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Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: Call me an eejit if u want to, but how the hell do u work the megaupload thingy? Im kinda computer illiterate... HELP! Can u explain please... oh and dumb the explanation down for dumb bums like moi... Cheers big ears!!
A: Near the top on the right hand side, it counts down about 40 seconds, then says 'Click here to download'.

Q: I heard some rumor that Charlie broke of his engagement with Camilla, and i was just wondering if that is true. I know u don't know everything, so if u don't know its understandable!
A: I have no idea, I haven't heard anything more about them, so I don't know what's true any more.

Q: hey, you said son of dork were playing in birmingham but now its cancelled, do you have any idea if they are playing anymore gigs and where i can get tickets from!!!! thanks
A: I don't know why they've cancelled their gigs. I put any new dates I find on the site so watch out for them heh. :-)

Q: can i download end up like this to windows media player?
A: How do you mean? If you right click and save as, you can save it as an mp3 on your computer to play in Windows Media.

Q: what is son of dork's website?
A: sonofdork.com.

Q: haha, i like james' green day hoody lol
A: I prefer mine. :-p It's a Warning one, ha.

Q: Why is the SoD video being played at a mcfly gig when mcfly are signed to universal and SoD are signed to mercury?
A: I have no idea lol, I think Mercury is part of Universal.

Q: Clazz can you re-upload Ticket Outta Loserville - Studio version - because I can't seem to be able to d/l it! thank youuuuuuuuu
A: I think I uploaded it on my other domain, didn't I? I'm confused, I can't remember lmao.

Q: do u have any live videos or audios of meet you there, can't break thru, sleeping with the light on, or any other songs/videos (live)? if u do can u upload them?
A: Sleeping With The Light On is on the DVD and live album. I don't have Can't Break Thru, I have the audio of Meet You There, though... and half a video, I don't know why it's not the full video.

Q: hi, i was wondering how on earth do you know all this stuff about busted and like everything i think its wikid. hope james had a good birthday, i was thinking of him dearly!! cya
A: Awww heh. I get a lot of news through the news form, then I find stuff on websites, in magazines, the busted.com boards etc etc.

Q: Steve wants James badddddd
A: He does. Ha, you can just see it, can't you. The new Jaybourne. Bah.

Q: i live in cornwall matt and james came down once and i missed them! they were down last week and i didnt know! ahhhh!
A: lol aww. They never come to Orkney, bah!

Q: is matt in rehab now?
A: No.

Q: i have a biiiiiig problem, i can't play the videos, but i read what you said about that realplayer, so i did what you said, but they say something about a creditcard, but i'm just a kid from 12 years, so it's very normal (i guess) that i don't have a credit card. so please can you help me? I really love your site
A: You don't need a credit card for RealPlayer, it's free. I don't think half the videos work any more, though. I need to sort them out properly. Thanks by the way. :-)

Q: ey, you know, i'm always listening to: i need my jacket charlie, I NEED MY JACKET, but i only saw it once, (because my stupid recorder was totally, AARRH) so i'm asking you: please can you please put that little video on this AMAZING site? please? :) Love your site!!!!!!!!!!! (forever)
A: Heh thank you. :-) I will try and upload it, I really neeeed broadband.

Q: do u think theres any chance of busted ever getting back together? :(
A: I don't know about ever, but not in the near future.

Q: This is random but what phone do you have? The video footage was really clear, much better than the quality of films my phone takes! (You did use a phone, right?)
A: lol nope, I used a proper video camera. I can't take videos on my phone.

Q: when do you think you'll be able to get 3am acoustic on?? Btw luvvin the site :-)
A: Did I ever upload that? I know I uploaded a couple of acoustic tracks onto megaupload, but I can't remember. Thank you also. <3

Q: how old are you and are you a girl???
A: Sixteen and yes.

Q: I neeeeeeeeeed news from Charlie and Matt!!!!! please!!!!!
A: How can I give you news on Matt if there isn't any? :-p Hehe. Updates on Charlie and Fightstar are on fightstaronline.com, I do update about them on here sometimes, though.

Q: How will Son of dork do a tour in october if their album comes out in November?? i'm so confused. I hope they come to Manchester!!!
A: I hope you read that update on the main page lol.

Q: do u know any where else i can here this song with out havin to download it or pay for it please ;'] cya dude thxxxx
A: What song? The live version of Ticket Outta Loserville? No, that's why it's called exclusive. :-p

Q: siiiigh busted wouldve had a new cd out now.. ahh i start thinking about busted and then i suddenly get all sad again because of the split. i miss busted, i really dooo. yay for your site tho, its ace :)
A: Urgh, I know. It's weird to think that we'd be hearing loads of new Busted tracks by now. :-( I miss themmmm. And thanking youuu. <3

Q: Clazz, please let everyone know that this 'Charlie Lookalike' they're talking about is, infact, a friend of mine (and John's) called Tino, and although he admires Charlie, he is in no way a poser. He's a genuinely cool guy, and rather than copying Chaz, he just has a lot of things in common with him. So let up with the insults. xEmily
A: I didn't insult him. I'm sure he's a really nice guy, and apparently Charlie knows him, and doesn't have a problem with him. I don't understand why the press is making out that Charlie's scared/annoyed. Although the pictures of him re-enacting Charlie pictures are a bit... Oo.

Q: i dont have a mobile right now so do u know if theres any other way to get the live version of ticket outta loserville?
A: I'm not sure - you might be able to pay through the site when it's been released or something.

Q: Would u possibly know the number to book tickets for the up coming Birmingham Son Of Dork gig? It would be much appreciated if u could tell me asap :D Fanshoo!
A: Gig has been cancelled. :-(

Q: how long are you gonna go on counting S.O.D's gigs?
A: Hahaha. 'And on Monday, Son Of Dork play their 109th gig.' That one I mentioned last was gonna be the last 'counted' one, though. :-p lol.

Q: hey... are Son of Dork doing a gig in manchester?
A: Not yet. Is Manchester on their radio tour dates? I can't remember lol.

Q: What's with Matt's alcohol addiction?
A: What do you mean? He went into rehab back in... April, I think, to control his drinking.

Q: ok why the hell is it horrible to hav shown the son of dork wideo at mcfly?it was actually really nice sorry if i offend u but some people like mcfly and busted who come on this site and it is sometimes really offending sorry if i upset ya coz i luv ur site its like the best site in the world eva thanku for keeping it open luv ya xxxxx
A: I wasn't meaning to be offensive to McFly fans. I just think it's a bit silly since most Busted fans wanted to see the video, and a lot aren't McFly fans, so it was pretty unfair to show the video at McFly gigs. So I'm sorry if it came across as being nasty to McFly fans cause I didn't mean it to. Anyway, thank you for the support heh. :-)

Q: Is steve really 17?
A: lol no one seems to be able to believe that.

Q: By the way, James - HOW drunk were you last night? You spoon. who are you talking about?
A: James Bourne. :-p

Q: james how does life feel now that busted has split and now that u have a new band, how is that getting on now?
A: Well I'm not James lol, but he said he's excited with Son Of Dork. I think he was pretty shook up by the Busted split, but he's just trying to look forward.

Q: when matts first video gonna come out?
A: I'm not sure, early next year, I think.

Q: Hey, have you got a download of 'Until Then' on the site?
A: Nope. If it's not on the album, I might upload it.

Q: when did busted split up? what date?
A: 14th January 2005. Announced just after 11am, if you wanted that, too. :-p

Q: question! if it costs 1.5 pounds, then how much would it be if u text it from america?
A: I have no idea. I don't know how much it costs to text to here from America.

Q: Wow, Busted were up for that award! How cool! Too bad they were beaten by The killers! They are good though.. do you agree?
A: Who, The Killers? They're alright, I absolutely love Mr Brightside, and Somebody Told Me was addictive until it got overplayed. Their album is pretty average in my opinion, though.

Q: Which song would you say was better? Ticket Outta Loserville or Eddie's Song?
A: Eddie's Song sounds good, I want to hear the studio version, though. So at the moment, I don't know.

Q: Part 2 of the soundcheck doesn't work, thought you ought to know
A: Hmmm, it should do. :-s

Q: hey, where can i find your email addy, because i have a question about the non busted radio. thankooooooo
A: Don't know if you ever found it lol, it's down the right hand side somewhere. clazz@sicknvicious.net or angeliciousdevil@hotmail.com.

Q: Have son of dork released a video for Ticket outta loserville?
A: They have now.

Q: SORRY SO SORRY I just pressed enter when i wasnt finished sorry. what i was going to ask was do you think i can still send james fan mail through that old one or if there a new address for james?
A: I don't know how reliable the old addresses are... they may pass on mail to James and Son Of Dork, I'm not sure, though.

Q: What are the words to Son of Dorks new song Ticket outta Loserville?
A: Click.

Q: thanks so much for those vids!
A: No problem. :-)

Q: The chords off Pieces sound like The Scientist by Coldplay :S
A: lol random. Everyone keeps pointing out similarities between chord progressions in songs lately. Mainly Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams / Oasis - Wonderwall lol.

Q: I AM DYING!!!! no Matt news?!?!? if he doesn't come back in 3 months time i'll kidnap him and torture him with sex toys!!11 .....ok soz baout all that it's just i really miss hearing from Matt.. after busted broke he was the ONLY one that went to shows and la la la la la but now he's vanished and it's really upsetting (not that i don't like Fightstar or SoD) but i really do miss his voice and those lovely jokes :(:(:(:( i think i need mental help......
A: Hahahaha! I miss him, too. :-( He and James are hilarious. Ah well, I'm so excited about his solo stuff, I think he's gonna be excellent.

Q: can u please tell me where james got that lizard tshirt from?
A: I have no idea.

Q: have you heard the new End Up Like This? is it good?
A: It's not much different to the original. And I just realised that it's not on the tracklisting for Ticket Outta Loserville, I wonder what happened to that. Unless it's going on the album, that's a possibility.

Q: Is Danny from SOD Scottish? He sounded like one of us anyways on the Hit40Uk interview! Yay!
A: I don't think so. He's from Widnes, which is in... Lancashire?

Q: if you have the new version of end up like this but you won't put it up what's the fucking point in saying it! ok maybe that sounded a bit too rude. I'm sorry! But it just annoys me.. you sounded like a real bitch saying that while you're probably really nice!
A: Okay, I took the message down. And I'm sorry if I sounded bitchy. Basically, I said it because a few people have been spreading it around on forums and stuff, when Michael Raphael stated not to. Anyway, if you want to download it (because I know after answering this, I'll get asked lol), you can get it at myspace.com/raphael. There I go, disobeying him lol.

Q: omg i completely and utterly forget it was the 13th today!! Man i suck, haha. Aww HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES Big love
A: Haha aww.

Q: Hey there, I wanna see the Charlie lookalike! What is myspace?...xxx
A: A profile site. I linked to the Charlie lookalike.

Q: Do u like my chemical romance? i do they are amazing!!! (not as good as busted though)
A: They're pretty good. Bit overrated, in my opinion, but they have some good guitar work in their songs.

Q: Why are busted so cool?
A: Because they were fun. <3

Q: Happy birthday James!!!!! Wow his an oldie! Almost my birthday too! In just 4 days!! woooooo im excited!
A: Haha, I still can't believe he's 22. Hope you had a good birthday. :-)

Q: Happy birthday to James, Happy birthday to James, Happy Birthday to Ja-mes Happy Birthday to James. And for my brother's birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday to Chris Happy Birthday to Chris Happy birthday to Chr-is Happy birthday to Chris! (Isn't it unfortunate that my brother's birthday is on the same day as the 8 month anniversary since the busted split :-()
A: Awww. Hope your brother had a good birthday!

Q: Who are Click Five and what is gsaa? thanx. rockin site btw!
A: Thanks. :-) The Click Five are a powerpop band from America, they're relatively new. And gsaa, I have no idea lmao. I just nodded in agreement.

A: Hehe, aw. :-)

Q: on the son of dork website it had 3 days left till it opened why has it changed till 9 days now?
A: Because the webmasters were being lazy lol. I take that back now, though. It's a really good site design.

Q: In Ticket Outta Loserville they mentioned a 'Scotty'... Who is he?
A: A character in Star Trek.

Q: Why did Kara break up with James?
A: Who says she broke up with him? I guess it wasn't working, or something. It's none of our business, really, though.

Q: Hey Clazz. Do you know of any place where I can find the Busted interview in The Big Issue? Muchly appreciated if you can :) Gemma
A: Click here. :-) It's a good interview, but sad.

Q: pinch me is this real im on a one way ticket outta loserville!!
A: *bops*

Q: can u upload eddies song?
A: I uploaded a live version.

Q: i can't get on the busted or son of dork site can u?
A: It wasn't up when you sent that, it's up now though.

Q: Thans for being so nice clazz, about my uncles brother and everything my auntie and family came down( ie to england from ireland) and i feel soooo much better now! Oh! by the way i heard ticket outta loserville on hit 40 uk and omg how amazing is that song!!!! IM SO HYPER NOW!!! I didn\'t thimk i would like son of dork but i have certianly changed my mind now. I think my whole group of friends and family are getting really bored with me for talking about son of dork nonstop. Thanks for always being cool and i dont think anyone knows how old KT Tunstall is... (Mystery!!) Love you always...
A: Awwww, bless you. :-) Son Of Dork are pretty damn cooool.

Q: u should have a link to sonofdork.com under the links for the busted and non-busted radios with the busted, sicpuppy and fightstar
A: There's one there now, but the site wasn't open before.

Q: Do you know anywhere where I can get Matt with Miles Slater and MC Greek - Make You Mine? Cos I've FINALLY managed to get Megaupload work o my computer and it seems no-one has the file anymore. :(
A: Here. :-)

Q: are u gonna put up the america or busted episodes? when? pleaso do cuz it would be totally awesome! btw ur site rox!
A: Well I'm still arguing with the mother about getting broadband haha. I will get them up eventually, bah. Thank you by the way. :-)

Q: Hi, i cant get the mega upload link to work, is there any other way i can get the song please?
A: Which song? Studio version of Ticket Outta Loserville? I'm going to get all files uploaded somewhere as well as megaupload, so I'll sort that out soon.