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Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: Bless your heart!! That was such a cute thank you! You so deserve all the praise this is ace! I am currently working on one for SoD and if it becomes even half as good as this I will be happy! Well done xx
A: Awwww, bless you. Thanks! <3333

Q: ooh what would i do without this site! my #1 source for james/matt/charlie news :)
A: Aww, thanking you. :-D Mucho love.

Q: yay happy 3 years! :D hehe
A: Booyah! <3

Q: d'you know what busted thinks about cheerleaders?
A: Judging by the Son Of Dork video, James likes them lol. Not sure about the others.

A: Thank youuuu. <33 I've put all the birthday messages at the bottom hehe. Thank you to EVERYONE who sent them in, I really appreciate it! <3

Q: I'm an American Busted fan, and some of the lyrics confuse me a little. Like this one: the markings on the wall were jaded, I wonder why. What does jaded mean. I'm dumb.
A: Jaded: exhausted.

Q: The 'Last Christmas (live on TOTP Sat)' doesn't work, could you PLEEAASE see if there's something wrong with the uploading or something?
A: Fixed! :-)

Q: do you have charlie's version of why that he changed for their one tour? if you dont do you know where i can get it? thanksss
A: Nope. :-( If I knew where you could get it, I would have it lmao.

Q: Wassup with the Busted 'thank u' album, clazz? I'm so hoping that they do mean what they said before.
A: I heard a rumour that they were going to do a greatest hits, but Charlie said no. Knowing rumours like that, it's not true.

Q: Extra Exceedingly Fitness... what is that?? where can i get hold of it? it isn't on my cd...
A: It's the interlude between Without You and Loser Kid on the first album. It's just 18 seconds of guitar.

Q: lol the biogs on the SOD website are so funny!!
A: Ha, they seem like great guys.

Q: it's good to see matt and james together again!
A: Hehe yeah, they're still good friends. It's weird not having them on stage together, though.

Q: i really love 'ticket outta loserville' , what about you and what would you rate the song out of ten?
A: Out of 10? Hmmm, 8. I like it a lot.

Q: is james fit?
A: In which context? Either way, yes.

Q: OMG SOD SITE ROX!!!!!!!! i literally stayed on it for about an hour!
A: Haha, it's a really good design. Needs more content thoughhhhhh.

Q: when can i hear ticket outta loserville?
A: Now.

Q: where can i hear son of dorks new song?
A: Here.

Q: is it true that Busted are going to play at Wembley Arena for Band Aid or something.. the 18th of december?...or is it just a rumour..
A: Ya what? That was last year lol.

Q: can you plz change da pic of da moment cuz u've ad dat 1 4 agggges i fink tht new 1 of matt n james in dat club taken las friday shud b da pic of da mo gr8 site n i'll b buyin 1 of ya cds!
A: Well done on your English skills. I really can't be bothered to change it. *eye pop* I may do, I'll see.

Q: hi ya dude!!!!! um i was wondering do you know if on the sonofdork website can anyone get your email address when you register?? thank you
A: Nope, just the team who run the site.

Q: hey..Clazz.. I'm from Iceland, and I'm a BIG FAN of Busted.. and I'm sooo not over Busted! and I HATE charlie sooo much! I just HATE him! hes an Focking ass!! and yes I HATE him!! and I love Matt! he is my god and I can't wait to hear something from him!.. but anyway.. the year 2005 was hell!! and I will never forget the 14th of Jan.. and I think charlie is THE BIGGEST mistake ever! and I HATE him.. ok I've said that a few times.. but I just HATE him sooo much.. I can not explain how much I HATE him.. and I don't think you want to know that..really.. so sorry I just had to say that.. and yes by the way.. you site f**king kick ass!!
A: Wow, that's mature. I'm sure if James of all people can get over it, then you can. Charlie did nothing wrong - unless of course, following your dream is wrong. Mehhhh.

Q: hey.. i was wondering if you culd give me the link of the site that Matts interview was in holland.. and the Matt dance.. if you can.. your site rocks by the way
A: Thanks. :-) Interview is here, video is here. :-)

Q: Pfft as if any SOD fans are going to be over 18 LOL
A: Why not? I know a few over 18.

Q: how charlie got into the band?
A: Matt and James held auditions, and chose Charlie.

Q: can u plz up date the answer page more often i love your site its brill
A: I'm terrible, aren't I! lol I always say I'm going to update them more often and then I get distracted. Thank you by the way. :-)

Q: Isn't any of the guys in the 'make poverty history' advert? d'you know where I could get a hold of this one? I've only seen the American one.. Please?
A: Hardly anyone's seen the one with Matt and James in, it's annoying. Apparently it's in the German advert, I don't know if that's true, though. I've got pictures, I haven't seen it, though.

Q: is SOD TOTP performance goin to be repeated at bbc prime? cause im portuguese and i can only see what tunes at bbc prime and sometimes at saturdays i c totp...its the same init? plzzz answer ps: thanks for the site and for all the infos u give us...u rock clazz!!!
A: Thankay. :-) I think I said on the main page about this. I don't know when TOTP is repeated any more, anyway, cause it's been changed to Sundays. There's a TOTP Reloaded on Saturdays, I'm not sure if that's what you see.

Q: Is there a limit you can download from the megaupload site, as it says too many from my IP address or something?
A: I have no idea, actually. I didn't think there was, but maybe there is, then.

Q: is there any way of kidnapping charlie and make him do something for the last time? i dont care if i go to jail it'll be worth it :P
A: Hahaha. I want them to have a little surprise reunion on stage one day like The Clash.

Q: where can i find pics of son of dork?
A: Here.

Q: wHy is chaRLie sO daMn hOtT!?!
A: BeCoZ i SeT FiRe 2 HiM. Argh, that writing lol.

Q: I can't see the new Matt & James pic!! it has one of those little Xs! I am gettin upset!!
A: Should be fixed now.

Q: Seeing as Matt is going solo.. what type of music will he be singing?
A: Probably pop punk, I know as much as you, though.

Q: your plan is great! i can play drums and bass guitar. i think i might be albe to help but im not really good at them. and im not sure if i can record and send them in any way but i'll do the best i can!
A: Hehe, thank you! I've messaged Michael Raphael about what to do about permissions, but he hasn't got back to me. Hmm.

Q: I love you clazz.
A: I love you too! *sob*

Q: Hi, are you anything to do with www.sonofdorkonline.org? Cause it's very similar to bustedonline, i was wondering if you were part of it. Big luff xx
A: Nope. I've bought sonofdorkfans.org, that should be up soon. I wanted sonofdorkonline.org lol, ah well.

Q: Can you get the lyrics to Mcfly-No Worries up please? Because James co wrote it right? Thankoo.
A: I have them up here.

Q: I've already asked this a few times but can't find it back in the answer page.. Well, the SoD Album, does it only comes out in the U.K? And I've got another question.. I wanna have a Busted T-Shirt, but I live in Holland, so I can't buy it on an English site, cos you need to pay it with pounds.. Do you know a site where you can order something with Euro's?.. I've also tried the Dutch E-Bay, but they haven't got anything.. Thnx..
A: Hmmm, can you use the British eBay? I think you can if you have PayPal, I'm not sure, though. But there are lots on there.

Q: Grand Unification Part 1 <- can't they just make all names of the songs as short as 'Mono'? Grand Unification Part 1 takes a lot of time to type =P
A: Hahah. It was called Covered And Coarse, I dunno why they changed it.

Q: james's birthday
A: What about it? It was September 13th. ...yes, was. Then I ate it and it changed to January 12th. SEE, WE ARE TWINS.

Q: when is there going to be a son of dork online?
A: There already is one, so I'm getting sonofdorkfans.org.

Q: Have you heard anymore about matt and Emma's apparent split?
A: I think they're still together, I don't know, though.

Q: Hey. Love your idea for the Cd and all that. But what are we going to do with it once it's done? Give it to them? xxx
A: I don't know lol, as I said, I've only just thought about it, really. But it would be nice if they could get it.

Q: what type of music group did busted do punk,rock or pop and why weren't they ever on kerrang!
A: Because they were pop (with rock/punk influences, but mostly pop). Although Avril Lavigne is on Kerrang, which I think is ridiculous.

Q: hey clazz could u plz upload 'everything i knew' cause i remember u givin me this website and the uploading on that expired. thanx :p
A: Okay, I'm going to upload When Day Turns Into Night, Everything I Knew, Falling For You and Loner In Love, since those aren't on the European albums.

Q: OmG DAvId SaId hE lYked MY cOnVeRsE!
A: *eye pop*

Q: is matt making a single?
A: Yes.

Q: dO yuh havE a pic of chaRLie's Look a Like cause i've heaRd all abOut it nd i havent seen a single pic of him iF yOu havE One can yuh pOst it fOR me?
A: Why do you bother typing like that? Aaaargh. Charlie lookalike is here.


"Happy Birthday" bustedonline.org and thank you, cheers Clazz you are a star.

hey, i just read your post from 25.09.05 i wanna thank you for all the hard work you've put in and for what a great job you are doing keeping the busted spirit alive, if i want a little piece of busted news now i visit ur site, its the best and most upto date ive found, thanks a million for all ur effort. from bec, long live the memories and careers of charlie matt and james cheers dude

Jeeeeeeeeeej Happy Birthday Bustedonline!!!!!!XXX

just wanted to say, that this is a great site and you do great work!! :-)

clazz, ur doing SO WELL with this site!!! its so kl!!! ple join my myspace if u have it!! www.myspace.com/hellie_h!! cheers!

just to say i luv the site and happy 3rd birthday lol! great work on the gallery too, especially the pics on the ATFEE tour 17th dec because thats when i was there! thanks for all the great work xxxx

Happy Birthday BustedOnline.org!!!! I made you a little something here: click (BLESSS <3!)

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday dear bustedonline.orrrrgggg!!...Happy birthday to youuuuu!!! yayyyy!!! lolol...Congrats Clazz on 3 years of one hell of a website!!..One of ma fave sites to get all the info so hooray to you!! lotsa luv Debz xxxx

Not a question just wanna say Happy Birthday Busted Online! I come on here everyday because you put news on all the lads here nearly everyday! Thanks for a great site and lets hope it stays open for years to come! Clazz you rock

Happy 3rd bday :) You've done really well with this site. *Emma*

happy 3rd birthday to the site :) oh and you don't have to answer this if you dont want to because you probably get too many questions as it is!

Clazz you are one awesome, kick-ass webmistress! xxx Thania