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Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: The article from the NOTW about Matt - was there a new pic with it?
A: Hmm, I think it was a picture of him with Emma, I can't remember. I don't think it was very new, though.

Q: do you know what matt did for his birthday?
A: No idea, but I do know that James was out the night before, so they might have gone out somewhere.

Q: In the Band aid 20 song something has been bugging me since i first heard is Busted's supposed line sung by Justin from the darkness?
A: A lot of people think this. Other people think it's Matt doing a strange voice. I'm more inclined to go with the first one, although I don't know if it really sounds like Justin, cause he does the next line, doesn't he? And the two lines don't sound the same. Hmm.

Q: Is it possible to get Busted 'screen buddies'? Only I tried The Faders ones but they wouldn't work and the Freefaller ones sound a bit dodgy!
A: Hahaahah the Freefaller ones are funny - do The Faders ones scream if you drop them from the top of the screen? But no, I've never seen Busted ones. :-(

Q: do you think its ture? about Matt going solo?? i hope sooo!!
A: Yes.

Q: Plz, plz , plz, I am begging you please put a videos up on the your website from 18th December 2004 from the vjscorpio.com site plz, plz, plz, plz, plz, plz, plz, plz, it took me ages to write all of them so plz, plz, plz, plz, plz, plz, plz, plz, plz, plz, v listen to me please my hands hurt plz, plz, plz, plz, plz, I think im dead
A: You could have hit copy and paste lol. I don't have them. :-(

Q: Glad someone other than me remembered Happy B-day Matt babes!! (even tho he won't be readin it!!)
A: Why, did you think I'd forget? :-p

Q: Clazzimus, I want the truth: Are you a dirty D-Side fan? ^_^ And, how long is Jimmy's cock?
A: Hahaha Kat. <3 One song.. ya pushing me out, ya pushing me in, the position is cleaaaaaaar, from where I'm standing......!!!!!1 Oh yes. And fourteen inches, I told you. ;-)

Q: are you ever going to put charlie simpson's carry her as a downloadable song on this wonderfulness of a site?
A: I don't know, because I've been told not to, but I may do eventually.

Q: i need to just add in another point about mcfly!! lol at xmas time busted done an advert with drawings of a little boy n girl n it played the whos david soundtrack and they moved ther head from side to side! it was advertising the album wle i dont know if you remember it but mcfly copied it except with obviously or something like that playin n it was advertising their album :@:@!!!! why do u copy them u mcfleaaaaa!
A: Oo. I don't remember the Busted advert.. the only Busted album advert I remember was when the girl goes 'I want a present for everyone!' and the narratory person says 'if your child says this, chances are they HAVEN'T become that generous overnight. In fact, they want Busted's new album' or something hahahah. Anyway, to be fair, McFly and Busted probably don't have anything to do with their advertising.

Q: on fightstaronline.com it shows a message from Charlie saying that the new video for Paint Your Target isn't going to be played on daytime television because of censorship. What was showed in the video?
A: Kids and bombs and schools. I'm not entirely sure, but the screen caps told us that it contained those three things, and it's.. not really a good combination lol. Anyway, the banned video will be on the Paint Your Target DVD hehe.

Q: Hey, more to do with Fightstar but i read on ur other site that ther video had 2 be censored coz it was like really bad. What was in it that made it so bad? I thought it was just about a school getting bombed. Whats going on man?
A: And that's not bad enough? lol no, I think it might have been because it was kids blowing up the school (I'm not sure if it was though, as I said in the answer above). Bad influences and all that, it's a bit silly.

Q: hey i'm gonna get myself a guitar soon do you know any good websites that sell guitars and do you know if the daisy rock guitar range is any good? BUSTED FOREVER!!! from kelly
A: Here, although it might be better to go to a music shop so you can try guitars out and be sure you like the feel of it.

Q: i love the non-busted radio there are fab bands/artists on it! :-)
A: Hehe, there are. :-D

Q: happy birthday to Matt happy birthday to Matt happy birthday to Ma-att happy birthday to Matt. I wonder if Matt will get pissed coz it's is birthday, BUT he went to the piory. hmmm.. ps fab site
A: lol yeah, I was wondering that.. he wouldn't be allowed so soon after he'd left the Priory, would he? Thanks by the way. :-)

Q: Can we do another Busted mission thingy, to make them No. 1, but with a different more recent single?
A: I was thinking of doing Thunderbirds/3am, but I don't think it'll work.. the WIGTSF went pretty well. I mean we aimed to do better in the charts than we did, but it was still good - and Kat got on Newsround about it! We didn't expect that lol.

Q: On the media page, when i click on the full songs, on almost all of them it says it's forbidden.. does this happen with everyone??? cause i reeeeally want to listen to the songs but it's not letting me.
A: I'm putting them back on soon.

Q: What is the chain Matt wears around his neck?
A: What do you mean? The one he used to wear when Busted started out with the padlock?

Q: where is your sex life page of the boys? i cant seem to find it..
A: It was on the answer page lol, and it's just James, not the other two.

Q: Where can I get guitar tabs for End Up Like This?
A: I posted a tab of the bridge and chorus, I don't know what to do for the verse cause it's acoustic with effects, hmm.

Q: why are the songs in the 'full songs' page undownloadable? i tried so save em but it just says 'forbidden..' would you pleaasee pretty pleeasee fix em? cuz i REALLY want them!!! thanks a bunch and ur site rocks!
A: Because my host is over-sensitive and blocking them in case they/I get in trouble.

Q: i already asked this yesterday but i dont think it worked, sorry if its sent twice. on the myspace for dudefish, are the downloadable songs supposed to be on the top right? cos i just have a big white box there, then the rest of the page!
A: It should.. what computer are you on? Cause it does that on the school computers because the radio bits are blocked. It does take a while to come up though, if you're on a slow connection.

Q: hey! Just wanna know how u use yousendit for putting stuff online cos when i went on the site, it only had the option of email address not web site? help!
A: When you send the file to the email address, it generates the link for you, which is why it only lasts seven days.

Q: Hey, tis Dogleish again! >< Well, I was looking on the Timeline page and it goes 2002, 2003, 2002, so an icle mistake as well as the date without any information underneath. I also remembered that Busted were 1 for 11 weeks on the Channel 5 Chart, so mabye you would like to randomly know that and add it to the list of all the things they have achieved. I'ono. xP
A: Ooh, thanks for pointing that out. What's the channel 5 chart? And what song was it?

Q: matt is in the clinic?
A: Was. Wasn't at the time you sent that question.

Q: I just wanted to tell you that none of your interviews work, anyway thanks for producing such a great site. Your awesome and you rock hard. xxx
A: Aw, thanks. :-) The interviews should work.. hmm.

Q: do u have any pic of matt or charlie without shirt? Coz i've just found those kinda pics of james. If u do, can u please put them somewhere? please?
A: I don't have any.. they've always said they won't go topless, but someone managed to catch James lol.

Q: Clazz, is Zoo any magazine? where i can the information u gave us?..thanx
A: Zoo is a trashy magazine for men. I didn't buy it lol, someone sent me the info.

Q: do you know of any of james's new band's songs?? p.s. your site ROCKS!!!
A: I know that one (their first single) will be called Ticket Out Of Loserville, and I think some of the other song names will be used for them. I haven't heard any of them though. Thank you also. :-)

Q: Is there a website where we can see who else is on the top 100 most hated celebrities?
A: I don't know.. I'm not bothered cause it's only Zoo, but it pissed me off what they said about Charlie.

Q: do you know if whenever matt or james are meant to be touring will they be performing in the big arenas or smaller ones?
A: Small ones, I think Matt's doing one at the Sheperd's Bush or whatever it's called in London. There are rumours that James's band will be supporting McFly, bah. So if that's true, then he'll be starting off with arena venues lol.

Q: 'James excited'?!! WTF?! That pic is SO ambiguous! It's probably just his t-shirt! Anyway, just went on sicpuppy.com - how cute! James in his wittle cutie sockky wockkies! And his wittle rock on hand sign! Awwwwww! Can't wait for when he's back in the limelight! Have you seen little pics in Sneak? There's one where he's photographed with Sarah from Girls Aloud and they've put in speech marks her asking him, 'thank you so much' for something funny.. can't remember, but she calls him the wrong name and he's like, 'actually, it's James! Don't you remember me?!' And the caption reads something, but can't remember! Anyway, WOW! HOW many questions are there! You're a saint! All that work! Well done! Pat on the back for you!
A: Haha awww. I know the picture's ambiguous, but I find it funny lol. I don't think I saw the pictures in Sneak, but I have seen a picture of him with Sarah.. so it might be the same one. It's funny on sicpuppy.com cause we all know it's him even though his face isn't shown.

Q: What do they mean with matt going solo, he still needs a band right, to like play drums, bass, guitar etc?
A: That's called a backing band. Like what Avril Lavigne does.

Q: whats an FTP?
A: The program I use to upload all the files onto the website.

Q: How is it that you can think one out of a pair of identical twins is fit, when you've never met either of them?
A: I don't know, but that always happens to me with the Olsen twins lol.

Q: is matt reading through the messages fans sent him on a special website, or is it something else?
A: I'm not sure cause I have nothing to do with it except I put the link on here.

Q: How come matt and james did not join another band together?
A: Because then they might as well have carried on with Busted.. I don't know.

Q: is itunes just spastic, or is the original of 'thousand times a day' by freefaller actually 'good enough for you'? im sick of being so confused..
A: I think it's the b side on Good Enough For You.. so it's not the same. As far as I know.

Q: Well, the whole point of the part with the fit nurse in the you said no video was that James was supposed to think she was fit.. maybe not so much though..
A: Hahaha, it's still funny. ;-)

Q: can i have james hotmail? please!
A: No.

Q: when is james band coming out?
A: Apparently the first single will be out August or September. That's what he's aiming for, anyway.

Q: sorry just wanted to know if you listened to air hostess and found out who and what the weird voice at the beginning is?
A: I'm listening to it now, and I still can't hear.. hmm. I'm curious now, maybe it's something dirty LOL.

Q: Clazz, could you please put 'What I Go To School For (Acoustic)', from the same site as Tribute up on the audio please? Loving the site, Laurenzo!
A: The website doesn't work any more! Uh.. I have an acoustic version of it, not sure if it's from there though. I'm sure I would have saved it, though.. and thanks. :-)

Q: You don't have the scans of the magazines??? there's no way the find those magzaines outside UK so, please if u get the scans can u upload the pics? thank u!
A: Ooh, someone scanned Heat, I'll try and find that.

Q: Do you have any pictures of Matt staring lovingly into James's eyes? Please help me.. I need some Jay/Bourne-ness.
A: No, because.. because just no.

Q: can you fix the busted windows media skin download please?
A: It's from the official site - does it still work on there?

Q: hey here is a stupid one.. you see i dont live in Britan so i was wondering if you need to call '911' what do you call or what is the number? :s not about Busted.. but btw great site! keep on the good work! and yeah i totally agree about what Zoo said about Charlie! ok enough.. ta x ;)
A: lol thanks.. we call 999.

Q: HI. Do you know how to get the tribute song or video that CD:UK did when busted split and is there any chance of getting charlies drum solo that he did on the live DVD. THANK YOU
A: I think I've got the CD:UK tribute from WinMX. You can get the drum solo.. er, on the DVD lol.

Q: is patrick fit? oh and i agree with you on the mcfly thing, i mean have you ever noticed how pineapple shaped tom's head is???? busted still rule
A: HAHAHA pineapple shaped, oh dear. Whoooooo is Patrick?

Q: man james sure works fast!!!
A: He does lol.

Q: Calm down! It's only Zoo! They are a trashy magazine anyway! Forget about it!
A: I know, but what they said was out of order, bah.

Q: I know this isn't about Busted, but do u know any McFly websites that update as much as this one?
A: Nope, I hardly know any McFly websites lol.. mcflyonline.net or mcflynetwork.com or whatever they're calling themselves now, mcflymaniacs.net, mcflyfrance.com, I dunno what others.

Q: In the song tribute, is it matt or James as the main singer???
A: Matt.

Q: I have a song Crazy Little Thing Called Love (and I know it's definitley not the original).. and it says its by McFly.. but parts of it sound like Charlie or Matt from Busted, and none of it is like McFly.. do you know anything about that song? Also, someone from the other day said that picture of 'James new band' was really Yellowcard. It's not, thats definitley not Yellowcard.
A: McFly did a version of that as a b side or something.. on the Room On The Third Floor single I think, cause my mate sent me it. One part where Danny sings made me laugh.. anyway, yeah, they did do a version of it.

Q: oh my god! I love untitled by simple plan, it's so sad, have u seen the vid?
A: Nope, but I love the song. <3

Q: HI. I was looking on Ultimate-guitar.com to see if anybody had put any new songs on when i came across a song by busted called 'Secret Admirer'. do you know anything about this song. THANKS.
A: They're not by Busted, I think they're by the Dutch Busted. There are a couple of them on there.

Q: What's the name of Matt's brother's band, that supported Busted on tour?
A: Undesided, but they've split and now Darren's in Superkicks.

Q: is true, that james has new band?
A: Yes.

Q: Heya u alrite? I just wanna say this is a great site! but do you know the name of James supposedly new band? cheers xXxXx
A: No, sorry.. there's a rumour that it's called Dinoslaggy, but that's only funny if it's not true lol.

Q: I don't like busted anymore but i was crazy about them before lol! and i said i wasn't gonna like charlie's new band but now i love fightstar! is that normal?
A: Liking Fightstar is perfectly normal, but.. but.. not liking Busted any more..! Traitor! Heh.

Q: Can you send some of the songs to me from the non-Busted radio? If so I'd like No Use For A Name, Johnny Panic, Jimmy Eat World and Diffuser. [email address removed for privacy purposes] Thanks!
A: I can send you three of them, not sure if I'm supposed to send the Johnny Panic one.. although the version on the album is slightly different, so I could.

Q: Just want to say that the new songs on the non-busted radio are amazing especially the Simple Plan one.
A: Hehe, they are. :-D

Q: i know yellowcard! not personally, but their songs rock! it'd be amazing if james did write for them! lovin the site clazz.. keep it up, u keep me sane in computing!
A: Thanksss, I don't think Yellowcard would accept songs written by James, would they? Cause they probably write their own stuff.. unless they wrote WITH James. That would be cool.

Q: where can i find james in the holidays?
A: Which holidays? Summer? After you leave school, they don't exist lol. He'll probably go surfing in Cornwall or something.

Q: soz by asking this again but i didnt know what day i had made my quests so..: is it true that 5th march is busted day??? and: a girl sent me she the girls song but I KNOW thats not busted (by hearing the voices) but she says they are.. did they ever record that song?
A: 5th March is the date that Busted got signed, I think. I don't pay attention to these 'Busted day's. And nope, they didn't. I've heard that song as well, and it's not them.

Q: Can you put 'Carry her' on the media page so i can download it because i love it. Please. Thank you.
A: I'm not allowed, sorry.

Q: Where's the pic of james horny? :S i've tried to find it but i can't thankyou, you rock xxxxx
A: It was on the James sex life page lol, it was only a screencap from the You Said No video.

Q: has charlie has been a model?
A: He was a model for four days, I can't remember what for, but he quit cause he got bored lol.

Q: where can i write to matt?
A: Hmm, I'm not sure. I've got an address on the FAQ page, but I'm not sure if it'll still work. I think Matt and James are still signed with Universal so it might.

Q: I was reading through one of the answer pages, & someone said that they'd heard the people James was pictured with were Yellowcard. They're not. May I just say, this site is absolutely amazing! Keep up the good work =)
A: Thank you. :-)

Q: How can we contact james though if it is true i wanna talk to him lol but how can we do we write to busted or anything?
A: See two answers above.

Q: Who does james support in football?
A: Do Southend-on-Sea have a team? I think he supports them.

Q: when did the group split up?
A: 14th January 2005. :-(

Q: ooh just think.. if busted were still together we'd all be excited cos theyd have a 3rd album would be coming out soon.. tis so sad :(
A: But now we're excited because James and Matt have new songs coming out in a few months! But yes, it's still sad. <3

Q: Sorry, just had to mention this. I see someone said that they think that band picture was of Yellowcard, and it's not. I'm from the US and Yellowcard are big here. It's definitely not them. Love this site, by the way. Keep up the amazing work.
A: Heh, thank you. :-) I didn't think it was them, I shouldn't have been lazy - I should have got a picture of them and matched up lol.

Q: Wow. I do sallute you. You have Hanson on your non radio! And the BEST SONG EVER. LyK wOaH. And how the hell have you heard of Licpin.(sp?). I was forced to download there stuff Bless them. And jimmy eat world - Work. Love it. And the johnny panic song, It is one of my favourites by them. Ok Teenie moment over. Oh i realise i havn't asked a question. Umm Matts Sex life. I tHiNk MatTs A Virgin nd savin imself 4 me. DnT yOu AgReE. Oh i miss Busted teenies.
A: LOL you did ask a question - you asked how I heard of Linchpin. :-p I can't remember, I think someone mentioned them on the Fightstar forum or something. I only found out the other day that they're signed to Benji and Joel from Good Charlotte's record label!! Wow. Anyway, glad you like the songs - I've changed the JP song since then so you'd better like that as well lol.

Q: Ya know the last single Busted released, She wants to be me, did they have a b-side with it? If they did what is it called? Luvin ya site, and good luck with your exams, are they your GCSE's? Ive got mine in like 20 days or so, lol. Anyway ill stop talkin now, x x x
A: Nope, it was just the live version of SWTBM as well as the studio. Good luck with any exams you have left. :-)

Q: i dont wanna sound selfish cause i know you just changed the radio but can you put a yellowcard song on there coz i have no idea who they are and i would like to hear their music
A: I was going to actually, I didn't did I? lol go to radioblogclub.com and search Yellowcard.

Q: does it cost u money to upload one song and if any how much?
A: Well I pay for the website, which is about 40-50/year, and that pays mostly for all the bandwidth I use. Most of the mp3s are stored on my other website, and I think they take up quite a lot of bandwidth.

Q: What the hell Matt got a girl pregnant when she was 15??? omg i will have absolutely no respect for him. Is it true??
A: No idea, I've heard about that as well. It's probably a rumour, but I guess accidents do happen. I'm sure if it's true, it wasn't deliberate.

Q: is patrick fit?
A: Yea--- who's Patrick?

Q: OMG i would just like to complement you with putting up with all the questions on james sexlife i mean how would you know how he like to have it lmafo so for that i applaud you OMG i still cant belive people ask you that lol site is cool by the way
A: lmao it was funny. And thanks. :-D

Q: This isn't to do with Busted. Sorry. But I had to ask, where do you hear about all these bands from? I love most of the stuff on the non-busted radio. I mean, I know some of the people but others I hadn't heard of and are really good. What's your secret ;o)?
A: Haha, I guess I just know lots of people with different tastes, so I get introduced to lots of different bands. I'm willing to give anything a listen.

Q: HANSON! Great choices of songs on the non-Busted radio!
A: Hehe thanking you. :-D

Q: Hey Clazz it won't let me save any of the full length songs to my computer, any ideas why?
A: It was probably the whole permission thing.

Q: do you have matts songs with miles slater?
A: I have Sunshine Lover, I don't have Make You Mine though. I'm still tempted to contact him (I found details on a website) and ask him if there's any chance of us getting to listen to it.

Q: do you know whats james's boxer size???? i wanna send him a boxer :)))))
A: A boxer? Dogs don't generally like to be put in the post. :-D Hahah, err.. can you even get boxer sizes? *realises what a stupid question THAT was* I have no idea.

Q: just read why you dislike mcfly and fair do's i surpose, but go easy on poor tom, he's so ugly i think that banging on about his song writing abilities is how he deals with his hideous features!!
A: LMAO and you were telling me to go easy on him? :-p I don't think he's that ugly to be honest, but I think his attitude makes him less attractive to me. Hmm.

Q: you know what, I think Dawson's Geek is just about Charlie!!
A: That was random hahaha. But then the song's a bit random too.

Q: whats this bout some girl gettin preggers by matt?
A: Preggers lol, what a word. He supposedly got a girl pregnant when he was fifteen.

Q: oooo!! i do almost the same lessons as u... :( exaaaams comin arghhhhhhhh!! nb
A: Ahh, I hope your exams are going okay.

Q: where did you get thunderbirds are go live? can you please email it to me?
A: It's from the live album.

Q: i went to the regent street thing and they sang air hostess crashed the wedding and you said no!!!just to let you no !!!!i love your site so much!!!!!!!! mwah
A: Didn't they do Thunderbirds Are Go as well? And thanks. :-)

Q: Has James got a looooong thingy?
A: Maybeeeeee.