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Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: ok, this isnt really a question, but maybe u can post somewhere to the person that said the click five is a copied version of busted with a more polished version, that the click five are more modeled after the beatles and have made their image themselves, and as they were based out of Boston Massachusetts that they probably never even heard of busted, as in the u.s., hardly anyone has. oh, and since u like the click five, u have great taste in music, they are excellent, but this is a fansite for busted not the click five. anyway, the click five are original, and not trying to copy busted. ur sites awesome, btw! haha
A: I know they're not trying to copy Busted, because as you said, they've probably never heard of them lol. I'm not sure what to think of them, some of their stuff is really poppy in the boyband pop sense (eg. I'll Take My Chances), but some of it's pretty good. Thanks by the way. :-)

Q: Hey Clazz, sexy site! Where might I find that live meet you there?? It is my favourite song of all time any artist and I couldn't get tickets to that tour to see it :( So pleease direct me to the sex that is! x
A: I have a live version that isn't the full thing. It's annoying because it's supposed to be like 2:16 or something, but it cuts off during the first chorus. Anyway, I've uploaded it here - if anyone has a full version (video or audio), I will love you if you can send me it!

Q: Any chance of a version of the Ticket Outta Loserville vid under 20mb?
A: Dunno, buy the single. :-p I didn't have one under 20mb anyway, so I wouldn't have been much help anyway haha.

Q: are you going too upload the videos from free at the dee?
A: Oh, I still have to do that, don't I! The thing is, I ripped the videos from the tape, and they skip, especially on Eddie's Song, it misses out whole chunks of the song. So I need to rip it again, I'll try and do it tomorrow!

Q: 10 days til me birthdee... i need like a reminder thing in my head cause i've missed like every son of dork tv thing so far... i'm so gheyy *shakes head*
A: Argh, same here, I'm really bad with the TV lately haha. Bring on broadband next week so I can download videos quicker! Yes, people, Mum FINALLY ordered broadband - which means VIDEO REQUEST SECTION!!

Q: cause you're making a SoD website, does this mean that the busted website would be closing down and also does this mean that you'll also open a matt website too?
A: Nope, I'm not closing this website. It's going to stay open as a Busted information and media resource, and I'm planning on opening a Matt fansite, but I might wait until he's got stuff out. I'm going to run it with my friend though, so if she wants to open it sooner, then so be it heh.

Q: clazz do u ever think that you might upload some busted songs like from the first album?
A: I don't see why I should when the first album's still available. :-p However, I might upload Everything I Knew and When Day Turns Into Night as they're not on the European version of the album.

Q: son of dork or busted?
A: Busted, definitely. I think Son Of Dork's album is great, but Busted are my favourite band of all time (well, one of).

Q: HELLO. where can i find that picture you have got on the top of main page. THANK YOU.
A: You can find it here. :-)

A: Heh, thanks. :-)

Q: heyhey! Did U ever find out if Matt is in the Jordan book??
A: Shit, no lol.

Q: James sounds like a right cocky little twat in that daily record interview! It's all gone to his head.
A: Hmmm. It was bad, I know. There was a later one that sounded a lot better. He seems to have calmed down a lot and he's being less arrogant in interviews now, so I think he was just overexcited to the point that he was becoming big headed at the same time.

Q: What channels are CD:UK, popworld and top of the pops on? I know top of the pops is on bbc prime, but no interview, only performances.. am i wrong.. or?
A: TOTP was on BBC1 (Prime) but now it's on BBC2. TOTP Saturday (now called TOTP Reloaded) is the one with the interviews, it's on BBC1 as well but on Saturdays. CD:UK's on ITV1 and Popworld's on channel 4.

Q: Son of Dork will be the next Busted?
A: No, no one will be the next Busted, because even if Son Of Dork reach the popularity of Busted (which, unfortunately, I doubt, but I'd like to be proven wrong), they're not going to revolutionise (debateable) British pop music the way Busted did.

Q: What's happened to this farewell present Busted are supposed to be giving us? its been like 9 months now... :(
A: Well, I'm guessing it's not happening now. :-( I still want that greatest hits CD/DVD dual disc!

Q: when is the single out!
A: I assume you mean Son Of Dork? 7th November.

Q: chazz doesn't like jb??
A: I'm sure he has nothing against him.

Q: is mattie going to release a single?
A: Yes.

Q: kara lives in the same building as jb??
A: I have no idea.

Q: the video downloads from 14/10/05 dont work for me. why?
A: I don't know. :-s They should.

Q: Where do I download the Son of dork video?
A: I know this is from before the single was released, but... you buy the single now heh. ;-)

Q: Eddies song lyrics
A: Here.

Q: will busted reunite?
A: It's possible, but with Charlie, it's unlikely. I think it's likely that Matt and James will work together, though.

A: Hmmm, is it just that video or all megaupload downloads?

Q: why the hell did you split up? i loved that band, but urgh!!! bush brow's if i ever see u i will shave your eye brows off!!
A: ...nice. Charlie was asked to choose between Busted and Fightstar, so he chose Fightstar.

Q: Murder in the mosh!!!!??? What was he thinking!
A: Haha I know, I thought the song title was stupid. It's a good song, though, funny lyrics.

Q: hey, i was just wondering what video it was they played at the end of the trl interview? green day or new found glory?
A: No idea, I don't have Sky so I didn't actually watch it.

Q: how old r u?
A: I'm 16.

Q: Why don't you call your web site SonOfDork.org?? Because you only talk about them!!
A: Because sonofdork.org (and sonofdorkonline.org for that matter) was already taken. And I only talked about them because there wasn't any news about Fightstar or Matt.

Q: hows matt doing??
A: Really good, apparently. He looks in pretty good shape, and James said his solo stuff sounds amazing.

Q: Do you know where I can watch the pressconferance announcing the split??
A: You can watch three clips here, or listen to the whole thing here. :-(

Q: dave how old r u?
A: Dave (from Son Of Dork, I assume you mean) is 19.

Q: something fucking amazingly wierd happened!!!: i was off school ill and in the house alone sitting at the computer when suddenly the tv turned on all by itself and son of dork's video ticket outta loserville was playing, and it was almost from the beginning! how wierd is that!!!
A: Haha, that's rather random. But pretty cool. :-D I went through a phase where every time I turned on the radio or TV, a good song would come on... never did the TV-turning-on-by-itself thing though haha.

Q: are the downloads on here free?
A: Yes.

Q: Will the Son of Dork cd be available to fans in the US?
A: It might be released there some time, but not yet. You could probably get it imported.

Q: Tribute? I understand it's a rip off of Jack Blacks tribute song, but where exactly did Busted do it, were they just messing around? Why does Matt say that they need to hurry up? and who's the girl laughing in the background? Don't worry if you don't know i'm just curious! Thanks...
A: It's from a radio station, so I assume the girl is someone who works there, and they probably only had a bit of time left or something.

Q: Sorry if you've been asked this LOADZ but how do you know Steve and Dave? I know James and left my e-mail in a b-day card I sent him he hasnt emailed yet though :'(
A: Ooh. I don't know Steve and Dave, but I've had messages from them on myspace.

Q: Hmmmmmm.. Maracas
A: Shake it!

Q: will sod be playing with mcfly any time?
A: No idea.

Q: *wakes up* hmmm... why do cows have legs?? hmm.... ?? oh yeah ill be giving random talks for nothing.. ill be like a spammer zzzzzzzzzz... lllllllllll wwwwwwwwwww 1111111111111 iiiiiiiiii... illl stop.. hmmm.... 11111112333333 o.k o.k!! im done.. goodnight ppl ^_^
A: Hahaha, random. They have legs so they can walk. :-p

Q: zzzzzzz...... hi its me again!! good site btw hmmm... im sleepy.. -_- goodnight ppl... *yawns*
A: lol go to bed then. :-p Thanks by the way heh.

Q: zzzzzzzzzz..... huh was i meant to ask u a question ?? ~_~
A: Maybe. :-p

Q: oh plz, plz, plz clazz download everything i knew, britney and when day turns into night.thanx a bunch =p
A: I'll put Everything I Knew and When Day Turns Into Night on megaupload. As far as I know, Britney is on the European version of the first album.

Q: whats happened to totallybusted?
A: I think it closed down. :-(

Q: when is son of dorks first performance?
A: First gig was at Oxford PITP on August 28th, first TV performance was on TOTP on 2nd October, I think.

Q: I've noticed Busted has a lot of Christmas songs? I'm looking for their song: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town? Any links to help?
A: I need to get the audio of it actually, but you can see the video here.

Q: are mcfly copying busted?
A: No, but the way the record company are marketing them is.

Q: have you got the nov/dec tour version of meet you there?
A: See the second question from the top.

Q: Where do u come from?
A: Orkney (Scotland).

Q: OMG!! After listening to every song on you full songs page i nearly cried! They were soooooooooooooo good and i almost forgot it! Hark the Herald angel sing is beautiful i love it!! I miss them being all together really badly!! Hug me!!!!!!!!!! :(
A: Awwwwww. :-( *hugs* I get like that now and then - I listen to some Busted songs and miss them loads.

Q: Son of Dork rock man!!! I love them. And double Oooooo for the tit-flashing!
A: Haha, I still haven't seen the tit-flashing version!

Q: Do you have the live version of Meet You There from the 04 Winter Tour? Iíve got quite a full version but can't quite improve the quality enough. Thanks!
A: Second question from the top. :-p

Q: Is it true that you put up McFly's No Worries song to download? Fair enough it was co-written with Charlie and James but I find it quite hypocritical that you can openly put up a song on McFly's single and not a Fightstar song due to the clear fact you like one band more than the other and would like to see them be a bigger success!
A: Hmmm, it probably was wrong of me. And I feel bad now, because the reason I put it up was because I didn't want to put it on the non-Busted radio (because I only put on there what I really like). But now it's one of my favourite McFly songs lol. Besides, I love Son Of Dork and I put up Ticket Outta Loserville (granted, it was a low quality radio recording) for download.

Q: Does it annoy you that Son of Dork are getting a lot of publicity through McFly on their current tour? I ask this because one thing you don't like about McFly is that they were first heard of, by many people, through Busted. Does it therefore annoy you that S.O.D. are benefiting on the back of McFly's success?
A: Good question. I don't mind the fact that Son Of Dork could benefit from the publicity through McFly, but what I didn't like was the fact that McFly fans got to see the video before anyone else. I thought it was pretty unfair since most Busted fans wanted to see it, and a lot of Busted fans aren't McFly fans.

Q: how can we see the late night version of ticket outta loserville?
A: I don't know, watch TV at night, I suppose. I stayed up once and watched TV (I didn't stay up TO watch TV lol, just thought I might as well watch it while I was doing other stuff) and I didn't see it come on, grr.