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:: They were originally called 'Buster', after the train robber, but Geri Halliwell called them 'Busted' by mistake, and they preferred that.
:: There used to be two other members, Ki and Owen, but they left, so James and Matt found Charlie.
:: They are still friends with Owen - they mention him in their thanks on the debut album, and wish him luck.
:: Owen auditioned for Pop Idol.
:: The Germans thought Busted were called 'Bastard'.
:: The album was originally going to be called 'In Bed With Miss MacKenzie'.
:: The advert which made Charlie audition was in NME.
:: When the band first started out, Matt tried to dye Charlie's hair, and it came out ginger!
:: 'All The Way' originally contained some extremely rude lyrics which had to be taken out.
:: They prepared an apology speech for the Brit awards in case they won Best British Group, because they felt Radiohead or The Darkness deserved it more, bless!
:: Sleeping With The Light On was the first song James and Matt ever wrote together.
:: Why David? Because it rhymes with invaded.
:: Who IS David, anyway? Apart from the guy who lives next door, the boys claim that it's the name of Matt's mole.
:: Matt and James bought a lizard called Garth in Spain for Charlie, but he didn't want it and they couldn't take it out of Spain anyway. So they gave it to the president of the Spanish Busted fan club, Verona.
:: Matt and Charlie wrote the outline of Year 3000 in 20 minutes for a b side. They never intended to release it, or even put it on an album. It spent over 3 months in the charts and was one of Busted's biggest hit singles.
:: Although they only announced their split on January 14th 2005, Charlie actually left the band near the end of December 2004. I don't have an exact date, but like the papers reported, he almost left on the last night of the tour, and on Christmas Eve, Matt received a phone call saying Charlie was no longer in Busted.
:: If you watch an episode of America Or Busted where they play a gig on a beach, you can hear Charlie playing Fightstar - Lost Like Tears In Rain during the soundcheck.