>> Answers to all your questions


Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: Which 1 is Steve in the Eurovision picture? The 1 in the midle looks like a mini Strider from Blazin' Squad lol!
A: Haha, I'm not sure which one Steve is, he might be the Strider one. :-p

Q: is the end of bustedonline? what happens when matt decides to make a career move?
A: This site will stay up.

Q: Congratulations on being voted 75th! Your site is awesome and I'm sure you will get even bigger and better next year. Thank you! Emma x x x
A: Hehe, thank you!

Q: hey guys, i was wondering if you could plz plz plz upload MOM name that tone plz casue i was on i, i was the girl on james's team and really want screen shots! thankz hally xxx
A: Ooooh, awesome! I think I posted the link, didn't I?

Q: are son of dork opening hmv dumfries?
A: They did, yes. I know this is rather late lol.

Q: Oink!!!!Was that white palace Charlies house??? Was it too big for them?
A: White palace? The mansion on the Popworld special? They joked that it was Charlie's uncle's house because he's posh. :-p I don't know who actually owns it, but it's the house in the Darkness' video for Growing On Me.

Q: People don't know who Scotty is?!! What, am i the only other star trek nerd here!! What about 'beam me up Scotty!' never heard that phrase! I'm not trying to sound mean to people who didn't know who Scotty was, it's just so... you know!!! OMG!! I just admitted to watching star trek, oh this is awkward and embarassing!
A: Hahaha! I watched Star Trek a couple of times, I can't remember anything about it though.

Q: la...la...la.... face the consequences....face the consequences... Good track!
A: Haha, it is. It's funny.

Q: On 'that thing you do' LIVE, does Matt say Manchester Bop, or Bob? Because i thought it sounds really fuuny as i can imagine people bobbing to the music...
A: He says 'Manchester, what?!'

Q: have u got top of the pops and mom if you have can you please upload it?
A: All the videos are uploaded on sonofdorkfans.org, I think.

Q: Hawdie, is Interlude a Busted song? Thankies, your site rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A: Yeah, its official name is Extra Exceedingly Fitness. Thank you by the way. :-)

Q: I think that Freefaller copied Busted coz in Freefaller's latest video apparantly they cross-dress. Sound familiar? (I don't mind freefaller BUT 1) they don't know what they're talking about (the manufatured thing) 2) If busted hadn't been so sucessful they probably wouldn't have been signed.)
A: I haven't seen the latest Freefaller video. They're better live that on the records. The whole manufactured thing pisses me off, I had an argument with Gary (the bassist) about it lol, which was quite amusing. I had it recorded as well hahaha. I'm not sure about the Busted/signed thing, but Freefaller have been together for about five years.

Q: Do you agree with Charlie's comments on Freefaller?
A: No, because Freefaller's version of Basket Case is a lot better than Noise Next Door's version of Time Of Your Life. :-p The thing is, Freefaller have released it because it's so popular when they perform it live. WHEN THEY PERFORM IT LIVE. Recorded, it sounds a bit shit, but live, it's amazing. They should have recorded a live version for the b side.

Q: What groups sound similar to Son Of Dork other than Busted?
A: Sort of Blink 182, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, maybe even New Found Glory.

Q: YouMadeMePickSODOverGreenDay. Nice One. What's wrong with me eh? But bloody hell the music scared me when it started.
A: Son Of Dork over Green Day?! Well, pah. :-p

Q: do you have this actual picture? (from here)
A: Here. :-)

Q: have you had sex before?
A: Haha, who's that to? Me or Busted? Busted have, I don't want to talk about my sex life on here. :-p (no, I haven't)

Q: only 10 songs on the album? money grabbing lazy arses! better be good
A: It's goood, but I don't think it should have been released yet.

Q: I need lyrics to all the other songs on the album cept ticket outta loserville! n r u sure thats the listing of the album
A: Yes, and all the lyrics are on sodfans.org.

Q: clazz can u plz upload 'when day turns into night', 'psycho girl' and 'dawsons geek' and also 'loser kid' cause i can't listen to the whole songs, every site i go to the audio is played in windows media and mine is corrupt. so plz if you could do this i'll really appreciate this. thanx :p
A: When Day Turns Into Night, yes. The others, no.

Q: You can get the lyrics to the tracks off the album too. Have you already got them though?
A: Hold on, you could get them at the end of October?

Q: Uh... is Eddie's Song a cover of Pearl Jam?
A: No lol.

Q: yay excited for the album... could've had better song titles tho :P
A: lol yeah, they've grown on me though, now I've heard the songs.

Q: when did matt lose his virginity?
A: When he was 13, allegedly.

Q: How do you make your own msn avatars? I like the ones on the site but I want to make my own.
A: I use Photoshop... you can download a trial version at adobe.com if you don't have it. I basically make a picture 95x95 pixels, then put a black/white/black border around them. For the text, I use pixelette and if you go into the layer properties, there's a list of options. Click on 'stroke' and change the colour to black and the number to '1' (it's usually set on 3). I don't know if you can understand that lol.

Q: where can i get sod autographs????
A: At signings, or you could try writing to Son Of Dork, c/o Prestige Management, 14 Princess Park Manor, Royal Drive, London, N11 3FL. I don't know if that would work, though.

Q: Why are all the downloads that you post on megaupload? my computer doesn't like megaupload. :-(
A: Because megaupload is the only site that has unlimited downloads. I'll try and find another way.

Q: Do you think that matt would have gotten into rehab if busted hadn't split up?
A: No, mainly because he wouldn't have time to spend a few weeks in rehab lol. He enjoys drinking anyway, but I think the Busted split just made him drink more until he realised he had to calm down.

Q: You're supposed to have a golden ticket to get into Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, not to meet SoD!
A: Hahaha, I know.

Q: WOW, james must be thrilled that he's friends with michael jackson, maybe they can moonwalk together lol
A: Haha, apparently it's all exaggerated though. :-(

Q: who played miss mackenzie in the video?
A: Ooh. I'm not sure, actually.

Q: Hawdie, is it possible that you changed the gallery, coz it's so different, and the photos are tooooo little. i liked it how it was before, and the most of all, some things are in Dutch? Is it my computer, internet, or did you change it? if that's true, well, do you pleeeaaaseee wanna change it back like it used to be? thankies, love your site, and keep going with this site, you make many BUSTED-FANS really happy :-)
A: I changed the gallery so it's easier for me to update. I have no idea about the Dutch thing, I didn't do anything to it. :-s

Q: Hey Clazz wicked site! I know this is a long shot, but is there anyway you could find out what sort of time SOD are going to be at Nickelodeon next week?
A: I think I put on the main page that I didn't know what time they were going to be on, didn't I? I don't know lol, but I didn't know anyway.

Q: Do u know if guitar straps fit all guitars or if u have to have a certain size for a certain guitar? Thanks
A: They should all fit, and they're adjustable anyway.

Q: hey! do you know which stores have the signed singles??
A: No, apparently one in Birmingham did.

Q: have u got any pic of james on cduk there first performance plz?
A: Busted or Son Of Dork?

Q: where does james live now?
A: London, still in Finchley, I think.

Q: Where can i download the clip for ticket out of loserville?
A: Good quality, I'm not sure. Buy the single. :-p

Q: awww james looks soo happy in the sod pictures! yay for smiley james! hoorah
A: Hehe, I think he's really excited about starting in a new band.

Q: hiya i was just wondering if u know where theres a son of dork gallery didn't you have 1 at 1 point? who do u think is the fittest from son of dork? i lurve steve!!!!! anyway great site n when is your son of dork site open?
A: It's open now, as you probably know lol. I don't think any of them are that fit, but Dave's alright, and James is still rather cute. The Son Of Dork gallery is here at the moment, I need to make a proper one though.

Q: what are their future plans?
A: *blinks* Charlie's in Fightstar, James is in Son Of Dork, Matt's planning to go solo.

Q: can you please give a summary of James' life before the band was formed?
A: Before Busted were formed? He grew up in Southend-on-Sea, and then got into Michael Jackson and realised music was what he wanted to do. He started learning guitar and writing songs, then met Matt and wrote some songs with him. Charlie joined the band and ta-da, Busted were born.

Q: What woolworths has signed copies of ticket outta loserville?? x
A: No idea, one in Birmingham did, though.

Q: awww rip off! www.bustedband.com oh yeah and www.sonofdorkonline.org is so a rip off of this site sue them!
A: Haha now now. I'm friends with Jenny from sodonline.org.

Q: i'm on broadband but it still wouldn't let me on the sonofdork site yesterday!!! that damn game!!!
A: Grr, I know, it's so annoying.

Q: Have you heard The Paddingtons? they are from Hull which is a hotbed of musical talent (well nearly) it will be when my new band ZORB hits the scene
A: Yeaaaah, I heard of them a few months ago and then saw them at T In The Park. The Paddingtons is a great band name as well, ha.

Q: I think McFly do appreciate Busted's help, they're still best mates with James
A: Yeah... I'm not going into this lol.

Q: If Charlie didn't want to be in a pop band why did he join Busted? Just think Busted would still be here if they picked Tom Fletcher instead of Charlie and Fightstar would be a small emo band who played gigs at Village Halls (I still like Fightstar though)
A: Well I don't like Tom, but I wonder if he'd be as arrogant in interviews if he had been in Busted. As long as he didn't sing in Busted... bah, Busted wouldn't have been the same at all without Charlie lol. I think Danny (Jones) should have been in Busted.

Q: If busted were still together do you think McFly would still be a bigger band? McFly rule and you know it! lol
A: I don't know it lol. I think McFly would have got big anyway, but it would have taken them far longer.

Q: Did Harry from McFly ever drum for Busted?
A: Only in the Crashed The Wedding video.

Q: Do u know which 10 Woolworths sores are getting the 60 signed copies of SOD's single?
A: Wargh, third time I've answered that lol. Nope, but apparently one in Birmingham did. That's all I know.

Q: I miss Matt sooooooooo much! :( After listening to where is the love? when he says Where is the love James... His voice is so nice!! I love him.
A: Matt's voice is excellent. I think he'll be a great solo artist.

A: Haaa. :-p

Q: Is it me or in ALL of the Fightstar videos, does Charlie look up and the ceiling/sky? I think hes looking for birds so they dotn poo on him.... Or hes turning very 'Emo' and is living up to it
A: Hahaha. I haven't noticed that actually.

Q: I Feel So Guilty!! I don't like busted no more!!! *cries* thing is there's nothing left to like at all!! there is no more Busted i dunno why but i feel guilty that I moved on... and I'm on total different music now (the Cure MCR The Used Anthrax HIM Slipknot.. that stuff) SoD is just a tiny tad annoying James wants his Busted Days too badly (in my opinion) and he's gonna end up like that fake journal entry... counting down days writing the same songs with just some different words in them (If you write songs you'll understand), And well Fightstar are awesome but i dunno what's happening with them... I was a Diehard Busted fan and I had spent two years to go watch them and my parents spent a lot of money to pls me cos we don't live in England... we went to the LAST show EVER and it was great but I dunno if i should regret it or not cos right now i'd rather watch other bands on tour... Matt might save me from this but nothing is happenening with him!!! Sorry for the ramble Luv Ems xxxxx
A: Ahhh, well it's not your fault if you don't like a band any more. I'm into all that music, but Busted are still one of my favourite bands ever. I'm a bit worried in case I suddenly don't like their music any more, but I think they're inspired me too much for me to ever stop liking them lol. Fightstar are touring lots, and their album is coming out in March heh.

Q: what is different with losing you and losing you (original)?? I can't hear the difference
A: There isn't much difference, to be honest. There's more piano in the second verse, and there are a couple of other little differences.

Q: could you possibly get the 'why' live version up from the dvd, thnx great site xx
A: The audio or video? I might be able to get the audio up, but buy the DVD if you want the video lol.

Some more comments on the picture of James holding up a sign saying 'hi Clazz'. :-p
Q: clazz fuck u r so lucky!!!!!!!!!! but u deserve it. (james writing hi clazz)
Q: Fightstar or son of dork? Who do you prefer?
A: Ho hum... I don't know. I prefer Son Of Dork's style of music, but then some Fightstar songs like Amethyst, Paint Your Target and Until Then are bloody amazing.

Q: Are you going to do a question box thingy on sodfans.org?
A: Yeah, I need to work out how to set it up lol, because I didn't actually set this one up myself. I'll get there, though.

Q: i'm asking for fso cos cant find the questions on there so, are you gonna put up the single songs like days i recall being wonderful and waste a moment acoustic etc? loves your site!!!
A: Ooh, I might do. I'll need to talk to Jen about that. We won't put them up yet though, cause the single wasn't released that long ago.