>> Credits

Well, who can I thank? Busted first of all, because obviously without them this site would be non-existant. And to be quite honest, so would I.

Thanks Becci for hosting me at loserkid.org for 7 months, giving me the opportunity to expand the site's popularity.

Current hosts - my good friend Owen Rudge and also 1+1.

Also thank you to everyone who has submitted news over the years, but particularly to these:
Kim, my 'official' Dutch news person.
Maia, my 'official' Canadian news person.
Ashley, my 'official' American news person.
Yaara, who has provided us with more videos that I can count!
('official' news people are just friends that I talk to on MSN that happen to give me news from those countries stated)

And finally, thanks to you. Anyone who has ever visited this website, everyone who has helped it to build up success. It's been amazing.