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Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: scotty doesn't know
A: Scotty knows all! :-p

Q: why cant matt be a member of SoD?
A: Because then they may as well have carried on Busted.

Q: is it true matt willis and son of dork working with lisa scott lee from Steps?
A: lmao they were joking. :-p

Q: do you have a video of the press conference when they split up?
A: You can watch bits of it here.

Q: why doesn't the GMTV vid work?? i really wanna see it.. can u fix it? love this site!!
A: I don't know, it should work. :-s

Q: Who is Matthew Sargeant?
A: Matt, but with his step dad's surname.

Q: Which do you prefer ; Son Of Dork , Fightstar or Busted?
A: Busted. But between Son Of Dork and Fightstar... I prefer Son Of Dork's style of music, but I... I don't know. Some of Fightstar's songs are amazing, but so are some of Son Of Dork's lol.

Q: there in lithuania are some (maybe lot of) who knew and love Busted... did james or matt knew it?
A: I have no idea lol.

Q: From heaps of articles I've read James just seems like he's in it for the fame and money, and he blames charlie for taking that away. james is a little wanker
A: I don't think he's in it for the money. I honestly don't believe that he said that about Charlie. He was being really cocky in some interviews, but he seems to have calmed down a lot.

Q: is matt performing a song on record of the year in november?
A: Well, I'm guessing no now. :-(

Q: Come on Clazz you have to admit that you would be pretty pissed off at Charlie if you were in James's situation... I would be... but then again I am immature... Meh heh heh...
A: I would be pissed off, but I wouldn't hate him.

Q: ooh check u with ur new front page - liking it clazz!
A: Hehe, thank youuu. :-D

Q: ooh its so sad though how when busted broke up, one minute matt and james were in a band and then the next they werent amd it was all taken away or whatever..yeeah
A: Yeah, especially as they had so much potential. I still think they'd have cracked America this year.

Q: will you still answer questionssssss?
A: Yes, I'm just being lazy. :-p Actually, I'm not. I have LOADS of school work etc.

Q: my megaupload doesn't work, can u upload the recent vids of son of dork with you send it?? (the vids i mean are the ones from mom and GMTV and the the other things)... would really appreciate it if you could do that..
A: I'll upload them some time, when I get broadband! Mum finally ordered it, yippeeee! Ha.

Q: why haven't you added endup like this to the audio section?
A: I thought I had.

Q: Well, actually I need some help and I thought maybe you can help me. My problem is, that I can't get into the VIP-area on the official Son of Dork site and I don't understand why, because it's not because I haven't registered with my e-mail. I just can't get into the area. I don't know if you can help me, but if you can, I'll be so happy. Hope you understand me, I'm from Denmark so..
A: You have to click on the VIP bit and then put your email address in the box at the side. If it still doesn't work, I don't know what to suggest. :-s

Q: the adventures of loserville is out on the 7/11/05 - is that the album? bex.x.
A: The adventures of Loserville?! I haven't heard of that lol, it'd be a good title for their second album though.

Q: can u tell me where I can find the answers of son of dork's webchat please!
A: Which one? The one from mykindaplace.com is here, and The Sun one is in two parts here and here. :-)

Q: any idea which of the woolworths stores are having the signed copies? it still doesn't say. thanks, lucy.
A: Nope, apart from one in Birmingham got them.

Q: what does the M that appears in the gup1 video mean??? - your site is GREAT!!
A: I think it's something to do with DragonballZ. Thanks, by the way. :-)

Q: when their album out?
A: What, Son Of Dork? Now - it was released on November 21st.

Q: Clazz, can you PLEASE upload Ticket Outta Loseville video for me? I haven't watched it and I live in the UAE. The people here doesn't even KNOW they exist! Please.... Clazz, PLEEEEASE!! I'd really appreciate it if you can... Loving the site xxxx Alex
A: I'll upload it when I get broadband in the next week or so heh.

Q: Can you upload the acoustic version of Year 3000, please?
A: Yepp, it's here. :-)

Q: On the sod fan gallery you should upload the pic with james holding the sign saying 'hi Clazz'
A: Yeah, Sarah got other pictures of them as well that I have permission to use.

Q: omg dave is SOOOOOOOO fit!!!!!!!!!!!!! isn't he lol, i want him to!
A: Oo. lol he's nae bad.

Q: If the signing at dumfries stars at half 4 what time should i start to queue up do you think?
A: lol don't worry, I wouldn't have been any help anyway. I've only ever been to two signings and they weren't very famous, so I have no idea when to start queueing.

Q: And maybe these? Big Ones interview with James | Big Ones interview with James [extended version] | Ticket Outta Loserville performance
A: Next week (or the week after depending on when we get broadband set up), yes.

Q: Could you also possibly upload these for me from yousendit.com please? Name That Tone | In The Lab | Ticket Outta Loserville performance/short chat | Say Goodbye Thanks you so much btw
A: Ditto.

Q: If you have any spare time at all please could you upload these from yousendit.com please as magaupload does not work for me......:( Pre-show intro | Intro | Ram Ray | Chat | Compete for introduction | Hyena Sketch
A: Ditto... lol.

Q: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO *Breaks down and cries* Keep updating on this site *Sniffs* Please..what..you..no..you..pah..can't :( *Continues to cry* I don't want that to be your last update on this site. It was a very good last update. It should have been special. *weeps*
A: Awwww lol. I'm going to miss updating it all the time, but I like the idea of putting all the update pages on here heh.

Q: Is this the end?
A: Nooo.

Q: I love you clazz!!!! and am begging you not to stop updates on this site!!
A: Aww. <3 I will but I won't heh.

Q: what do you mean no more updates!!!!! Clazz i need you, this site! I've come on here everyday for almost three years, and omg, i'm going to cry! You just can't!!! i need those updates, what do i do now i'm really confused!! Do i go on the son of dork thing or the fightstar one??? WHAT ABOUT MATT!!! Where can i get great new gossip on him if not from you! I really think you need to reconsider!!! Please i'm begging you! love always no matter what, Imy XX (those kisses are for you for being my best friend, even though you don't know it)
A: Awwww! :-( I want to cry now lol, I'm so touched. Aw, that's really cute. I don't know what to say lmao.

Q: please keep this site open! this is the only site i visit for updates and it's always the first to know all the latest on my favorite bands! pleeeeease keep this one open - i don't want to have to visit a bunch of sites for news! this site has everything! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!
A: The site is staying open, and I'll be putting the update pages on the main page heheee, so that's one problem sorted.

Q: i'll give you a cookie if you update this site regularly
A: Hahahah coooookie! I love cookies.

Q: a fact file on Matt from Busted
A: Try band > biographies > Matt. :-p

Q: hi, it says on the sunonline small interview about son of dork playing live that matt has also formed a new group. is this true because i thought he was going solo
A: As far as I know, he's going solo but having a backing band.

Q: how come you keep saying if you like Matts music, its going to be awesome anyway, isn't it?
A: Well you'd think so, and I'm 95% sure I'll like it. I don't want to completely assume though.

Q: Why won't matt hurry up n come back with some AMAZIN single?
A: Because if he hurries up, the single might not be amazing. ;-)

Q: hi clazz... there was one thing i hope you had... u know the busted tribute to darius? do u have the lyrics? there r some things that r difficult to get. if u had i'd be appreciate if u posted. tks, xxxx Misa
A: Yeah, I've got them here. :-)

Q: so since you have a separate site for sod now, you wont update this site anymore? :(
A: I won't update with every single Son Of Dork thing ever, because it would take more time. I'd just post important news... but I will be putting all the update pages on here (like linking them into iframes directly) so all the news will be on here as well.

Q: wow, sonofdorkfans.org is going to kick ass! i already love it! the only problem is the megaupload...lot of people have problems with it. will you put the videos up like on bustedonline? i mean, without this upload thingy? that would be truly amazing!
A: Thank you. :-) I won't be uploading them directly onto one of my domains, because that would kill my bandwidth. I'm going to try to find a different way, though.