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Host: Owen and 1+1
Site officially opened: 25th September 2002
Domain officially opened: 15th February 2004
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Back in August 2002 (possibly July), I saw a picture in a magazine. 'Wow,' I thought. 'There's something special about them.' So I went on their website, and as soon as I heard the clips, I knew I would love them and I decided to show my support. This site started on Freewebs at the beginning of September 2002 (although it officially opened on the 25th), and later moved to loserkid.org when my friend Becci offered to host me at her site.

The site became increasingly popular, so I decided to get bustedonline.org for Christmas 2003. However, I ran into a few problems with my host and finally got the domain properly up on February 15th 2004.

After the Busted split, the site became more popular than ever, with 1000-2000 visitors every day. The success was overwhelming at times - I've had mentions in the Daily Star (which they can die for), Megastar.co.uk, two on Popjustice.co.uk, and a mention on Dan and Jem's CMP Radio.

Although the post-Busted mania is now over, I plan to keep it going to provide you with all the information and media you need when it comes to Busted, as well as to update you with everything the guys are doing now.

Thank you to everyone who has visited the site, I've had a brilliant time running it, and I expect I will continue to for a very long time.