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Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: Hi, You've probably seen this already so in advance sorry if i wasted your time, basically just wondering if you've seen this and if so what you make of it http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/article/ds26441.html. Do you think its true, cause digital spy have already said the same about Charlie, So either James is gunning for his old band or digital spy are, oh well you got a fantastic site keep up the good work, Chris
A: I think it's bollocks. Boyband is about the fake lifestyle of being in a boyband, which can't be directed at Charlie. And Holly is a common name. Thanks by the way. :-)

Q: Any word of when either Fightstar or Son of Dork will come to America?
A: No. Fightstar said they would, but I don't know when. And I expect Son Of Dork want to try to get more popular here before they take on America.

Q: Would u be able to update the questions?!
A: Shush, I'm lazy with answering questions. ;-) And school sucks, etc.

Q: Do you think that 'Holly...I'm the one' could be about matts ex holly? love the site and sodfans.org x
A: I shouldn't think it is. James and Matt are best friends, so even if what's in the song was true (which is highly unlikely), he wouldn't put a song on an album about it lol.

Q: im addicted to boyband!
A: Haha, I love the start of it. It's all good, but especially the start.

Q: have SOD been on trl yet?
A: Yeah, they were on once a few weeks ago.

Q: is there two versions of TOL?
A: Or three. Allegedly, there are five, but I don't know if they were exaggerating.

Q: matts real name
A: Matthew James Willis.

Q: Please answer the questions.Thank you XXX
A: Well, I suck. :-p

Q: please can u take welcome to loserville off the site? james and the rest of sod wont be very happy with you :(
A: People are never bloody happy, are they! I know for a fact that a few people bought the album who wouldn't have done otherwise. I thought it would be nice to let people listen to it, and I took it down after a couple of days anyway.

Q: i dont think that you should put the album on ur site for people to hear because its possible to record it. sorry for sounding annoying but i think that some people will record this and not go out and buy the album. this will affect the position of welcome to loserville in the charts
A: Anyone who was going to go through the effort of recording a shit quality version of the album are the people who weren't going to buy it anyway. But now I suppose I'm going to get the blame for it getting a shit chart position.

Q: lol does that mean that if james wrote Eddie's song bout Matt that Matt has 27 kids?
A: Haha, you never know. :-p I'm sure he doesn't though lmao.

Q: i dont like the blue pic of busted, especially not how james is looking on it. i know it has been there for ages and you probably dont care but will you change it sometimes? because i really really liked the one before, you know when the pics changed with the years, that was pretty awesome!! yeah but besides that i really do love you site. LOADS.
A: Thanks. :-) And yeah, I really need to change it. I'll try and do that next week, because I won't have time tonight. I have some ideas on what it's going to look like as well heh.

Q: Hi... :) Do u know when we will hear Matt's song? =] I can't wait for this...hahahaha =]
A: Early next year, I think.

Q: Hawdie, where can i find all the lookalikes from Busted, coz i can't find them, also not on google. So please, do u wanna help me? thanx, love your site, bless ya!
A: There's a Charlie lookalike on myspace. I'll make a page of the lookalikes, there are a couple on a lookalike agency.

Comments on me speaking to James on the phone, any questions in these were answered on the main page:
Wow. You spoke to James! Omg im so happy for you... and jealous.. Haha :P
You lucky cow!! But you deserve it coz i think you're the biggest and most dedicated busted fan in the universe!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMFG!!!!! That's so amazing! Clazz i'm sooo happy! How come you got to speak to James anyway?? But WOW he is so fine!!!
Im so happy for you, you keep all us fans updated. Im still jealous though, what did he say to you.
What did James say on the phone?? And why did he/you call you/him??? cooooool!! I'm so happy for you!! :D:D:D
ohmgd james called u, no way!. Wow thats great, ur so lucky, keep up the good work on the site. FROM BUSTED4EVA. :)
WOHOHO! You spoke to James???? Congrats, what did you say? Have you been able to say ANYTHING??? ^^:)))
what did james say when he rang you!!!?!?so happy 4 u!! xxxxxxx
Oh Clazz, I'm happy to know that u talked with James... how was it? he's pretty amazing right?

Q: Did Jamesy sound really happy? Not pretend happy? Did your friend actually say he was happy? Did he mention Matthew? *Sigh* I miss Matt and James as a team. You are one of the luckiest people alive to have spoken to a beautiful angel....
A: Haha. Yeah, he sounded pretty happy. I didn't get to ask him about Matt, though.

Q: so did good charlotte really say they liked mcfly?
A: Apparently they did, I didn't know that.

Q: simple question, ive been wondering for a looong time...under media you have the "original" version of LOSING YOU... what is the difference? i listened to the original and the version I have and I found no difference...thanks clazzzzz fucking love the site(S)
A: Heh, thanks. :-) There isn't much difference, but there is more piano in the second verse, and it sounds a bit different.

Q: Why did you get to talk to james?? Um I love this site but I really wanna see the Sleeping With The light on Music Video because I live in NZealand I never got to see it!! Could you possibly get it for me??
A: I spoke to him cause my mate met him and passed her phone over hehe. I uploaded the SWTLO video here, hopefully that still works.

Q: Do you know what date matt is going to be in brighton auditioning? Please xxxx
A: I have no idea, all I was told was it was going to be during that week.

A: Can't you like... buy the album? lol. :-p

Q: Wooow.. u are so lucky talking to james, what did he say? where did he get ur number from? do you think sod will come to europe, scandinavia? cause rite now i dont live in england.. take care, keep up the good work, i luv this site. Cheers
A: The James/phone questions have been answered already heh. As for Son Of Dork, I have no idea about their international plans.

Q: why the hell do u keep saying matt should go solo, are u a moron? typical dumbass little girl, go listen to justin timberlake if u want solo.
A: Fuck you. I want him to go solo because his solo performances on the Busted tours were amazing, he has a lot of charisma, and I can see him having a successful solo career. Twunt.

Q: can i get james e mail pleeeeease???
A: No.

Q: SPILL who do you fancy in the band (Son Of Dork)? :-P
A: No one really, but I think Dave's okay.

Q: People are always saying that they want Busted back, but i think Son Of Dork are really awsome!! \m/^_^\m/ And to be honest if they did ever get back together it wouldnt be the same. What do you think? Do you agree?
A: I do, and I keep saying that I don't want them to come back, because it wouldn't be the same. I just wish they'd never gone away. :-( But it would be awesome if they could reunite temporarily, like do one gig together or something.

Q: could u get some of their music vids on here? if not dw, this web rox
A: I'm going to be uploading lots of videos in a couple of weeks.

Q: PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME CLAZZ!! on the SOD official site, u can sign up to be in the new video! i signed up, and it says when and where to go, but my mums gonna kill me!! im not allowed to go!! do they expect u to turn up? do u have any more info about this? i need to know EVERYTHING about it!! i dont know what to do!! do they send u email telling u about it? im sorry if this doesnt make sence, but im in a panic!! please please tell me everything u know about this!! have you signed up? THANK U SOOO MUCH u r amazing! i love your sites soo much! :-) POCKET!
A: I don't think they care if you don't turn up, as long as not too many people drop out lol. I didn't sign up cause I live way too far away, but they should have sent you details about it.

Q: I want that Self Obsessed top James has got on! Any ideas were i might be able to purchase it! Am a lad btw!
A: I have no idea, try googling it.

Q: on your son of dork website you pasted what james had said on myspace - how do we get to read what he posts on myspace - do you have an address I could have please? x
A: You have to be on his friends list to read his bulletins. As I've said before, I don't feel I have the right to give out his myspace.

Q: Is that actually James Bourne who writes on myspace? What's the addy lol?
A: Yes, and see the answer above. :-p

Q: where does james use myspace?
A: If you mean where as in the address, then ditto.

Q: Is the James in myspace THE real James? Cos I'm doubting.
A: Yeah, it is.

Q: How can i write to james now hes in Son of Dork not busted?
A: James Bourne, c/o Prestige Management, 14 Princess Park Manor, Royal Drive, London, N11 3FL.