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These were going round on MySpace for Busted and Son Of Dork, so I've made up a Fightstar one as well.


1. Favourite Busted member:
I don't have one - out of looks, I'd say Matt, but James is my idol and Charlie is an enormously talented musician.

2. Least favourite member:
Possibly Charlie, but I don't have a least favourite, really.

3. Fave Busted song:
Sleeping With The Light On, Everything I Knew, Fake, Better Than This, Who's David...

4. Fave Busted album:
A Present For Everyone.

5. Been to one of their gigs? When and where?
One. Britannia Stadium, Stoke-on-Trent - July 10th 2004.

6. Met them?
No. :-( I've spoken to James, though.

7. Fave bit of the live DVD:
The drum duet, Where Is The Love, Better Than This and Fake. And the best thing is, they're all in a row.

8. Fave song performed live:
It would probably have been something from the ATFEE tour (like Meet You There, or Matt's version of Should I Stay Or Should I Go), but I didn't go to that. :-( So probably... Better Than This.

9. Fave Busted lyric:
The lyrics to Everything I Knew are amazing, and Losing You. I like a lot of their lyrics.

10.Why do you like Busted?
They were fun, they changed pop music, I loved their music, they were fantastic live, they were TREMENDOUSLY talented for people their age, they inspired me and millions of others to play guitar, they gave an insight into the music industry, they were just generally a fantastic pop band.


1. Fave Son Of Dork member:
Has to be James, as he's my idol. But otherwise, I'd go for... Dave.

2. Least fave member:
No idea, possibly Danny, because he's the only one who hasn't messaged me!

3. Fave Son Of Dork song:
Party's Over > Eddie's Song > Sick.

4. Fave Son Of Dork album:
Hmm, I wonder. :-p

5. Been to one of their gigs? When and where?
Yepp, 4th September at Free At The Dee in Aberdeen.

6. Met them?
Again, nope, but I've had messages from all of them except Danny, and I've spoken to James on the phone.

7. Fave song performed live:
Well, I've only seen them perform Ticket Outta Loserville and Eddie's Song, and also Boyband on TV, I missed Murdered In The Mosh. :-( But I'd say Eddie's Song. It's hard to tell at an early stage though.

8. Fave SOD lyric:
All the lyrics to Party's Over.

9.Why do you like Son Of Dork:
Like Busted, they're fun, the music is really good, and they're all pretty good musicians. James and Chris are fantastic songwriters.


1. Fave Fightstar member:
I'm not fussed. Omar's a dude though, and he looks huggable, haha. Charlie has a better voice than Al, in my opinion.

2. Least fave member:
Pshhh. None of them.

3.Fave Fightstar song:
Until Then and Build An Army, and I still love Paint Your Target. I love the speed-up in Speak Up as well.

4. Fave Fightstar album:
Grand Unification. Obviously.

5. Been to one of their gigs? When and where?
I saw them at T In The Park (9th July 2005), I've not been to any of their headlining gigs though.

6. Met them?
Nope, but I've had messages/emails from all of them apart from Charlie, who's passed messages onto me.

7. Fave song performed live:
Hmmm. I don't know. Until Then, maybe.

8. Fave Fightstar lyric:
I'm not really fussed because I listen to the music more than the lyrics, but maybe Until Then.

9.Why do you like Fightstar:
Most of their music is fantastic. I don't think they're the best band in their genre, but some of their songs are incredible. They're good live, they're decent guys, etc.