>> Busted arguments

Yeah, everyone knows I love them, but people slag them off for this and that, so I decided it's time to argue.

Argument 1:
They think they're rock when they're not

Actually, they do not call themselves 'rock'. They said anyone who thinks they're rock are wrong - they are pop with a rock influence. Matt also wanted to win Best Pop Act at the Brits just to show they're proud to be POP.

Argument 2:
They don't write their own songs

Check the album credits. Every single song is written by them.

Argument 3:
They don't have a drummer

This is something which annoys me. Damon Wilson was their drummer, and before that it was Gareth Brown, who was promoted to the musical director. I personally think that Damon should have officially joined Busted - I know lots of Busted fans who agree with me, so it wouldn't affect their career in a bad way. In fact, it would give them more credibility that they deserve.

Argument 4:
They can't actually play guitar - they just use them as props, and they don't even plug them in

Go to a live gig, and come back and still proclaim that. Trust me, you won't be able to. Oh, and you can get something called wireless guitars nowadays... meaning they don't have to be plugged in.

Argument 5:
And now one of them pretends he can play the drums!

That's because *shock horror* he can.

Argument 6:
They mime, and can't sing live

That's because kids TV shows suck. They're much better live, and they play live on TV a lot more regularly now, even on TOTP Saturday, where they seem to be the only band to play live.

Argument 7:
They're talentless and their music is crap

It's up to you if you think their music is crap, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But no talent? Which explains why they write ALL their own songs, and play their own instruments to their own songs? I rest my case.

Argument 8:
They try and act all punk - I bet they haven't even heard of the Sex Pistols!
First of all, how the hell do they act PUNK? They don't. At all. I don't know how anyone can put 'Busted' and 'punk' in the same sentence (ha, I just did). And it's funny that Matt owns a Sex Pistols top and owns their CDs... by the way, the Clash are better, and Matt agrees.

Have any more arguments? Try me.

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