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Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: wow, people get really stressed out when they dont hear news for a couple days about people that quite a lot of them have never even met. hmmm.
A: lol people are silly. I've come to the conclusion that people like to complain about everything they can.

Q: are James and Matt both going solo, and making some cd's of their own?
A: Yes, except James's is with his band rather than solo.

Q: James does like to have his picture taken. lol
A: lol he's such a poser. <3

Q: Claaaaaaaaaaazz mish yoo online Baked Bean :D
A: Aww hehe, you sausageeeeezo. Finlay called me a sausagezo the other day. Le sigh, I see him tomorrow, help! I'll cry if he doesn't want me back lmao.

Q: do u know where u can buy tickets for the 'james's new band's' (would use the band name, but they dont hav one yet!) gig???
A: The Oxford PITP? Here.

Q: u wont believe me, but i know someone in charlie and the chocolate factory.. 'anon' told me he was there n i was shocked n jealous!
A: I REALLY WANT TO SEE THAT! It's not fair cause I came back from England on Thursday and it started showing on Friday. And Orkney doesn't get films for bloody ages. Grr.

Q: Do they all play acoustic?
A: Yes..

Q: are either matt or james going to carry on in the music bizz?
A: Both.

Q: Please answer the questions!!!!!!!!! Thank you! XXX
A: Look at me gooooo, booyah!

Q: clazz when r u going to upload s.w.t.l.o?
A: Done it, both versions and the video heh.

Q: are there any videos of JB's performance? I'm from Malta and my mate who has Living TV kept on switching it to tease and i missed it!!! :'( Love Ems xxxx
A: Which performance?

Q: how old was matt when he lost his virginity?
A: 13, allegedly.

Q: Can you get tickets for James' first gig?
A: Yep, you can get them here.

Q: Do you know the studio address where Matt sings?
A: Nope.

Q: How old is james?
A: 21.

Q: why does the sun print such crap? answers on a postcard please
A: lol because they can't think of anything good to write.

Q: hey I have tried to get in contact with The Sun but I haven't been able to, I want to suggest that they run a competition for readers to come up with a name for james' new band, we can send answers into them and then the band can pick their fave if they like 1 that they want as their band name?
A: You know what.. I think the band should let people listen to some of their music, and then the fans of the music could come up with names. It would be cool to be able to say 'I came up with their band name' especially if you like the music, ha.

Q: how is it with matt!!
A: I don't think we're really up to date with Matt. I mean I don't know how much recording and writing etc he's been doing lately. He seems to be partying a lot though, and supposedly he and Emma split up. They seemed really happy together though, so I don't know if that's true.

Q: My guitar teacher really pissed me of today at my lesson he sed Busted were a manufactured pop band who were just tellin us that matt n james met at a gig! he said theyre lyin and that they never played ther own guitars! he also sed its not ther voices on the records (computer generated) and that they dont play live (computer generated again)! I'm soooo pissed of plz tell me this isnt true!
A: Hahahaha. Whose guitars do they play then? :-D Show him the live DVD and then tell him to say they don't play. The voices thing is just silly, and as for the manufactured thing.. oh, just tell him he has no idea what he's talking about LOL.

Q: are you going to download the pitp show on here so we can hear james?
A: I'm going to try!

Q: so matt has drinking problems? WOW!
A: Maybe. I suspect that he wasn't really that bad, he was just trying to get it under control before it did get to that level.

Q: is t in the park the only concert you have ever been to? I have only ever been to 2 :(
A: Nah, I've been to a few. I went to a festival a couple of years ago but nowhere near as big.

Q: Why has Matt changed his status on myspace to single and his view on children from 'someday' to 'undecided'? lol
A: Are you sure it's him and not an imposter?

Q: Have you got the Busted manager game on your mobile?
A: Nah, I never got it. It was just another of Universal's money-grabbing techniques, and it didn't look very interesting anyway.

Q: Have you ever found anything from Sabotage when Matt was in that band?
A: No, Sabotage was a Green Day tribute band that Matt drummed in I think, and they never performed a single gig lol.

Q: Hi!! one question.. are James still with Kara?? Your web rocks!!!
A: No idea, sorry. And thankay. :-)

Q: Hello there! I was wondering Matt has got a driving licence or not.. Thanxx!! XXX
A: Nope, he's just started driving lessons apparently.

Q: Could you make a list of the websites where we can get the latest pictures from eg, rexfeatures, gettyimages etc
A: Yeah, I've started making a list. :-)

Q: Was 'she wants to be me' a proper single or did it not count in the charts or something?
A: It was a limited edition 3" CD and didn't qualify for the charts. It was just to promote the live album and DVD.

Q: Awww! How cute is James at the CandTCF premiere? Wearing a little hat! Cuteness!
A: Haha the hat is awesome. <3