>> Teenie lyrics

Air Hostes
Crshed Da Wedin
Hu's David?
Sleepin Wiv Da Lite On
Wat I Go 2 Skool 4
Yr 3000
Crsh An Brn (U Sed No)

as u may no, i h8 (most) teenie talk (excludin da odd 'u' an also 'lol' an 'lmao' etc..), so dis is purely 4 ur entatainmnt. an am nt gr8 @ it haha. so if u fink i shud replace a wrd wiv sumfin betta, let me no!

Or if you speak English like me, that can also be said as:

As you may know, I hate (most) teenie talk (excluding the odd 'u' and also 'lol' and 'lmao' etc..), so this is purely for your entertainment. And I am not great at it haha. So if you think I should replace a word with something better, let me know!