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Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: OMG Paint Your Target is amazing!
A: It is hehe.

Q: Please can you put Paint Your Target on one of the radios?
A: I'm going to put either Paint Your Target or Until Then on the non-Busted radio when I get sicknvicious.net back up.

Q: Answer to the AIM icons. You can't upload them from your PC. I put James bourne, Busted, etc in the search, but nothing was found. Myah x
A: Oh. Hmm, I'll have to sort that out, because a site had a tutorial on how to put them on.. I'll try and find it.

Q: OMGZZZZZ Charlie did ave a affare it woz with me. Lyk no. Yes we need more news! Seriously are they all in hiding at the moment? (By the way i didnt really have an affair with Charlie) (I had 2)
A: LMAO! And yeah, it's got to that point where there's not much news.. seriously, news will suddenly come FLOODING in some time soon.

Q: Shepherd's Bush - Where is that? Lol.
A: Somewhere in London, I dunno.

Q: Not a question, but in reply to this: 'You know what? Fuck you. I'm so sick of seeing you attack people with different views on things. I've been coming to this site for over a year now, and I've now realized you're nothing but a rude bitch. I hope you're site does get closed down. Burn in hell.'. She's not 'attacking people', or whatever crap you're rambling on about. Clazz puts a lot of effort into this site, and she doesn't need people coming on here causing her trouble. I must admit, some things Clazz has said in the past have sounded a little nagging. But she did apologise later on for what she'd said. All this shit about the MP3 stuff, of course Clazz is gonna get a little worked up about it. She's been working on this site for over two years now, and she doesn't need/want it to all go downhill due to some twat. If you're not interested in this site, read the welcome bit, click the ‘x'! ‘Coz people causing Clazz all this shite is fookin' pissing me off,a long with some other people! It's not fair on people who come on here to read news, and especially not for Clazz. She isn't ignorant or selfish in any way. She could keep all this information to herself, but she doesn't. I think you need to get your priorities right.
A: Awwwww. Marry me. :-D Heh, thank you. <3

Q: hey.. try to post as many james new band news as you can.. i want to know more things about it. now that busted split.. i'm wishing that james new band bring something cool. i completely undestand charlie's decision but it would be the coolest thing if he turn back. busted were just to start working on their 3rd album when they split up. it's so f**kin sad. a band with so much potential.. the best band ever.. just did 2 cds.. well.. stay cool
A: I know, it's sad. :-( I think they could have become really huge in America, and I expect their third album would have been absolutely amazing. I'm glad we're going to hear the songs that had already been written for it, even if they're not sung by Busted. Right now, I'm just looking forward to hearing Matt and James's (and Fightstar's!) material. And I honestly believe that Matt could become bigger than someone like Robbie Williams. We've gotta get him big in America hehe, I wish I'd started big promotion with Busted sooner.. okay I'll stop rambling cause it's a ridiculous thought, but yeah.

Q: whats happened to james?
A: He died. I ate him. Actually, he's been recording demo tracks, and more recently, been recording them in LA with the band.

Q: do u answer the questions at the end of each week?
A: That was the idea, and then my internet broke for nearly a month, which screwed that up a bit lol. I'll get it all back on track though.

Q: Was the picture of Matt looking well where he had kind curly (*whispers* Et cute *ahem*) hair? I'm not a teenie, really :D. Myah x
A: lol the scary pic? :-p

Q: hiya, ur site is awesome, do u know where can i download 'america or busted'??
A: You used to be able to get them from americaorbusted.tk, I'm not sure if you still can. I'll upload them some time.

Q: You rock and I love you :)
A: Awww. <333

Q: Link ..Is that really busted? lol --Steph
A: Well, I only found that pic a while ago, so I was surprised everyone hadn't been sqeeing over it for ages lmao, but looks too much like them to NOT be them, doesn't it.

Q: busted were in cosmo girl.. nothing new - just saying is james following matt into rehab - nothing to say he is though - basically saying about matt in rehab! luv u n ur site!!!! xcxxxxxx
A: Ahh, I forgot to buy that but it doesn't sound like it was interesting. And thank you. :-D

Q: Are the some of the old questons and james-life questions still on your website?
A: I have every single question on my computer lol, I take them off as they get older to save space though. And the James sex-life thing was just silly. Quite amusing though; you have to laugh when you get emails asking if a 21 year old guy has ever had an orgasm.. and what he looks like during it haha!

Q: Hi i know it is quite random, but is it possible that you could put on your website matt and james's own versons on because i have never heard them before, Charlie's as well if it is possible but i am mot as bothered please it will make me happy! your website is awsome xxx
A: I assume you mean You Said No. I'll upload them later. :-) And thanks hehe.

Q: Please post up the Frank Skinner transcripts. I saw someone going on about them on a messageboard and i would like to read it!!
A: Oh yeah, I'll get round to doing that one day lol. It's not very high on my priority list at the moment, plus it'll take ages to transcript the whole thing. I'll try and do it though.

Q: is james single or living with kara in london?
A: Hmm, I'm not sure what's going on between them at the moment.

Q: hi, just wondering why the full songs have been taken off for now? i miss them. or were they the MP3s that youve been talking about, in which case, sorry, don't mean to keep talking about it.
A: Yeah, those are the ones that were complained about. I'll be putting them back on soon though.

Q: Does James swear much because in america or busted he only swears like once???
A: lol he does swear, just not as much as Matt and Charlie. I've only heard him swear a couple of times.

Q: Do you know any way that I can contact Matt or James, like an address I can write to? I really need to, and would be very greatful if you knew how, thanks p.s love this site so much x
A: Look on the FAQ page, I don't know how reliable they are though, sorry. That's all I have though. And thanks. :-)

Q: What is the HTML code for the frames? xxXxx
A: What's the HTML code for showing HTML code on the page? Haha I can't remember, so right click on the main page (outside the frame), click on 'view source' and nick the HTML lol.

Q: oh.. i thought this was one of those robot things! woops!
A: Haha. :-p

Q: how are you today?
A: Fineeeeee thankie. :-)

Q: ur kinda ugly and you shouldnt put ur pic up on the net cause its gross to look at. i advise you cut off that mole 2 it could be cancerous.
A: Why thank you! :-D Are you some dickwit from school, by any chance?

Q: your skin oh yeah your skin and bones turn into something beautiful, and you know, you know I love you so..
A: Bah, Coldplay. :-p I don't mind that song actually.. I like a couple from their latest album (I had to download it to review, fun).

Q: What's a newsagents?
A: A shop that sells newspapers and magazines etc.. among other things.

Q: This might just be me, but when I listen to 'She Wants To Be Me', when it says 'silly band' I hear 'shitty band' . Does anyone else hear that?
A: I think it IS 'shitty band'. They sing 'shitty' live.. and I always thought it was shitty as well until I read the lyrics in the booklet.

Q: i totally loooooooooooooooooooooove u and ur site.. u rock!!!!!!
A: Aww, thanks! :-D

Q: 'Everything's the same, it's like tomorrow never came, we used to talk about whatever, and the seasons never change, we never used to act our age, every time we were together' Why does this make me sad???
A: Because it's one of Busted's best songs and it brings back memories. <3

Q: Is that picture of Matt really him? His hair looks so funny!
A: Haha, it's scary.

Q: hello schmelleh tis cat with scheduled randomness, as per usual.. i highly recommend you get fall out boy's latest album :D it is currently rocking meinem socks off :D damn i hate that phrase.. btw yesh james does support southend on sea.. can't remember how their match the other week went tho :S xxx SIXTEEN DAYS TO GO
A: I'm going through phases with Fall Out Boy. I love some songs, and then others, I'm like 'hmm, this is.. alright.' I dunno, they're pretty good.

Q: ok i know i'm probably gonna sound really really stupid saying this but what does cheeky mean? lol btw ur site is awesome! keep up w/ the great work
A: lol um.. rude but funny. Or something. And thanks. :-)

Q: don't worry about the 'end up like this' thing, i've managed to download it. thanx
A: Okies, cool.

Q: Will Charlie be sued for breach of contract as he left the band before the four album deal was completed?
A: Hmm, I'm not sure. Wasn't it a five album contract? But yeah, he might have been sued.. unless the record company are allowed to release a greatest hits album or something.

Q: where can i download cross out the stars dya know?? anywayz i appreciate all the effort u put into the site :) thnx:):)
A: Buy Paint Your Target, or The Suffolk Explosion album.. I'm not putting it up for free download yet, sorry.

Q: Is there a fightstar song called 'dropdick murpheys'? Ive heard it and it sounds like them. I am LOVING Paint your target
A: You whaaaat? lol DropKICK Murphy's are a band, and a very good one at that.

Q: did matt marry emma?
A: Haha no, I'd laugh if he did and no one knew, though.

Q: PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ change that 'picture of the momnet'
A: Hehe check it out. :-D

Q: hi! here's the girl the girl from germany again :-) i like make poverty history very much and i am in the german version - earlier than matt and james!:-) are in there, too? (i know my english isn't good-so, sorry!
A: Matt and James have always supported it, I think. They were supposed to be in the advert, but they weren't, for some reason.

Q: 'Is that where all my bandwidth goes?' < Er... *shifty eyes* ...No...
A: lmao. :-p Don't worry about it.

Q: In response to the person who asked if all English people had bad teeth, lol: anyone over 30 does, but it's getting better; eg, James has gorgey teeth but Matt's bottom ones are crooked lol.. man, i have too much time on my hands.. I have nice teeth, i got my brace off, WOOHOO!!
A: lol Matt's teeth are horrible (well, the ones on the bottom). So are Billie Joe's though, and he's American. So it's not just us. Mine don't LOOK bad, but they're horrible.. there are teeth problems on my dad's side of the family, bah.

Q: the planet hollywood question.- u know when u put ur hand in clay, and when it dryes it has ur handshape.. im not sure what its called.. yeah. they have pictures of bands, and people who played there, or signed stuff.. but how could they not have anythig with BUSTEEEEDEDDD???
A: Ooh right. What other bands do that though? I mean Busted weren't very big in America, so maybe they only do it with bigger bands. Or maybe Busted forgot to lol. Bit unfair not having pics of them though.

Q: what does bah mean?
A: Just.. bah. An expression. Of annoyance, sort of.

Q: my stupid computer isn't letting me download end up like this, and now when i left click to just listen to it a page comes up saying page cannot be found! can u help or put the busted radio back on cos i luv that song so much! don't worry and not tellin u to rush or complaining to u i'm just lettin u know. xxxx
A: You've sorted this out, yeah? All is okay, then. :-)

Q: clazz.. when someone has bad, stupid, irratating, brainless genes.. you just cant blame them.. sooo.. those that have been sending those things about the mp3, pls go do something else.. kkz?? am i being too nice??? ok then f off to those that have sent those thing about the mp3!!! n this is a great site!!!
A: Hehe thank you. :-) mp3s are coming back soon!

Q: i think this site is very cool.. i'm from way way away from uk or from where clazz stay.. another country i mean.. n at first i didn't even know that there are so many b-side songs!!!.. n btw.. rock on man
A: Thankoooo. <3

Q: i hv a suggestion.. i have some probs with my msn nick so can u put up a new section for this kinda of thing.. n btw i like your web alot lot lot.. keep up the gd work..
A: What, ideas for MSN names? Just use lyrics or something. :-p That's what I usually have in my name. And thanks. :-)

Q: matt and I read that charlie fancy cheryl from girls aloud, but whenever they mention her in interviews james doesn't really say anything about her.. so do u know if he fancies her? maybe he does secretly. u r cool, go clazz go!
A: I think he does, cause they had to say their top 3 Girls Aloud members or something, and they all had Cheryl at the top. Bah, everyone fancies her. She's okay, but I prefer Nicola.

Q: Clazz, i can't get the freakin' tab book coz my parents won't let me because of the stupid shipping fee which is so expensive. So, could u please scan a few songs for me and send them to me? Umm.. Crash the Wedding, Year 3000, She Wants to Be Me, and 3am. Thankx!
A: I'll try and scan them in the next few days.

Q: Hi. Do you know how many copies of their self-titled CD were sold in the US? Thanks! (Awesome site, by the way. And I love your taste in music - I love Jimmy Eat World!)
A: Hehe, thank you. :-) I'm not sure, last time I checked, it was something like 12,000, but that was a couple of months after its release, so I expect it's a lot more than that now.

Q: Can a band have just a guitarist, bassist and drummer? do u need two guitars? and why did busted always have a whole backup band on tour as well as their own instruments?
A: Look at Green Day and Blink 182 (although Green Day have Jason White as a second guitarist for the latest songs). Most bands have two guitars - one lead and one rhythm. Busted needed the extra musicians because their songs have three guitar parts, plus James and Charlie can't play lead while singing (although they do on some of the simpler lead parts).

Q: hi sometimes when i go on ur site it says the page doesnt exist. whats that all about? it doesnt work at all
A: Hmm, a couple of people have said something about this. I'm not sure what it is.

Q: why did u break up TRUTHFULLY!?
A: I'm not the band, so there could be other reasons, but basically the record company put Charlie under pressure to choose between Busted and Fightstar.

Q: Hiya Clazz! Really cool website! I just wanted to ask u where did u get these great song which i can listen to on THE NON-BUSTED RADIO? I really like some songs but i havent found them anywhere on the internet. Is there any way how to download them? And do u know any website where I can find lyrics to these songs? It means Linchpin, Hanson, Johnny Cash and Johnny Panic songs lyrics.. i havent found them anywhere so if u or somebody else know let me know here! Cya and have a good time.. Aja from Prague
A: Lyrics for Johnny Panic are on johnnypanic.com. Try looking for Nine Inch Nails lyrics for Hurt, instead of Johnny Cash, cause NIN did the original. Hanson shouldn't be hard to find if you look in google.. not sure about Linchpin though, try linchpinrock.com.

Q: can you get the 3am acoustic version?
A: I have it. I might as well upload it some time.

Q: do u have matt n charlies versions of u said no?
A: I'm uploading them now.

Q: Surely if the Spices can reunite for Live 8, then Busted could reform for one night only? Result = proper goodbye for the fans and statement against world poverty. everyones a winner baby.
A: lol but The Spice Girls didn't reunite, did they? I thought they were going to. There were so many rumours though - Boyzone, Spice Girls, SEX PISTOLS. I would have loved that to happen. Sex Pistols with Glen Matlock.. <3

Q: because kaz (jenny's sister) used to stalk busted & pretend matt was in love with her, only he was very scared. Jenny may be alright actually apart from being related to THAT. Hmm wait & see!
A: Awww. I'm sure Jenny is lovely. Don't judge her on her sister. :-p

Q: hi! i'm from germany and i want to say that your page is awesome! last year busted were in my schoool to interactive in school and they were just great! i only want to say this :-) actually, is there a best of album??
A: Ahh, lucky. I'm actually glad they didn't come to my school though, cause they'd have been killed by the shallow twats. Anyway, there isn't a greatest hits album as such, but the live album could count as one. The American album is a sort of greatest hits as well.

Q: what's a psd?
A: An image that's cut around a particular object. So like if there's a picture of Matt against a background, the background would be cut out on a psd so it would just show Matt on his own.

Q: can i add u in msn??
A: Sure. :-) angeliciousdevil@hotmail.com.

Q: What does 'friggin over Mattie from Busted' mean?? I think I'm really dumb! lol
A: lol I'm assuming along the lines of masturbating. :-p

Q: Where can i get paint your target by fightstar from?
A: HMV or any other good record store.

Q: haha the guy in the green day video who you think is cute is the guy from Billy Elliot! He is cute!
A: Yep, Jamie Bell. <3 Evan Rachel Woods is alright but she's too whiny lol.

Q: Hey Clazz, [i was the person who sent in tlkng about english exam] i am in scotland im just a bit south of glasgow, i do Int 2 i cant do higher, i'm useless at english!! i done poetry and drama i think i done ok. but the computing exam on monday =o 2 exams on the same day what were they thinking!!! hope ure exams went well x
A: Aww, and you. :-) That was a bit mean about having two exams in one day, I know a few people who had Art and Chemistry on the same day which was very harsh.

Q: what album or err.. anything else is the single 'let it go' from?
A: It's on the Air Hostess single.

Q: sorry, clazz but i sent a response for your question, about liking the single version for uploading, but i forget asking when are you going to do it? (i'm sorry but i have no email address) so please would you tell me then, maybe on the main page and please don't forget to show how to do this. thanks :) p.s - i apologise if i sound rude about asking you again forgetting some details
A: Have I done that?! I was going to just before the internet broke, and then I don't think I did. I'll upload both versions anyway.

Q: hey clazz, i heard your response from the 8th-15th may sheet and yes i would be happy if you can upload the single version (thats the unrocky version isn't it, if so then yes i would like the single version) there's also one thing how would i receive this please help!! this would be great thanks clazz, thanks a bunch :P x
A: The single version is more rocky than the album version.. I'll just upload both lol.

Q: is there a holiday destination called 'james bourne heaven'??? cauze i tink ive reached it whetha it exists or not!!! any brochures anyone???!!!
A: Haha I've seen adverts on TV for a holiday thing called 'James', I don't know if that's what you mean. :-p Try googling it haha.

Q: I'm dying due to the lack of Busted!!! I'm desperate. Oh well! I'll survive. anyway we will always have the music!
A: Aww. We do, and we have Matt and James to look forward to!

Q: clazz do you prefer matt with a goatee or clean shaven?
A: Clean shaven, the goatee makes him look older, and I don't know. He looks so different since the Busted split, and I just want to remember him as the same fun guy.. I'm talking shit. :-D

Q: Hey, great site btw, anyhoo, do you know anything about Matt's solo material, eg. what, where, when? Thankies Luv Sami xXxXx
A: I don't know much yet, but he's working with Damon and one of Busted's old tour managers, and he's due to have material out by the end of this year, hopefully.

Q: when did james write End Up Like This?
A: I'm not sure, but it was a while ago.. it was while he was writing with Mike Raphael, so it might have been from before the second album was even released.

Q: is matt really gonna go solo?
A: Yes.

Q: Was Matt at the West ham final the other day against preston?
A: No idea lol.

Q: Do you have any idea where I could find Matt's version of You said no?
A: I'm uploading it now hehe, link will be on the main page.

Q: I have already asked this question but couldn't find it on the answer page so it might not have sent (sorry if this is the second time) - in the media section with the random quotes when n where did matt say the one ending in 'lets just go home spend it with the family, like it should be, have a nice day'?? It's been bugging me for ages.. .x.
A: I answered this on the other page but I dunno which you'll read first lol, so CITV Christmas special thing.

Q: In a recent magazine it said matt had broken up with his girlfriend, but james was there for him blah blah.. but i've also heard lots about him moving in with her.. whats true? I love your site!!!
A: I think Matt and Emma have moved in together in Muswell Hill, I'm not sure though. And thanks. :-)

Q: To clarify my question, lol.. i was just wondering what necklace Matt wears.. its like a long one with some kind of cross or something on the end. maybe not a cross, but something that looks like a cross! he's always wearing it. any ideas?
A: Hmm. I have no idea, sorry.

Q: sometimes i feel like busted was one person rather than three, and he's dead now.
A: Awww. :-(

Q: Has Charlie split up with Camilla???
A: No, apparently they're engaged.

Q: that cover of 'fun fun fun', was it just Busted or were Mcfly in it too? the file I downloaded says mcfly but i can't hear em!
A: No, Busted recorded that song long before McFly existed.