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Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: aww the 3rd paragraph of that article.. james :( and i cant believe steves only 17! i mean james still looks like hes 17 lol
A: Hahah he does. Steve didn't look that young to start with, but now he does.

Q: hahaha, Who did come up with the idea to act like E.T.in the you said no video? Was it Matt's idea?? Why is it?? hehe thanx Clazz!! xxx
A: I actually have no idea lol. It's rather random.

Q: Whose baby is this that James is holding [link removed]? He's also holding it in the popworld special. and he is playing soccer with little kids in the popworld special. do you know who they are?
A: He's holding it in the Popworld special?! I've taken the link out because it's my friend Sushi's baby, and she doesn't want the picture spread around the internet. And I have no idea about the kids playing football.

Q: how can i send u stuff?
A: By emailing me. :-)

Q: Heya! i was just wondering if you knew if SoD are def performing next weds at the Royal Hotel in Southend? cos theres been rumours they are but nothing on their webbie about it! cheers clazz, luvin the site as usual - keep up the great work :) sarah x
A: Oh yeah, I looked that up on google when you sent that and couldn't find anything... did you try phoning the hotel or anything? Thanks by the way heh.

Q: Hi! I'm Linda from Germany and I like to know if SOD or Fightstar will release their singles in Germany. I know my English is bad but I hope you can understand ;-). Bye!
A: They probably will, but I'm not sure when. Your English is good, by the way. :-)

Q: whats a dvs?
A: DVD single.

Q: Where can i find a sicpuppy wristband becuase the one on e-bay has stopped the bidding. thanks!! x
A: sicpuppy.com has a range of them.

Q: Is daniel powter gay?
A: I honestly have no idea. He's excellent, though.

Q: clazz if someone asks you whos your favourite band you can say busted it doesn't matter that they have split does it?
A: Of course. :-p Loads of people love The Beatles, Beach Boys, The Clash, Sex Pistols etc etc, and they all split up decades ago.

Q: can you put cross out the stars on the radio or something 'cos i love the song?? oh and btw this sites is the beest!! well done!
A: Thanks heh. :-) I had it on there for a while, then replaced it with Until Then. I might put it back on since I'm putting post-Busted bands on the Busted radio (I don't really take requests for the non-Busted radio since I actually made that for my personal website).

These are basically comments on the picture of James holding up a sign saying 'hi Clazz', so I thought I'd put them all together.
Q: You are lucky. I'm a guy and I'm jealous. James saying hi, even in a picture, is awesome.
i am dead jelous, i can't believe james was holding your name up you must be pleased!!!
that is so cool james showed your name i wish that happened to me!!!!
WOW! U rock so much that james has written a note saying hi! i wish that could happen to me! u must be very happy! :-D
You must be sooooooooooo happy with that picture on this day : 20.10.05 ? I'm also happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG Clazz how sexsexsexsexsexsex is that picture. *Spaz* No Danny though :( But a very hot other 4! xx
A: Awww, bless you all heh.

Q: HOLY FRUMPLENUTS. I love you I do dear Clazz. x x x 5 days til birthdeh
A: Hahaha loveth. <3

Q: What exactly is the 'Sign' version of the video?
A: The one where the sign falls on James, I think.

Q: Man that pic is hopping (COOL) Clazz James is holding your name!!! I'm going hyper for you! Man that's hopping.... Can i take a copy of that pic? Please? Can i just right click and save as? Thank You (Soooo Jealous!)
A: Haha awww. Sure you can. :-)

Q: oooohhhh my god!!! it's a guy in my class that looks just like Charlie! and I'm sort of falling for him you know.. but I don't want to! I hate Charlie but I just really like him :s and I can't tell my friends they'd laugh at me because they know that I hate Charlie so then It's weird that I like that guy! arg! I don't know what to do!
A: If you like someone, you like someone...

Q: Why is James holding that Hi Clazz sign? oh lucky you! Lucky LUCKY LUCKY YOU!! u rule btw =)
A: Haha thanks. My mate met him and got him to hold up the sign. :-D

Q: What songs they have already done?
A: Who? What?

Q: could i please download son of dork eddies song?
A: No, you can buy the album. :-p

Q: OMG Clazz will u please answer me this time? I really lurrrrrve 'Paint Your Target' and I'm wondering whether you can give me a link for the mp3 or even a link for the video? Pls, pls, pls, pls, pleaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee clazzz.... I live outside Europe and it's impossible for me to find their album or singles, and it's KILLING meeee! BTW, don't cha think chaz sounds sexy in that song? Awww... Thanx. U RAWK Clazz! Mmmmuah! xxx
A: You can buy from HMV, can't you? If you email me or add me to MSN, I'll send you the mp3 if you can't get it.

Q: Hi I am so not trying to be horrible or anything and I am so pleased for u but r u sure james is really holding a piece of paper saying that on it cuz it could be computer trickery and the others aren't looking at the camera etc as though it aint happening
A: Yeah, it's real. I don't think my friend would lie. :-p Plus if it was Photoshopped, it would probably look more fake than that.

Q: I love you!!!
A: Haha, love you too. :-p

Q: helo.. the girl from Iceland again, but woww you are so lucky, its a cool photo and James is so nice, unlike charlie.. ok I think you know that I HATE him.. but you said that he did nothing wrong?? what the F*** do you mean by that?? ha? uhh YES he left Busted! ohhh I miss Matt soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! I just can't wait to hear him! And I wish charlie all the worst in the world! muhahahah.. and he mai dai in hell for me.. I dont give a shitt.. I just want him all the worst thing in the world! pease out ;)
A: Pshhhh. He left Busted, and that might be a decision millions of people didn't like, but he was forced to choose. If he had left Fightstar, I think he would have been really unhappy. Maybe not so many people would have been affected, but at least he followed his heart, and that's something a lot of musicians don't do.

Q: ohhhhhh i'm sooooo happy for you!!!!!! but when was it taken?..the photo?
A: It was at the Liverpool radio performance on October 19th, I think.

Q: what are the names of the son of dork boys?
A: James, Steve, Dave, Chris, Danny.

Q: Whatever happened to your CD project?
A: I'm going to make a mini-site about it. Basically, I need permission to actually cover the songs, and I can't find out where to get permission from. Argh. I might just go ahead with it and hope I don't get sued lol, because it might not even matter if it's unofficial.

Q: You have to keep updating this site, I don't see why you can't carry on as you have been, instead of making a S.O.D site. *sulks* This site will slowly rot away *cries* Please don't let that happen. Totally Busted has vanished, you can't, Nooooooooooooooooooooo! Can I please have some tissues? :(
A: Awww. This site won't rot away, it's staying as a Busted tribute and an information/media resource.

Q: Heya, when you say you are just going to have a welcome message, does that mean you aren't going to update it each day anymore?
A: Yeah, because there's no point updating three sites plus putting all those updates on this one - so I've come up with that idea to put all the updates directly from each site onto here heh.

Q: Do u have any good quality America or Busted?
A: Not on my computer, no. :-(

Q: the capital christmas performance thingy doesn't work.. can u fix it? luv ur site!! oh and how do u download the entire pitp performance i right clicked it and save target as...but it didn't work...
A: I don't know, loads of the videos don't work any more, which is really annoying. I need to have a big sort out.

Q: hi yas - i think this site is ace i really dont know how you have the time for it all, everythings so up to date its brill,keep up the ace work.:']:']
A: Aww, thank you! :-D

Q: what interview did busted say 'we'd all snog cheryl'
A: I'm not sure, possibly a Sneak one.

Q: u're so nice clazz
A: Awww, bless. <3

Q: girls aloud's new video they look like robots lmao
A: Which one? Biology? lol psh, they look nicer than they do in the Long Hot Summer one.

Q: You're opening a Son Of Dork fansite, you already run a Fightstar fansite, and I'll assume you'll be opening Matt fansite once he brings out some solo material - so what's going to happen to Busted Online?
A: It's staying. :-)

Q: "The markings on the wall were exhausted." Yeah, 'cause THAT makes sense...
A: Haha, that was a literal definition. So I think you just have to tweak it a bit - 'the markings on the wall were worn out' or something.

Q: The download of Charlies version of you said no doesnt work, could this be fixed please?
A: I think it should be working now.

Q: dirty clazz go to ur news archives and go to the very first page and click the link at the top lol, oh and on the busted album track listing it says one of the songs is called exceedinly fitness or something, whats that about?
A: Dirty Clazz?! Why? lol what did I dooo? Extra Exceedingly Fitness is the interlude on the album, I have no idea why it's called that. But if you play it in Winamp/iTunes etc, it states that as its title.

Q: hi! is it true that matt has got a new tattoo???
A: There is a rumour that he has a dragon on his leg, but there is a picture that could be absolutely anyone's leg.

Q: do you know the fan mail addy for sod.. i'm obsessed.. i love james!
A: Son Of Dork, c/o Prestige Management, 14 Princess Park Manor, Royal Drive, London, N11 3FL is the only one I have.

Q: where are the DECENT pic son of dork?
A: At the moment, Dorkville has a much better gallery than mine lol.

Q: Clazz, just to say I love the James wallpaper you made! :o) It's wicked!
A: Hehe, thanks. :-D

Q: Who does Charlie love?
A: Camilla.

Q: i love the wallpaper. good job! :)
A: Thank you. :-)