>> Obsessed?

So you think you're obsessed? Read this...

You know you're obsessed if you...
...own a Busted site
...love Michael Jackson and Blink 182
...have made Jaffa Cakes become a part of your every-day diet
...then read that Matt hates them, and you don't know what to do
...despise fish and other sea-bred creatures
...like Britney since Busted do
...but hate her at the same time - you KNOW you would be better with Busted than her!
...have started writing your own songs
...have started playing guitar
...can play every Busted song on guitar
...want to be in a band/are in a band
...have bought every single CD they've ever released
...including promo CDs
...buy every magazine they're in
...watch every TV show they're on
...record every TV show they're on
...go to every concert you can
...try to get to the front every time. Even if you have seated tickets in 2nd row
...count down the days till each concert from the day you buy the tickets
...try to turn everyone into a Busted fan
...and if you fail, you kill them
...name your pets after them
...and, indeed, your sons. And daughters
...suddenly like a band just because Busted like them
...sing their songs so much that even your parents know the lyrics
...organise meetings with Busted fans
...are given nicknames associated with Busted
...know the names of all the people who work with Busted
...request Busted songs on every radio station you know of
...suddenly become best friends with anyone you know who is a Busted fan. Even if you barely knew them beforehand
...have written songs/poems/other writings about Busted
...love writing/reading Busted fan fiction
...have or are going to get a Busted-related tattoo
...have framed your favourite posters/concert tickets/etc and they are now hanging proudly on your bedroom wall
...are best friends with at least one of Busted's friends/colleagues/acquantances
...have yet to find a Busted song you don't like as much as the next
...dream about Busted far too much. Including during the day
...know the lyrics so well that if you saw one phrase, you'd know exactly which Busted song it's from
...your parents know their names and basic profiles
...listen to Busted when you're depressed and immediately cheer up again
...bought a CD just because you read that one of Busted has it
...know the entire script of the Back To The Future trilogy like the back of your hand
...have written at least one letter to Busted. And got a reply because they realised how big a fan you are
...have analyzed exactly what each instrument plays in every song
...know exactly where they are, or if you don't, you wonder
...meet them wherever you can
...can relate ANYTHING that anyone says to Busted
...collected ring pulls from Coke cans just to get the exclusive Busted CD
...go crazy every time a Busted song comes on the radio
...yelled at the TV when the guy on CD:UK made Matt pour fish guts over Charlie
...can find people you know at Busted concerts (not including the people you go with)
...go to Busted concerts, even if no one will go with you
...regularly stare at your Busted posters adoringly
...often remember a random quote from an interview
...even though you've laughed so many times because of a funny thing they've said, you still laugh hysterically every time you hear/ think of it
...found Busted's addresses and have camped outside their houses
...stand up for Busted whenever someone says something bad about them
...know exactly when Busted are on a music channel/radio station
...skived school to meet them at a signing
...are still reading this list
...get a call from at least one of your mates to let you know about some Busted news. Even though you knew it already
...visit busted.com and bustedus.com at least every day, in case they have been updated
...visit loads of fan sites in case you find out something new
...wear Busted clothing everywhere to promote them, even if people take the piss
...and even make your own
...have an extremely large collection of Busted posters and merchandise
...have a long conversation with someone explaining who Busted are, if they don't know
...have been accused of being a teenybopper, then proceed to kick the person's head in
...got at least one member of Busted to sign a part of your body
...didn't wash afterwards for weeks
...ended up having a tattoo over the autographs so they are now on your body permanently
...are positive that at least one member of Busted looked at you/waved to you/etc at a concert
...even though it was probably only because you were going so mad
...download as many Busted videos as you can
...have made many friends through Busted
...have read this entire list only to discover there are some things which don't apply to you, making you believe you're not actually Busted's no.1 fan.