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Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: Hi ! Do You know that many people still can't play the Year 3000 game and the You said no game. I'm sorry but it's true. Me and my friends really love your site. Yeah your site is great. Thanks for your time.
A: Yeah, they've died. :-( Thankie heh.

Q: Oooh help. i wanna see a few photos of Matt, James and Charlie when they are a baby, teenager. But i can't find them. And i hope you could help me. Thanks. (i love your site, it's great)
A: Thanks. :-) I'm fixing the gallery up properly, but I've uploaded all the baby pictures for you here.

Q: hiya im just wondering when are you going to put the b-sides back onto media?? because i didn't get a chance to download them before :( thanx M xxx
A: They're back now, I had to take them off due to some copyright troubles. It's not illegal, but my old host seemed to think it was and kept removing the files. Don't worry though, I've looked into the issue and it's legal because the songs aren't available on CDs any more.

Q: where is matt and james now?
A: Right now, in London I believe. James is rehearsing with his band, Matt and writing/recording and partying.

Q: What do you mean by 'I need to sort out what I'm going to do with the site though.. but I don't know if I should do that until I've heard some of Matt and James's new work.' You said it would never change, it's perfect the way it is, it's perfect being about Busted. Busted need one site left, I need atleast one Busted site :(
A: Aww, I'm not getting rid of the site. Basically, I think I'm going to keep the main site and then make Matt and James sites, but I don't want to make them before I've even heard their music. I'm pretty sure I'll like it all though, so it'll probably be fine. Bless yee. :-)

Q: OHHH wheres matt???
A: Patience, dear, patience. ;-)

Q: Do you think Matt and Emma will last because in every picture you see them together in Matt looks happy but Emma looks like she doesn't want to be there - what do you think??
A: I honestly don't know. There is a rumour that they've split up.. they seem happy together, and I think she's helped him a lot. She doesn't seem like a very committed person though, but who knows.

Q: If you do change the layout of the site, can you not put the picture as one from the press conference, I would like it to be a pic that shows them at happier times before that went to America etc, thanks mate
A: Yeah, I won't put pics of the press conference in the layout.

Q: Could you possibly get in touch with the Busted official website and ask them to update more often? it's not as if they are doing anything else to the site are they? They just seem to be sitting at a computer screen all day and not updating at all. I have tried e-mailing but they just ignore me and you seem to have got a response from them in the past. Thanks.
A: They've never been very good at updating busted.com lol. The contact form doesn't seem to be very effective though, I've never had a response from them.

Q: hey there, first i would like to say!!! I love ur website.. it's like the prefect fansite ever!! i saw ya wanna have a new layout, would ya like me to do it for ya (i own a fansite - www.harry-web.co.uk) and i must say..I admire ur work!!!
A: Awww, thank you. :-D You don't have to make a layout but if you want to, then feel free heh. I'd give you full credit of course. :-)

Q: aw clazz people suck.. that's all i have to say.. oh yeah my mate says james is in rehab, is this true? thought that was matt, a while ago...?
A: It said in Bliss or something that James was going to rehab as well. I doubt it's true.

Q: Hey, Clazz. Don't worry about them FUCKERS and WANKERS, they don't know shit. Clazz, You're doing a GREAT job with this website. Don't let those MOTHERFLUSHERS get to you. And plus you DO have a brain. These ASSHOLES know nothing!!! And you don't suck nor are you stupid. I think you are absolutely wonderful and your site is as amazing! And you have all the right to be pissed off. STUPID SHITHEADS trying to complain...Who do they think are? I love your site. By the way - Do you have MYSPACE?
A: Awww, thanks for the support. :-) Motherflushers hahaha. I do have myspace here, I don't really use it though. I add bands haha, if you add me then I'll add you back, though. :-)

Q: In those pictures you put a link to who are those two dudes with James? Yknow the ones who are half asleep
A: I'm not sure, but one of them is his brother, Nick.

Q: Your site will always be the best busted site in the whole world!
A: Bless you. <333

Q: your site is the best, Clazz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A: Aww. :-D Much appreciated.

Q: what dress size is james?
A: *chokes* DRESS size?! Or just clothes size generally? Either way, I have no idea lol.

Q: why is life such an issue in your mind?
A: WHYYYYYYYY are the answers to my problems hard to find? Oh, I miss Good Charlotte. I like their latest stuff, but nowhere near as much as their first album.. well, first two albums, but first especially.

Q: why are the answers to my problems hard to find, so hard to find?
A: Ha, well there we go then. Because whatever you're looking for always seems to be hard to find.

Q: I have given you loads of websites for interviews and pictures, and loads of news over the past couple of days, and you are not putting them on ur website for others to see, update, update, update
A: You have? Where?

Q: first.. don't close the site.. maybe there are many people complaining. but there are many people who love and need the site too. please. the site is amazing, chris from the line up of james new band is that wicked drummer that used to drum with busted? the one with tatoos in the arms? i wish first single of james new band will be out tomorrow. i want to hear them!!!!!! i didn't know ben from dudefish but i think it seems to be cool and to have that 'teenager-that-writes-fantastic-lyrics-about-girls' spirit that busted had.
A: Thanking you. :-D Busted's drummer was Damon Wilson, not Chris - he was the third guitarist. Writing about girls is boring - but Busted did it in a different way, which was what set them apart hehe.

Q: Do you know Nye? What's happening with him lately?
A: HE'S BACK!!!!!!!! :-D His internet broke but he's only just got it back for some reason. I've missed him. <3

Q: how tall is charlie?
A: 6'4 or something. Bloody giant. :-D

Q: Is James really getting another band together?
A: Yes.

Q: whats james's new band called n does mattie have a new band?
A: Matt's going solo but he'll have a band backing him. James's band still don't have a name, I don't think.

Q: where dose matt live now?
A: North London, Muswell Hill, I believe.

Q: what is matt willis doing now?
A: Writing, recording, partying etc.

Q: what's the name of james' new band?
A: Don't know yet.

Q: Where did the picture of matt at the green day gig go?
A: Q: jeez girl how early do u get up? no matter how early i come online youve always updated already!
A: Haha I stay up late, so if I update after midnight, it's technically the next day. :-p

Q: hey well i know this isn't a question but i just wanted to let you know that the non-busted radio doesn't work in case you didn't notice wich you probably already will but newayz i just wanted to let you know and i'll hope you'll fix it soon..thnx!
A: It's fixed now, it's because it was hosted on my other domain which expired. It's back now, though. :-D

Q: In Da NeW P0v£rtY ADd EvEry t1mE Da CeLeBRitY ClIckS A PErsOn DiEs Why DoNt DeY JusT StopP Cl1CkIng??///???
A: LMAO that shouldn't have made me laugh.

Q: This is actually to do with Green Day but its really bugging me! O.K go on here That was long! Anyway who is that? Please help!
A: Is that the right pic? Of Mike and Billie Joe? Or is it supposed to be one of the other guitarist? I'm going to assume you meant the second guitarist, who is Jason White.

Q: boom boom boom....<><><><><>
A: Boomcha!

Q: does anyone know what James' new band is called and when is his album coming out?
A: No name yet, but the album is due to be released in November apparently.

Q: any new news?
A: All news is posted on the main page. :-p

Q: update! update! UPDATE!! =P lol. just wanted to say; this site is AMAZING!!
A: lol thankay. <3

Q: when u doing quessies etc????
A: Now. :-p I suck at updating them, but I'm going to do them much more regularly from now on.

Q: Oh wicked the guitarist is Welsh!! YeY!!
A: Yus hehe.

Q: Why does James have a plectrum in his eye! LOL randomness.
A: lmao because he's James.

Q: please may i have a biscuit?
A: Sure! *hands you a biscuit*

Q: Do you think someone will release a a cover of a busted song in a few years time? I hope not! Lol. Great site. Katie xxxx
A: You never know, it would be cool if they did. I want to see what people can do to them, it'd be interesting.

Q: How can we vote for the VMA's? I mean BUSTED have to win!
A: I don't know. :-( Baaah.

Q: when will you answer questions?
A: Now. :-p

Q: Can u re-upload Sunshine lover?
A: Did I ever do that? I'll upload it later anyway, and put that and Make You Mine in the audio section.

Q: How do u know that is the band?
A: I repeat what I've been told or whatever. I've updated the line up since then anyway.

Q: awww plz could u help me i have a massive problem it won't download that make you mine from that megaupload thing is there anywhere else i can get it from?
A: A few people are having problems with megaupload. I'll upload it to my other domain or something.

Q: is there a picture of james's new band?
A: Not yet.

Q: Why don't I feel happy, knowing the line up of the band?
A: Because you want to hear their music. :-p

Q: Where are the questions from June??...Love your site anyway!!!!!!!!!
A: They're on the site now hehe. And thank you. :-)

Q: whoo! a californian! represent :P
A: I don't know if there is an American in the band now.. ahh, I'm confused, I'm going to have to get things together.

Q: Hi, Do you know if James comes with an album this year? Do they only release it in the UK or also in Holland or Germany? I hope you know it.. Laura
A: I have no idea, apparently the album will be released this year. It'll probably be released in Holland and Germany, although maybe not straight away.

A: Aww lol, I love yee too. :-D

Q: Is Matt's hair sort of naturally blonde cuz all his photos from when he was younger show him having proper blonde hair?
A: I think he had blond hair and then it went dark.

Q: Hey I just wanted to point something out... I don't like McFly either, but what you said about the bass player playing his instrument the wrong way because he strums, not plucks is wrong. You can strum or pluck, depending on the rhythem and texture you want. That's why sometimes you see bass players with picks.
A: Yeah, I know. But for what Dougie was playing, I don't think he was supposed to be strumming. He's stopped doing it now anyway.

Q: Pic of the MO: WHAT HAS JAMES GOT ON HIS EYE????!!!!!
A: A plectrum lmao.

Q: why is JB's eye missing in the picture of the moment? Great site i love it!!! thanks very much
A: Because he got it surgically removed and stuck a plectrum there instead to look individual. :-p And thanks heh.