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Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: are they reuniting?
A: No.

Q: do you think matts type of music is gonna be the style he did before busted like that one, whats the name *thinking* oh yeah sunshine lover?
A: No. His favourite bands are Green Day, Blink 182, Foo Fighters, The Clash, The Sex Pistols etc.. do you really expect him to go techno? :-p

Q: hey i have another question, what is maximum busted?
A: I don't actually have it, but apparently it's just basically an audio biography.. not even them speaking.

Q: hey clazz just thought id drop a line. i agree with cat - fall out boys new album is amazing! hope your exams went well! i cant even remember mine anymore! hope you dont close the site, your the only person that can be arsed updating anymore! i salute you! much love xxxxx
A: Aww hehe. My exams went fine, I'm scared though cause the results come in less than a week. Erp.

Q: does james know what his band is gonna be called yet??? and does he have a new fan mail address yet?
A: There's an address on the pantent website, but if it's true about them changing management, then it's not right. And still not sure about the silly band name lol.

Q: james looks well fit in who's david can you get the vid of it plz. even though he looks fit in everything
A: Who's David is their worst video in my opinion, I'll try and upload it though.

Q: whats your email clazzy?
A: Email:- clazz@sicknvicious.net. MSN:- angeliciousdevil@hotmail.com.

Q: Is it really really true that there were those two other guys in Busted before Charlie? Cause they've never mentioned it before but I've seen pics of the other two with Matt and James
A: I think what happened was, Matt and James were involved with Ki and Owen, then something happened between them and Ki and Owen left, so Matt and James auditioned to get Charlie. I actually think there's something dodgy about it though, because they never mention Ki and Owen.. it just seems like they try to avoid the subject. I may just be being overly suspicious though.

Q: I watched the live dvd and Fake is completly diffrent then the version I have, I think. Do you know why it was changed?
A: It's not that different to the album version, except the bit where it stops and Matt yells 'and she's got big breasts!' What version do you have?

Q: Are James and Matt going to keep on singing together? i hope so.
A: No.

Q: Did you say Matt has an alcohol problem?
A: He was in rehab, so yes. Unless he was trying to sort himself out before it did become a problem.

Q: Has matt had a girlfriend called Emma davies? Was Holly's surname Davies? If so 2 of his girlfriends first names have been Emma and 2 of his girlfriends surnames have been Davies.. Freaky
A: lol was Emma Davies the one he was rumoured to have stolen from Lee Ryan or something? I don't even know if that was true.

Q: I heard Busted are getting back together because things aren't working out for Fightstar, is that true?
A: How are things not working out for Fightstar?!

Q: when is pitp??
A: The Oxford one is on August 28th.

Q: what is the station number for fox fm? e.g. cool fm is 97.4
A: 102.6, but it depends what area you're in. Best bet would be to listen online.

Q: do you know what time PITP will start airing online?
A: I have no idea, it'll probably be live, so whenever it starts. I'll try to find out information.

Q: Wtf - Clazz - Where have you beeeeeeeen? Come back! - Emily
A: Aww, I've been busy. And, well, never mind. I'm back now, I come on FSO forums a bit more, ha.

Q: mattay jay iz a fittayyzzzzzzzzzzzzz lyk LOLERZ!!!!%$^@!
A: Ye i wAnT iZ bEhBaYzZz!113k1

Q: Umm, you do realise sicknvicious.net is down, don't you?
A: It's not any more. :-D I've explained everything on the main page.

Q: well it's about McFly.. do Tom and Danny have girlfriends and harry is he really with lindsay lohan?? pleasee answer!! xx Fiona
A: Don't know, don't care. Last I heard, Tom was engaged, no idea if there's any truth in that.

Q: matt sang a song in the wembley arena tour on 14 december 2004 what was that song?
A: What, his solo song? The Clash - Should I Stay Or Should I Go.

Q: why does 1 of the busted people look like a girl?
A: They do? Maybe the girl they wrote She Wants To Be Me about just went too far. :-D

Q: I have searched for the flaming Monkeys and I can't find any music by them anywhere? Have you ever heard of them?
A: Heard of them, haven't heard their music though.

Q: So, when will you change the layout and have you decided what to change it to?
A: I'll just use random Busted pictures, and whenever, really. I have other things to concentrate on, like the gallery lol.

Q: What is TITP?
A: T in the Park, best festival ever. You can't beat Green Day, Johnny Panic, Fightstar, Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World, Kaiser Chiefs, QOTSA, Biffy Clyro and then seeing Pete Townsend play guitar for a random bird who turned out to be really good, all in one weekend. And that's not even half of it. The only thing that could have made it better was if Muse played. Oh, and Busted. :-( And The Clash! ..let's not get too silly now heh.

Q: omg the Danny dude in James's band comes from Cheshire!! I live there!! Cool!!! CHESHIRE IS ON THE MAP, DUDES!!!
A: Haha aw. Bands in Orkney need to get famous. Check out The Gutter Sound hehe, they're fantastic. And their bassist is my hug buddy. I would plug Last One Out as well, but they don't have a website.

Q: What's the name of James new band?
A: Don't know yet, but I'm adding this to the FAQ page lol.

Q: Do you know why Matt is in New York, or where is staying at...or even any other information about Matt being in New York?
A: I have no idea, sorry. He may have been writing or recording or something.

Q: OMG! So excited bout james' new band!
A: I know heh, I need to fix my microphone before the 28th so I can record them, aaaah.

Q: In the line up for the show in Oxfordshire is says James Bourne, not the band so maybe he is just presenting a band or something. what do you think?
A: It's because they don't have a name yet. The band are definitely playing, unless they pull out at the last minute.

Q: do you have pics of the guys?
A: James's band? Nope, sorry.

Q: What complete fucking tosser would make the mistake of putting Busted instead of McFly, McShit arent a patch to Busted. AAARRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
A: Haha, it's quite funny though. I actually want to hear McFly - Too Close For Comfort, because the lyrics are really good.

Q: busted??? to be completely random is right?
A: Ya what?

Q: Whats t in the park?
A: Baaaah. Best Festival Ever. Check out that sexy line up.

Q: i am being such a bitch today, but I just can't stop laughing and it has put me in such a hyper mood Cow Moo Cow Moo Woooooooooaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh aaaaaalllllllrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiggggggghhhhhhhhttttttyyyyyy then im James by the way as u know I love jim carrey keep up the good work doll
A: Oish.

Q: how many e-mails do u have now? More than 64? Woo Hoo
A: lmao no, because I checked them. :-p

Q: Do u watch Big brother? If so wasn't it just so funny when Science lot his comb in his hair. ha, ha, ha
A: lol oh dear. No, I don't watch it, it's rather boring. Derek's voice makes me laugh though.

Q: Hi, this is Victoria newton from The Sun, if you do not know, I am the celebrity collumist, I was e-mailed recently from a fan of your website and of the late group Busted, who I was also very fund of. I do feel a bit silly writing ths into a small box but i could not find another way of contacting you! Here is my question: I was contacted by a fan of this website saying that James from Busted has stolen you penguins and named them Billie and Joe, is there any truth to this? You may post the answer up on your own website as either myself or a member of my team check your fantastic site everyday, rather than you needing to contact me personally. I am also sure that any Busted fans whom may visit this fansite would also like to know the answer to that question. Once again, thank you, Victoria.
A: LMAO! Yeah, he did. Bastard.

Q: are you funny because I can't stop laughing?
A: Maaaaaaaybe. Or maybe you're laughing at me. :-( ..:-p

Q: sorry about my last question it went a bit wrong. Anyway I would like to apologise for my behavouir previously, I don't know what happened, I really do have the giggles and i just went a bit crazy.
A: LOL you pink dumpling.

Q: how many e-mails do u have?
A: Lots. Rapidly decreasing now I'm deleting the questions lol.

Q: Is this a search engine?
[half a minute later, I get another email:]
Q: I'm going to take this as a yes that's it's a search engine: Matts bum
[another few seconds later]
Q: Are you laughing?
A: Hahahahah, I did when I got the emails. :-D

Q: How many parties in the park r there? I have found out about 5 already, is James only playing @ the Oxford 1? What is going on? Why r there so many questions? When r u going to update the questions? Who am I? Where am I? i can't see? im laughing at myself? this is so funny? Who r u? Why am I typing into a box? Am I wasting ur time? I don't think so cuz the bit about james is knowledge to everyone? I am still laughing? Did u get this e-mail? How are you? was PITP good? Are you going to answer all of these questions? why? why? why? why? why? I don't understand? Do u? A: Yes. 1. Not sure, but quite a few lol, I think they're only playing Oxford though. Things are going on, because you're an octopus, now, you're a chip called Freda, you're in South Korea, that wasn't even a question but chips don't have eyes, and.. waah, two more non-questions. I am a sponged turtle named Eric, because you're now a poodle (called Toto), yeah but who cares.. *head explodes* More non-questions! Yes, tired, I didn't go to PITP, I went to T in the Park and it was fantaaastic. And yes. Because I felt like it and because you asked if I was going to lmao. I deleted about 200 of the 'why's though.

Q: I wanna see James and Kara in a porn movie (a)
A: Goodness! I want to see.. Nick Hodgson and Keira Knightley. omgthatwouldbehot!1

Q: When u went to PITP were people sleeping in tents so they could get to the front as soon as it opened?
A: It wasn't PITP! *flail* I camped, most people camped, not really to get to the entrance straight away though. More to do with the fact I live 400 miles from the place. :-p

Q: do you have a video of johnny b goode? please? x
A: Yeah, I'll upload it on megaupload.

Q: When the clip says the title of the song from McFly 'I'll Be Okay', is that a song from another title by Busted?
A: No, it's McFly's new single.

Q: omg i cant believe they put busted under the Mcfly thing i pmsl hahahaha did ya get to see green day at T in the Park?
A: lol yes, they were amazing. <3333 They were pretty much the reason I considered going in the first place so I wasn't going to miss them lol, but I saw so many good bands there. :-D

Q: Yay Clazz! Thanks for letting us know about PITP, you've made me and my friends very happy people! I wonder what he'll be doing.. meh, whatever. YAY JAMES! We've decided we're going, however far away Oxford is.. just have to find out how the hell to get there! Glad you had a good time at T in the Park!!
A: Aww, I wanna go to Oxford, but it's about 700 miles away so maybe not. Technically I could go, but it's not very practical at all lol.

Q: ooOOOoo they got Mcfly's name wrong. OUCH :p
A: Haha, it's quite funny.

Q: hello :) lol v bord! :) cool site!
A: Thankaaay. :-D

Q: When are james and matt gonna bring out some songs?
A: Later this year hehe.

Q: where can i see the advert where matt and james are in it (make poverty history)!
A: I don't know, Myah said it's apparently the German version of the advert, Oo.

Q: i just wanted to say i really luv ur site!
A: Aww, thanks. :-D

Q: Awwwww. Marry me. :-D Heh, thank you.
A: Haha yay for online marriages! *dork*

Q: Hey Clazz, have you got the video fo Charlie when he's wetting himself on TV? I can't remember what programme, but Ed comes on as a surprise or something? And they show a baby clip of him wetting himself. Can you load it up onto YSI if you have please? thanks, Myah x
A: I have it on video, don't have it on the computer though. We've got a DVD rewriter now, I'm going to see if I can get stuff from video to DVD to the computer. I need to get you back on my MSN list as well, cause you changed your email address, didn't you?

Q: yo. why are you guys so fucking HOT?!?!?!??
A: Damn, you should have said fit, cause then I'd nick Matt's line of having an extensive exercise regime. :-D