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Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: hey clazz i think your sites wicked, please could you give me some audio, not for downloading but hearing only psycho girl and dawsons geek (by the way i've been in the audio section in your site and i can't be able to listen to any of the songs because my windows media is corrupted!!) it'll be most appreciated if you can do this. thankyou x
A: Someone's uploaded the whole first album on the busted.com boards - go here > Busted Chat and the thread is called 'first album', I think.

Q: Matt is taking driving lessons and i want to know if his ex girlfriend is learning him or a proper learner?
A: No idea, I assume he's getting proper lessons.

Q: Trying not to be mean or anything cause i luv your site but on that thing where you say what you dont like about McFly you can hardly say that their lyrics are bad cause it isnt that easy to write songs and besides James wrote most of those songs with them! Soz if i sounded a bit harsh there!
A: Just because James wrote some of them doesn't automatically make them better. :-p I just think a lot of their lyrics are cliched and immature, some are quite good though. One of their new songs, Too Close For Comfort, has amazing lyrics.

Q: When are you goin to change the layout or at least the colour of it?
A: Dunno, depends when I get inspiration to make a new layout. I'm trying to sort out what's on the site first.

Q: Whats Tre Cools real name?
A: Frank Edwin Wright III.

Q: can you put up a download for some of the bside tracks? thanks Becky
A: Done.

Q: mabe james doesn't wear 3/4 lengths much anymore cos it was a busted tribute or thing or whatever the hell i mean
A: Representation? I dunno, I think he just liked wearing them.

Q: why didn't james sing can't break thru in 'live a ticket for everyone' matt and charlie sang thier solos and james would've been well good cos he's an amazing singer and guitarist
A: I think he started off singing Britney, and then he burnt his tongue, so he had to stop doing a solo song, and they never put it back in the set. :-(

Q: I've been reading Sugar magazine and it said Charlie ditched Camilla. I thought they just got engaged?
A: How much do you trust Sugar? :-p I don't know what's going on, to be honest.

Q: hi! first of all, thanks for this page! since busted split up, lots of pages have disappeared! and, second, i wanted to know what's the name of james new group, and where can I find a picture or a page of them. lots of thankyous!! oh! my name is inma, kisses!
A: There doesn't seem to be any pictures yet.. and they still don't have a name lol. A couple of people have made websites about them already which is stupid because no one's heard any of their music yet (apart from themselves, Si and a few other people).

Q: do you know for sure if charlie purposed to camilla?
A: I don't know for sure, but people claim he said it himself.

Q: well....what can i say!!! charlie's doing 'very' well on that poll with harry mcfly and that other guy!! third place!!! woopydoo
A: That's why I posted the link lol, look at him now. Trashing the other two's arses hard. :-D

Q: .:*^OmFGzZ\"* y DoNt U *^%$ Eva UpDatE?*:. lmao silly people they make me laugh
A: Haha yes. Some people are rather ungrateful lol.

Q: hiya i was just wonderin when are you goin to put the b-sides (full songs) back on?? btw this site absolutely rox!!
A: They're back. :-) And thanks hehe.

Q: Son of Dork.. won't people shorten that down to SOD! haha! Oh well.. i still think the name is quite good hehe!
A: lol I don't like it. Apparently it's not the name anyway.

Q: Was that Cd:UK thing to name James band for last sunday or this Sunday?
A: I missed it, I never heard anything about it though, so it might not have been shown.

Q: have busted actually done a song called 'I miss her'? i saw it on a site, but i havent heard of it..
A: Nope, I think that's by the Dutch Busted.

Q: do you have any idea when charlie's getting married, if he actually is?
A: No, sorry.

Q: I'm not saying you're wrong or anything, but are you absolutely positive Charlie and Camilla are engaged? I was just wondering because I haven't seen it anywhere else other than this website, and you'd think it'd be a huge deal. But I'll take your word for it if you say it's true, you always know everything :) Awesome site.
A: Yeah, I find it a bit strange as well. But if it is true, then I'm glad it's not all out in the open. It's better for them to have a wedding that isn't heavily publicised. So right now, I'm not positive they're engaged, but Charlie apparently said they were.

Q: What about Matt? Do Matt have a band? *I love this site, it's so good..* :) Girl 16 Norway
A: Thankie. :-) Matt's going solo, but he'll have a band backing him.

Q: is it just me or do busted sound a bit different in brown eyed girl?
A: The recorded version? I dunno, it was recorded around the same time as their first album so they wouldn't sound that much different.

Q: clazz do u like jojo's music, if so which song?
A: Nooo. Leave (Get Out) was so overplayed. And she ruined Times Like These by Foo Fighters!

Q: actually on juicy mattie he might not of been looking at her boobs it looks like he's looking at her belly/side cos her top is see-thru
A: lol. *shrug*

Q: could you put the year 3000 interview in the video section please?
A: Year 3000 interview?

Q: nicola G.A shouldn't try and look sexy cos she has a revolting stomach, why do u prefer her anyway after what she did to matt then lied about it
A: Oh bejesus. She didn't lie about it, Matt even admitted that he overreacted and it wasn't as bad as he made out. I prefer her because I think she's fit. None of them look very attractive in their new video, though.

Q: well of course the sicpuppy merchandises are expensive its JAMES BOURNE'S brand and thier probaly good quality as well, i want that grey hoody like james' oh well don't matter clazz, i think u're wicked (good way)
A: So what lol, I'm not spending that much. I honestly think that he bought the company and only changed the currency signs and forgot to change the actual prices hahaha. And thanks. :-)

Q: do matt and james like it when girls have their belly button pierced? in falling for u it says *that piercing in her belly, it turned my legs to jelly* is that in a good way or a bad way?
A: lol good way, I guess..

Q: haha Lmao! on juicy mattie that pic of matt looking at that lady in the yellow strap top's boobs.
A: Oish lol, random. He's a guy.

Q: clazz do the busted boys live in south or east london?
A: North.

Q: will party in the park be shown on tv??
A: Probably not, but it'll be on Fox FM radio, which you can listen to online.

Q: Clazz, please explain WHY.. why.. why.. why I have no idea what to put as my randomness O_o
A: LOL awww.

Q: I don't know why the sun bothers writing either, it is slightly putting me off my dream of being a music journalist (i can't sing and the only way i could have a music career is if i went on pop idol and i would rather shoot myself than go on that pile of shit). Also I think that a good name for James' band is 'The Deranged Monkeys' coz James sometimes acts deranged and the Japanese think he looks like a monkey. (ps sorry i accidently sent you the 2 unfinished versions of this but i accidently pressed 'enter' instead of 'back space')
A: But The Sun is a shitty tabloid, there are plenty of good music magazines you could work for. I'm even making my own music magazine in my spare time. It's great fun actually - I've interviewed a few people (Freefaller, the guitarist from Murderdolls, Rob from Johnny Panic) and I get experience writing articles, reviewing gigs and CDs and organising things at the same time.

Q: james band better not be called son of dork imagine the cheer son of dork son of dork how rubbish does that sound!!!!
A: Apparently they're not called that anyway lol.

Q: I NEED the full songs for the summer holidays! pleeese
A: They're baaaack.