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Q: do you know where I can find drums tabs of Busted songs?
A: Hmm, nope I don't, sorry. =

Q: do matt willis have a limo?
A: Er... not that I know of?

Q: pleazzzz tell me where could I download End up like this (audio or video)
A: Here. :-)

Q: what's the name of the girl in the SWTLO video?
A: She's called Rebecca. :-)

Q: hiya please tell me how u no da myspace thing an how do u get on it sorry im thick lol!!!xx
A: You can sign up at MySpace.com, and James's is at MySpace.com/bournio. He needs to be on your friends list before you can view his bulletins though.

Q: I heard Charlie is getting married with Camilla. is that true?? He's still very young, isn't he????
A: I don't know if that's true, cause I haven't heard anything more about it. He's still young, but they've been together for a long time. I don't think they're getting married yet, anyway, even if they're engaged.

A: Who, Matt? I agree.

Q: charlie are u related to a girl called amba coleman
A: lol I'm not Charlie. And I don't know.

Q: where can I hear Broken from Matt?
A: On myspace.com/dontlookitsforme, I think, although the account might have been deleted.

Q: hello I was wondering where can I hear End Up Like This? because the link you gave us before doesn't work anymore... thanks for everythin you do for us you're awesome
A: It's uploaded here heh. And bless you. :-)

Q: where can I download She Really Rocks?
A: I dunno, it's not a Busted song, though. Or is that the song the little kid recorded with them in a studio on CD:UK? As far as I know, that's not available.

Q: i want to know why did busted spilt up they were good
A: Because Charlie had to choose between Busted and Fightstar, and he chose Fightstar.

Q: hmmm, now this is a question in my head where i can't find a answer for, i hope you can :D: should Mattie like it when i would upload something from him, or would it be bad for his new career? I won't do something untill i heard what you think about it. I'm so worried about Mattie you see, that's why the call me somethimes theMattwillisfreak, but I LOVE IT! and i also love your site!
A: Apparently he's pissed off with people uploading his songs, but a few people have said Broken and Goodbye Lucy aren't going to be on the album, so it might be okay to upload them, since they won't be available anywhere else.

Q: aaaaaaaaaaargh, WTF, hua er, what a fucking name, please, this must me a nightmare, making a cover from a song from BUSTED ? juk, i feel soo dirty, (try to do the dirt away, nooooo, it doesnt go away ) please somebody, tell me that this is just a nightmare, please wake me up! BTW, love your site 4 evaaaaah and evaaah
A: Er, Hua Er is Chinese. :-p And I'm sure you'll get over it lol. I'm not particularly impressed, either, I'm just amazed that they managed to get away with doing that.

Q: What are Fightstar's plans for 'breaking America?'
A: They're going there in the autumn, hopefully, after all the UK summer festivals.

Q: 3 questions: 1) who's david?? 2) can you upload the video of the conference where they announce the split?? 3) charlie said that if fightstar didn't have their album in the top ten he would come back to busted...is it true? how are fightstar going? thanks
A: 1. David is the guy next door. :-p And he's also Matt's mole. 2. I don't have any, apart from news clips. I've uploaded some on the video site. :-) 3. Nah, he didn't say that. Fightstar are doing quite well for a rock band, really. They're not that commercial, so they're not about to get number ones or anything, but they seem to be having a great time.

Q: march 17 and your fightstar site aint working
A: Yeah, the server got a virus, so we had to take it down. :-s It's back up now, though.

Q: What's the most number of audience Busted has performed for?
A: Hmm. I'm not sure, didn't they perform in front of 100,000 at Party In The Park?

Q: Rumours of son of dork supporting Yellowcard at the UEA wernt true they wernt there, Yellowcard were amazing though! Yellowcard are amazing live, a proper band! Yellowcard are mentioned in merded in the mosh!! Ryan Key what a man!
A: Heh, Yellowcard are cool. I've never seen any live clips, though. Cheers for clearing that up, anyway. :-)

Q: Is the Matt myspace with all his songs on it fake???? I sure hope it aint! love the site, respect your work loads man, i love matt&james but cant say i could do this much work, heh. your a star. xxxx
A: I don't know, I don't think it's his. Thank you by the way. :-)

Q: is matt gay?
A: No, he's had a girlfriend for the past 18 months.

Q: Hiya I can never seem to find James' myspace page. You always post buletins about it but i just can't find it :( helpeth please?!
A: His MySpace is here. :-)

Q: Is it true that you're "breaking up"?
A: ...who, Busted? Where have you been for the past... over a year?!

Q: Do you have any idea how to get tickets for the mtv spanking new music events at northumbria i can't seem to find out anywhere?
A: Sorry I didn't answer this on time, but to be honest I didn't know the answer anyway lol.

Q: Do you know what time the Fightstar signing in Birmingham starts. any info will be appreciated :] xx
A: Yeah, I don't think I knew the answer to that either, until like the day before the signing.

Q: hey im not a member of myspace so I can't actually see the pics that Steve has posted is there anyway u can put them on ur site for a while? Cheers!
A: lol I really need to sort out the gallery, don't I?

Q: matts hair ...any news? thanks love u xxx
A: Matt's hair? You can see it on the gallery on MattWillis.org heh.

Q: Hey, you havn't mentioned 'Goodbye Lucy' in your updates, why's that? It's such a fantastic song by my darling Matt, it is the best, and I have had it on repeat constantly. It is the best, and his voice is gorgeous as usual. *Sigh* I love my Mattiekins. Do you even know about? *scratched head* Any way I'm still loving this site, and so thank you for keeping it open. You are brilliant!
A: Because then people would ask me where they can download it from, and I'm not supposed to do that lol. I probably could now, though, since it's not going to be on the album. It's an awesome song though heh. Thankay by the way. :-)

Q: Does Mattie smoke?
A: Yeah, I don't know if he's a regular smoker, but he does sometimes.

Q: Hey Clazz!! First,I would like to say that your site is great and I think it's cool that you've kept this site after Busted had split. I still miss them =(.I have a question for you: Do you know where I can download the America or Busted episodes? As far as I know,Busted didn't bring out a DVD with all the episodes. I would like to make a DVD with all their tv-appearances and I'd really like to put America or Busted on that DVD too. Do you know where I can find those episodes for downloading? I've already tried download programmes like Limewire etc. but the episodes are not on those programmes. I'd really appreciate it if you could help me. Charleyze x. ps. keep up the good work with this site!!
A: Cheers. :-) You can download all the episodes from here, but they're not fantastic quality.

Q: well, do u know,matt's got a new song 'Goodbye Lucy'? i'll hope u heard it,cuz' it's kinda cool. i like it.
A: Yeah, it's awesome heh.