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Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: Hey no worries about Matt because right now he's in New York City so he couldn't have possibly been in the London terrorists attacks I am worried about James though i hope nothing happened xxx
A: Apparently James was just around the corner, but he's fine.

Q: i dunno if its just my spaz comp but sicknvicious aint working!! where dya go? *echos* go, go, go, go... CHEESE!!!! sry bout that. if you dont get it listen to the end of nobody likes you on homecoming. i know u know that.. tee hee xxxxx
A: It expired and then I had problems getting it back, bah. It's back now though!

Q: I was reading one of the answer pages and someone said Busted went to their school! I just wanted to let the world know they came to my school in january 2003!!! It was cool!
A: Haha lucky. I'm glad they didn't come to my school though, cause people here are narrowminded twats and try to be as hardcore as they can. Saying that, Freefaller got quite a good reception.

Q: What size shoe does James wear?
A: I'm not sure, but 9 or 10.

Q: wooooh. i just saw good charlotte live last friday night! they rocked! though they kept on saying stupid stuff that i know they're also saying in other countries like 'i can't believe how many attractive people came in just one place,' 'you just kicked other cities' asses tonight!' and 'will you marry me manila?!' wtf?!
A: Haha bands seem to try to suck up everywhere they go. At T in the Park, I can't remember who it was, but one band were trying to make connections between themselves and Scotland, which was a bit.. mneh.

Q: where is finchley?
A: North London.

Q: I can't open the thing with james and mcfly and love to see it please help me!!
A: McFly? You mean the James and Matt pictures? I think the links died, so I'll sort them out.

Q: dude!! great work on da site!! how d'ya have all the time???????
A: Aww, thank you. I don't have much time lol, but I try and update as much as I can. It gets hard sometimes, though.

Q: When is Kara starting Eastenders?
A: September, apparently.

Q: Those pix of james on da M.P.H thing are sooooooo fitttttt!
A: lol he looks really cute. <3 The emo poses are a bit un-James though, ha.

Q: would you mind if i put james end up like this on my mp3 player? JC
A: Of course not. :-) It's not copyright to me anyway.

Q: Hey Clazz, I really love your site but.. I feel really upset that you seem to update more on the Fightstar site and seem to be more into that one.. I hope u haven't abandoned Matt and James! :(
A: I don't update FSO more than BO.org, but there hasn't been that much news about Matt and James lately.

Q: I'm not complainin but i can't find the pics of James & Matt (the seperate ones not the three ones together) how do you find them on tiny pictures? I don't know why people are complainin coz you work your ass off & you can't help it if your busy/the internet breaks/theres no news. I don't know how you do it coz i'd probably forget to update mine (if i had one.) from telly
A: Aww thanks heh. I'm going to sort out those pictures.

Q: Has James started his solo career yet?
A: No, he's not going solo. His band are coming out this month.

Q: on a busted site it said james and sarah harding exchanged numbers and on another one it said cheryl and matt exchanged numbers is it true? have busted ever hung out or anything with girls aloud?
A: Yeah, James was hanging out with them at the Brit awards. No idea if they exchanged numbers.

Q: Lyk gawd peepz clazz iz ma lvr innit mushty ;) cat
A: Hahahah ye, bt im gna gt nick so ner!11 Niiiiiiiick niiiiick. <33

Q: what's a twart?
A: Haha I mis-typed 'twat' once and decided twart sounds cooler.

Q: matt looks really scary with a beard, lol. rar.
A: lmao he does, he looks weird.

Q: What the hell does james have in his eye in the pic of the moment??? btw, luv the site xxx
A: A plectrum lol, and thanks. :-)

Q: is james definitely back, i really hope not because it said on james bourne forums that he comes back from L.A on the 16th of july and I was going to go to the airport and meet him, is it definitely true, i mean who ever posted up the message that he got back last weekend might have just been saying that so there will be no fans waiting for him! plz help me! from hayley
A: I think he was back, but I'm not sure. So I wouldn't have been much help lol.

Q: I just got a hold of a commercial for make poverty history, but it doesn't have Matt or James in them, but there is McFly and the Sugababes. do you happen to know if there are different versions of the commercial?
A: Apparently there are, but I haven't seen one with Matt and James.

Q: what do you think of hard-fi? i saw them supporting greenday at milton keynes..they were crap live but some of their tracks are well good!
A: Yeah, everyone says they're crap live, but I quite like them.

Q: hiya clazz! i dont want to annoy you but the first 2 pictures of james and matt (07.07.05) dont work. could you fix the links, plz? thanks! (",) xx
A: I'm gonna upload the pics on here, yeah.

Q: This aint a question just a thought but u know in Mummy Trade? Well u know it goes Josie and David, peter, john and mike, well my names josie n Whos David could've been written about a girl called josie coz the names r the same in Mummy Trade as they r in Whos David lol, what u fink? btw Clazz this site is the best!
A: Haha I have no idea, it could have been though. Although Who's David wasn't written about someone called David - James said he chose David because it rhymes with invaded lol. Thank you also. :-)

Q: u rock!!!!!!! luv ya with all my heart
A: Awwww. <3

Q: is it true that james was frollicking in a private room with girls in a club?
A: Frollicking hahahah, what a word. No idea.

A: Yes, he's fine.

Q: Hi, you had a version of you said no off matt, james and charlie, but if i click on it, i can't find it anywhere, can you do something about it? Thanks..
A: Hmm, some people seem to have problems with megaupload. I've uploaded the songs on my other domain, they're in the audio section.

Q: Were any of them hurt in the attack/bombings?
A: No.

Q: HiLo Theresome. Im A BiT HypEr Today So IvE Just Came To Ask SommE RandOm ThinGs.. 1: Do you know anything that rocks MORE than stripy toe sox? (dont say busted or Green Day) 2: Do you think Jamses legs are strange? I do, hes mista moonkeh man 3: Do You mind If I Put a direct link to your site on mine? and finally 4: I love you (as a nice person) Who do you love... Ahem.. As I said. Hyper
A: lol 1. Niiiiick. 2. Yes. 3. Course not. :-D 4. I don't love love anyone because I suck. But I love all my friends, and Mr Nick, ha.

Q: Terrorists won't succeed!
A: They won't. *shakes fist*

Q: How do you download the You Said No songs?
A: It should come up on the page after a minute, it has this countdown thing before the link comes up to download it. Anyway, they're in the audio section now.

Q: I want to know the names of the two hostesses in the air hostess video
A: I don't know, sorry.

Q: i just heard about all the bombings in london this morning i feel so bad do u know how many people died and can u tell me if james matt and charlie are okay?? this is an awesome site and the people writing those nasty emails are sour because they suck!
A: They're all okay, but so many people were injured, it's horrible. :-( I can't remember the exact figures. Thanks by the way.

Q: haha - 'this site is pony!' pony? wtf?! what kind of a word is that?!
A: Hahaha, no idea. Silly people.

Q: Hey Hey.. Firstly.. i just wanna say.. ignore all that shit bout u not updating.. i think for someone who is running a site for a band that broke up.. ur doing an AMAZIN job!!! anyways.. my question is.. well.. matt is playin solo.. charlie has fightstar but i still don't get what james is doing? and what happened with him n kara?? thanks a bunch man!! KEEP IT UP DUDETTE!!! RoCk oN \m/
A: Aw, thanks. :-) James has got a band together, which you probably know by now lol. Not sure what's going on between him and Kara at the moment.

Q: Why do you have to keep whinging about everything people say if you supposedly don't care? All you're trying to do is get people to stick up for you and tell you how good you are.
A: Because it pissed me off and I wanted to rant. I shouldn't have done it.. I don't care so much about people telling me off for 'not updating', but the nasty message did piss me off a lot. I didn't mean to seem attention seeking or whatever, and certainly didn't expect to get the amount of support that I did.

Q: bitch give it up! the site used to be fucking execellent but now its pony! just give it up 2 someone who cares
A: I don't care at all, do I. Don't you love it when websites turn into horses? You, sir, are a twat, and I hope you don't come back on here. kthnx.

Q: my scheduled randomness is becoming a lot less scheduled lately (and im going to stop using that word because I can't spell it) did you know that all the best djs are saving their slowest song for last?! hmm i did
A: Haha. And you can spell scheduled. ;-)

Q: do you know if james is still in LA?
A: At the time you sent that, I think he still was.

Q: Why are you only doing seperate sites for matt and james? charlie was in busted too!
A: Because I already co-run fightstaronline.com. :-p

Q: when james new band is set up can you post the dates of any signings because i really wanna meet james thank you
A: I'll post all news I find heh.

Q: is it just me or in that valentines day message does it look like charlie and james are singing to each other? ;D
A: Hahaha yes! See, Simpourne is cuter than Jaybourne! <3

Q: did u know that james is in a video on the mcfly website? its one of them messin round at home. james is only in it for about 2 seconds but he looks funny hes lying on the floor
A: lol yeah, there's a video of McFly playing Who's David as well, oish.

Q: thanks for the songs :)
A: No problem. :-D

Q: Has Charlie really met Britney? If yes, has anything interesting happened??
A: Haha, I'm not sure if they have met, actually. But no, he wouldn't cheat on Camilla. :-p

Q: just wanted to say thank you for trying to find out what the bit at the beginning of air hostess, you are a total legend! thanks for all your helppp!!! :D
A: Aww, bless. <3

Q: English is not my native language. And to tell the truth I couldn't really catch the meaning of the lyrics of Carry Her. What is it about then?
A: I've written up the lyrics. It's about Charlie's grandmother who died.

Q: Did ya ever have Busted posters up in your room? I did but i have taken them all down now, and put up Metallica and Slipknot ones. I think Slipknot are seeexy with their masks on, he he. Im not weird..honest.
A: I used to have loads of Busted posters up, but I ran out of room and didn't want loads of old posters, so I took them all down and put up two big ones from shops. I now have two (different) big ones of Busted, plus one each of Green Day, The Clash, HIM, Kaiser Chiefs and Good Charlotte. Woo, rivetting, isn't it.

Q: Your sooooo cool!!
A: Bless yee lol.

Q: i'm so happy clazz got my results for my math exams i passed with flying colours!!! i hope the same to you too! :P
A: Well done. :-D I get my results in a week, shit.

Q: clazz, why is it that www.bustedvideos.co.uk isn't working, problem with the bandwith again, plz if you can do anything fix it
A: It's not my site, so I can't do anything to fix it. Should be back up now though.

Q: hey clazz, love the new pic of the moment but why does james have to ruin it with the eye *laughing*
A: Haha, James will be James. ;-)

Q: can you post the interview where james talks about sex please? and fantastic site
A: I don't know what interviews he talks about sex in. I think there's one on the site, actually, and they're asked how many girls they've slept with or something. Charlie said two, James said a few, and Matt.. just, lots I think hahah.

Q: James has already got a site, we don't need another one
A: Bugger off, I'll make one if I want. It's not like this is the only Busted site. At least I make websites for bands when I've heard the music. [Oo controversial]

Q: What colour socks are you wearing?
A: Haha, random. Burgundy. *eye pop* That's even more random, I didn't know I had any that colour lmfao.

Q: What does 'Dawsons Geek' mean????
A: I'm sure I answered this on another page, but oh well. It's taking the piss out of Dawson's Creek and obsessives.

Q: I cant work the megaupload thing! Please help!!
A: The page loads and then it counts down about a minute, then the download link comes up to save the file.

Q: Hello! Do you happen to know where I could find Busted on Saturday Night Takeaway on the web? I've just had the most random urge to watch it. Thanks & good job with the site =)
A: I have it, but it's 86mb or something, so I can't upload it at the moment, sorry.

Q: When will Matt and James start recording music?
A: I'm not sure, James has already recorded some demo versions of songs, and I think Matt has been recording.

Q: Full audio songs are TAKEN OFF??!! Argh!!! Only kidding! Keep up with the great site. I miss busted so much. I look at my posters (yes, I have posters, but that's just how much I love them, apart from Charlie) and I feel so sad! I think James' version of 'You Said No' is the best version. His cute little voice is so sweet! But Matt's is also cool! Byeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!
A: Full audio songs are BACK ON. ;-) And loads of people have posters hehe. Thankaaay also.

Q: how old is charlie?
A: 20.

Q: i was wondering if you could do the 'you said no' videos in a different format instead of using megaload. IF you could that would be awesome? Thanks Becky
A: They're up in the audio page now, not on megaupload. :-)

Q: woooooooooooooowww thanks so much for getting them u said no songs theyre soo cool (even tho ive only listened to matts one so far) its not all matt i can hear charlie in there too, i wonder why?
A: The choruses are the same, it's just the verses and end etc that are different.

Q: hi clazz!! your website is very EXCELLENT!! lol, I'm french et I'm not sure that if it's you who do fightstaronline, but my computer is bad and I can't write you a mail of this site.. so i want to know if fightstar come in france this year or soon??
A: Yeah, I run fso.com. I'm not sure if they're going to France soon, all tour dates are posted on FSO though.

Q: thanx for changing it back into black!!!!! xxx
A: lol no problem.

Q: You know how everyone keeps talkin bout the scary pic of matt with curly hair? i havent seen it, could u possibly tell me wher i can find it or put up a link or something? :D love ya site btw! xxxxxxx
A: Here. :-p And thanks hehe.

Q: Hey, my demented mate (whose sitting next to me).. wants to know if either of the boys have ever kissed a dude.. cause she seem to think that Matt is the type that would hehehe.. so sorry for this stupid question xxx
A: lmao Matt probably would, no idea if he has though. I don't know about any of them.

Q: Mm, I can't read the text in white..
A: Fixed.

Q: Did you get my email about http://private-suicide.net?
A: Yeah, did I ever add you to the affiliates page? Cause I meant to, and I remember going on the site to get a button.. I need to sort out my affiliates page actually, and the links.

Q: okay.. juz a wonderin.. if charlie was with fightstar the whole time.. why did he audition for busted in the first place??
A: He wasn't, Fightstar formed in late 2003. Busted formed in late 2001.