>> Answers to all your questions


Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: How do you know that Charlie and Camilla definitely got engaged?
A: Apparently Charlie told people at the signings that it's true.

Q: would u be able to put up the citv christmas special plz? coz i missed it unforunately :'(
A: I would, but the files are about 120mb each (it's split into two parts). When I get broadband, I'll be able to upload them though.

Q: when are you going to put the full songs back on the site (if you are). I need to listen to them. soon!!!!
A: They're back! :-D

Q: Can you chat over the internet to James Bourne himself for free?
A: Um.. if he goes into a chat room or goes on MSN or whatever. And no, I don't have his email address before yee ask. :-p

Q: Can you confirm that Charlie proposed? I havent seen anything in the press
A: Neither have I, but see the first question.

Q: read between thess lines a hundred times and realise they'll be no compromises not before i die or in another life how did we end up like this?
A: I haven't listened to that song for ages! *listens*

Q: I can't hate bt coz my mum used to work for bt (before i came along) and my godmother still does work for them. But it is really annoying that they won't fix your internet, my advice is to really complain, throw your toys out your pram, have a hissy fit or 100, or cry like a loon after all that they'll have to fix it.
A: Haha well they fixed it eventually, but it took ages.

Q: Congratulations to the future Mr&Mrs Chazwick Simpson! Where did you find out that news coz I can't find it anywhere? PS Get the fightstar single coz it's fab (but think busted is way better!)
A: See first question, and I've got it hehe. <3

Q: The Undesided feat. Matt - Johnny b goode, where did you get it from? did you record it when you saw Busted? I think it sounds well good! Brings back memories of that tour :( x
A: I didn't record it, it's from a video that someone else recorded. Wish I had memories of the tour, ha.

Q: i can't play the games. Please help me. PLEASE Busted zou dit doen 5 this is Netherlands (I'm from Belguim) Your site is the Best!!!! Luv Ya
A: Aww thank you. The only game still online seems to be this one.

Q: What????? Chaz is now engaged to that Camilla girl???? Uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuuuu... No way! Too young,too soon! Aww...there goes my Chazzy.. ='( Where did u hear this from?
A: See first question. I think I'll refrain from saying anything else.

Q: Really? Coz on the official forum, they said it was fake...... Yeah! Now there is proof that they are engaged! So freakin' happy for them!
A: Yeah, I heard that the announcement on myspace was fake, but then if he told people it was true..

Q: is chaz SERIOUSLY getting married?? THAT'S GREAT!!
A: We'll see, I find it weird that we haven't heard anything anywhere else.

Q: Charlie proposed! Any pictures? Anyway I wish them all the best they make a wonderful couple. (I'm assuming Camilla said Yes!) When it is the wedding do you think you can give us more info. Thanks.
A: Well I haven't heard anything more about it, so I don't know when it is. No pictures, I'd be worried if there were any on the internet cause it's their private business.

Q: AWWW! congratulations Charlie and Camilla!!! yey!! they make such a cool couple!!!
A: Hehe. <3

Q: Hello I'm from France, I would know if fightstar come in France!!! their musik is EXCELLENT!!!!
A: I'm not sure if they're going to France yet, sorry.

A: Can't really say anything to that except smile lol. :-)

Q: Why dont you just take that song of James down? After all, thats what he wants..
A: No, what he wanted was the song to have never been on the internet in the first place. It's too late to stop that.

Q: i never knew charlie proposed! aww good luck to him
A: No one seems to have known, I'm surprised there's not been more publicity, but if it's true then I'm glad it's been kept as private as it has.

Q: Were James and Matt invited to the engagement party??? I HOPE SO!!!!!
A: lol I have no idea, I'm sure Matt would have been. There are so many rumours that James and Charlie aren't speaking, but I don't know.

Q: my dad works for bt, so don't please don't tell people to hate bt
A: It was a jokey comment. :-p But BT did take nearly a month to fix our phone line, bah.

Q: *falls off desk* Charlie and Camilla! I wish them all the best! ECDL sucks, but you get a cool passpot thingy at the end of it, good luck! x
A: Hehe aw. Yeah, that's why I'm taking it.. I've nearly finished the 5th module already haha, it's so boring though.

Q: Really chaz proposed to camilla? yey..-- they are the perfect couple :D where did u see that? huggz. simone
A: See first question lol.

Q: Hi! James's new band's name is Dinoslaggy? Thx!
A: No. I hope not anyway.

Q: Were there any plans of Busted performing on Norway's and Stavanger's food festival at the end of july? hear some romours..
A: Oooh. I don't know, I never heard of plans to do that.

Q: how did they get their name?
A: Apparently they were called Buster after a bank robber and Geri Halliwell called them Busted by mistake so they kept it.

Q: I think I've gone mad.
A: Then you probably have. :-D

Q: how come in the gallery section most of the pics are still really small?
A: Because they're from sites like wireimage.com where you have to pay to view the full images.

Q: Can you tell me something about James' End Up Like This? I don't know anything about it!
A: It was written with Mike Raphael, who also co-wrote Can't Break Thru. My guess is that they wrote those two songs and then chose Can't Break Thru for the album.

Q: what is going on with matt n james?
A: James is rehearsing with his band, Matt is writing and recording with Damon and I'm not sure who else, as well as partying.

Q: well this isn't really a busted-related question but anyway.. now ben left dudefish what's gonna happen to do dudefish? are they gonna carry on without him?? I thought you might know. x Natz
A: Last time I spoke to Si, they weren't sure what they were going to do, but he said on the busted.com boards that if James's band splits up, Ben will probably come back to Dudefish. I don't know, that depends on what happens with the band. Dudefish could get a new singer.

Q: Where do you send letters to Matt as fan mail?
A: Apparently they've just changed management, so the address has probably changed.

Q: Do you know where I can get/ what site i could check out to find Busted photos from the Popworld December [not sure] photoshoot? [It's the one that has this 'all white' theme] -punk_who_loves-pink
A: Hmm, I don't know, sorry. I know which ones you mean, but I only have scans of the magazine, not the photos on their own.

Q: Hi Im going to Ireland in Augast fo you know if there are any good concerts of MCFLY THE KILLERS FIGHTSTAR ETC
A: I have no idea lol, look on seetickets.com or something.

Q: I know you dont like McFly but could you tell me or if somebody else knows a nice site like that to find news about mcfly!
A: All the McFly sites I know seem to be on brb.. only one is McFlyManiacs.net.

Q: do you know a good site for danny jones (mcfly) because I really love this one I almost look at it everyday so..? xxzz fIoNa
A: Aww. I don't know any, sorry.

Q: when will your mp3s be coming back on this sites pretty borin with out them dude ps matt sooooooooooo fit!!
A: Erm thanks lol, have you not been on the rest of the site? :-p They're back anyway.

Q: can all busted fans do that thing we did to get wigtsf to try and get it to number one but this time do it with thunderbirds are go
A: It won't work, and it wouldn't be anywhere near as successful as with WIGTSF.

Q: has james ever had sex?
A: lol. It still makes me laugh when I get questions like that.

Q: Any idea what is the address if i want to send James a b'day prezzie? Thx!
A: I'm going to get addresses sorted out because they've changed management.