to hear it. It's actually okay until they sing, lol. Bloody chavs. =\

Q: hey plz plz plz upload when day turns into night... i'll owe u my life... actually no... but yeah
A: lol. Yeah, I will.

Q: What's ur fav busted song? mine's falling for u!!;DD
A: Sleeping With The Light On, then Everything I Knew, Better Than This, Fake, Why, That Thing You Do... all of them.

Q: what is james' myspace address?
A: *le cry* Stop asking me for it lmao, I don't feel that I have the right to give it out. :-(

Q: haha remember when people said danny mcfly and james lookalike..welll they definitely dont anymore hah
A: lmao! Those were the days.

Q: i think james used to be more silly and fun in busted interviews as opposed to how he is in sod ones now.. hmm
A: Yeah, I've noticed that too - the others are bloody nuts, and he seems to be the more sensible one now, haha. Well, not exactly sensible, but more so than the others. :-p

Q: siiigh i would killllllll for a new busted song haha :(
A: Ahhh, I know. :-( The closest thing we've got at the moment is Son Of Dork, cause I think a couple of the songs were written for Busted.

Q: omg! i just had the Son Of Dork album and im sorry but it suck! yeh it sucks! its only one good song on it and that is Boyband.. but it sucks in the end..
A: Meh, your opinion.