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Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: Has Matt moved in with Emma? Apparently he has just spent 600,000 on a new house for them both, do u know if it's true? if it is then isn't he a bit young to me settling down like that with Emma, especially in a new house that costs that much, why not just in a flat 1st?! Oh well!!!
A: It is true, but I don't know why they're not just getting a flat first. I suppose he has the money, and if they're happy together, that's fine by me.

Q: have you finished your exams and do you think there are lots of different adverts for make poverty history
A: I'm not sure, apparently there's an extended version. And at the time you sent that, I still had three exams left.. finished now, though.

Q: can you e-mail make poverty history and find out why matt and james werent in it
A: No, because whoever is in it, it's still a charity, and I don't want to complain.. I dunno, it just seems a bit cheeky lol.

Q: i love you
A: I love you too. :-D

Q: i luv matt anyway how r u dont worry about those stupid dumbass people with mp3s they can go lick their ass lol anyway see ya mwah xxxxxx
A: Mneh, my host is worrying about those people though. Silly.

Q: Is James still with Eve? Smash Hits says they're not :S
A: I don't know if they were together in the first place.

Q: are your exams over yet?
A: They are now.

Q: Clazz, you're not a bitch. Not at all. You've put in shitloads of hard work into this site and I can't believe people have the cheek to complain about the mp3s. Don't listen to the arseholes who complain!
A: Thanks. :-D

Q: I forgive you! :) and i don't even know what you're talking about!
A: Haha aww.

Q: hello m00se did u know i am the flunkie only along for the ride?! 27 DAYS TIL GREEN DAY GODDAMMIT :D point made.

Q: yep, you certainly do have the right to be annoyed about those stupid people trying to shut down ur fantastic website. those people should just shut up and f**k off!! dont worry cause in my eyes you're no bitch at all! xx
A: Aww, thank you. :-D

Q: don't worry about them. You know you have all our support coz we love this site and we know how much effort and time u've spent doing this site. Good Luck and if you need us to help u with something just let us know. Kisses!! Flor
A: Thankies. <333

Q: Hiya, I love your site, it rocks and to all the people who are trying to get it closed down, F**K OFF. I love coming on this site to get Busted info and I wanna thank you for all your hard work!! :D Also, do you know why Matt and James weren't in the advert? Its really pissing me off, I was watching T4 all day and they weren't in it!! :I xx
A: Thanks heh. I don't know why they weren't in it, bit weird.

Q: is matt really gonna go solo?
A: Yes..

Q: did u hear paint your target yet? Its sooo good!
A: Hehe, I fooking love it. <3!

Q: just to say clazz ur site ####### rocks man and ignore the ##### who wanna shut it down #### em all
A: Wow, lots of hashes lol. Thank you. :-)

Q: I read that matt and emma broke up is this true??? gr8 site btw whoevers giving u trouble is an arsewank!!!!! love luce xxxxx
A: Arsewank lol, thanks. They haven't broken up as far as I know.

Q: Is it true Matt and Emma have split up AGAIN? There was an article about it in Smash Hits and I was just wondering if it was true, although it could just be them getting a bit behind!
A: Smash Hits are silly lol, anyway see answer above.

Q: What do u mean Matt and James aren't on there? How could they?
A: Dunno, but they're not.

Q: and i wonder if you gave him better blow jobs than the ones i got from yyoouuu... hahahahahah hullooooo!!!!!!!! where dya come from, where dya go? where dya come from cotton eyed joe? aahahahhahaa.. im normal really.
A: LMAO omg you dude, cotton eyed Joe!! And Diffuser. <3

Q: Ey Clazz, I just wanted to tell you that this page absolutely rules and that you shouldn't care about that annoying people.. they just only haven't a life!!! Anyway.. congrats for the page and keep rocking!!! xxxLolaxxx
A: Aww, thank you. :-D

Q: I love your site! Don't care about these stupid wankers..
A: Thanks heh. :-)

Q: How come they were not shown i saw the MTV clip last week at i saw them both dressed in white and clicking their fingers, how come they were not shown? Are you sure it was the new one, because they should have been in it shouldn't they? i hope they are!
A: Apparently there are two versions, I'm not sure, though.

Q: Maybe theres a longer version the ad too which shows them. Well I hope anyway.
A: See answer above. :-p

Q: which football team does james support?
A: Southend-on-Sea, I think.

Q: when exactly was the ad??? after what thing??? cause ive recorded all of T4 on channel 4 so i could record it.. so could u tell me exactly where it started??? thanx!!! n im loving the site!!!
A: I don't know, I only turned it on just before it started, but it was about midday.

Q: Has Matt from busted wrote any songs yet? by the way your site rockx!! WE LOVE BUSTED FOREVER!
A: Yes. And thanks. :-)

Q: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! I'm SO pissed off! I really wanted to go to the McFly concert on Thursday, buut my parents wouldn't let me go cos it's a week before my AS levels. I wouldn't have missed much! And now I find out that JAMES, the LOVE OF MY LIFE and Matt were there too! No fair!!! EVIL!!!!!!!
A: Awww. Well, if it's any consolation, it would be even more annoying if you had gone and not seen him and THEN found out he was there.

Q: What's this whole thing about the mp3s? I'm confused! Please explain! Thanks
A: Basically all Busted songs are copyright to the songwriters and record company and publishing company, so if I give them out for free without permission, they have the right to sue me and/or get this site (and probably the site hosting the mp3s) shut down. I'm not sure though, because someone said that it's only illegal if I make people pay for them or claim that they're my own songs, plus it shouldn't be illegal anyway cause they're unreleased tracks. It might be safer if I just ask permission.

Q: Sorry to bother you but I dont know if this is my computer but the full songs in the audio part says that it has been taken off for now, is just wondering when it will be back? Your site Rocks and thanks so much for keeping it going!!
A: Agh. I'm going to put them back up soon.

Q: You know what? Fuck you. I'm so sick of seeing you attack people with different views on things. I've been coming to this site for over a year now, and I've now relized you're nothing but a rude bitch. I hope you're site does get closed down. Burn in hell.
A: You know what? I would try to prove to you that I'm not a bitch and attempt to be nice to you, but telling me to burn in hell makes you a fucking hypocrite. I'm not going to tell you to burn in hell though, because I'm NOT a rude bitch. I don't want visitors like you, anyway.

Q: Mattie says he's gonna have something out by August. Is it true? I can't wait to see him back again.
A: He wants to, I don't know if it'll happen that soon.

Q: what the fuck has been up with you lately?? fuck me you have been moody? what r people doin about the mp3's???? fuck all so sit back smoke some draw an have a wank coz there all just fuck heads!!
A: I didn't know if they were doing anything about the mp3s. Meh.

Q: I saw this http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1385617/ and wondered? why Matt is sometimes credited as Matt Sergeant
A: Because that's his step dad's name, and what he's sometimes called. But that's quite interesting - it has the dates of the episodes of Casualty and Eastenders he was in. Oo.

Q: is james supporting mcfly with his new band or does he just go???
A: Just went to see them.

Q: Hey Clazz! I was just wondering, is it possible for the next time you update the non-Busted radio that you could put up 'Amethyst' up again please? Thanks, Naomi x
A: lol I give up, every time I change the songs on the radios, I get asked to put old ones back on.

Q: on the question whats a whore you said i thought the lyrics your just a whore who sleeps around the town would have given it away what song is that from?? its definatley not from whos david because that says somebody saw you sleep around the town!!! ok thanks luv ya ignore those peeps about the mp3s by the way they are just freaks lol see ya byeeee
A: It is from Who's David. :-p The original version, right click and save as to hear it.

Q: umm how old do you aim this site too?
A: Usually all ages, but sometimes I have to get a bit annoyed lol, sorry.

Q: Your so amazing with the work that you have done and been doing with this site. Its so good of you to set it up let alone give up all your time to put it together, its the best site i have ever seen. You have so much amazing stuff on it with the gallerys to the forum to the busted radio & the non busted radio. Some people are just so selfish they cant see how amazing this is. I wish they would just piss off. Laura x
A: Awwww, bless you. :-D

Q: Ok, I don't want to sound stupid, but everyones talking about songs that you have uploaded but where are they and what do I have to click on to get to them?!?
A: The reason they were talking about them was because they wanted me to take them off. So you can't get to them at the moment.

Q: Yey, go clazz! lol u tell them fuckers what they need to know, tell em were they fuckin belong! Keep on rockin mate p.s ur site is amazin x x x x
A: Thank you. :-)

Q: Hey not really a question but i totally support u with the whole mp3 thing, people just cant leave things alone! if u know who it is u shuold ban them from the site or something coz they ruin it for everyone else. You and ur site are amazing u put so much effort and its the best busted site ive ever seen please keep up the good work! Jen W xxx
A: Aww, thanks. :-) I don't know who it/they was/were, so I can't ban them, hmm.

Q: How's Matt now?
A: He's fine, writing for his debut album apparently. :-D I'm so excited.

Q: Actually if the record companies don't, then your server will. They are legally obliged to at least make you take your mp3's off, but can suspend or even close down your site. So stop being so ignorant.
A: I said this on the main page, but I'm not ignorant - I know full well that they can. I just didn't want to go into all the complications on the main page. I don't really know exactly how it all works, cause I've heard lots of different things. I'm going to look into the legal side of things so I know for sure, and if I'm still in doubt, I'll email/write to the record company, and if they care enough, they'll tell me whether I can put mp3s on the site.

Q: i know u have 'A Present For Everyone' guitar tablature book.. couldn't you send me this tabs by email? you could use the scanner and send me the pics.. it would be really great and cool. stay well
A: I'm not sending you the whole book - it takes ages to scan one page alone cause the book has a huge spine lol, but it has 130 pages. I'll do a couple of songs though.

Q: will the advert with james and matt in be shown on normal channels? cos i dont have T4. do you think that you could record it and put it up on the site if possible? thanks :) luv hannah xxx
A: T4 is channel 4. :-p And they weren't shown on it anyway, grr. James was shown for a second on the making of it.

Q: hey man.. look this site is amazing.. i didn't understand very well the mp3 thing but don't end this site!! now tell me things: what do you know about james new band? cus i want to know everything and i dont know almost anything. 2 - end up like this is about charlie or kara? 3 - its true that kara was one of the reasons why busted split up? thanks man and the site rocks
A: I hardly know anything about the new band except the first single is going to be called Ticket Out Of Loserville. End Up Like This isn't about Charlie, it may be about Kara, but I'm not sure. It was written with Mike Raphael who wrote Can't Break Thru with him as well. And I have no idea about Kara splitting up Busted, I shouldn't think it's true, because Charlie seems too involved with Camilla to cheat on her. Thanks by the way. :-)

Q: (this question is onot about busted) Which company did you make this website with? e.g.freewebs, tripod.. I mean like that. Please answer my question as soon as possible. Thank you very much.
A: It's hosted on my friend's server at the moment. Before that, it was hosted with k1z.com, and when it started out, I had it on Freewebs.

Q: What time will the make poverty history thing be on???
A: I couldn't have answered that at the time anyway, but it was on around midday, wasn't it?

Q: What a waste of time reporting the MP3s, we know for a fact you can't buy the singles anymore cause of the whole thing when we bought WIGTSF and a) there were hardly any and b) they cost about fifty million quid!!! TCH!! You can't get rid of the MP3s, i need them, and my shitty computer doesn't have enough memory for me to save them all!!
A: Is that where all my bandwidth goes? :-p I'll get them back on soon. Anyway, I agree with your points - the only place to get the singles are off eBay and that money doesn't go to the record company OR the artists, so it's not ripping either of them off.

Q: Time for a new layout, methinks..? ;)
A: Ahh, too many things to do. A new layout is the least of my worries at the moment. I have questions to answer. :-p And interviews to type up and scan, and pages to fix, and the gallery to work on.. raaah.

Q: Hi i was just wonderin do you know whether it's true or not about fightstar being signed by busted's old label? and by the way this site is quite possibly the best site ever!
A: Thank youuu. :-) And yeah, Fightstar are signed to Universal Island, probably because Charlie already had a good relationship with them, so he felt he could trust them. It's a bit weird though, because he was slagging them off. But Island do sign a lot of bands that aren't popular like Busted and McFly, so they'd probably treat a band like Fightstar differently.

Q: Where is Charlie now?
A: With Fightstar.

Q: Clazz, ignore the trouble makers, you know that the rest of us support you.
A: Thanks. <3

Q: for fucks sake, clazz works her fucking ass off for all you fuck faces, and all you can do is complain! you stupid bunch of freaks!
A: lol thank youuu, it does annoy me but there are always going to be idiots.

Q: i kinda agree with the person whos gonna dob you in. it doesnt matter if yoou cant get the cds anymore its still illegal. there aint no exceptions, even for you
A: Apparently it's not illegal, so I'm going to look into it properly.

Q: Heya! I just wanna say I totally love your site! And good luck with your tests! *thumbs up* Love Rolo
A: Thankie. :-)

Q: AWW bless his sweet heart, doesn't james look so cute at the star wars premiere all by himself (i mean without matt + charlie) i luv him soo much i've gotta meet him some time in my life for sure
A: It's going to be weird seeing him all the time without Matt and Charlie.. I'm determined to meet him one day as well, even if I only get to say thanks.

Q: cheryl girls aloud is a BITCH god she pisses me off! did u hear she was voted 2nd most beautiful person in the world, COME ON!
A: Bah, she's pretty, I don't think she's that great though. I prefer Nicola lmao.

Q: the person who reported u for the mp3s should get a life and stop being so bloody pathetic. hope you can get em back up some time x
A: I will, hopefully. :-)

Q: Would James consider sleeping with a 15 year old??
A: Hahah, bless. While he's (if he still is) with Kara, no. Who knows, though.

Q: Do you think James looks lonely at the Star Wars premier without Matt and/or Charlie? PS you site rox!
A: Nah, he was with his brother lol. I dunno. Thanks by the way. :-)

Q: do u know how's Damon (ex busted drummer) doing? do u have news about him?
A: He was drumming for Sucioperro temporarily, I'm not sure if he still is. I hope he drums for Matt.

Q: What a mean person, I hope they rot, without you I wouldn't have been able to hear some of my favorite songs ever! I hope they don't. I also thought the article was great. now a question. who's chris is the james pic? and what do you think of james' hair, its growing on me!
A: Chris is James's little brother, he's rather sweet lol, and James's hair = cool. I'll try and sort out the mp3 thing.

Q: The pics are lovely! The ones of James in the premiere. Did he cut his hair? It seems like it from a side view.
A: Yeah, he's cut it a bit shorter by the looks of it.

Q: do you have any more of the james and chris photos at the star wars premiere? because i would love to see them
A: I think I found some more from isifa.com but didn't put them up - they didn't have Chris in them. You can see them if you go to isifa.com though, and search Busted.

Q: Hi Clazz!!! Don't worry about what some stupid people say, you are doing a great job with this site. I mean lots of good busted sites don't update anymore, busted-rock.com hasn't uptaded since february. It's really great that you still update almost every day, thanks for that. Is that Linchpin a band or a singer, that song is kinda cool, and where did you get that green day song, it's awesome..
A: Thank you. :-) I don't know what's going on with b-r.com, although to be honest, without being mean cause I speak to and love all the webbies, I think it's gone down since Becci left. Anyway, Linchpin are awesome, I just found out they're doing a gig with Fightstar at Manchester on June 4th!! They are, believe it or not, fourteen years old (!!!) - well, they're mostly 15 now, but they were 14 when they recorded that song. I think it's unbelievable lol, they're signed to Benji and Joel Madden's label, and even Dave Grohl told them they're brilliant. AND THEY'RE 14/15!! Oh, and I don't know where the Green Day song is from.. my friend sent it to me.

Q: Hey Clazz.. to show much how much i love this website.. ive made it my homepage! :D.. lol
A: Awww hehe. :-D

Q: Dude, it is a scary scary thing, but since the split, in all the recent pictures i see of James he's wearing long trousers!!! Eek it's so bizarre!!!
A: LOL loads of people have noticed that. It's a bit random.

Q: do u know where i can see fightstars new video?? uncut version or the new one?? lol just wondering as i havent seen it on any of the music channels. love your site definitely one of the best busted fan sites :) x
A: Thanks. :-) New Fightstar video can be downloaded from the official Fightstar forums, I think the thread is in General Fightstar (if not, Fightstar Music). Look for the thread started by hoboshavefeelingstoo.

Q: Is Matt releasing his own album?
A: Yes.

Q: Hey! How cool is you site! Oo, good luck with your exams! A quick question.. what school did Charlie actually go to? was it Uppingham or somewhere else?
A: He went to Uppingham, and another boarding school before that, I can't remember the name though.

Q: In the CITV Christmas Special in 2003, at the end when the guys are reunited with their folks, are they their actual parents?
A: Ahh, I can't be bothered to go and find the tape lol. I only know what Charlie's parents look like, I think (click).

Q: I'm gonna report you for having other people's work on your site (the mp3's). It doesn't matter if you're streaming them, all that matters is you're breaking the law :)
A: Bahhhh, I think we're through with this.

Q: Oh, Clazz, u really shouldn't worry about updates. You only haven't updated for 2 days, and that's not alot.
A: lol I know, but usually I'm working on stuff in the background even when I don't update the main page, so I guess I just felt like I was abandoning the site a bit.

Q: is there any mp3 or video with james singing cant break thru live?
A: Didn't he sing that at some of the shows of the first arena tour? I haven't got an audio of it live, but it would be interesting if someone has.

Q: Okay, there's fook all on my SuperKicks site, and I'm already finding it hard work. Do you find running this site hard work? Or does it get easier as time goes on? Lol. Myah x
A: It's hard work but it's worth it if you work hard enough. It gets easier in ways, but harder at times. It's going to be harder when Matt and James's separate projects launch, because I think I'm going to make separate sites for them - don't worry though, I'll keep everything together. I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do, but I have a pretty good idea, which is a lot more than I had before lol.

Q: I've finally set up my SuperKicks site: http://groups.msn.com/-SuperKicks- It's a bit shit at the moment, but hopefully it will get better. Couple of things to ask, when you write 'email me', it links up, how do you do that? And how did you get the 'news et question boxes'?
A: The boxes were set up by my friend, they're on a mySQL database.. I find all that stuff confusing lol, so he had to help me a lot with that. For email links, you put <*a href="*mailto:*email@address.com">* without the stars.. lol it's late, and I can't be bothered to find the code that shows the HTML, so I just put stars in. :-p

Q: hey clazz.. i was just on lyrics007.com and there were some funny busted songs iv never heard of - your a hit head, wanna do it with you, big assed biatch - have you ever heard of them? where did they come from? also, apparently theres a busted song called gotta be better than this, she looks like does like sounds like me and i love that thing you do? lol! luff the site! alison x
A: They're probably songs by the Dutch band called Busted. The last three will just be Better Than This, She Wants To Be Me and That Thing You Do with the wrong titles.

Q: when will james and matt be coming out with something new?
A: Later in the year, there are plans/rumours for August and September, but I don't want to stick to that for definite.

Q: i know this aint a busted related thing, but was is a emo??
A: lol emo stands for emotional music.

Q: Why doesn't the official website update so much??? It hasn't given any news about Matt or anything!!!
A: Because the webmasters suck. I should take over lmao.

Q: how/where do u get promo cds from? I really want them!! :-)
A: There is a website to buy them, but they're like 8.. I buy them from eBay.

Q: when will james and his new band be relising a song and what is his band called?
A: See a couple of answers above, and no idea, sorry.

Q: I went all the way to planet hollywod, NY and i couldnt find ANY sign of busted.. no hands, no pictures i couldnt even find where they played. i went there 2, 3 times.. and i found NOTHING! how come??
A: Hands? Hmm, I don't know. I've never been there, so I don't know what it's like. Does it usually have pictures of bands who have played there?

Q: Okay, so I have a question that's only remotely Busted-related. Do the English actually have bad teeth (this is coming from an ignorant and curious American..)?
A: Hahaha random. And stereotypical. :-p Some people do. I do, mainly because my Dad does. I wouldn't say British people are exceptionally bad, though.