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By Anonymous

Matt you're hot, Matt you're fine
I really wanna make you all mine
James you're cute, James you're stunning
When the girls see they all start running
Charlie your sweet, Charlie your hair is fluffy
You have big eyebrows that are all scruffy

By Jenni and Mel

James is gorgeous, James is cute
James' freckles are minute
James is hunky, James is fit
James is like a lollipop stick
James is sweet, James is tasty
James go out with me, don't say maybe
James is short, James is weird
James has not got anything pierced.. or so we think ;-)

By Chloe

My Obsession:

I turned on the TV bored as ever
I heard a song that I thought was clever
About a girl turning someone down
It got stuck in my head because it was loud
Next I heard it on the radio
They had someone waiting on the phone
His name was James, he was from Busted
I realised he was from the TV I then sussed it
Then I saw them on a magazine
I picked it up cos it was for teens
I read the article that they were in
I decided not to throw it in the bin
I cut out the poster and put it on my wall
I noticed that one of them was really tall
One of them had quite funny hair
Then there was one sat on a chair
I thought that one must be James
Then I remembered the other twos names
One was Matt one was Charlie
He had a nickname, it was Farley
When I was shopping I bought their CD
It was like they wrote songs that were just for me
A few months later and Im obsessed with them
My favourite track on the album is number ten
Theyve got a new single out on Monday
Ive heard it before it sounds really great
Its called crashed the wedding its really cool
Because I was bored I now think they RULE!

By Chloe

Busted, Busted, you're so cool
Your fit pictures make me drool
You're my idols all the way
And I'd go out with you any day

By Amz + Sid