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What Busted things do I have? Find out here..

I just want to say a HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to ASHLEY for sending me loads of American things! Lots and lots of love to you hehe.
Also thank you to:-
Michelle for sending me the 2003 tour t shirt and album t shirt
SARAH for buying me the Hurra Hurra singles
Kim for sending me the tour program for A Ticket For Everyone
Cat for sending me the tour program for A Ticket For Everyone Else and the plectrums

CDs etc

Albums and DVDs
'Busted' CD
'Busted' CD - American version
'A Present For Everyone' CD
'A Present For Everyone' CD - European version
'Busted Live: A Ticket For Everyone' CD
'Busted Live: A Ticket For Everyone' tour DVD
Singles and 7" vinyl
'What I Go To School For' CD1
'What I Go To School For' CD2
'What I Go To School For' tape
'What I Go To School For' American CD - SIGNED
'Year 3000' CD1
'Year 3000' CD2
'You Said No' CD1
'You Said No' CD2
'You Said No' tape
'Sleeping With The Light On' CD1
'Sleeping With The Light On' CD2
'Sleeping With The Light On' tape
'Crashed The Wedding' CD1
'Crashed The Wedding CD2
'Crashed The Wedding' 3" CD
'Who's David' CD1
'Who's David' CD2
'Air Hostess' CD1
'Air Hostess' CD2
'Air Hostess' limited edition 7" picture disk
'Air Hostess' 3" CD (German)
'Hurra Hurra Die Schule Brennt' CD1
'Hurra Hurra Die Schule Brennt' CD2
'3am/Thunderbirds Are Go' CD1
'3am/Thunderbirds Are Go' CD2
'3am/Thunderbirds Are Go' DVD
'She Wants To Be Me' 3" CD single
Promo CDs
'Busted' album 5 track promo CD
'What I Go To School For' 1 track promo CD
'Year 3000' 1 track promo CD
'You Said No' 1 track promo CD
'Sleeping With The Light On' 1 track promo CD
'Crashed The Wedding' 1 track promo CD
'Who's David' 1 track promo CD
'Air Hostess' 1 track promo CD
'Thunderbirds' 1 track promo CD
'3am' 1 track promo CD
'3am/Thunderbirds Are Go' 2 track promo CD
'She Wants To Be Me' 1 track promo CD
Exclusive CDs
Coca Cola CD (limited edition)
That CD that was free with meals at an American dining place...


Official Busted Book
Busted: On Tour Official Book
Busted: Unofficial Annual 2004
Busted Annual
Official Calendar 2004
Official Calendar 2005
Unofficial Calendar 2005
'Busted' guitar tablature book
'A Present For Everyone' guitar tablature book
Tour program - A Ticket For Everyone 2004
Tour program - A Ticket For Everyone Else 2004
Unofficial sticker book (shaddup, I rule!)


Navy tour dates t shirt (2003) with Busted logo on front
White t shirt with album cover on front
Navy summer tour dates t shirt (2004) with picture from APFE cover on front
Blue/grey scarf
Green & black striped tie

Posters/postcards/magazines etc

Loads of posters (from mags)... no idea how many.
6 huge posters from shops
Promotional poster from America
9 postcards (including 3 promo ones from America)
Raving Busted Maniacs fanzine, issues 1, 2 + 3
Loads of magazines with interviews, articles, etc. Loads and loads and loads, British, American & Spanish. A lot are typed up on here.
Loads of Busted fliers etc
Signed (genuine) Busted picture
Signed (printed) Christmas card


Busted crew card
4 round badges
Credit card holder thing
Piece of Busted rock
Busted bag
Busted mousemat
Busted mug
6 Busted plectrums
Crashed The Wedding slipcase
Official Year 3000 rocket badge
2 sweatbands, one red and one black


****All the 3 inch CDs excluding SWTBM***** (wasn't there a very limited one for Air Hostess as well?)
****Any 7" picture vinyl excluding Air Hostess***** (again, can't get them)
'Hurra Hurra Die Schule Brennt' 1 track promo CD (only if there's a cool cover though, ha)
Busted Unauthorized 2005
Red tie with black logo
Skater top that was at the 2003 tour. My mate was supposed to get me that instead of the white t shirt, stupid merch guy!
Anything else to do with Busted, really.


Busted Gold Card (busted.com in August 2002)
Official calendar 2003 (street team said they'd send and didn't)
Kilt pin (ditto)