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Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: great site!! you are so great, doin this!! =)
A: Aww bless you. :-)

Q: Y'know in James' band, one of the members is called Chris. Was he the keyboard player at Busted's winter tour?
A: Nope, guitarist. I don't think he played at the winter tour actually, but he played on the first arena tour.

Q: Whats a fanlisting i dont understand them??
A: A list of fans of a particular subject.

Q: i know this may sound totally unrelated and strange but is douige from mcfly going out with james ex girlfriends sister????
A: That's a rumour that's been going around for ages, I don't know if it's true.

Q: Where can I find my questions with the answers?
A: On the answers page when I answer them. ;-)

Q: Where abouts on juicymattie.tk is the song? coz i cant seem to find it... grr lol plz answer soon coz i really wanna hear it! cheers babe xxxxx
A: I uploaded this again on here, so you probably got it? It was at the bottom of the main page, but the link expired so I uploaded it on the main page on here.

Q: where is the other matt song? could you upload it please? I can't find it on the other site, lol. P's - ur site rox!!
A: See answer above. :-) And thanks heh.

Q: wheres make you mine on juicymattie.tk? ive looked all over the website but cant find it :( do you think you could put it up on this site or maybe email it to me if you get time? thanks :) xxx
A: Again.. :-p

Q: Hey, this isnt actually a question, but in the audio area, you have that james being a girl thing - he's actually saying 'i want you to thrill me here' like on air hostess.
A: I thought it was but then it doesn't sound like there are enough syllables lol.

Q: green day...and i highly recommned you keep your eyes open for Cheap Regrets in the future cuz they are recording their album in september :D
A: Cat, by any chance? ;-)

Q: Ahhhh! Its nice to see James out and about with his guitar! Do you know what James was doing in LA? Oh. before I leave to do my amazing art project, I absolutly LOVE paint your target, it should of made higher than 9 maybe even 1! Well done Fightstar W
A: lol I'm glad it got to number nine though, it's better than I expected it to get. And James was recording apparently, or writing or something.

Q: bless Matt, bless Matt, bless Matt. Thankyou so so much, for putting a link to hear 'Make You Mine' you're brilliant! I will make Matt mine.. x
A: Aww. It's a shit song though lmfao.

Q: it aint about busted but how do u get radio blog on ur website coz its really complicated on the insturctions ty bibi laurita
A: You need to upload the files into a new folder on the site. Then put the mp3s you want in the creat.sound folder (on your computer). Run the convert_all.bat file (it should be in the folder already) and it'll change all the mp3s to .swf, which you can then upload onto the site to make them play in the radio (make sure they're in the same folder as the other radio files). That's basically it.

Q: What does 'Dawsons Geek' mean????
A: lol it's taking the piss out of Dawson's Creek. Or someone who's obsessed with it.

Q: whats BT?
A: British phone company.

Q: how old is chris bourne?
A: 13 or something.

Q: Hi! Do you know if people can still get on Busted's What I Go to School for game? (You said no and year 3000 also). Thanks for your time and you have a really cool website! ;) xxx
A: Hehe, thank you. :-D WIGTSF game is here, don't think you can still get on Year 3000 or You Said No though. :-(

Q: when james solo album released?
A: It's not a solo album, but it's due to be released later this year some time.. apparently November.

Q: Ticket Outta Loserville... *cringes* That sounds so lame...
A: lol I dunno, it has a ring to it. We'll see, though.

Q: Where did u find the sunshine lover track? i've looked everywhere for it also i luv ur site!
A: It was on an underground records site hehe. And thankie. :-)

Q: whos chris?
A: Which Chris? Chris Leonard = guitarist in James's new band, was third guitarist for Busted on tour as well. Chris Bourne = James's brother.

Q: Were James and Matt invited at the party of Charlie and Camilla?
A: I have no idea, sorry.

Q: Who's Chris? (from James new band) is he the same guy who played guitar for busted?
A: Yep.

Q: got any news articles. etc. that prove Charlie and Camilla are engaged? I believe you but I just want some news articles even though 99% of the time they're TOTALLY wrong!
A: I haven't found any articles, which I find weird. I didn't make it up, but it's possible that other people did.

Q: look, about that BT complaint, you have no right to put it on your site, it's your own buisness and should be kept to yourself, i hope you will understand, thankyou
A: Technically I have the right to put anything I want on this site (unless it's illegal), but I try not to offend people. If I do, it's usually with a tongue-in-cheek comment anyway.. lol it's hard though, everything I say seems to upset at least one person, and I try to avoid it.

Q: Would you put up Fightstar's album at the CD section where the Busted CDs are??
A: No, because it's not a Busted album lol, and it's not an album.

Q: hey! I just want have some news about the relationship camilla/charlie thanks
A: I'm not sure what's going on cause apparently they're engaged, but no one's heard any more about it. If it's true, then I'm glad it's not all out in the open, but I do wonder if it's definitely true or not.

Q: someone told me James is gonna be in celeb bb, i think they were winding me up.. is it true?
A: lol I shouldn't think so, he's got a band to concentrate on. :-p

Q: whos chris in james's new band?
A: Chris Leonard, who played guitar at the A Ticket For Everyone tour with Busted.

Q: If you get the time, could you put Paint Your Target on the radio (if it is possible) thanx! Oh and great site btw keep it up!
A: Oh yeah, I was going to put it on, but I'm gonna put Until Then on instead, cause it's better hehe. And thankay. <3

Q: STUPID! lol i'm bored
A: Random lol. Why stupid? :-p

Q: clazz can you plz not put bad things about BT on your site plz, will be appreaciated
A: There we go again.. sorry.

Q: i believe u were telling the truth about charlie and camilla :) i believe u :D
A: Well I wasn't deliberately making it up lol, I'm not sure what's going on though.

Q: what d'ya mean 'apparently'? ya know.. i dunno why people are asking.. its great news!! p.s. when was the last time J.B had sex??? if ya know..
A: Hahahaha, how am I supposed to know? :-p And about Charlie/Camilla? Well there's been no more news about it whatsoever, which I find odd.

Q: congrats charlie n camilla!!!! dont think it'll last - but stil congrats - prove me rong hunni!!
A: It is a bit young, but they seem so happy together.

Q: in fake, when it says 'my favourite film is when harry met sally', why is it when harry met sally? does something like fake happen in the film?
A: Well I'm assuming the song fits in with the film, but I haven't actually seen it.

Q: I went to see Green Day last night at the Sunday Milton Keynes gig! They were f**king immense! I hope Matt and McFly had a brilliant time because I certainly did!
A: Hehe Green Day are an incredible live band, I'm sure they all had the time of their lives. :-D

Q: do u know where i can find the full swtlo video plz? ur site rocks
A: When (or if) I get broadband, I'm going to start a videos request section cause then I'll be able to upload videos. At the moment, my connection isn't very good (ISDN - 64k) so most of the time, I disconnect before the videos upload.