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Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: Is son of dork coming to canada?
A: Maybe one day. Let them release a single in the UK, first. :-p

Q: when will son of dorks music video be on the music channels and also what day next week will son of dork be on radio 1?
A: I don't think they were on Radio 1, actually. I never heard anything more about it.

Q: what does 'gsaa' mean?
A: That's what I was wondering.

Q: OMG how amazing was that SoD single on Hit40uk?! I love it, its kinda sum 41 meets blink don't u think? Blink are.. were...my fave band and now I think I have found a replacement! JB is a legend! hahahaa
A: I don't get favourite bands after one song lol. It's a good song, it's like Busted.

Q: where can i get son of dork lyrics to ticket outta loserville?
A: Here.

Q: IT'S SOOOOO EXCITING!!!! son of dork are going great already!!!
A: Heh, I think they're going to be good. I'm not going to pass proper judgement until I've heard the album, though.

Q: Lol, I was watching Back to the future III yesterday and this person tells Marty mcfly to dance so he starts dancing like Micheal Jackson doing the Moonwalk etc so that's why I said is that why James likes Micheal Jackson cuz Marty mcfly does lol
A: Yeah, but why would he like MJ because of that? :-s

Q: I was just reading the lyrics to Ticket Outta Loserville, and I was wondering who 'Scotty' was mentioned in the third verse? ur site rocks x
A: A character in Star Trek. And thankay. <3

Q: LyK oMgZ I got a mention in a question ^_^ I got the plectrooms cause I'm cool. I have them too ^_^. Another hug from Dom last night :D I shall tell ye all party events when you get online :D
A: Heh, I'm using one of the plectrums right now. And I miss youuuu.

Q: shite i'm in year 10 now and i have to do homework(before I did like none until when I got detentions) but i'm scared i'll do badly in exams, I got 5 for english and 4 for maths is that good?
A: Are you in England? I don't know how your exam system works.

Q: the killers somebody told me is a well good song
A: Yes, it's overplayed, though.

Q: those people who say shit about charlie are f**king annoying aren't they! I feel so sorry for him I can't see how people can find it to say so horrible things, how would they like it if they did something (which they have admitted they loved enough times - like charlie did) and then took the courage and decided they wanted to do something which they REALLY wanted to do and eveyone started wishing them to hell etc; WELL U WOULDN'T LIKE IT and it would make u feel hated by the world, thats what you're doing to charlie, i miss busted sooo much but we have to accept charlies decision cos it won't be exactly the same without him. if u like fighstar + charlie then cool but if u don't then keep it to yourself. do you agree clazz?
A: I dooo. Fair enough if people don't like Fightstar's music, but I hate people who hate Charlie because he 'split up Busted'.

Q: W0tz m@ d0!n nXt?!!21"!"? - Sorry Clazz, couldn't resist! :P. Myah x
A: Haha, love you.

Q: Hi.. I just want to know if SoD's album and single is only gonna be realeased in the U.K.. Because I live in Holland.. =), Laura..
A: I have no idea, sorry.

Q: is it true that matt is mentioned in jordans autobiography? and if so what does it say about him? i heard she slept with him or something??? cheers!! love ya site!! xxxxxx
A: lol I don't know, I haven't read it. I could ask my friend, cause she has it.

Q: What radio channel is hit 40 uk? thx dayle
A: Hit40UK seems to be on loads of radio stations, it confuses me. I just listen online.

Q: spracklen.. busted are aceeee, charlie is fit.. and i can't wait to hear james and matt's new stuff... brilliant site btw. :)
A: Hehe, thank you. :-) I'm excited about Matt's stuff hehe.

Q: to the person who wanted to know what the part of a song thats not a verse or a chours... it's called a middle 8... or m8 :)
A: See, I thought it was that. But isn't it only a middle 8 if it's eight bars long? Bah, I don't know lol.

Q: i know i've been going on bout this for AGGGESSS but please will u put make you mine on ur site cuz megaupload doesnt work on my comp for w/e reason (stupid computer) and can ya tell me where abouts on ur site it's on thank u, love ur site sorry to keep bothering u hehe
A: Tis here. :-)

Q: message to the girl who called clazz a dumb bitch for having the original losing you: the only dumb bitch is you cuz it's different it had an echo and stuff DUMB BITCH =P Clazz rox!
A: Now now. :-p It has more piano as well. Thankies also. <3

Q: Hmmm that mega upload thing won't let me download stupid thing! Do u know which date the video is from?
A: I'm not sure, sorry.

Q: Do u think that James only likes Michael Jackson because Marty Mcfly did a dance like him in back to the future III?
A: Okay, seriously. Whaaaat?!

Q: Do u know, Matt will be on new band or solo?
A: Solo. I'm adding this to the FAQ page before I get another 'what is Matt doing now?' question.

Q: when i click on full songs they play on the screen but i want to save them to my windows media player how do i do it plz?
A: Right click on the links and save target as.

Q: Hey Clazz. Was wondering when the album comes out in US...*sigh* it would probably take forever!
A: I have no idea, I expect the announced release date in the UK will change.

Q: Where did Cat get you the Busted plectrums?????
A: From the last Busted tour.

Q: hey clazz! great site! i'm like in process of transcripting america or busted! U want them when i'm done???
A: Eeee, transcripting is tough. If you want, I'll put them on the site when you're done. :-) Thanks very much!

Q: Wow, I just went through all the questions and some that I wrote for u when I was in a crazy mood really made me laugh and they have sent me mad again! Deep breaths. u know when ur driving in a car words dont get u far, no but when ur driving in a car and u come up to a bridge and ur gonna drive under it do u duck? Is that even how u spell that kind of duck?
A: Haha yes. And it depends how low the bridge is. :-p But usually, no.

Q: i wanna download Make You Mine but what should i put in to download it?
A: It's here.

Q: wtf is a 'flail'?!
A: Like.. when you're frustrated and wave your arms around lmfao.

Q: Do u know if them pics on the Hit40UK website are in any magazines as posters?
A: Not yet, but I expect they will be soon.

Q: you're the best person i know
A: Awwww. <3

Q: hey clazz do u have the single version of swtlo? i wanna hear the difference!
A: Tis here.

Q: hey clazz do you have the live version of thats entertainment? could u possibly put it up pweese =)
A: I have a live video of it, I'll upload that some time.

Q: is charlie really catholic? (I'm catholic, yoo are too aren't yoo?)
A: I think he is. And I am, how did you know? lol does it say on my site or something?

Q: :( for some reason i cant download the live version of son of dork
A: Hmm, why not? I'm going to put all the links on one page so it's not so confusing, but the Ticket Outta Loserville at Liverpool should download fine cause it's hosted on bustedgallery.com.

Q: I've got meet you there [live] from december if you'd like it?
A: Oooh. My mate sent me a video of it which is supposed to be the full song, but it stops half way through. Is your's the full version?

Q: the mcfly album is actually awesome and to the person who says they say they dont need any help on their songs well how come at the concert they were like this is one of my fave songs off the new album and james bourne wrote it see ya xxxxxx also i really love ur site busted rock mwah xxxxxx ps sorry if this offends u i just wanted to say that xx hope ur gcses went well its so cool u went to see son of dork bye xx
A: James only wrote Memory Lane, didn't he? And I still don't like much of what I've heard so far lol.

Q: how to get ticket outta loserville
A: I've got links to download it on the main page.

Q: Son of dork lyrics
A: Here, I'll get Eddie's Song up soon.

Q: Apparently Matt's writing a book?!
A: lol I have no idea what truth there is in that.

Q: Hey. Do you know what Charlie has been saying about Son Of Dork? I've been told that he hates them.. Stacey xx
A: I haven't heard anything about what Charlie OR Matt think of them.

Q: ohh I want BUSTED! :-(
A: andiwantdavecoughcough. [/teenie moment] So do I, Son Of Dork will hopefully be good, but I don't think they'll be as good as Busted.

Q: haven't u got the webchat they have with francesca palmer where matt was wearing the black t-shirt with a red pentagram on it?
A: Erm. I'm not sure. I might do.

Q: is james and kara engaged?
A: I haven't heard anything about that.

Q: are they gsaa?
A: Yes. *eye pop*

Q: are you going to upload the videos that you got from free at the dee?
A: Yeah, when I get it onto the computer.

Q: On the Busted Boards how do you put a picture in your sig??? im a newbie and havent got a clue. And how many posts do you need to become a busted god???? thanx xx
A: 500, I think. And put [img]URL OF PICTURE HERE[/img] in the sig box on your profile. (you need to upload a picture to photobucket or something and then copy the URL to replace the capitals).

Q: I want to know the live of the son of dork: when they born, what they like, if they are sisters or brothers...?
A: Nosy, aren't you. :-p Well James's D.O.B is 13th September 1983 and has two brothers, Nick and Chris, and a sister, Melissa. Danny has a brother, Craig, not sure if he has any other brothers/sisters. Dave's birthday is some time in June (around June 12th). That's all I know, ha.

Q: why dont u answer the questions that often?
A: Because I have a life. I go to school, I participate in (too many) activities, I run a magazine, I'm in a band, I like to see my friends now and then. So y'know.

Q: who sang can't break though by busted?
A: James.

Q: this is not a question, more like an astonishment! I cant believe you like Click Five. they are obviously a copied version of Busted with a more polished image. next thing you know, they'll release a cover of WIGTSF :\
A: Hahaha, now that would be interesting! I love that song on the radio (Just The Girl), but some of their stuff is really cheesy. It's weird, they look like a more indie or even emo band, but they're pop lol.

Q: why james is so cute :P
A: Because I made him that way. Ha.

Q: are charlie and camilla still together?? is he going to marry her??
A: I hope so, and I'm not sure what's going on with that.

Q: Hey. Is there any chance you could find out the lyrics for Eddie's Song? I've listened it over & over but still can't make out the lyrics.. And it's bugging me =( Thank you loads if you can.
A: Kachookee has worked some of it out, I'll put up what she's got so far. I've asked Dave and Steve if they can help correct the Ticket Outta Loserville lyrics, but they haven't responded yet. If they do, I'll ask about Eddie's Song, or I might ask Mike (Raphael) if he can help.

Q: do u have AIM?
A: Nope, just MSN.

Q: Why would Charlie want to give up performing infront of huge crowds for millions of pounds and play infront of a few ppl who pay 9?
A: Because he prefers being in Fightstar, and he was forced to choose. It does sound mad when you think of it like that though lol.

Q: Do u have Johnny Panic: Chemical Girlfriend? If so could you possibly put it up on the non Busted radio? Thanks!
A: The single version of it was on there before, but Coming Up Roses is my favourite song by them. <3 I can send you Chemical Girlfriend if you want?

Q: What's new about Mattie? :)
A: Nothing really, apparently he's writing a book but I have no idea if that's true.

Q: can u put all in all of the america or busted episodes? i luv ur site btw! ur the only busted web-site i know of that updates all the time!! u rock!
A: I will soon. And thank youuu. <3 :-D

Q: Do you know of any pictures of Matt's mum and dad? thanx
A: No.

Q: hey hey clazz.. i think ur doing a really great job with the site.. u know even though they split up n stuff.. well anywayz my question is when will u be bringing up the gallery.. thanks!! u rule!!! \m/
A: Aww thank you. :-D I need to make time to install the gallery properly, but hopefully very soon.

Q: The Click 5 is on the non busted radio!! YAYYY!!
A: Hehe yes. <3

Q: Non-Busted related, but d'you reckon KT Tunstall is gay? 'Cause the lyrics to 'Suddenly I See' make me think she is.. not that I mind, of course - she's a hot little thing. ;)
A: I have no idea lol. She confuses me, she looks quite young in the video, but like at the Mercury Prize, she looked much much older. In fact, how old IS she?

Q: can you please upload the sound check because im sure its very good
A: Yeah, I will try. I might have to split it if the file's too big.

Q: please put fightstar - until then back on the radio - i listen to it every day - pretty please
A: Tis on the Busted radio. :-)

Q: Fuck me. the charlie lookalike on myspace looks like him AND talks [well writes] like him. ABSOLUTE SHOCKER!
A: Haha, madness I tell thee.

Q: clazz what do u think of foo fighters new song 'D O A', it totally rocks!!!!!
A: Yeeeah, tis cool. <3 Although every time the chorus comes on, I half expect it to be Stacked Actors lmao.

Q: Are there any official websites that promote or give info about James' new band Son of Dork? Get back to me a.s.a.p. bye!
A: Sonofdork.com is going to be up in the next few days, Hit40UK has just released some info about them.

Q: Just been on FSO.com and read about the matching tatoos thing, I thought Charlie didn't want a tat coz he thinks they're tacky. (That's what I read in a busted interview ages ago.) p.s I know a lot of people say this but this is a great site.
A: lol I don't know if the tattoo thing is even true. I guess it depends on what the tattoo is as to whether it's tacky. And thank youuuu. <3

Q: can you put the pictures up from free at the dee?
A: I've put up the ones I took, I'll put up some from Sophie as soon as she gets them.

Q: are you going to upload the videos you got from free at the dee?
A: When I work out how to get them on the computer at a reasonable size. :-p

Q: Can I add you on msn? :D
A: Sure. :-) angeliciousdevil@hotmail.com.