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Q: ur a bitch and ur site is the crapist u fagot/nigger.....from:sexbeast ...,/networkwrrerytbhhg12345767899010[j,jggl
A: I love you too!

Q: do you like fall out boy??
A: Yes, but they are extremely overrated.

Q: OMG have you heard matt willis - make you mine on limewire?? sounds proper clubby! different! chris B
A: Haha, yes. It's a song he recorded with a DJ when he was 15, so it bears no resemblence on his solo stuff, don't worry.

Q: Someone asked you what hurra hurra die schule brennt means, i'm not sure, but does it maybe means hurray hurray the school is on fire! or something like that?
A: Yeah, it does. I must have missed that question out or something, because I know what it means lol.

Q: why are matts song so sad, did he get his heart broken? i havent been up to date lately, been in the shospital, ahhh help.
A: Well he and Emma are still together, but he's had his heart broken before. Haven't we all. *sigh* :-(

Q: is matts new CD coming out This april or NEXT april (2007)?
A: It's not going to be this April (well, hopefully the single will be), but it'll be long before next April lol.

Q: did you take down the james sex life page?
A: Haha yeah, but I've uploaded the page again here.

Q: where can i find broken?
A: Limewire.

Q: Clazz, can you find out what chart position SOD entered last week (20th Jan) on the SCOTTISH Charts. I know they are No 4 on them this week - if they were No 10 last week they have climbed.
A: I looked for it as soon as I got the question, but I can't find it anywhere.

Q: could u pls. upload wen day turns into night?
A: It's in the audio (media) section.

Q: its been what like 4+ years now and i swear james never ages :O! aw so much looove for that man :D
A: Hahaha, he does look young. But he's definitely changed a lot.

Q: Is it true that Charlie got engaged last Christmas??
A: I'm not sure what's going on with the whole engagement thing.

Q: could you put some busted music videos on here to download please p.s kool site lol
A: Yep, I'm hopefully going to make a Busted video mini-site soon.

Q: I know you're busy, but can you please point out that limewire is fucking illegal, and downloaded matt's song and then passing it around is also fucking illegal. Cos no one will listen to me :P?
A: Yes, I've told lots of people that. :-p

Q: On the non busted radio where did you get that McFly song from because i have never heard of it before? From Helen
A: It was a b side on one of their singles - I'll Be OK, I think. Someone sent it to me because it's written by James and Charlie.

Q: Eeeee Clazzeh, what a fitteh layout! xxx
A: Hehe, aye. :-D

Q: last night I was able to listen matts new song, now I cant anymore but a friend of mine can still find the song on the busted radio I cant anymore???
A: Weird, I don't know why your friend could still hear it on there.

Q: I was on the Busted-radio, and Broken makes me cry, cause i understand what he's singing, and that's soooo :'( just what he's singing is... BTW, i really love your site, and your news on 14.01.06, you gave people hope, and that's so sweet from you!!! ;)
A: Aw, thanks. :-) And Broken is amazing heh.

Q: where can i find the end up like this song by james?
A: Here. :-)

Q: I heard Matt's song, "Broken", on someone myspace and I really liked it, but I wouldn't download it. Wouldn't want to go against Matt's wishes :) Well my question is what did you thinking of it, some people say it sounded very popish, but I thought it quite good. So just looking for opinion!
A: It's a bit pop, but not that much. I think it's a really powerful song, it's amazing, although Matt's vocals are quite raw on it

Q: HI! the layout is awesome, now that i can see it. But it really looks all odd and funny when using firefox.
A: Yeah, that's been fixed now lol.

A: HAHAHAHAHA. I don't even know James. What the fuck is 'schoolie'?

A: You're an idiot.

Q: Hey im not sure if you answered this for me before, but I cant find the answer to it if you have.. Are there different lengths of guitar starps or is it a 1 size fits all kind of thing lol? Soz if its a stupid question!!
A: lol nah, all straps are adjustable.

Q: errm..don't you think it's getting time to answer the questions? hehe...thanxx!! xxx
A: Yeah, but I've just done exams and a ton of coursework. = I'm catching up now though, heh.

Q: i have to say, out of busted my fave has always always been james, so before listening to 'broken' i didnt really know what to expect. and i was actually really surprised at how much i loved it after listening to it the first time. i love how the whole thing sounds and how his voice is still kind of..raw sounding? like not so polished? lol yeah. so now im quite iexcited to hear new stuff by matt!! i thnk he made such a good decision to go solo! yaaaay :P
A: Haha yeah, some people don't like his voice. I think they should make it a bit more polished before it's put on the album, but I do like it being raw like that.

Q: I bought mcfly's version of Eddie's Song and I got my pin number but it said you could type the pin into the sonofdork website. Do yu know where that is?
A: You have to type it in on 7digital.com, I think.

Q: I Love you! and I love this site! and I Love Matt! and his song!
A: Haha, thank you. <3 And Broken is aweeeeeesome.

Q: (Sorry to post this here but the other form did not work for me) Hey you, I just wanted to let you know that you answere d one of the questions from November a little bit incorrect because "lass dich anstecken" means something like "let yourself get carried away" and has nothing to do with infections. It's basically trying to say that you will like the song once you've started listening to it. (Bye the way I really appreciate it that ou put so much hard work into this site. It was always great and still is!). Bye, Luna
A: Haha, okay, thanks! I looked it up in a translation thing, and it came up with something about infections, so I was like what the hell lol.

Q: What cellphone does matt have?
A: I have no idea.

Q: Is busted ever going to get back together? They really should think about it!
A: No. :-(

Q: When does the goodbye present from busted come out? or did it already come out?
A: Nah, it's obviously not going to come out now. Which is a bit of a shame.

Q: Broken is AMAZING! don't upload it, it'll probably be on the album.
A: Yeah, I hope it is.

Q: *sniff* Jan 14th msg was beautiful!! *wipes eye*
A: Aww lol.

Q: It's so sad! I cant believe its been a whole year. I cried when i read ur message, it was really nice! X
A: Aww, bless you.

Q: ahh...i miss them too! this is more of a comment then question. gonna dedicate my whole day to Busted songs/dvds/vids!
A: Haha, so did I. Aren't we sad. :-D

Q: OMG is that REALLY Matt? [Click]. cuz some people just pretend to be famous people y'know!
A: I have no idea if that's him.

Q: why is MOM now called steven and hollys saturday showdown? and why has TOTP mag gone back to being monthly?
A: I think it's stupid changing Ministry Of Mayhem, cause that's a lot better. And I didn't know about TOTP magazine.

Q: where can i watch america or busted cos my tapes mucked up and they wont work :(?
A: I've uploaded all the episodes here.

Q: the 14th jan update nearly made me cry, probably makes me sound like a right looser lol. i found out on the bus, my mates brother texted her and she though he was taking the piss, but then my mum texted me with the sad news. aww, i remember that day.
A: Awwww. I cried too much when they split up. :-(

Q: WOW! Son of dork party's over is incredable! Wow, It totally blew me away! I don't even really like son of dork but wow! Amazing i'm so going to have to find a way of putting that on my ipod! wow!
A: Haha, Party's Over is my favourite Son Of Dork song by far.

Q: Ahhhhhhhhh!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! How old are you now?? Do you feel in need of your pension yet??!! Anyway i hope you have a great day. Love IMY XOX
A: LOL. I'm 17. :-)

Q: heya do u know where can i buy the series that was on last year on mtv about busted i mean america or busted im after searchin everywhere & askin everyone but no one has them and i missed some of the episodes. i really really want them please what can i do im ready to do everything n that's a pity cos u dont have them in ur website tanx
A: See four answers up.

Q: how old is charlie?
A: 20.

Q: Happy Birthday to Clazz Happy Birthday to Clazz Happy Birthday to Cla-azz Happy Birthday to Clazz. (It's me who did Matt, Charlie, James and Chris (my little brother)=p)
A: Haha, cheeeeeers. :-D

Q: (Not Busted related) Hey Clazz! I was having a wee look about the site (love the new layout by the way) and I came across the 'other radio'... The McFly song, (I was shocked to see! Haha) where did you unearth that one from? I've never heard it before and methinks its good... Lauren
A: It's on the I'll Be OK single, I think.

Q: Where did you get the pic for the fab layout?
A: It's from the cover of the Big Issue in December 2004. Q: ooh, loving the layout. the boxes are good. so yeah, its awesome! any ideas when SOD are touring? sus x
A: There's a rumour that if the next single doesn't do well, then they won't be touring at all. Which is stupid. Thank you, by the way. :-D

Q: What a fucking cool layout! my dad turned around asking what i was so excited about :P:P seriously! you are so amazing! I LOVE the seperate news thing. Sod, fightstar and matt
A: Haha awww, thank you. :-D

Q: do you know if and when son of dork are coming on tour? thanks
A: Two answers up. :-)

Q: I like the boxes on the top. maybe if the right border wasn't so wide the boxes could be bigger? everything in the left column looks really bunched in a non-functional way (the white text looks kind of cool) btw I'm using Mozilla
A: Yeah, I've fixed it for Mozilla heh.

Q: the text on the side is coming up all big and I can't read it. Oh and good luck with exams and school work and all that stuff.
A: Text is fixed. :-) And thank youuu. <3

Q: I like your new layout!
A: Thanks. :-D

Q: Wow i love the new layout!!! I hope you had a good xmas and new year!
A: Heh thank youuu. And you. :-D

Q: thew new layout looks really good :]
A: Cheerzo. :-)

Q: Do you know some good matt sites?
A: MattWillis.org and Matt-Willis.co.uk.

Q: ya'nooo.... i love sodfans and all... but I love BustedOnline morre. I miss it :( And I miss Boosted. S'been nearly a year, kids :( Luff && stuff xxx
A: Awwww. I miss BO.org as well. *sigh* I miss updating it every day, and bah.

Q: Can we send a letter at Busted fan club?
A: No, because Busted don't exist any more.

Q: what is a GLOCKENSPIEL solo?!
A: Hahaha. Well a glockenspiel is a bit like a xylophone, except metal.

Q: When does Matt release his first solo album?
A: No idea, but rumours say August.

Q: so have mcfly got 2 songs on the ES singles? - the one that begins with P and eddies song aswell?
A: The one that begins with P? No, the only song there is, is an iTunes download of an acoustic version of Eddie's Song with McFly.

Q: whats daves(SOD) my space addy i forgot it?
A: myspace.com/thescamp.

Q: Is Matt still going out with Emma?
A: Yes.

Q: is matt solo or in a band?
A: Solo, but he'll have a backing band.

Q: are you going to make a matt site?
A: Nah, I'm doing news on MattWillis.org, though, and hopefully I'm going to be a full co-webmaster some time.

Q: Hey, I cant find my remix of Eddies song on the page that it's meant to be on lol any ideas where I might find it?
A: What, from the u-myx thing? I dunno, it should be on a 7digital page or something, I think. You have to upload it though, using one of the buttons, I can't remember lol.

Q: do james or matt (preferably matt) actually have REAL myspace addys? and if so what are they because all the ones i've seen are soooo obviously fake!! thanx x x x x x
A: James's is myspace.com/bournio, no idea if Matt has one, though.

Q: Could you put a link on here to your son of dork site??
A: I have, on the index page.

Q: look, why in the fucking hell can't i go to sonofdork.com isnt it open yet or...? it always some stupid game or something!? why!
A: You have to wait ages for the 'enter website' thing to appear above the game.

Q: Matt says in a intervieuw: I thought he must be Dutch!' ( he's talking about Charlie) 'Dutch?' says Charlie incredulously when he hears this. 'Fucking DUTCH???!!! now here's my question, does charlie hate Dutch people??? And if he does, then it really shocks me, I AM FROM BELGIUM!!! THANX A LOT CHARLIE SIMPSON (and then i hear it from your favorit person over the whole world, it makes me go sick, i hope he has now a bit more respect for Dutch people since he been in the greatest band in the whole world)
A: Haha, no. He just means that he doesn't understand how Matt could mistake him for being Dutch.

Q: hey what's the myspace address that you all those bulletins from james and things because I wanna add him! PLEASE email it me or something because I can never be bothered to look thru all your questions...but if you dont then I'll look anyway ok thankyou...have followed the site since it opened and I can't believe your still going strong well done x Emma x
A: I think I emailed you, but it's myspace.com/bournio anyway.

Q: oh my god! i've just done something bad, and I just want to die right now!
A: Well don't. :-p

Q: WHY don't the vids all work :-(
A: Because they're not hosted on here, so it's out of my control.

Q: whats matts new single called? i know that its out feb 26th 2006! i was wondering if you knew? luv yah hannahxx
A: It's called Hey Kid, but it's not going to be out this month now.

Q: no man can eat 50 eggs

Q: heylooooo um its me flannel girl i doubt u remember me i havnt been on here for yonks, but just wondering is there any chance of having audio things of better than this and britney live coz they are on the dvd but not the cd.. and also um james has silly hair ooooh controversial id better run away! while i still have legs!
A: I REMEMBER YOU! You haven't been online for ages. I don't have any of the audios from the DVD, I know some people do have them, though.