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Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: have you/anyone figured out what the code on 'hurra hurra die schule brennt' means. i tried to work it out with my mate but seeing as we dont know any german we werent that sucessful lol. great work with the site btw, i visit everyday. son of dork are awesome! susannah x
A: HEY, that's a good point! I've just worked it out to be 'lass dich anstecken', which translates to... something to do with you being infected.

Q: WHAT? JB and Kelly Osbourne? Do you beleive it? I thought those two hated each other..? Well, I don't get a good feeling for that, in TOTP magazine he said: I'm dating a girl, but someone like Kelly Osbourne? I hope it will not be true, give her to Dave, or better, don't give her to a SoD member! So, I lost that.. =P
A: Haha, I don't think it's true. They are friends now, though.

Q: megaupload doesn't work for me. it says 'server error' or something and it its not fair cos i can't see ANY of the vids u upload!
A: Do you use Download Accelerator to download? Because mine says that as well if I try and use DA. If you have it, disable it when you download from megaupload.

Q: What happened to the audios i keep getting whoops this page doesn't exist up :o WTTTTTF!
A: I took them down because people were abusing the bandwidth. They'll be back up in a few days.

Q: Hey Clazz, I LOVE your site! I love matt... i hope he comes back soon. do you think he will?
A: Early next year, apparently. Thanks by the way. :-)

Q: What is Son of Dork's myspace address?
A: They don't have an official one. There is one here, which has messages from James, but it goes on about how hot they are, which I find silly.

Q: boyband's a well good song. has matt still got his goatee and is his hair black or has he dyed it again?
A: He seemed to get rid of his goatee, but I think it's back lol. His hair is dark brown, I think, but it might be the lighting in the pictures.

Q: it was funny on MOM when they put pies in daves face lol! :-)
A: lol MOM always has pies...

Q: Im not sure how charlie could have been at the son of dork album launch as didnt fightstar have a gig that night?
A: Well, I thought of that. Apparently he wasn't there, but it's weird because someone posted on myspace that they'd just got back from Son Of Dork and Charlie and Matt had been there. They posted it around 9.30pm, and Fightstar wouldn't have been on stage until around then, probably, so it is possible he was there. But apparently he and Matt both weren't.

Q: Why is it that in the A Ticket For Everyone CD contains Thunderbirds Are Go (live), whereas it isn't on the A Ticket For Everyone DVD? Was it actually played or not? Oh, and why is it that on the covers of both the CD and the DVD, Charlie is wearing a different shirt from when he was actually performing in the DVD?
A: Thunderbirds Are Go on the CD is taken from one of their summer shows, because it hadn't even been written when the DVD was recorded. I didn't even notice the shirt thing lol, they probably just took pictures from a different gig.

Q: you wanna make a matt site? you have so many sites it is already sick HAHA dont you have a real life?
A: A life? Where can I download one of those from? :-p But yes, I do. Which is why I sometimes don't update or whatever.

Q: you are a selfish bitch
A: Oh, I know. I mean, how dare I spend over three years of my life providing all the latest news and information just for other Busted fans.

Q: have james and charlie seen each other lately?
A: Yes.

Q: Could you tell me what Son of Dork's real MySpace is? There's all kinds...
A: They don't have a myspace, but see about the 5th question down.

Q: re. welcome to loserville reviews... your angry comments made me think the lady doth protest too much!! not very liberal in allowing others their opinion were you?
A: Hold on, was that to me or the reviewers? As I said on sodfans.org, I don't care if they don't like the album. It was the shit reasons they gave for not liking it lol.

Q: Where is Matt? Is he coming back with anything?
A: He's writing and recording. :-p

Q: People like using up your bandwidth around xmas, last year the site went down on xmas day! *sighs* seems so long ago, back when we thought that busted would never split up!
A: Ahh, those were the days. Yeah, I remember it going down on Christmas Day, that was annoying.

Q: How do u submit your entry for the sod u-myx competition?
A: There's a button on the u-myx program that takes you to a site to upload your remix.

Q: how can u get to the new son of dork cd because the link says it was taken off???? thanx!
A: You buy it.

Q: you know, it would be really cool if you made a busted layout for myspace. i'd totally use it!
A: How do you make a layout for MySpace?

Q: Why has the SOD album been taken off??
A: Because people should buy it.

Q: how do u get james to phone u?
A: By getting people who are meeting him to phone you and pass the phone over to him. :-p

Q: Where could I get the Son of Dork lyrics to ticket outta Loserville album?
A: All the lyrics are here.

Q: Is it just me or doesn't sodfans.org work?? :'(
A: It should do. :-s

Q: as if you talked to James! whatever your smoking....keep it up...
A: Yes, because NO ONE has ever talked to James. I smell jealousy.

Q: Do you have the Son of Dork lyrics???
A: See three answers up.

Q: Are there any pictures of Miss McKenzie that you know of?
A: The real Miss McKenzie? There are a few, and she was on Frank Skinner when Matt and James were on, and also on the Best Selling Artists of the 21st Century thing.

Q: Isn't it murdered IN the mosh???
A: Yeah, when the tracklisting was first released, it was stated as Murder On The Mosh lol.

Q: Is james your idol? cause he's mine!!!
A: Yeah, he's my main idol.