>> Answers to all your questions


Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: Does Matt have more than one tattoo?? except from the star?
A: Apparently he has a new one on his leg of a dragon, but I don't know if it's him.

Q: does anyone ever use the chat room as whenever i go on it there is no-one there?
A: Probably not, ha. I never go on there.

Q: hey dude! u rock, keep up all the good work! I'm going to cornwall this half term (22-30th) and i know James sometimes surfs in cornwall, do u happen to know if he's going that week?!! it would be sooo cool if he was!! pocket!
A: I honestly have no idea. Have fun, though. :-)

Q: THIS IS THE MOST UBER THING EVER all my busted-hating rock buddies like son of dork and have joined the mailing list and all my teenie mcfly-loving buddies are saying they prefer SoD. WORLD DOMINATION HERE WE COME!!!! xxxxxxxxxxx
A: Haha, wooo. I hope their album is good, I'm pretty sure it will be.

Q: It's not busted related, but do you know any sites that have the recording of Harry singing on tour?
A: I've only heard a 20 second recording of it. Still got it actually, click.

Q: was matt at the G.A.Y nightclub when nic put that message on her skirt or did he read it in magazines?
A: Read it in magazines, I think.

Q: I was reading Sunday Magazine, and there was an article on stars and what they do on nights out. there was one about james out at night brandishing a sword in the middle of a road!!! And another bit about him was that when he was denied access to a pamela anderson party he climbed onto the balcony, and threatened to climb in through the window! Now that does NOT sound like james! At All! What do you think?!
A: HAHAHAAHAHAH that's funny. :-D I have no idea if it's true, but it's funny to think about.

Q: any free downloads?
A: Lots.

Q: OMG how good are the Click Five? Ur site rocks! x
A: Hehe, thank you. :-) I've only heard a few songs, but they're pretty good. Some stuff is really cheesy though haha.

Q: hello!! Do you like Son Of Dork!!?? your site rocks by the way *hoogs*
A: I doooooo. :-D And thanking yee! *hug*

Q: Could you possibly put the full studio versions of all of the Fightstar songs up on the downloads?
A: Hmmm... I know the EP's not available any more. Although I think it's on iTunes. I'm gonna wait and see what's on the album, and then I might upload anything that's not on it.

Q: do u happen to know what time SOD are on 2-ten fm? my mum says i can go if i can find out the time! pocket!
A: I don't know any times of the radio tour, sorry. :-( Best bet would be to check the websites of the radio stations.

Q: i recorded da cd uk thing but it taped over the makepovertyhistory ad!!!! :-( do u know anywhere where i could download the making etc of it?
A: I don't. :-( And I have a horrible feeling I recorded over mine, too. Unless I dreamt that lmao. I ought to watch all my Busted videos one day haha.

Q: james is looking soooo fit! i luv that song and can't wait til the album is out and S.O.D are on mom etc all the time like busted were
A: But MOM sucks. :-p Apart from Holly, for she is hot. I miss Busted, bah.

Q: Off busted but do you know where i can get noise next door tabs?
A: Um... try ultimate-guitar.com or mxtabs.net.

Q: When will u be getting the ticket outta loserville video by son of dork??
A: The day after you sent that. :-p It's on the main page now.

Q: can u put when day turns into night on the busted radio? thnx :)
A: May do. I'm going to update the songs on there soon.

Q: is that James's address? James Bourne, Prestige Records Ltd, 34 Great James St., London, WC1N 3HB ok i dont know if its right and i've got it from www.james-bourne.net i really really missed busted and i wanna cry!!!! and fightstar or son of dork cant be busted (they cant be busted for us again) :( :( soz i bothered u... biiiiiii xxx and my name is nassim
A: Mail might get to him through that, cause Son Of Dork are managed by Prestige. Is Prestige a record company as well? I thought it was just a management company.

Q: I was wondering if you know what time SOD will be at Radio City Liverpool?
A: I don't know any times of the radio tour, sorry.

Q: is there anywhere I can watch all of the episodes of America or Busted?
A: Hmm, I'm not sure. I'm going to upload them all some time, they're not great quality though.

Q: In the photo gallery, is there any way to tell the size of the pictures before I click? Some open nice and big, and some stay really tiny.. thanx
A: Urgh, I know. It's because I get quite a lot of the pictures from websites like wireimage.com and rexfeatures.com, where you have to pay to view the full images. I'm new to using this type of gallery, but I'll see what I can do.

Q: is steve S.O.D gay because he fancies james S.O.D?
A: Hahaha. *whispers* I think he was joking. :-p

Q: if each son of dork were a pet, what would they be and why?
A: I'll, um, just go and ask them. lol sorry, I'm not Son Of Dork.

Q: can u put a link up the SOD performance on totp, but for you send it, as i cant download anything off megaupload?
A: I can upload it to yousendit when I get broadband. *hints to mother again*

Q: is it me or is james a complete cock?
A: Hmm, he was joking around in the TOTP interview etc, but the Mirror interview was a bit twattish. Fair enough if he thinks the songs are good, but saying he thinks they're going to do well in America is a bit arrogant. :-( I don't want him to become like this, I miss the down to earth, fun James.

Q: is there any way you could put ticket outta loserville on totp up where you just right click it and click save as b/c megaupload doesnt work on my comp. thanks miranda
A: That would mean uploading onto here... I don't know. It's annoying that megaupload doesn't work for some people, but I'll try and sort something out.

Q: Why are you so cool?
A: *looks around* Me? Awww. I... I'm not lol.

Q: what happen to that thing page that was, like, james' 'life' or summit cos people keep mentioning that but i cant find it on the site?
A: What, the James sex life page? Aahahaha! Click!

Q: clazz isit me or in this pic does james look like hes gonna kiss that dude?! maybe hes wishing its matt *winks*
A: Nooooooo, not the Jaybourne!

Q: When Is Matt gonna release his debut album? Wasn't it in October? byeXXX
A: Early next year, I think. I'm not sure when.

Q: How could've Son Of Dork have been @ da McFly gig on Sunday night? they were performing on TOTP!!!! And i should know cause i was there and i had to miss them on TOTP!!!!!!!! So how the hell could they have made it?!?!
A: Because they pre-recorded TOTP. :-p

Q: Dunno if you want it but I can scan last weeks Kerrang! with SOD in if you want it ^_^ x_c_x it's 'cause Im hard innit *strike a pose*
A: Haha, I have it. I still think James should have namechecked more of the bands he mentions on his myspace.

Q: What is the new band that James is in called?? Have they found a name?
A: Son Of Dork.

Q: how old are you guys?
A: Who, me or Son Of Dork? I'm 16. Steve is 17, Dave's 19, James is 22, Danny is 24 and Chris is 26.

Q: when is son of dork album out?
A: 21st November.

Q: Why is there so much text on this page? It's a good place for info but it's a bit awkward and I don't particularly enjoy spending a while squinting through all the writing!!!
A: lol sorry, I just realised September's updates were still on the page. Although you only sent that on October 3rd, so... what do you want there to be?

Q: Son Of Dork TOTP screen shots?
A: I don't have screenshots yet.

Q: where can i download a ticket out of loserville?
A: Links on here.

Q: Is this true that Kara lives in the same block with james??
A: I have no idea.

Q: Do you know where i can get a radio active guitar strap like james'? thanks
A: I've seen them in a couple of independent music shops, but I don't know where in particular.

Q: has matt had sex?
A: Haha, I love these questions.

Q: can u put up the citv xmas spesh in the video section? i really wanna see it! well anyway, ur site is great!!!
A: I will some time. It's in two parts and each one is like 120mb, so I can't upload it on this rubbish connection lol.

Q: are son of dork supporting mcfly?
A: No.