>> Answers to all your questions


Quick note: I say 'lol' (laugh out loud) and 'lm(f)ao' (laughing my -fkn- ass off) sometimes, and some people ask what they mean, so there you go.


Q: hey.. can you put the Matt dancing with the videos?
A: Good idea. Will do!

Q: hey i was wondering.. where did you got the You Said No live.. that was in the busted radio..
A: The live album. :-p

Q: What are Son of Dork on? I heard they were on TOTP and i saw that but are they on anything else?
A: See the schedule page.

Q: Can u post a pic of ur ass lol
A: Yay for maturity!

Q: Are SOD doing any concerts???
A: They will be.

Q: I missed totp when sod where on, do u know if its repeated?
A: There's always one... I don't know when TOTP is repeated any more.

Q: download ticket outta loserville
A: Link is on here.

A: I was thinking of getting that, but my mate's just got dorkville.org, so I've got sonofdorkfans.org.

Q: ok.. i know this got nothing to do with Busted.. i've been looking for a Queen songs.. but i cant find any! do you know of any.. i've done Queen on google but i cant find any..
A: Whaddaya mean do I know of any! Bohemian Rhapsody is probably their most famous, and one of the most famous songs of all time lol.

Q: what mcfly gig were matt and james at?
A: The one on September 30th.

Q: haha, in that new pic, james looks like he's about to pull that guy, lol
A: Maybe he was! *eye pop*

Q: how old charlie is?
A: 20.

Q: yes!! you answered my question. finally. i still think red kriptonyte would be a cool name instead of sod. if you're a smallville fan you know what red kriptonyte is. so end up like this was recorded in 2003 so it's not about charlie.. or.. james could have realesed the song on the internet thinking of charlie.. now.. matt.. where the hell is matt? belgium? so many places i've heard. and damn, emma is being seen with too many guys.. i'm almost sure they broke up. and charlie and camilla?? so many rumours! i'm still trying to guess what is the surprise that james said he was going to put on the welcome to loserville. someone said it would be a duet with matt.. that would be hiper cool but i think the other members of sod wouldn't like the idea. i wish matt was in sod. instead of steve. james and matt should have formed a band. they should have stayed together.. james matt dave chris and danny.. that would be cool. hey clazz.. this site is awesome.. and you´re a really coooooooooool person.
A: Woah, long message lol. Red Kryptonite is definitely better than Son Of Dork. Kryptonite by Three Doors Down is a good song as well, ha. I think Matt and Emma are still together, no idea about Charlie and Camilla. Matt's in London at the moment. He and James are still best friends, but if they were in a band together, they might as well have carried on Busted. :-( Thank you, by the way heh.

Q: what are fightstar doing on the busted radio!
A: Well I decided their new projects could go on there as well lol. Mainly cause I didn't want too many songs on the non-Busted radio, but then it makes sense anyway.

Q: end up like this?
A: Download here. Song that James wrote with Michael Raphael, but didn't make it onto the second album.

Q: YAY YAY tip-ex!!!!
A: Wahey!

Q: are you a knob?
A: Yepp.

Q: Do you know what the legal drinking age is in Amsterdam lol?
A: Umm, I'm not sure, sorry.

Q: i heard The Click Five on the non busted radio and i was just wondering are they english or american (or anything else!)??? btw i saw CD:UK as well and i was expecting a bit more than that! maybe theyll put more of the video shoot on next week!
A: They're American, I don't know much about them, really. I heard of them through popjustice.com heh.

Q: Shall we make a SOD fansite? :D
A: Depends who you are. :-p

Q: Apparently Son Of Dork are doing a Gig in grimsby near Lincoln. If you have any information please let me know?
A: Is that part of their radio tour? Apart from that, I don't think they have any gigs planned yet.

Q: arg! i hate that i can never get any Busted ringtones.. because i dont live in england.. i live in iceland and i cant get any ringtone whith Busted there! it sucks!!
A: Awww. I don't have any Busted ringtones. I did make my own Crashed The Wedding on my old phone, I ought to see if I can compose ringtones on my new one lol.

Q: All-Nighter tonight baby yeah but hushh cause the parentals don't knowwww ^_^ proper rebellion i tell you *hardcorrre* hopefully there shall be SOD flyers on McFlea chairs tonight as Hannah's going and I'm making her get me one. ^_^
A: Oooh, I still don't have one lol.

Q: is james making his own band?
A: Where have you been?! O_o

Q: how can i join?
A: Join what?

Q: *teenie moment* clazz i got that chainsaw we needed to cut dave in half =P all we need to do is find him ((what side doo yoo want?)) *teenie moment over*
A: Hahaha, you still stalking? :-D

Q: I'm a stalker! nah I know your catholic because i have yoo added to my myspace lol
A: Ooh okay. lol that's alright then. :-p

Q: did james bourne ever have sex with a girl?
A: No, I mean he's only 22.

Q: Why does it take you so long to answer the questions?
A: Because school sucks. :-( I should answer them more, though.

Q: are you guys back together?
A: Nope.

Q: hey kerrang radio (105.2 fm) have signed son of dork! my sis works for them, and told me straight away tonight. they had been pondering over it for a while! ok thanks!!
A: Has it been played yet? Cause I haven't heard it.

Q: What kind of guitar is james's black one? u know.. the one he's been using a lot recently like in Liverpool, and Oxford n stuff.
A: Hahaha, I've been wondering that for ages, actually. And I just realised he even said it in an interview and it didn't even cross my mind. It's a Schecter, Diamond series.

Q: Clazz, do you know where I can find an mp3 for Fightstar's 'Paint Your Target'? I live outside the UK and I don't think I can buy the single anywhere. But I sooooo luff that song! Aarghh...help me PLEASE, Clazz my gurrrl..
A: iTunes might have it. Or illegal file sharing programs, not that I should condone that. :-p You can get the single from HMV.co.uk or Amazon.

Q: can you put 'end up like this' on the site again? I love that song!
A: It's still on the site, here.

Q: hi, u rock! do u know where i can get hold of the piano music for meet u there? i need it for skool and cant find it anywhere!! thankx dude, u r amaxing \m/
A: If you give me your email address, I can scan it and send it to you.

Q: I see you want to make a Son of Dork website.. why not called in welcometoloserville.org???
A: I was considering that or loserville.org, but I dunno. I'm going with sonofdorkfans.org anyway heh.

Q: what type of girl does james like?
A: Just someone with a sense of humour and who's fun.

Q: In the Crashed the wedding video it looks like Harry from McFly is the drummer in the vid.. why is he the drummer?
A: I have no idea why they got him to drum.

Q: i love son of dork where can i see them?
A: On TV, and they're doing a radio tour at the moment.

Q: I went to see McFly in manchester last friday and i was really hoping to see S.O.D. i was really excited to hear them and to see JB live again! There were S.O.D. leaflets everywhere but all we got from the guys was a video message :( do u know why the guys werent there coz im soo gutted? love the site BTW i come on here every day :D luv Jenny
A: Because they were never supposed to support them. I don't understand why loads of people thought they were lol. Ah well, at least you got to see the video before loads of other people. :-p And McFly.

Q: Sniff! How come you're so damn nice.. Happy Birthday Busted online!!! Clazz you'll always be number 1 no matter what they say! Love ya.
A: Awwww! Bless you. <33!

Q: how do i download ticket outta loserville?
A: On megaupload? You have to wait a minute for it to countdown, and then it says 'Click here to download' near the top.

Q: Is America Or Busted coming out on DVD?
A: I don't think so. :-( People are selling unofficial DVDs on eBay, though.

Q: Do you think its going to boost Son of Dorks record sales when you upload their single onto the internet in about 5 different formats which is downloadable for free? As far as I can tell - early over exposure & free downloads will infact seriously dent their chart position.
A: Bejeeeeeeez, someone ALWAYS complains. I uploaded the studio version from the radio (ie. not as good as it'll be on the single) so that people could hear what they've been looking forward to hearing for several months. Plus the single has much more than just the one song.

Q: In summertime in Main (?) [from eddie's song] the main part, could be summertime in MAINE (state in usa)
A: Argh, so Americanised lol.

Q: there is already a son of dork online website... are you going to have the same name for yours?
A: Nope, I wanted Son Of Dork Online, but Jenny ruined my flow. :-p Hehe. So I'm getting Son Of Dork Fans.

Q: any newz about mattz songs?
A: Not yet. Every day is a day closer, though!

Q: where can i find the full video clip of loserville?
A: I put it on the main page after it was premiered on CD:UK. :-)

Q: im slightly confused coz wasnt it someone called chris lennon on the third guitar??? and the third guitarist doesnt look anything like the chris in SOD!!! so is it me or is that wrong?
A: *Leonard. I know what you mean, but it has to be him. They've even said themselves that it was him guitaring for Busted.