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Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: So do you class yourself as a Stalker then?! I'm sure i saw that in a paper unless I'm imagining it! If so your famous! I was just wondering why you didn't take it off as soon as James said that though as seen as your such a follower you should respect them! x
A: lol I get told off for this a lot, but it's not that I didn't respect what James said, it was more that it was too late to do anything about it. Most people had downloaded it already, and those who hadn't would only bug me for ages to put it back on if I took it off. Plus as soon as people get hold of these things, they're straight on programs like Limewire, so taking it off the site wouldn't make much difference. Also, I'm not a stalker lol, he apparently said the people who originally got hold of it were. But in fact, I don't think the person who found it was even a fan of Busted lol.

Q: Who are the busted boys related to?
A: Their.. relatives? :-s

Q: when is greendays wmuwse single out because in bliss it said it was out on 16th may but because i was on holiday i couldn't buy it and when i got back to uk i looked for it in shops like asda and hmv but it wasn't there so i'm guessing it wasn't released then
A: Bit late lol, but wasn't it June 13th?

Q: This probably sounds stupid but is a Fender a good guitar make or a shit one?
A: Good. Very good. Gibson are good as well.

Q: how old are: charlie's brothers, Matt's sister and James's sister?
A: I lose count, but Will is 24 or 25, Edd is about 21 or 22, I think Amanda is 17 and Melissa is 14 or 15. I'm not sure of the exact ages because I don't know their birthdays.

Q: Help!!!!!! I can't play te Busted - Games. Where can i play them? Please help me! Please gotta mutta
A: I know, they've gone! :-( You can still get the WIGTSF here though.

Q: i read on a busted site james and sarah harding exchanged numbers!!!!!!! is it true?
A: No idea. Does it matter? lol.

Q: why does no one know the name of James' band??? they know the single and the release date of the album, but not the name of the band? what's that about?
A: Dunno, they still haven't decided on a name, but it's weird that we know the release dates (even if they change) before anything else lol.

Q: is that 'chirpy' thing about matt with the strange picture of him really matt? it looks nothing like him though!!!!
A: Haha I know, it's him though.

Q: Is Matt and James going to still sing together?
A: No. I hope they do a duet or something one day though. The Clash (almost, not all the members were there I don't think) reunited for one night once a few years ago, didn't they? It would be exciting if Matt was invited on stage with James's band.

Q: James is really moving on from Busted.. I know I should be happy that he is coming back, but.. it won't be the same :( I miss Busted so much, do you?
A: Of course I do lol. <3 It won't be the same, but it's exciting. I can't wait to feel that rush of excitement when I first hear James and Matt's songs, it'll take me back to when I first heard Busted songs like Crashed The Wedding when that was premiered, and Thunderbirds Are Go.

Q: Where do you find pictures from their photoshoots? like, where did u find them, to put them in your gallery??
A: High qualities are from charlie-simpson.net (although I reduced the size of them) and others are from press photo sites like gettyimages.com etc.

Q: u haven't heard any thing about Busted coming to Norway? Me dad said they were, but then i told him they split up, but noooo.. they were coming to Norway.. He's lying right? =P
A: Someone else said they were supposed to play Norway's and Stavanger's food festival at the end of July, but I never heard anything about it.. weird.

Q: Has any Busted songs been on any films? I recently hear 'Falling For You' on Cinderella Story.. do u know of any others? btw love ur site!! =D
A: Thunderbirds Are Go obviously was the theme tune for Thunderbirds, but apart from that, I don't think so. I knew the first time I heard Falling For You that it would be in a film, though lol.

Q: lol of course english people don't all have bad teeth. mine are sparkly :D
A: I hate my teeth. :-(

Q: Does anyone know any more information on the Fightstar signings/instore performances that are gonna be next week?
A: Any information known about them were on fightstaronline.com.

Q: What is Matt doing now?
A: Partying and recording, I believe. And having driving lessons.

Q: Can you put the tab/chords up for End up Like this! Your version is awesome btw!
A: I haven't got the chords for the verses, but the chorus and bit before that are here.

Q: omg that pic of matt looks nothing like him i LMAO when i saw it, it looks like he has a piece of rug stuck on his head. great site by the way
A: Hahahaha I know. Oh dear. And thankay. :-)

Q: I think I told you before, but I LOVE YOUR SITE!!!
A: Awww, thank you. <3

Q: fanfics
A: Here.

Q: that where's david thing whatever it was on ebay, did u get the winning bid?
A: lol no, I didn't even bid. It went for a ridiculous price.

Q: Did you manage to see Fightstar on tour?
A: I saw them at T in the Park.

Q: if you get time could you please change the pic of the moment?
A: I've changed it since you sent that, haven't I? :-D

Q: clazz, people are saying that mark from v is going to be in james new band, can you show me a pic of him plz cause i forgot how he looked. thanx :P
A: I don't have any pics of him.. he's not in the band anyway.

Q: hey clazz, i know this isn't a busted topic but do you know any good charlotte links exept their official website, by the way loving the site!!!! :)
A: Thanks heh. I used to go on goodcharlotteonline.org but that seems to have closed. gccirclepitt.com is quite good, I think.

Q: The whole downloading thing, its not illegal if we download your songs is it because on the news recently they were talking about people getting fines for downloading music. I was just wondering cause i'm kinda worried about getting a 2,500 fine in the post. Thanks.
A: No it's not, and I don't think you'd get sued anyway. If anyone, it would be me, and that's why I took the songs off. It's been sorted now though, I think.

Q: put some of the songs frm the suffolk explosion on the radio blog and/or put some prego and brigade songs on it too. pls!
A: I may do. And I put Cross Out The Stars on it.

Q: Wouldn't it be easier for you to take a Q&A script?
A: Yeah, I was going to do that but then I decided that it wouldn't be wise - I'd get people flooding it and sending abusive and inappropriate messages etc. Then I'd get complaints about allowing those to be shown etc lol. At least this way I can censor and edit etc.

A: Oo. Random lmao.

Q: OMG! YES! Single in October! So excited!
A: I can't waaaaait. <3

Q: Don't you think charlie's song 'carry her' is sort of whiny? I mean, don't get me wrong, I love Fightstar and Charlie and everything but do you think it's sort of whiny? He's like 'caaaaaaaarrrry herrr' *sigh* *emo sigh* he's a cool musician, i just think it's whiny. Paint Your Target is AAAACE!
A: Yeah, he sings too high lmao, it's a beautiful song though.

Q: Is it true James' new band are going to be called Dinoslaggy?
A: No.

Q: i read that article you uploaded on the 6th of June i did not really like it either they said it was the real truth, however to me most of it seemed like rumours that you squashed on your website in the past such as the mark from V thing that can't be true can it? i hated V and i don't think he will be very punky do you?
A: lol he could be, but he's not in it anyway.

Q: is that picture of matt really him (posted on the 6th)? he looks...ugly, matts lovely tho :) great website btw.
A: It was him.. I don't like him with his beard. :-( But it doesn't matter to me really lol. Thank you also. :-)

Q: This isn't a question, but an answer to the question about the AIM icons. I was going to make a tutorial (sp?) abuot how to put them in. But you can't... Lol. You can search for one, but 'Busted', 'James Bourne' etc. get no results. Myah xx
A: Can't you upload icons like for MSN? Oh well. I don't know how AIM works lol.

Q: Misa -> Hi! I just wanted to ask if you have 'meet you there' live... I really love that song (and all of the others) but I can't find it anywhere live. I got a little bit in a video from CD:UK but it was in a gig, so, i just heard 'nobody's there when you get home' and chaz was playin' drums... It was awesome, but I can't download coz i don't find it anywhere... Do you have?
A: That was When Day Turns Into Night. :-p I don't have Meet You There yet, I'm trying to get hold of it.

Q: is that really matt or not, i'm confused now
A: The weird pic? It was.

Q: do u like simpleplan, what would u rate their music out of ten?
A: Hmm, I dunno. I've always liked them, but the singer's voice used to annoy me. He's improved though, along with their music; I really want their latest album. I'd say.. 7.

Q: where did you hear that james new band were called dinoslaggy?
A: Someone said it, no idea who.

Q: What's the name on James' new band??
A: No idea yet.

Q: do u think matt will ever come out to america again?
A: Yes.

Q: do you know if linchpin hace a site..if not do you know where i can get more songs of their's and pictures.. thanx a bunch ps i love your site and u rock
A: Linchpinrock.com. And thankayyyy. <3

Q: Hi is it true that James and Kara are back together?? if so i think its fabulous!!!
A: I have no idea what's going on with them at the moment.

Q: Misa -> I just wanna say happy birthday to cheesy chazwick.. even though he's a 'traitor', I don't wanna be a fake like him coz I still like him, so, happy 20th birthday and no hard feeling (ggrrr!!!)... keep on getting stuff about james and matt, they rule! and i've already said it, but your site is still amazing (you must be tired of saying 'thanks').. bye ** =)
A: Charlie's not faaake. And thanks heh. :-p

Q: Why did they not sing together again?
A: Because Charlie didn't want to.

Q: when will matt have a single out?
A: Autumn some time, not sure yet.

Q: happy birthday to Charlie happy birthday to Charlie happy birthday to Char-lie happy birthday to Charlie. (in case youre wondering i did the Matt one aswell and i'll do 1 4 James on his birthday)
A: Hehe. <3 (oh, that was an interesting answer *strikes pose*)

Q: have u got any pictures of matt and james hugging?
A: I may do, I'm not sure though.

Q: have they ever had sex?
A: You do realise they're aged 20-22? Or do you mean with each other? Haha!

Q: Wow 20! My little Charlie bear is getting big now. Anyway Happy birthday.
A: Charlie beat lmao. :-p

Q: awww - u remembered too!! happy b-day charlie! that article is such lies, some of it anyway, n also - it looks a lil like matt, but i wouldn't have said so if u hadnt said it were matt - is it really him?
A: Yes, it is lol.

Q: Do you reckon they'll do a farewell tour? I've just read the article, and it's probably shit. But..
A: Not a tour, but I said in one of the earlier questions that they might reunite on stage one day. Anything is possible though.

Q: that pics not matt is it? he looks like he's got a wig on!
A: LMAO maybe it's his new disguise. :-D

Q: Hey! Do you have the song 'Ticket Outta Loserville'? Thanks! Very cool website you have here by the way! xxx
A: Nope, I don't. And thanks hehe.

Q: HI. I found out that fightstar are playing in music zone in birmingham.can u tell me which one they are playing at the one next to h&m or the one in the bullring.can u also tell me what time they would be performing. Thank you
A: I didn't know the times anyway, but all information was on fightstaronline.com about the signings.

Q: HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 U.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 U.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 CHARLIE.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 U!!!!!! i hope he has a fab day!!!!!! now we just have james' birthday left for this year!
A: ..I can't believe James is going to be 22.

Q: you said that their song got onto smash hit..which song..?? your site rox
A: On MTV Hits? I'm not sure, sorry. Thanks by the way.

Q: On the 6/6/05 where theres a pic of Matt.. because if it is he's looks awful! Nothing against the guy but he does!
A: I know, I don't think he looks very good lately to be honest. He looked lovely on the Saturday Night Takeaway, he should go back to that look hehe.

Q: my friend sent something on MY computer that said charlie is a wanker... hes not. hes a hottie indie boy! dont listen to her cos her opinions suck - great site!
A: lol aww. I feel sorry for Charlie though, people hate him either for leaving Busted or ever being in Busted. I won't bother posting that comment anyway lol.

Q: Are Charlie and Camilla still together?
A: As far as I know.

Q: It's true is gonna come a Greatest Hits of Busted?
A: I think they were going to release one, but apparently Charlie doesn't want to. Bah.

Q: Ok, seriously, what is up with all those quote marks in that article.. 'Mark'.. 'Eva'.. WTF?!
A: Haha I have no idea.

Q: Matt looks like he's wearing a toupee in that new pic!! EWWW! WHY DID HE HAVE TO STOP BEING SEXY?!?!? WHY?!?!?
A: Because he's a spoon. And he's going through a rough time. I can't imagine him going solo with the beard thing going on though lol.

Q: are you sure that pic of matt is matt??? what's he done??!!!
A: lol I've got lots of these questions, haven't I. I'm sure he'll clean himself up by the time he's reading to hit the music scene again.

Q: i'm upset! *crying* after i read that thing where james called u and u're friends stalkers he sounded really angry and i feel like he hates all his fans now, i deleted end up like this as soon as he said not to download it but i still feel sorry for him and i luv him so much and won't do anything that'll make him angry. 1 other thing, if james' new band do a concert around the time they release thier single or something will they sign autographs and stuff so we can talk to them and give em stuff?
A: Probably, I have no idea. I don't think he was that angry really, just a bit annoyed that it had got out in the first place.

Q: I am so sorry clazz but the truth has to be told. You are sad. The fact that you take offence when someone calls you a stalker and yet you spend hours searching for them on the internet and getting majorly excited when you do find something about them is sad. The fact that you are 16 and call a poppy little boyband directed at 5 year old your favourite band is sad. And Busted were a sad band anyway. They were always like we knew we'd be famous and rich. we deserve it. i am soooooooo sorry but there are so many bands who have more talent then them and are not as recognised.. I mean look at simple plan. they tour and work amazing hard but dont get recognision. its ridiculous. and you clazz are a sad stalker and if you dont get help you are going to end up as one of those fat old ladys who live on their own with a million cats who looks at her busted posters everyday and thinks why did I waste my life on them? also why do you act like you are better than everyone else!
A: 1. I didn't take offence, I found it funny. 2. How the fuck are Busted aimed at five year olds?! They write songs about faking orgasms, for Christ's sake! I'm sure you're not five years old, so why are you on a damn Busted site in the first place if you obviously think they're too immature? 3. They never came across like that. They wrote songs, they did what they did best. 4. Simple Plan are HUGE in America! How about bands like Johnny Panic who actually AREN'T well known and still deserve to do well? It doesn't mean Busted didn't deserve to do well because they did. 5. I don't think I'm better than everyone else, when did I EVER say that?! 6. You are a rude fucking obnoxious idiot. Thank you and good day.

Q: Even If i look like a total fandan this is just to let people know: It is NOT illegal to have mp3s on a website, it is however to 'spread or mutilate them' steal the music or lyrics and have COMPLETE albums. so as long as Clazz (howya doin, not spoke for ages!!) misses out a few songs it is TOTALLY legal. I sat up for three nights and read the british laws aginst copyright and music. So plooohgahboogahsoogah!!!
A: Aww, bless you. Just wanted to thank you for finding all that out, it's people like you who make up for the arses like in the previous question. :-D The mp3s are coming back soon anyway, because my domain's back, wahey! But who are you? (referring to the 'not spoke for ages' bit)

Q: Who the song carry her about?
A: Charlie's grandmother.

Q: but jaybournes sooooo much cuter!!
A: Oh dear haha.

Q: the person that asked about matts chain, i think they mean the one with the unicorn on it that an ex girlfriend bought him, he wears it for good luck.
A: Unicorn? I don't remember that one. Ex-girlfriend as in Holly?

A: NOT! :-D