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Q: Noooooo!!! I missed him. I know ur busy but I cant believe u only sed on the Saturday. Ur webite is still the best though.
A: lol I'm sorry. :-(

Q: hey awesome job with the list of gigs. i know this is a lot to ask but if you have preformances of some of those could you post them? just a suggestion cause that would be cool too.
A: I don't think I do, I might have a couple though. Good suggestion though heh. I'm uploading videos here now as well. :-)

Q: Do u Know what happing to james sic puppy records, do u know if it will be possible to send of demos to him/them??
A: I think there's something on sicpuppyrecords.com to send demos to.

Q: Does Dave just have the one guitar, the Black Gibson SG? Ive Got A Real Gibson SG There The Best, Love Playing Guitar And Drums!
A: Heh, my mate has a red Gibson SG. I dunno if that's the only guitar Dave has, but it's the only one I've seen him play.

Q: Is Son Of dork supporting Yellowcard At the UEA?
A: Bit late answering this lol, but apparently they didn't.

Q: what is james favourite colour?
A: Blue.

Q: Do you like harry potter??
A: Aye, the books are cool, although I haven't read the 5th or 6th yet lol. The 2nd and 4th films are my favourites.

Q: Do you know when son of dork will be touring?
A: Nope. :-( There's no news about them at the moment, which is a bit worrying.

Q: when is matt's single going to be anounced?
A: It has been - 22nd May, Up All Night. :-D

Q: hey did yu check out the quizmaster games on jamess myspace last night? it was so hilarious
A: Haha yeah, the nutter. I suck though - I didn't know any of the answers. Go me.

Q: hey someone told me that your myspace has the red button that say your supposed to clink on it & ive had that on mine for a while but i cant find the white button
A: lol neither can I. Someone said there is one, but I dunno.

Q: When are son of dork/mc fly/fighting star comming to australia?-cauz i really like their songz
A: Fightstar have just been out there. No idea about Son Of Dork, cause they don't seem to be doing anything at the moment. And I know nothing about McFly.

Q: hey... have you heard goodbye lucy? what do you think? erm i'm not sure myself... anyway great site xxx
A: Aww, I love it! His vocals are a bit hmm in places, but it's a cool song.

Q: there is a white button on your myspace page - i found it. yes, i know that's v sad... I'll go now.
A: Haha, I still haven't found it. :-(

Q: This isn't really a question. It might end up as one. I'm sorry, but I have to rant somewhere and this is the best place I know to do this. That article with the Guardian, I don't know, they might have twisted it, but Charlie came across as really ungrateful, even though he continually said he didn't want to seem that way. Why did he keep going if after 5 minutes of signing the record contract, he knew he'd done the wrong thing? And just because he apparently hates pop music, there is no need to slag off all Busted fans, particularly when many of us actually do like Fightstar; some people actually have a varied music taste. Ugh. I'm sorry again. What do you think about the whole thing?
A: Yeah, I completely agree with you. It annoyed me as well. It's just stupid how he's gone from saying he loved Busted until the end, to saying he hated it for a while before, to saying he hated it for a year before and even saying he was considering suicide once, and finally to saying he hated it literally from the start. It also annoys me when he pretty much slags off Busted fans, bleh. He needs to stop being ashamed, because there's no way he didn't enjoy his time in Busted. You might be able to fake happiness, but you can't fake it that well.

Q: The Guardian interwiew kinda pissed me off too but I can understand him, and I was a big busted fan so it kinda hurt me. Anyway there were always the signs of him hating the teenypopper magazine interviews, I hated them. Also that interview can easily be a little twisted. I mean there's a big difference about him saying the torture thing with tears in his eyes or saying it with a happy face. The one thing I like is that he has never said a bad word about matt or james. I think the thing he liked about busted was that he was playing music with his friends, and it's quite naturak that they didn't stay in touch, sorry about the rant =)
A: lol yeah, I know what you mean. I don't know what else to say lol, or I'll end up repeating the last answer.

Q: i was wondering if you had any of the episodes of busted or america? id like to watch them but i cant find them anywhere
A: They're all uploaded on here. :-)

Q: Why are you taking so long to update :'(
A: Because I've just had exams, and I'm overrun with coursework. It's annoying. :-(

Q: i saw matt getting changed at wemberley. why im telling you i really dont know. im just feeling random. oh well.
A: Hahaha. Yes, random. :-p

Q: what does matt do?
A: At the moment, he's preparing to go solo.

Q: It's not fair, SOD up for worst band? havent they even heard of McFly! Why arent SOD as popular as Busted were? :(
A: Because they're not as good. And I'm actually surprised that NME care so much about Son Of Dork.

Q: hasnt james' voice changed since busted! :-O i know its random but i got bored haha... n plus wasnt matt supposed to release his album in December... thats what i heard :o
A: Yeah, but now people are saying August. And James's voice hasn't changed that much, I don't think.

Q: plz can you upload ep3pt3 & ep6pt2 coz when i play mine I get a problem right at the end half way through a conversation.
A: See the first question. :-)

Q: I love the red button on your myspace. Where did you get it? and where is the white button?
A: Hahaha. You can get it from here. :-) And the white button doesn't exist, as far as I know. :-p

Q: Are Charlie and Camilla still together?
A: Yes.

Q: Hey why dont u make a myspace profile for bustedonline?
A: I have, sort of. It's not specifically for Busted Online, but you can see it here.

Q: ahum...don't you think the answer page is a little bit not up to date?? hehe! I hope you still love answer them!!!!! bye xXx
A: Haha, yeah, I've been really busy with school work etc, I haven't really had time to update them. I have now, though. :-)

Q: hey clazz! a friend told me, that falling for you appears in a film with hilary duff and chad michael murray, do you know something about that? (please don't think of the mistakes, because I'm from Austria!) greets
A: It's in A Cinderella Story. :-) It's not on the soundtrack though, for some reason.

Q: am i gay?
A: Maybe.

Q: What are the names of James' grandparents? If u know them, I'm doing a project in school. thanx
A: I have no idea, sorry. They had a family tree thing ages ago in a magazine, but I don't think it had the grandparents names.