>> Answers to all your questions


Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: is charlie still in the band?
A: lol what? He's still in Fightstar.

Q: where can i listen to son of dorks new single?
A: I have live versions, it's being premiered on Hit40UK this Sunday, though.

Q: is the SON OF DORK cd coming out in the states at the same time?
A: I have no idea, sorry.

Q: do you know, where i can download 'america or busted' for free? by the way, your site is great! julia, austria
A: Thanks. :-) I'm going to upload the America Or Busted episodes some time.

Q: And can I have some pictures from SOD?? please..kisses Pinki
A: For your site? You can take the ones from other websites, but ask the fans if you can use theirs'.

Q: Hey!! *smile* I have a question.. can I give the videoclip from ticket outta loserville oh my page?? I hope so. kisses your Pinki
A: It's not my video, so I don't know.

Q: How did you get an interview with Micheal Rapheal??!!
A: Because myspace is my best friend. <3333

Q: will son of dorks cd be sold in the states?
A: I don't know, they probably will be some time.

Q: do you know how to contact prestige management?
A: I don't think I have their address, but prestige@gte.net is their email address, I think.

Q: on the son of dork web site it has a count down timer is it 8 days until the first time u hear the single coz i cant work it out plz tell me
A: Yeah, the numbers are days : hours : minutes : seconds. The countdown timer is for the website opening now.

Q: any sod vids?
A: Check the main page.

Q: when u sign in to the son of dork website it does not do anything it just stays on the front page plz help
A: Sign in or sign up? The sign up thing pops up into a new window, so check you don't have a pop-up blocker or something. There's nothing on the site to sign into yet.

Q: where did you hear the quote 'I need my jacket Charlie. I NEED MY JACKET!!!!'? lol! Where do you actually hear all of the quotes??
A: lol I'm not going through all the quotes. The jacket quote is from behind the scenes on their first arena tour on TOTP Sat.

Q: dO yOu kNoE wHeRe i cAn gEt tHe 'AmErIcA oR BuStEd' sErIeS? bEcAuSe i'Ve bEeN lOoKiNg eVeRyWhErE fOr iT.
A: omg please tell me you're taking the piss with that writing. Cause I'm not changing it lol. I'm uploading it some time.

Q: where I can find the song carry her?
A: The Suffolk Explosion CD.

Q: can i get 'present for everyone' album full songs? all... and the other songs that are not in the album...? i'm estonian... and i hope you can understand what i mean...
A: On the album. :-p Get it off Amazon or something. All non-album songs are in the audio section on the site.

Q: where can i find screencaps of america or busted?
A: I think americaorbusted.tk have some.

Q: Heya, just read the interview with Michael Raphael that you did (it was great btw) and I was just wondering, which magazine was the article for - can we buy it in the shops or is it like a magazine you sell locally? Cheers, and hope you enjoyed this weekend - i saw james (because I live in southend) on my travels and he was really looking forward to the gig, so it should be good! Luv Sarah xx
A: It's one I sell locally, I'm thinking of selling it online, though. I'm not sure yet. :-)

Q: Can't break thru is my favourite ever song!! Thanks for putting that interview up, it was really interesting!!
A: Hehe no probs. :-)

Q: omg i am sorry if you have already mentioned this but i was just watching busted's valentine message and as the song goes on charlie and james start singing to each other and i just read your charlie/james thing and i think they are in love, do you think this has anything to do with it?
A: Hahaha it's so cute! I don't actually believe they're together, but the 'evidence' is funny, and cute. <3

Q: i have some son of dork pictures is it too late to send them?
A: Noo, all Son Of Dork pics are welcome!

Q: i was wondering what the link to Michael Raphael's myspace is. would you mind posting the link?
A: Here.

Q: where can i find the whole videos of 'crashed the wedding' and 'who's david'?
A: Uh, on the singles, but I'll get them uploaded some time.

Q: Heya, do you know what movie matt was supposed to be in i forgot! Damon summin werent it? Thanks for any help
A: lol I can't remember, it wasn't Matt anyway.

Q: I realy don't think Charlie and his 'look-a-like' look the same. If the look-a-like didn't the same eyebrows and hair... they would look totally different
A: He does look quite a bit like him, but I know what you mean.

Q: Hey have u checked out McFly's new album? I'd advise u to... it's really different to their old stuff. I'm pretty sure you would like it. Okay bye! xx
A: I've listened to over half of it and so far, I think one song is decent.

Q: Enjoy Aberdeen on Sunday - should be wicked!!! Luv sarah xxx
A: Hehe, it was! :-D

Q: is there any pictures of son of dork from matthew st festival?
A: I don't think I have any yet, actually.

Q: This isnt a question but didnt bused release she wants to be me as a single? because its not on your singles page
A: It was a limited edition single, just not a proper one. I need to put it somewhere though.

Q: what is Matt doing now?
A: Writing/recording.

Q: Is that rumour about busted covering a Hanson single true?
A: No.

Q: I was just wondering, im a straight guy aged 15 and like busted is this normal? am i the only one?! Im on your site all the time its absolutely wicked! :P
A: Haha no, there are quite a lot of teenage guys that like Busted - even if half of them don't admit it lmfao.

Q: The song by James - End up like this. where is that from? is it when busted split or is it when he was with son of dork? is he going to release it? how did you get it?
A: 1. It's an unreleased track. 2. He wrote it in 2003. 3. I think it's going to be performed by Son Of Dork. 4. Someone sent it to me.

Q: Hi.. In Son Of Dorks song could the bit that you can't figure out be The Guys Were Cracking Up 'Until You Said Yeah'? I was listenin to it & I thought it kinda thought it sounded like that. Well done with the site by the way, It's still great. Emz xox
A: Thanks. :-) I think it's 'when you said yeah'.

Q: Do you miss busted? I do
A: 'Course I do. :-(

Q: I never thought McFly would actually release a cover song
A: What, Pinball Wizard? It's not the single, I dunno why it's being played on the music channels.

Q: Did you get my messages, if you want anything answered i would be able to ask one of the boys. keep up the good site, luv sami xXx
A: Ooh. Ask Matt for any news cause there's a distinct lack of it, ha. Do you know them all, then?

Q: do u know what son of dorks schedule is id be very glad if u could tell plz
A: Single's being aired on Sunday on Hit40UK, apparently they're performing on radio 1 next week some time as well. I don't know anything else yet.

Q: OMG OMG where in aberdeen are son of dork playing pleeease i need to know hehe
A: I put it on the main page, but yeah, it was at Duthie Park.

Q: OMG its all happening soooo quickly!!!! You are soooooooo lucky to be going to see son of dork!!!! i wished i lived near aberdeen!!!!!! Wow tell us alll about it!!! THANK YOU!!!
A: lol it's about time I had some luck. :-p I only ever got to see Busted once, and that was lucky.

Q: how did james burn his tongue? and does that affect singing?
A: Sparks from the pyrotechnics. It depends how badly you burn your tongue, but try singing when your tongue really hurts. :-p

Q: where can I listen to Son Of Dork's performance at Party In The Park online?
A: There are a couple of videos uploaded, it wasn't aired officially though.

Q: Hi! do you have any son of dork pics in liverpools pitp?
A: Not yet, I don't think.

Q: Hi, I was wondering if you knew what time Son Of Dork are playing at Aberdeen, as it runs from 1pm-9.30pm. Or if you know anyone I can contact to find out this information? Thanks, Kim.
A: I emailed you about that, but yeah, I didn't know what time they were going to be on, and Northsound wouldn't tell me, grr.

Q: Do you think that you could possibly get the lyrics to 'Ticket Outta Loserville'? I'd love you forever! =]
A: They're here.

Q: Hi there, please answer the questions before school begins... please! thanx Clazzie, I know you're a good girl. xxx
A: Argh, sorry! I was going to, but then I got pre-occupied with trying to arrange the Aberdeen trip, and then school and omg my life needs a schedule LOL.

Q: do you get bored of the same questions even this one?
A: Sometimes it can be annoying (the 'what is matt doing now?' ones never stop lol), but it's partly my fault for not answering the questions more regularly.

Q: hi, as you didnt answer it last time i thought i'd ask again, did you get permission for the recording of undesided with matt from the busted tour?
A: Sorry I didn't answer it before! It's answered on one of the other pages now, but in case you don't see it.. it's not mine, it's taken from a video that someone else took. I don't know if they got permission.

Q: I can't wait till November lol it's too long. why did they have to do a gig in august and then make us wait till November lol
A: For the album? Cause albums are a hell of a lot of work.

Q: have you got any videos of son of dork in party in the park oxford?
A: Yeah, I've put one or two on the main page.

Q: hey, u said a couple of weeks ago that u have made a page with all the websites on like rexfeatures, gettyimages etc, where can I find this?
A: Oh yeah, I need to upload that. Will do today. :-)

Q: Son of Dork are absolutly gorgeous lol but im not sure about Blondie lol
A: Oh, I think Dave is cute. I'm not bothered, as long as the music's good. <3

Q: wetsklnhsienhsjkn WHY am I always away when there's news *strop*
A: Sod's law lol, no pun intended. I always find that if I go away for a couple of days or whatever, I miss loads of news.

Q: Dude you are a star for reeping in all those pics! When do u think u r gonna be able to put the SoD song on here? x
A: Songs are onnnn, videos are on, it's all good!

Q: Have you got any pics of son of dork at the party in the park?
A: Lots and lots and lots.

Q: where can i find pictures of Son Of Dork?
A: Here.

A: Hehe. <3 I spent a whole week just being permanently hyper hahahah. Good days.

Q: do you like any songs off mcflys new cd?
A: So far, I like Ultraviolet.

Q: Oh my god, how good is Ticket Outta Loserville?!? And that Dave guy has a Fall Out Boy shirt on! They're awesome! I can't wait for the album!!
A: Hehe, they said that the album has the running pop/punk theme, so if these two songs are anything to go by, it'll be pretty good!

Q: Can you type up the lyrics to 'Ticket Outta Loserville' please? You're good at that sort of thing. Thanks!!
A: Ha, I'm rubbish at working out lyrics. A couple of people have helped work them out though. :-)

Q: Dave comes from WALES. heehee.
A: Really? :-p I don't get why they make a huge thing about it though, lmao.

Q: CLAZZIO! Haha I know we haven't spoken in ages, and with you being so excited about SoD and all that I really hate to bother.. but.. you know how forever ago I asked you about the tab books? Is there any way you'd still be up for putting them up? If you can, thanks katrillions, because I'm thinking of doing 'Without You' as a cover with a friend of mine to actually record. If not, it's alright, I understand. Tally ho! ~Emily
A: Oh yeah! I'll scan Without You later. I miss you so much, I need to go back on the official forums some time lol. I need to ask you something, I have an idea. <3333

Q: I want to know about Matt :) new group :)
A: He's going solo.

Q: OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG ticket outta loserville ROX!!!!!! they're soooooooooo kl!!!!!!! I LUV IT!!!!!! LUV THEM!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaargh!!!
A: Hahahaha I was so hyper when I heard it.

Q: that is wicked omg i was sweating cos i was so happy i luv u CLAZZ! and SON OF DORK!!!!!!!
A: I was sweating as well cause I ran around the farm LMAO!

Q: hiya clazz do ya know anywhere i can find the interview that matt and james had with frank skinner u know the 1 where matt's teacher was there? if ya do could ya tell me thanx a lot n great site xx
A: I have half of it on the computer, someone uploaded it on the busted.com boards though, so try asking on there. :-)

Q: Have u ever had sex with James, Matt or Charlie... in your dreams?
A: Haha no. Actually, I had a REALLY random dream once and James asked me to shexxx him. Oo.

Q: Its nice to see james smiling again! Wow i missed all this, keeping up with the band and all that. Tough things have been happening in our family recently, but son of dork seem to make it a whole lot better.. Thanks alot Clazz for everything really, i really feel as though i have a friend in you. Thanks. Maybe you should think of a career as a agony aunt? or have you already mapped out your future? anywho sorry if this is way too long!! It was all about James looking happy really. Thanks. bye.
A: Awwww, bless you. :-( I'm sorry about your uncle's brother, you okay now? I used to actually read magazines and think of answers to the problems lol, I could do that as a part-time job haha. I'm aiming to be either a musician or a music journalist. Both are pretty tough to get into, so fingers crossed.

Q: Hey Clazz I was wondering if you had any pictures from that -sob- press conference where Busted anounced their split? Cheers x
A: I've uploaded them all here.

Q: how do you make the layout?
A: On Adobe Photoshop.

Q: ooooooo dave is fit and so is James as always!! (god i sound like a teenybopper i'm not really!!!!) Which one is the American??? lol I heard the clip they are AWESOME!!!! xxxxxxx
A: Hahaha, Nick has turned me into a teenie. Dave is rather cute. I don't think there is an American in the band, cause I heard it's the drummer, but he's from Widnes (in England).