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From 28th September 2002

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Lizo: Hello and welcome to CBBC Newsround, online now. For today's webchat we've got some very special guests - we're joined by new boy band Busted, who have just stormed into the charts at number 3 with "What I go to school for". So welcome guys. We have had loads and loads of questions sent in.


Clair Ford, 15, Bournemouth
How did you guys actually get to be in a band?

Mattie: Well it was funny actually I met James about two, three years ago and we just started writing songs. We realised we were into the same sort of music and we were both songwriters, so we started writing songs. And then about a year ago we thought we'd get someone else on board - fresh ears. And we put an advert in NME and Charlie auditioned with a lovely rendition of Runaway Train - superb.

Lizo: What happened after that then?

Charlie: And then we went round record labels.

James: We played acoustically in the offices for major labels like Universal and stuff and Universal signed us.

Lizo: Were you ever worried that the whole thing seemed to be for boy bands that you had to go in there and kind of dancing routines together and then sort of sing a cappella syrupy lyrics about the girl that you loved and kissed in the moonlight?

Mattie: We weren't conscious of that when we went in because I don't think that ever entered our minds to be that sort of band, I mean for one I dance like my dad - pretty bad.

Charlie: I think that it was just the case that we wanted to write the songs we're doing. I think the times are changing now anyway, I don't think people are so into the old boy band dancing thing, I think it's moving away from that.

James: We gave up a lot - we kind of jacked in everything to kind of put all our efforts into being in the band, so I think we kind of believed that the music we were doing was good anyway so we didn't feel that we had to kind of go in there and be like all the other bands.

Charlie: We were confident in what we were doing.


William, 14, Reading
Who writes the songs in the band? Is it one of you, all of you, some of you?

Charlie: We all write the songs, it's a communal effort with song writing.

James: And as the album's out on Monday if you look in the album you'll see that it's kind of pretty much all of us anyway - different collaborations and stuff.

Lizo: Where did the inspiration come from - we know about the school song obviously but where else did you draw inspiration from for this album?

Charlie: Most of the songs I think are like about teenage dilemmas.

James: Our teenage experience.

Charlie: Stuff that we've been through.

Mattie: I mean you can draw inspiration from anything I think. One of our songs is Year 3000, that's inspired by one night we were watching Back to the Future which is such a great movie, my favourite.

James: It wasn't like we sat there in front of Back to the Future and thought we've got to write a song about this, it was kind of like when we sat down to write a song we thought it would be a good thing to write about - what it's going to be like in a thousand years time and put your own kind of little hold on what it's going to be like.


Kimberly Cutler, 14, Cardiff
What would you say your music is - is it more pop or nu-metal?

Mattie: It's more pop than nu-metal. Anyone that calls us a nu-metal band is wrong.

Charlie: We are a pop band.

Mattie: And we write pop songs.

James: We're a pop band with influences from some punk bands from America but we're not a punk band, we're not a nu-metal band, we're a pop band. We're fans of those kind of bands and we love that music but that's not what we're trying to do. We're trying to be a pop band with our own kind of edge and our edge is that kind of sound.


Zoe, 14, Sudbury
Music is a big part of my life and I listen to music which makes me feel happy so I can calm myself down after a boring day at school. I love the new Busted song but why do you guys actually listen to music?

Charlie: I just love listening to music. In the same kind of way, it can make you feel good, it can make you feel undepressed, if you're depressed. I think music is so easy to listen to - if you write a song I can sit there for hours and hours and hours listening to music.

James: I think you have to love music to be in a band really. And even when you're not surrounded by it - when we are like in between kind of things, travelling in a car, we're listening to our Walkman.

Charlie: It's the same kind of thing as films - I like watching films because I like getting away from it and you kind of go into the world of film and music, same thing - you go into the world of music and it's really easy to listen to.

Mattie: It's like what we were saying the other day - I've never met anybody that says I don't like music.

Charlie: It's probably one of the only things in the world that everyone pretty much likes because if you say - do you like music? - and they say - well I'm not really into it I like this and that - they still like it, no one says I hate music.

James: The world would be pretty silent wouldn't it without music?

Lizo: What are you listening to at the moment - just a track each?

Mattie: I'm loving No One Knows by Queens of the Stone Age - I actually love that track.

Charlie: Mine's Eighty Windows by a band called Nada Surf.

James: I like a Nada Surf song called Popular.


Maddy, 13, Esher
Who do you feel has actually influenced your music the most?

Charlie: I'd probably say Blink - the humour, the attitude towards the music I think is where we take our influence from Blink.

Lizo: What is it about Blink's music that you actually like?

Charlie: I think it's just when you go and watch them they're so funny and they put humour into the music and it's just such a great show to watch.

Mattie: I think the music is fantastic as well.

James: If you can make songs that are musically good and lyrically funny - because lyrically you kind of listen to it and it's light-hearted, it's humorous and I think that's what makes people stop and listen as well.

Charlie: I think also there is a serious side to the album as well which I think is important.

Mattie: And when the joke's over bands like Blink may succeed as well.


Emmie, 13, Hove
What do you think of shows like Popstars and Pop Idol - have they destroyed real music?

James: I follow those programmes, I do watch them - they're kind of addictive in a way.

Charlie: I think to sum it up it's a programme isn't it - a TV programme.

James: I don't think it has ruined music because there's still bands that kind of come through that aren't from those programmes but at the same time the charts is pretty much full up with those kind of bands - you've got Hear'Say, you've got Liberty, you've got Gareth, you've got Will, you've got Darius - you've got all those people. It's not as if I hate all those - I like it, I like their songs and stuff, I mean I like Darius you know. We know Darius and he's a cool guy. I think that it's given a lot of people more of an insight to the way bands, particularly manufactured bands are put together. I mean it's not the way we were put together because we're a lot different from that but particularly manufactured bands.

Lizo: Are these programmes a good thing for music then?

Charlie: I don't know because the way I look at it yeah, it's like for the music industry - would they have made it if they weren't on a TV programme? And to be honest a lot of them I don't think would have but some of them would - like Darius, I think, would have.

James: There's also the angle that says - a lot of people that sit home on a Saturday night they'll see the whole kind of Pop Idol thing and they'll go in and it'll bring a lot of people into the record stores that don't necessarily go in there to buy other music. So I suppose if it brings people into the stores it can also help get people into music as well. You can see it from the point of view.

Charlie: It's good entertainment at the end of the day.


Shauna, 12, Milton Keynes
Who do you have a crush on at the moment?

Charlie: Mine's an ongoing crush for Britney. There's a song on the album called Britney - to the Miss Spears.

Mattie: Tracking you down on the Internet 'cos I ain't seen you naked yet.

James: I think Cameron Diaz is possibly the most beautiful woman alive.

Mattie: I've got a crush on a lot of people but one in particular is probably Meg Ryan, I think she's beautiful and Sarah Whatmore's absolutely lovely.


Kym Baker, 16, Penrith
Would you ever date a fan?

Mattie: Yeah man, if she was fit.

Charlie: I think it depends on why they want to be going out with you.

James: If you knew that basically they just want to go out with you because you're in a band then that's a bit..

Charlie: Shallow.

James: I don't think you could ever date a fan seriously, I think you could go out with a fan and have a laugh but you couldn't really date a fan seriously.

Mattie: It depends on what kind of fan they were as well.


Ellen Williams, 12, North Wales
Are you all single?

Charlie: We are.

James: At the moment we are, yeah.

Mattie: We're very boring.


Laura Holloway, St. Ives, Cambridgeshire
I think you're all gorgeous but if you could change anything about yourselves what would it be?

Mattie: My hands, they're massive, they're like as big as my face. I've always had this thing about my hands, they're huge.

Charlie: I'd change my feet.

James: I think I might have been an ape in my past life because I've kind of brought the hairiness with me, do you know what I mean, and my hands are like - I wear shorts, it's just ridiculous, I mean, I'm very hairy.


Katie Ryan, 13, Chorley
Charlie you look like you're a model - have you ever done any modelling in the past?

Charlie: I was on a company called Models One for a bit.

James: He went along to this thing, this was when we knew Charlie, and he went and he was on Models One and he went for like three things and he got tired of it after like three jobs.

Charlie: I did get a bit bored with like walking around getting castings.


Sally, 13, Telford
What would your ideal girlfriend be like?

Mattie: Doesn't have to be a knockout just a good personality and makes me laugh.

James: And he stole my lines.

Lizo: Would she have to like your music? What if she hated your music could you cope with that?

Mattie: I don't think I could go out with a hard house fan. I could never go out with a girl who was into hard house music.

Charlie: I don't know, music's quite a big thing in our lives.

James: I like a girl that cries in movies. Not a girl that wants to be a boy. A ladylike girl.


Sammy, 15, Oxford
If you each had one wish what would you wish for and why?

James: A number one album, by the way that's out on Monday.

Charlie: Everyone that's watching now has to go and buy it.

James: If everyone who was watching now went and bought it we'd have a number one album. So you can make a dream come true you guys.


Krystal Forge, 17, Basildon, Essex
Are you going to change your image for the next single and what's it going to be - the next single?

James: We're all shaving our hair off.

Charlie: Yes, it's going to be kind of a futuristic thing.

Mattie: Yeah, Charlie gets naked in it, completely naked. At the moment I'm ying, I had this crazy idea about ying and yang that and I was going to turn to yang - I was going to go like the rest - all of it blonde with a black stripe.

James: I think I'm going to kind of stay what I am now but like have inky bits, inky blue bits.

Charlie: I think I'm going to maybe like grow it out a bit, get a bit more blonde maybe, I don't know.


Amy Angear, 15, Basildon, Essex
What celebrities would you never take style tips from?

Mattie: Gareth Gates.

Charlie: It's like if you're going to wear suits then wear a cool suit.

Lizo: What's Darius's style like, he's a mate of yours?

Charlie: He's quite cheesy but it's quite funny, he pulls off the cheese.

James: He's a nice guy.

Mattie: Westlife, early days of Westlife.

Charlie: I'd never take fashion tips from Michael Jackson.

Mattie: Or the Blazin' Squad.

James: I think they take fashion tips from people just walking around everyday.


Faye, 14, Barnsley
There was a fire at my school today - what's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you guys?

Mattie: I was in a train crash. At Waterloo - I was arriving and the train just didn't stop and just went into one that was already in the thing. I was okay. I have some scars but I'm okay.

Charlie: When I was younger I cycled into the back of a car. It was actually my dad's fault, my mum blamed it on my dad, because I was quite young and I was zooming down this hill and I was following my dad and I just went down, saw it and went smack.

James: Once when I was little, it was snowing and we did the sledging thing but we got like two sledges and me and my mates all piled on top of these two sledges - six of us - and when it got down the bottom of the hill we all fell awkwardly and I hurt myself.


Rosie, 15, Bristol
If you weren't doing anything musical what would you be doing?

Charlie: I'd be busking on the streets I think if I wasn't.

James: I'd be driving Charlie. You said nothing musical.

Mattie: I can't even work in HMV if it's nothing musical.

James: I'd like to be a tennis player.

Mattie: Professional ping pong player.

James: Yeah, actually we're going to do that, aren't we?

Mattie: Yeah, me and James are going to do that.

James: In our retirement we're going to go out to Singapore and enter the world ping pong championships.


Ian, 12, Shropshire
Have you ever been tempted to get a drummer as a fourth member?

James: We're going to get a session drummer on the tour but that's a way away at the moment, we're just kind of concentrating on releasing the album at the moment - which is out on Monday.

Mattie: We're happy as we are.

James: When we start kind of doing live kind of things on tour we'll get a session drummer probably. Charlie's an amazing drummer - we've got a drummer already, he just doesn't play drums in the band.


Amy, 15, Newark
Many singers star in films, do you have any plans to become Hollywood actors?

Mattie: I'd love to.

James: Busted films. It would be nothing to do with the music. It would be like Busted in a film - a new story-line completely. A Wayne's World type film.

Mattie: That would be awesome, you've hit the nail on the head. Any producers out there, we're up for it.


Cassie and Keira, 14 and 16, Manchester
Are you looking forward to the Emap school tours?

Charlie: Yes I think it's in a couple of week so that will be very cool.

Lizo: What's the best thing about meeting all the fans?

James: It's cool to meet people that are into what you do.

Mattie: Yeah people that buy your music man, you just think - you're buying my music, it's amazing.