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Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: is that a picture of you on sicknvicious.net? if it is you are cute! james
A: On the main layout, it's Mary Kate lol. The picture down the side is me, though.

Q: Launch Der-biz - a virus comes onto our computer everytime i enter this site why???
A: THIS site, or the launch der-biz thing? No idea, this site has no viruses on it, and no one else has had a problem. :-s

Q: where do james and matt live now?
A: Matt lives in Muswell Hill and James still lives in Finchley, I think.

Q: hey, I was looking at the old news pages (becuase I'm sad and I was bored lol) and i noticed that when you said you brought busteds 1st album, that number 13 on the album was called extra exceedingly fitness or something. Whats that?! that isn't one the album, and I've never heard it! P.s great site :D
A: It's the 18 second guitar interlude between Without You and Loser Kid.. if you put the CD in your computer and open it in Winamp, it titles it Extra Exceedingly Fitness. Thanks also. :-D

Q: did u see the new green day vid? it was premeired in uk and usa last nite at 12.30am!
A: Yeah, there are a lot of mixed reviews of it. I personally love it, but apparently they've editted it which will have ruined it, because it's like a mini film with a proper plot. The only thing I don't like is the girl's whiny voice in the argument and the over use of 'oh my God' lmao. The guy is fit though! Hahaha. Good video, though, it must have cost a lot of money to make.

Q: dingdadoobuddabingbaboo i was watching america or BOOSTED last night yes i was and awsh i was nearly crying lil james blesh him.. whoduv thought it.. its been *thinks* 4 months and a day since the split oh dear.. your america and boostedness should be on its way soon.. only the finale left to put on i think xcatx
A: Thank you hun. <333

Q: How do you get the James Bourne AIM icon on your computer? That would help me a lot!! Thanx!!!
A: I have no idea, I don't use AIM lol. Isn't there an option to put an icon on? I'll try and find a little mini tutorial thing to put them on.

Q: Is it true that Camilla is pregant with Charlie's baby?
A: I shouldn't think so.

Q: hey do u know where i can download the time when busted were on Friday night with Jonathan Ross coz that would be great
A: I got it off WinMX (winmx.com), but it's 104mb so I can't upload it, sorry.

Q: Are fightstar playing at T In The Park this year?
A: Yes! :-D!

Q: Hi um i waz thinkin of buyin a Spunge album coz i heard them on ur radio & i think theyre awesome but what 1 is the best?
A: Sorry I took so long to answer this lol. I don't actually have any of their albums, but if you go to spunge.co.uk, they have clips of all their songs to listen to, I think.

Q: Will Busted ever give us the thankyou present they promised their fans? :(
A: I really don't know, I think that the record company may release a greatest hits CD yet, I can't guarantee anything though. Busted still have two CDs left on their contract, although I don't know if the contract is still actually going, cause Charlie broke it, but I don't know. If it's still going, I want a double greatest hits CD (does that count as two CDs or just one?) and maybe an acoustic album, if they have enough acoustic recorded. Or a live DVD of the last tour would be good.

Q: good luck with the exam!!!! xxx
A: Thanks. :-D

Q: sorry but clazz, i remember asking you to upload s.w.t.l.o and you said yes when are you going to do it , plz excuse me if that sounds rude but i like to know. thanks :P p.s- you said yes on page '3rd of april'
A: I know, which one do you want? There are two.. I'll upload the single version though, cause you should have the first album. :-p If not though, let me know.

Q: in what lyrics does it say your such a whore you sleep around the town thats what you said in a question
A: Who's David (the original version). Right click and save as to hear it.

Q: good luck
A: Dankeee. <3

Q: Hey clazz, hope ure exam went ok, the english exam was murder, but anywayz hope you done ok and keep up the great work on this site x
A: Aww, do you live in Scotland? What level are you doing? The Higher English exam was okay, apart from the poetry questions, none of them really suited ANY poems. I hope I did okay on that, though.

Q: busted vs james new band who will win, i mean in fame n in song??
A: lol that's impossible to tell, yet. The thing is, although Busted were pretty famous across most of the world, they weren't very famous in America and Canada, so I think James's band might have a chance of becoming more famous - but they won't have the same impact as Busted did. And obviously I can't say anything about music at this stage, since I haven't heard any lol.

Q: Hey, just wondering, do you know where you can get WIGTSF flyers from? Like a site that sells them. I'm looking for my mate, I can't find them on Ebay?? :-(. Please email me. You know my address. Myah x
A: Shit, I didn't email you, did I? I can't remember lol. But I don't know, anyway. :-( Sorry. I don't think I got any for the first single, only one card thing lol.

Q: hi you know on the xposurephotos.com website i have been on it, but to see all the photos i have to register and become a member i don't think it is going to let me as it is a supplier for magazines etc and i don't know what to fill in in the form as all i want to do is copy some of the images. What do u think i should do?
A: I don't know, I can't get the full images either.

Q: I contacted you the other day saying about charlie and camilla and i just wanted to say that i wasn't trying to stir it because i think that Charlie and Camilla make a great couple. I hope you did well in your exam the other day. (i said about the faceparty website) soz if i put this in the wrong box. love your site it rocks
A: Thanks heh. :-) And the exam went alright - well, it was fine apart from one essay lol. And don't worry about the Charlie/Camilla thing, there seems to be a big rumour that they've split up.

Q: If you see the advert, will you be able to get it on your PC? So we can see it/download it? Myah
A: The MakePovertyHistory one? James and Matt weren't on it, anyway. *evil stare*

Q: Hey I don't know if you remember, but a while ago I told you that my mate's band 'three days late' know James? Well, I went to one of their gigs on Wednesday and the guitarist told me that James is definately recording his new album at the moment and he was pictured in the papers with his new band. Yay! James has written a song for their band with them, so when they release it on EP I'll upload it and send it to you. Kate xxx
A: Oooh, thanks. :-D The picture apparently isn't the band, I don't know what's going on with that lol. We'll find out eventually, anyway. It'll be interesting to hear the song though - have you heard it? I mean, do you know what style it is?

Q: Good luck in the exam!! My fingers are crossed for you. And will probably fall off sometime soon due to the lack of blood circulation.
A: Haha aww, thank you. :-)

Q: 'You're just a whore, who sleeps around the town' Is that your variation on a line from Who's David? Or, is that what it should be but was too rude?
A: It's the original line of Who's David, from the original uncensored version. The mp3 was on this site until I had to take them off.. except I didn't, only the links lol. Right click and save as.

A: Bah.

Q: Can u put the sneak pics up plz!
A: Which Sneak pics? I haven't bought Sneak for ages lol, so I probably don't have it.

Q: good luck with your exams clazz i hope you do well
A: Thanks. :-)

Q: is charlie simpson still with his girlfriend? The Camilla girl?
A: Yes.

Q: Who's the sexier band, Busted or Fightstar? ;) Just playin' babe, you rock. ~Emily (Thursday ;) )
A: Hahaha, hey there. :-D

Q: Wussup wif the Greatest Hits DVD,Clazz? Any newz/confirmation yet? OMG, I SO SO SO SO SOoooooo.. want it! Pls tell me wot I wanna hear u say..
A: I haven't heard anything. :-( I might write to the management or something and tell them my idea of the greatest hits double CD with enhanced section with some live videos from the last tour lol.

Q: Is it true busted will do a last gig in 2006?
A: No idea, I haven't heard that, but I suppose there's a small chance that they might reunite in the future, even if it's just for one gig. They might do it for charity or something.

Q: What time is that thing on MTV with Matt and James???
A: The interview thing? I think it was on every hour, but I don't get MTV, so I didn't know anyway. :-p

Q: can you please get the new photos of matt and james onto your website as i cant get them on my computer as i can't register. thanks a lot
A: I can't register either. :-( It's annoying.

Q: i cant buy the fightstar EP anywhere! im so stupid for not pre-orderin it off hmv. gggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
A: lol same here, it's really annoying. My mate's bought me a copy, but he still hasn't send it, bahh.

Q: do u know what number she wants to be me got to?
A: It didn't chart cause it wasn't a single. It was just a limited release to promote the album.

Q: Wow matt looks really good in those coming out of rehab pics. Do you know who the girl is in the James' night out with a mystery girl pictures? Thanks.
A: Eve Bicker, she's a songwriter so they may have been writing together. I think they're just friends, though.

Q: Is there anyway that u can download the songs off the radio thing?
A: No, the Busted ones were on the site, they're coming back soon.

Q: can you please put the recent pics of james and matt from xposurephotos.com on the site? thank you great site btw and thanks for running it
A: I can only get the thumbnails, but I'll put them on.

Q: when did james lose his virginity?
A: LMFAO I love your spelling of virginity (nirginiy), were you drunk? :-D Anyway, he was 17.

Q: You know when you uploaded End Up like this, If you find any more songs like that, will you put them on the radio so we can listen to them? Myah x
A: Yep. :-)

Q: Ya Clazz! Myah here again.. Lol. Have you got any pictures of Darren (Or other SuperKick members) that i could use for my shite site?
A: I have a couple of Undesided here. There are other Undesided pics, if I find any then I'll email you them. :-)

Q: Do you have pics of matt leaving 'the priory'?
A: I have some, I'm just sorting out the gallery so I'll post them up.

Q: have u any idea how Matt spent his birthday?? =P lol
A: Nope, I think he went out with James, I'm not sure though.

Q: could you post the matt song again?
A: I probably did, I might upload it again if it's expired.

Q: where in sicknvicious can i download the full busted songs? cause i can't find it
A: In a random folder, none of the songs can be accessed at the moment but I'll fix that later cause I can't on this computer.

Q: when r u gonna do the matts hairstyles page and the busteds band tshirts page? cos theyve said theyll be up soon for ages. thanks
A: I know, I suck lol. I'll do them this week.

Q: Poor Darren, Jenny is such a moron (like her sister)
A: Why?!

Q: In the Graham Norton interview you have on your site, what does Matt say when he is talking about when a girl had a banner that said 'my fingers are rusted from..'???
A: lol he says something about seeing shocking banners like 'my fingers are rusted from frigging over Mattie from Busted'.

Q: can you change the pic of the moment? it makes me sad looking at it. thanks!
A: Ooh yeah, I need to find a good picture to change it to.

Q: Didn't know where to put this in, but just wanted to say good luck with your exams especially for the 13th! Im glad im only year 7! From Lily (lovin the site btw!)
A: Hehe, thank you. :-D

Q: where can I get 'Busted' guitar tablature book??
A: Amazon.co.uk has them, I think.

Q: Do you know what James Bourne's new band's called?
A: No, sorry.

Q: do you actually know matt, james or charlie? or is it just your friends that do?
A: I've never even spoken to any of them, a couple of friends have contacts though.

Q: i was just wondring if there is any chance for charlie to get back to busted. according to what i have read, it was told that he is unhappy with his new band and that he came to matt's and james's house to beg for them to come back. so whats your opinion?
A: LMAO that was an April Fools. I can't see him coming back, but in a few years' time, you never know.

Q: the song 'my good friend' cant be download.. can u help??
A: It's cause the permission settings keep being reset by my host.

Q: I'm all for pimping new bands but can we keep this a Busted - Matt, Charlie, James and some Fightstar - with less Superkicks and Johnny Panic and Freefaller? Thanks - your site is the best ever
A: I thought people might be interested in Superkicks cause it's Matt's brother's band. Sorry about the other two, though, they do deserve a bit of recognition though. :-p

Q: In reply to this: A: James's friends' band, he mentions them in the official tour book. They're cool, I occasionally talk to Si. You can listen to them here, here and here. :-D. Is Si a DudeFish member? And if yeah, how d'ya talk to him.. Lol. I listened to some DudeFish songs for the first time thee other night.
A: Si's the drummer, I talk to him on MSN.. I wouldn't normally say that, but he seems to give his email address out all the time on the Busted boards lol.

Q: june 13th thats my brothers b-day!
A: Happy birthday to him for then. :-)

Q: soooo was the article about J.B's nu 'band' in heat cuz i didn't see it.. but anyhoo thanx for putting it up cuz i wouldn't've known Matt would be innit!!
A: Was James's band in Heat? I can't remember lol, there was a bit in Sneak about how it isn't the band though.

Q: What are James' fave bands?
A: Green Day, Blink 182, Neve, Michael Jackson.. mostly pop and pop punk stuff.

Q: Has Matt ever done any acting?
A: Yeah, he's been in The Bill, Casualty and I think Eastenders. He went to the Sylvia Young school.