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Q: Can you tell me the official myspace site where James posts all of his news? I have only found two and I do not get the bulletins that he posts. Thank you! Deanna
A: Here. You have to add him to your friends list to view bulletins, though.

Q: About the video request thing, can you upload I think its the frank skinner show (I can't remember) but they have the teacher wigtsf as a surprise guest in the audience
A: I will do as soon as I get it - I only have a clip of it at the moment.

Q: How can i get Matt to release his solo album in Australia?
A: lol I don't know who his management are yet, but you'd probably have to get in touch with them.

Q: whats ure msn page addy? the one james goes on?
A: My MSN page address? You mean the MySpace page? See the first question.

Q: hey whats up boys i just want to know when is the first video shoot for sic puppy and i want to say hay for james i love him very much
A: What? The record label? I'm confused. :-(

Q: hay merry christmas for you guys i am raely missimg you very much
A: Hope you had a good Christmas. :-) Even though it's a bit late now lol.

Q: whats Matt up to?
A: Getting ready to launch himself back into the music industry.

Q: When were the pictures of Charlie shopping with Camilla taken? And when were the pictures of Charlie and Camilla moving taken? Damn Charlie got fitter...
A: Hmm, I'm not sure. 2004 some time, I think around April.

Q: Hey is this James' myspce addy? http://www.myspace.com/sonofdorkofficial If so I don't think it's actually them just someone who works with them, u know like the people that run sonofdork.com etc Plus a lot of the website is in 3rd person etc and they would write 'thanks for getting us to number three' rather than 'thanks for getting the lads to number three' or whatever was written lol?!?!
A: It looks like it's someone who knows them.

Q: What was james saying in interviews to be cocky?
A: He said he thought Son Of Dork were going to crack America etc.

Q: http://au.launch.yahoo.com/gig-guide/artist/?a=58893 ... Is that MATT????
A: The link's not working any more, but it was another guy called Matt Willis.

A: Thank you. :-)

Q: wont u have to change the layout again really soon??? coz it says merry christmas on it and it wont be christmas for long!!! but i luv the pic so keep it there!!! james? YUM!
A: lol yeah, it was only going to be a quick temporary layout anyway.

Q: Why does Charlie hate Nickelback?
A: Because he doesn't like their music, simply enough. :-p

Q: Hi Clazz... u know the special version of eddies song.. there were 2 versions.. have u heard the 2nd one, Son of Pork 2? Anyway, I was just wondering if u know a programme or anything that can record it to make it mp3 or something... Thanks xxx
A: Hahaha, I got it into mp3 format, it's on the main page of sonofdorkfans.org somewhere.

Q: yay, matts finally releasing a song, cant wait to hear it! sus x
A: Heh, his stuff is going to be awesome.

Q: What's MOM lol?? xxx
A: Ministry Of Mayhem, now called Holly and Stephen's Saturday Showdown or something stupid.

Q: are you going to get the news and question box on the son of dork site too?
A: I keep meaning to set one up, but I don't know how lol. I might get round to it some day.

Q: is charlie still with camilla?
A: Yes.

Q: what new songs have they done cause they done teenage kicks but theres something else?
A: Eh? Teenage Kicks was on the Who's David single, and that wasn't a *new* track.

Q: Whats your favourite sod song? mine is murdered in the mosh :D
A: Party's Over and Eddie's Song.

Q: Well, in the acoustic version of Brown eyed girl, matt sings something about a daniella or what is could be, anyway, who is she? Coz he sings, she's my brown eyed girl, straaage world, but mattie is still tha best, no? Why is there only one perfect guy on this world?
A: They performed it on a German radio station, I think, and Daniella was the presenter.

Q: Hi, I miss the answers from 26th sept-2nd oct.....please can you put them up?? THANKX !!!!!!!!!!!!! XXXXXXX
A: Oh, I see, I seem to have not uploaded it lol, I have now. Sorry about that.

Q: hey clazz ur site is sweet! can u give me the whole britney song, it's the only one I haven't heard and I live in the US so yea. Not hearing the whole thing is driving me crazy! If u could then I'd really appreciate it! thanks!
A: I've uploaded it in the audio (media) section. :-)

Q: plz can you give me a link to download end up like this?
A: Click. :-)

Q: where can i get autograph from the members of exbusted???? fani
A: I don't know, Son Of Dork do signings for their singles, and so do Fightstar sometimes. You can often meet Fightstar at gigs as well, and Son Of Dork at CD:UK and MOM. At the moment, Matt isn't doing any promotion, so it's difficult to meet him.

Q: Hawdie clazz, i just wanna say, your site is the best site ever, really, i'm serious, such a good site, mate. keep going like that, but i have always a question: how do you make such a site like this, i wanna make such a site for McFly, or Green Day, doesn't matter for who, but how?
A: lol I don't know. You need to know HTML to make good websites, and be able to find lots of news and information that people would be interested in etc. I just find stuff everywhere, and I think that's mainly why this site got to be popular, because I managed to provide lots of news and put it all in the same place.

Q: hi!! I reallyreallyreally... want to hear The Suffolk Explosion cd!!! Where can you buy it/hear it/download it?? bye xxx
A: It's available here. :-) That's the cheapest I've found.

Q: I love the layout so much, I love it, I love it, I love it! You've done us fans proud. Thank you, and merry Christmas. x
A: Aw, thank you. :-D

Q: This isn't really a question more of an observation, i was listening to an interview on the hit 40 uk website and it says that James said that he and Charlie had nothing in common anymore, which he didn't he said that he didn't have anything in common with him musically and i just wanted to say that, that was an obvious way that the press make things up and twist things to cause trouble. love the new layout by the way, have a good christmas
A: lol it's always something stupid like that that the press twist to cause trouble. It's annoying, but it's the way the media works.

Q: heya, would you be able to create a section with entries from james's myspace or anything. just a random suggestion really. yeah, erm, great site, sus x
A: Oh yeah, I've been meaning to do something about that.

Q: on the new layout its a very good pic of james! where did u get it?
A: It's from a photoshoot on an American pier - I've put all the photos in here.

Q: Do you have james, Charlies or Matts email? How did you get it in that case? And... whyyyy do you have so many busted friends?! LUCKY you!!! like the one who called you so you could talk with james... how many friends do you have? that are into busted the way you are...?? Besides online :P?
A: Haha, a lot of people add me on MSN through this site. I don't have any of their email addresses. And offline, I only really have a couple of friends who are Busted fans.

Q: AHHHH! You changed the layout!! COOL!!! I lurve!! and Happy Christmas!!!
A: I changed it twice. ;-) Amazing, eh? Haha.

Q: yay, awesome new christmas layout x
A: Cheers. :-)

Q: Hey clazz, do you got a few photos from Busted in Japan? Thanks, love your site, keep going, and merry xmas and a happy new year !!!!!!!!!! XxX
A: I have three pictures here, if that's any use.

Q: why did busted split?
A: Because Charlie had to choose between Busted and Fightstar, and chose Fightstar.

Q: Matts back matts back :D:D:D:D
A: Hehe, I wish he'd hurry up, though!

Q: in that totp article, dont you think he looks a bit like Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Carribean??
A: Hahaa, not really but I can see where you're coming from. And Johnny Depp has been in a few more films than POTC. :-p

Q: i was wondering what the myspace address this is all posted on? (the one about sick puppy records ect.) i have james personal myspace, however, i would love 2 know the one where the few previous posts, are posted. lol. Thanx a bundle! - thanx clazz, ur a star * lv charlotte x-x-x
A: It's on his personal one. If he's on your friends list, you can see them on your bulletin board.

Q: when did busted split?
A: 13th January 2005 it was decided, and announced on January 14th.

Q: Who Is A Gay?
A: You.

Q: Can you put boyband or GUP1 the battery version on the radio plz?!? g
A: I might do.

Q: where are the hidden tracks on son of dork album?
A: One's about 10 minutes after Murdered In The Mosh. You have to rewind from Ticket Outta Loserville to find the other two, one's about 10 minutes behind it, and the other is about 3 minutes.

Q: how do you acess the what I go to school for, cduk performance on the busted live DVD?
A: You don't seem to be able to. :-s They must have forgotten to put it on there or something.

Q: will you go back together?
A: No. Matt and James might work together again, but Charlie won't go back.

Q: in what year was the 'last christmas' on radio1 performed?
A: 2003.

Q: Eddie's Song link doesn't work.. :( Can you post it again..? Maybe it's deleted, cos you said something about sex in the vid...
A: lol it's not pornographic though, it's just got some half naked girls on a bed with them. I'll get the video reuploaded, anyway.

Q: How much money have they made?
A: No idea lol. A hell of a lot, but that's none of our business.

Q: did they ever make a german vision of the song hurra hurra die schule brennt?
A: No, but the choruses are in Germany anyway.

Q: how does james write on ur space?
A: It's MySpace, and he doesn't write on mine specifically. It's a bulletin sent out to everyone on his friends list.

Q: i've had a problem uploading the video for eddies song, would you be able to put the link up again, thanx
A: Yeah, I'll upload it in a bit, I'll put the link on the main page of sonofdorkfans.org.

Q: is charlie engaged?
A: I'm not sure any more.

Q: how old is matt?
A: 22.

Q: hey clazz! you are awesome!! thank you so much for updating so often! i dont no what i would do without you! :-) do you no how i can see the late night version of ticket outta loserville video? can you watch it on the internet? have you seen it? is it good!? sorry, i will stop asking questions now and let you get on with answering them!! you are brilliant! keep up the good work :-)
A: I haven't actually seen it, but I think I've seen clips of it on an MTV interview with Son Of Dork.

Q: Ok so umm you seem to know James really well. You've spoke to him on the phone once, but how do you get all this info on him thats official yet we've heard nothing about it? God dammit you make me jelous woman, I ADMIT IT! Gd site btw, ever thought of adding Fanficiton to it? x
A: lol awww. I spoke to him on the phone once, that doesn't mean I know him really well. :-p I get info from anywhere - people who have been speaking to the band, websites, magazines etc etc.

Q: when is matt bring out a song?
A: I don't know any more lol, it's rumoured to be May.

Q: have you got part2 of the sun webchat?
A: I can't find the link for it, but I have it saved in a text file anyway - go here.

Q: is matt still together and going out with emma?
A: Yes.

Q: have you noticed that jimmy wears normal pants now?
A: Haha, so he does. Bit random that he's changed like that.

Q: can u but why from the live dvd on the video section thankyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
A: No, you buy the DVD. :-p

Q: whats james' myspace? the one you got his little updates from. i love you, by the way.
A: myspace.com/bournio. And aw. <3

Q: Mcfly no worries? was it a b side to one of their singles, i'm just wondering because i love that song so much!! Thank you.
A: Yeah, it was on I'll Be OK, I think. It's definitely my favourite McFly song heh.

Q: nice site :D
A: Cheers heh. :-)

Q: are you aware that everything i come on this site i get a box up to load a downloader thingy an its actuallyy a virus?
A: Yeah, I spent ages working out what it was because it wasn't actually coming up for me, and couldn't find the source of it. I've finally fixed it, though.

Q: do you have any info on matt's single? sus x
A: Apart from that it's called Hey Kid and is supposed to sound quite 80s-rock, no.

Q: (sigh)......SOD r good but will neva be as good as busted! OH well...do u think they ever will return?
A: Nope, I do think Matt and James will work together again though.

Q: do u know what's james's myspace?
A: myspace.com/bournio.

Q: someone said that boyband is a good song, who sings boyband?
A: Son Of Dork.

Q: i disabled it by clicking ALT when it says 'click here to download' and server error or server failure don't come up but when i download it a pop-up comes in the corner of the screen that says 'download aborted' 'file requested does not exist'.
A: Hmmm, that's weird. If I disable Download Accelerator, it just downloads normally through Internet Explorer.

Q: Dont suppose you have thee Stamford Amp lyrics for 'Anything For You'? I thought i recognised chris from somewhere lol
A: Haha, that song is awesome. Lyrics are here. :-)

Q: how do you know that the myspace james is the real james?
A: Because he said himself that it is.

Q: do you have any press confrence footage?
A: There was some on the channel 4 website, but it's been deleted. :-( I don't know if anyone got a back up of it.