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Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: sorry, but clazz can you help me plz, i went to the sticker section but i cant download the kit or the stickers, plz can you help me(like how to get them)p.s-do you need some special sticker paper from that and where can i get it. thankx
A: It's from the official site.. I could upload the sticker program, but I don't think I have the actual stickers any more. I will have a look though, cause I don't see why I wouldn't have saved them.

Q: they could release a charity single if a guy called david went missing and it could be called wheres david. im a genius
A: Haha, random! I kept my receipt from that single because it says 'Where's David?' on it lmfao.

Q: where did you hear that james new band were called dinoslaggy?
A: Probably the official forums.

Q: Do you know any good Matt fansitesites cuz I know loads of James ones, but I never seem to find any matt ones! Maybe people just like him more! I do! BTW, luv ur site xx
A: Here, here, here and here, just to name a few. :-D And thanks heh.

Q: Can u tell me everything about Damon?
A: I've got a bit of information here.

Q: do u know Busted?
A: No.

Q: You know busted were judged for having a younger fanbase, well if the get back together in 10 years time (plz god make it happen!) then they would lose their reputation for having a young fanbase coz they'll be 10 years older and in their teens/20s/early 30s
A: Yeah, but in ten years, they'd probably be writing more mature songs that appeal to older people more anyway. Plus they might not be able to shake off that whole boyband tag thing. People are closeminded twarts usually, it's annoying. But it would be interesting to see how differently people react.

Q: any luck with the air hostess song?
A: The bit at the start? Someone told me it's James going 'so listen upeverybody, lets go', ooh.

Q: Hey! I absolutely love your site and wanna ask two things... What program do you use to extract audio from videos and can you plz, plz, plz can you send me Untitled by Simple Plan? [email removed for privacy purposes]
A: Sending now, sorry I didn't do it before. And I use Goldwave, but there are lots of programs that do it - try going to download.com or something.

Q: Oops. There was a chart on Channel 5 at around 2 every Sunday I used to watch. The presenters were going absolutely mental because Thunderbirds are go was number 1 for 11 weeks! It a voting in thing. PS. The Rasmus was number 1 also. Yeah, it was a long time ago, last year in the summer. And I found another non working page. In Busted in All Their Stuff I think. :D Love Dogleish.
A: 11 weeks! Haha, wooo. And yes, I must fix those pages cause they've gone a bit weird lol.

Q: hello shmelleh, remember when we found the sunshine lover stuff?! well i emailed miles slater then *checks outbox* n i sent it on 16/03/2005 and still have had no reply so i dno wuts going on there :P xx cat xx
A: Ah well, we've got Make You Mine now hehe. And it's shit.

Q: Hey, you know someone said we should do another Busted mission thingy where we buy a single; how about we do it every January 14th? Cause singles don't have to sell many copies in January, which is why lots of new bands are always launched then, so even if less people did it, we might get somewhere. What do you think? x
A: Yeah, but by January, I don't think their singles will count in the charts any more. I don't know. The first round made me feel a bit bad cause someone had a huge go at me on MSN for wasting his money, but I don't think we did that badly.

Q: where can i watch the full version of the 'air hostess' vid??? i haven't seen it in ages n i can't find anywhere i can!!! do u know where???
A: I would upload it, but I'm not getting broadband until the end of this month. I'll try and remember to upload it then (along with a couple of videos I have to upload).

Q: Hey! who's your favourite Busted member? :D
A: All of them. James because he's my idol and twin (not to mention one of the best songwriters in pop music!), Matt because he's just awesome and has the best music taste lol, and Charlie because he's a really talented and versatile musician.

Q: Hey 3 things. what do u think of matts Sunshine Lover coz i really dont like it, its too dancy hope he's not doing that in his solo stuff, 2ndly do u know when matts solo stuff is maybe gonna come out coz im so excited and cant wait and 3rdly u know the first line of U SAID NO how its 'ur so fit and u know it' i think the streets nicked it off them u know there song 'Fit but u know it' and how the words go 'ur so fit but oh my gosh dont u know it'. Also like to tell u that this site is ace and u do a great job coz i was sittin ma standard grades aswell and i know i couldnt have kept a website on at the same time i had ma exams so EXTRA BROWNIE POINTS TO U hee hee
A: 1. I don't really like it lol, he recorded it when he was fifteen.. he said he doesn't like it either, and I'm pretty sure his sound is going to be harder than Busted's cause his favourite bands are Green Day, Foo Fighters, The Clash etc etc. 2. Late this year/early next year, I think. 3. lol I didn't like that song (the Streets one) at first, but I love it now. Mike Skinner is a bit of a genius hehe. 4. Thank yee muchly. :-) Hope your exams went well!

Q: why do people keep on asking about james' sex life n how long his 'thingy' is??? NOT THAT ITS A BAD TING!!! ;) ;) n i saw that someone asked for james' hotmail.. does that mean u have it??? do u??? if u do I ENVY U!!!
A: Haha, no I don't. And I think it was just the one person asking all the questions, I laughed. :-D

Q: Does james have big feet?
A: Um, what size is he? 10, I think.

Q: the site went funny - if i click anything it says not found, am not trying to be a bitch pointin this out to u - just thought u should know
A: Hmm, that's weird, it was working fine for me (I checked it when you sent that). Is it working okay now?

Q: on one of these question things i read something about a sexlives page???? i was just wondering if that is still on the site and where abouts it is if indeed it actually exist
A: lmao it was just someone asking loads of questions about James's sex life. It was rather amusing, being asked if a 21 year old guy has ever orgasmed.

Q: o n cool site too xxx
A: Hehe thank you. :-)

Q: where did the page about james' sex life go because I never got to see it.. :( lol heehee
A: I took it off lol, it wasn't that interesting. :-p

Q: patrick = patrick s
A: Because that told me a lot. :-p I assume you mean Patrick from Fall Out Boy, as he's the only Patrick I can think of that is seriously fit haha.

Q: where have all the full songs gone?! will they be back?
A: Yep, they'll be back as soon as I've sorted out my other domain.

Q: That Where's David thing! pmsl! by the way great site :-P luv Ali
A: Hehe, thanks. :-D That CD went for quite a lot on eBay, I think.

Q: What is going on with fightstar, they're not that popular, and what about james's band, and matt going solo???
A: Paint Your Target got to no.9, that's pretty good. They have an album coming out in September, James's band are releasing stuff in October, and Matt probably at the end of the year.

Q: hey clazzie. just wanted to say that i appreciate everything you do on this site. hannah xx
A: Aww, thank you. :-)

Q: Hi, I'm Spanish and I read that James lost his virginity in a beach in Spain. Is it true? And if it is, where was it exactly?
A: lol no idea.

Q: when it was the election what party did your family vote for?
A: I can't tell you that. :-p Dad wouldn't even tell me lol, I'd vote Lib Dems though.

Q: have you bought any SICPUPPY merchandise yet?
A: No, I think it's really expensive.

Q: where did you hear that james new band were called dinoslaggy?
A: Probably busted.com boards.

Q: is matt engaged??
A: Not that I know of.

Q: Are you going to fix the gallery's photoshoots soon?
A: Yup, I'm going to work on the gallery this week as much as I can.

Q: Busted never return together?
A: No idea, maybe one day.

Q: I know that James's from Southend-on-sea, but what about Mattie and Chaz?
A: Matt's from Kingston, Surrey, and Charlie's from Woodbridge (Ipswich, Suffolk).

Q: why couldn't busted have gone for a break than splitting up!!!!!!!
A: Because Charlie's silly.

Q: put charlie - carry her back in the radio blog please i cant wait till my b-day (june 22nd) to listen to it again
A: It should have still been on there. :-s

A: Yeah, it's effective, I think.

Q: did james go to the premiere of house of wax because i know how much he loves paris hilton
A: No idea lol.

Q: is there any magazines with james at the star wars premiere?
A: Sneak might have had a couple of pics, I can't remember.. I missed the issue if they did, anyway.

Q: what magazines is james in at the moment?
A: None, I expect Matt and James will be in loads when they come back though.

Q: Did Busted write Late Night Sauna?
A: Yep.

Q: HHAAHAHAHAHHAHA LMFAO Dinoslaggy. how random!?!
A: It's scary lol, I dunno who came up with that. I hope it's not true, though.

Q: Hey sorry to waste your time but I just had to say your Non-Busted radio is sooooo good!! :) Thank u
A: Hehe thanks. I'll get it back up soon. :-)

Q: THIS IS DESPERATE!!!! i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to meet james n matt n charlie or at least james!!! i know there isn't the best chance but do you know at all how I could meet any of them??? specially james or matt!!! BUT JAMES MORE!!! I'M A DESPERATE GIRL HERE!!!
A: No idea, I've never met them. I'm determined to write a song with James one day though.

Q: Great site lol keep it up tis a **BoBbY dAzZlEr**!!! lmao i luv saying that..... keep it up Clazz.. inabit xxxxx
A: Bobby Dazzler? lol random. Thankies. :-)

Q: Hey, first of all i want to say well done for the site, its amazing and a real good source of info, u should be very proud! Secondly this isnt a question but more of a thankyou, for taking other bands like freefaller seriously. Im at a university in wales, and at xmas freefaller played a live set at our seasonal party, back then didnt no much about them except a little from satdy tv but was open minded due to my love for busted and guitar driven pop lol. Anyway they were amazin and unfortunately my university and fellow students didnt really take to kindly to the group. Sadly they were pretty much ignored and booed of stage which i felt was disgraseful. Anyway basically i guess the way this little talky thing is goin is that i wana congratulate you on workin so hard to help promote and stand by new bands. You're a credit and as for the sad,ignorant and one track minded students at my uni, i feel really ashamed to know. Thank you again! This is probably all mucked up in the writing coz cant re check what ive written i dont think but hey i hope you get the jist! Catherine -xxx-
A: Awww, thanks. :-) I wasn't sure what to think of Freefaller, but I saw them live and they were fantastic. I interviewed them as well and they were lovely, and seemed like a really credible band. Their album's out soon as well, I might buy it.

Q: clazz can you plz tell me the official superkicks website?
A: superkicksofficial.com.

Q: hey clazz,were busted against or for the war in iraq?
A: I hope so.

Q: Hi! Do you know people can still get on Busted's What I Go to School for, year 3000 & you said no games? Thanks for your time and you have a really cool website! ;) xxx
A: You can still get on the WIGTSF game, but not the other two.

Q: good luck with your exams ;)
A: Bit late (me, not you) but just wanted to say thanks heh.

Q: what's the names of Matt, Charlie and James parents?
A: Matt - Linda and Kevin (stepdad is Brian), Charlie - Tessa and Mike, James - Maria and Peter.

Q: hey clazz...this isnt a really wanting to know thing, just ive got computing next week too so good luck! hope the papers easy cos i dont plan on revising much...even though i know like nothing! love a dedicated bustedonline.org fan - alison x x x
A: lol aww, thankoo. :-) Were you doing intermediate 2? I thought it was pretty easy, although one question didn't make any sense to anyone lol.

Q: Hope you do well in your exams. I've just finished mine and am awaiting the results! see you . Imy XX
A: Thanks hehe, you too! I'm sure you've done fine. I hope I have.. results arrive in just over a month, eek.

Q: this seems a little silly as your computer's broken atm, and also you won't read this til my point is well.. anyway. I just wanted to say I think you're amazing for keeping up this site while doing your Highers, 'cause I know they're hard. If anyone has a go at you for not updating enough at the moment then they deserve a good kick up the ass. xx
A: Aww, thank you. :-D And even though I couldn't get online at home, I was checking my email at school hehe.

Q: Busted rule, tom from mcfly sucks
A: lol I'd better not say I agree or I'll get complaints. :-D (butyeahiagree). Tom is a good songwriter though, and he's a decent guitarist.

Q: DUDE! CLAZZ! you do a lot and man gees u shouldnt have to worry about people asking you if your done with exams or not. Your life and what you want to do is revolving around school. ur very right in doing ur best to study. But thank you for always having info. Dont worry about having to take take ur time ur the best site there is. thanks Kristin
A: Awww, thankay. :-D

Q: Where can i see the making of the MakePovertyHistory advert?
A: It was on T4, but I don't know if anyone put it on the internet. It wasn't very interesting anyway, just a few celebs on for a few seconds. James was only shown for a second.

Q: Do you like James new hair style? (from the new star wars première)
A: Yeah, it doesn't look that different though.

Q: I cant find the James horny picture where is it?
A: lol watch the You Said No video. :-p

Q: i was waiting to meet freefaller and the girls beside me were talking about busted and how good they were and they said that james penis is only 4 inches long is this true?
A: HAHAHAHA!! Mayyyyyyybe. How am I supposed to know? :-p

Q: is james alright now after the split?
A: I think he's fine now, he's probably looking forward to releasing stuff with his new band. He'll probably be really nervous about it though.

Q: does james live in finchley?
A: I.. think so.

Q: in whos david james licks his lips while looking at matt JAYBOURNE!
A: lol oh dear.

Q: What is the name of James' new single?
A: Ticket Out Of Loserville.

Q: in what video do you think james looks fit? i think who's david, year 3000 and you said no
A: Meh, I'm not really bothered lol.

Q: has james ever talked about sex in an interview?
A: Yes.

Q: what beach in spain did james lose his virginity on?
A: No idea.

Q: What ever happened to Nye? Does he ever go online anymore? Your 'hubbie'?
A: I don't know. :-( His internet broke, and he said he wouldn't be online for a couple of months. I spoke to him a few months ago, but I really don't know what's happened. :-( I have his mobile number but I think he's changed it.

Q: In the media section where you have the random quotes (which I love btw) when n where did Matt say the one where it ends 'lets just go home, spend it with the family, like it should be, have a nice day'? Because it's been bugging me for ages. Was on some sort of interview or something? x
A: CITV Christmas special. Hahahaha, that was so cheesy.

Q: Did anyone catch the 'Peter, John, and Mike' line in both 'Who's David' and 'Mummy Trade'?
A: Yep lol. :-p