>> Musically talented, this lot are


James is the main songwriter in Busted - he's co-written most of Busted's songs, bar about four, and Charlie named him the 'next Max Martin'. He has established himself as a strong writer in the world of pop, notching up seven number one singles (two of these performed by McFly). Inspired by Michael Jackson, James learned to play guitar, which was his main instrument in Busted, and he also played piano on Meet You There. He has been playing guitar for thirteen years, piano (he's on grade eight, I believe) for seven. He also claimed to be able to play a bit of bass and drums, but not much really. His first ever band was with three friends called Nick, Stewart (bassist) and Jeremy (drummer). They went by the name of Sic Puppy, which is now the name of James' clothing line. He says that his two favourite songs they wrote together were called 'Something's On My Mind' (Nirvana sort of sound) and 'Once In A While' (Green Day-esque).

James is now writing, singing and playing guitar in Son Of Dork, who play a similar style to Busted.


Matt used to be in a band called Sabotage. He says that they only ever did Green Day covers, and never performed a single gig. Bass is not the only instrument he plays - he was the original drummer for Busted, and before that, he learned to play guitar. After realising that he was not so interested in guitar, he picked up bass, which, although he has only been playing for a couple of years, is now his main instrument.


Charlie is probably the most musically talented (along with the rest of his family!) of the three boys - he not only plays guitar, but he is also a drummer, pianist (although not as high a level as James) and bassist. I don't know much about his bass playing, but I believe he's playing drums for at least seven years, and guitar for around eleven. He has been in many bands during his teenage years, and even before that - he joined Natural Disasters when he was 12. Since then, he has been in bands called Recoil, Erase, Homesprung, Manhole and Spleen.

Because of his diverse music tastes, he has adapted to different musical scenes, which has allowed him to be in his current Fightstar.


Matt's brother, Darren, was the lead singer in a rock band, Undesided, who supported Busted on their stadium and arena tours. They split in the same week as Busted, and Darren went on to form a band with another ex-Undesided member, called Superkicks. However, he left in September to spend time with his fiancee.

Charlie's brothers are both musically talented. Will is the guitarist in brilliant rock band Brigade, while Ed is... well, he WAS in a band called Prego with a girl called Hazel (when they performed, Will and Charlie joined them), who left last year, taking two tracks off their current EP. And so Ed is now a one-man band.