>> Twins

How much are you like one of the Busted boys?

James - Clazz

1. We both play guitar. In fact, he inspired me to.
2. We both write songs. Again, he inspired me.
3. We both play piano/keyboard. Except he didn't inspire me haha. The weird thing is, neither of us play other instruments, just those.
4. We both sing.
5. We're both left handed.
6. We both love Jaffa cakes, bananas and pizza.
7. We're both a bit psychic. He believes he gets premonitions, and I often seem to know when a song's on the radio or on TV, it's quite freaky.
8. We both hate smoking, and we've never tried it nor want to ever.
9. We both love Blink 182 and Muse.
10. Our favourite subject at school was music.
11. We're both completely random, and make stupid faces and comments to make people laugh.
12. In the unofficial annual 2004, there is a page which has words to describe each boy. Every single word about James applies to me. Just so you know, the words are (good) modest, reliable, hardworking, intelligent, careful with money and (bad) fussy, a worrier, overcritical, perfectionist.
13. I've always been quite competitive - I often want to be the best in a lot of things I do. Sound familiar, James fans?
14. Our favourite colour is blue.
15. We both suffer from hay fever.
16. He said in an interview that he used to have to use an inhaler. So did I.
17. He also has to take tablets and I think nose spray. So do I.
18. We both fancy Keira Knightley! (but then who doesn't?!) Hey, Britney's not bad either..
19. We both prefer showers to baths.
20. We both have a habit of saying sorry, even when we haven't done anything wrong.
21. He describes himself as a 'collector freak'. I would say that about myself - I collect candles, and I'm starting up a bit of a collection of badges and band t shirts.
22. Neither of us worry about looking too good - we'd rather sleep as much as we can in the morning than make ourselves look good.
23. My mum hates music, so as I grew up, I didn't get to hear much. James says in the official Busted book that his family wasn't very musical either.
24. I went through a phase of singing 'head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes'.. a couple of weeks later, I opened a magazine to read '(James is singing 'head, shoulders, knees and toes' in the background)'.
25. Apparently he never stops writing. Hey, neither do I..
26. We both love playing tennis.
27. We both make up names for people.
28. Charlie and Matt said he zones out sometimes and doesn't pay attention to anything anyone says. Guess what? Same here..
29. We've both worked in stage productions, although mine wasn't exactly much.
30. We'd both have Travis Barker (Blink 182) as the drummer in our dream bands.
31. Neither of us can cook very well.
32. We both bite our nails.
33. We're not very hygenic, especially in the kitchen.
34. We both bob our heads like chickens.
35. His first snog was unexpected when a girl came up to him at a party and it just happened. The same happened to me, but with a boy and at a school dance.
36. We both think it's stupid to ever try drugs.
37. I argue that there are so many problems in life, why add to them by smoking etc? James said that in Sneak..
38. We both find the gym boring.
39. We both go hyper just by drinking something fizzy or something silly like that bahaha.
40. Neither of us have ever suffered from spots really badly.
41. We've both always ignored pressure from people to smoke, have sex etc.
42. Whenever someone asks either of us to do something for them, we usually forget..
43. We're both open and honest about ourselves, but when it comes to other people's secrets, we don't tell anyone.
44. Neither of us drink tea.
45. We don't usually read on the toilet.

Matt - Gemma-Louise

1. We hate Jaffa Cakes.
2. We both fancy Pink (hehe), but we hate Avril!
3. We both think we're excellent at skateboarding...but unfortunately we're not.
4. We both have an older brother who plays in an unsigned band.
5. We're both big fans of bands such as Blink 182, GreenDay & Foo Fighters.
6. We both gurn a lot.
7. We both hate bullies.
8. We have both had problems with our eye sight in the past.
9. We would describe ourselves as: loud and outgoing, and we love to have a good laugh.
10. We both think cats are evil - doggies rule!
11. Be careful - we are both quite daring.
12. We hate English & History at school - Biology is our favourite subject.
13. We have both misbehaved in a hotel recently.
14. We have both been in a relationship with someone and then broken up with them soon after.
15. We both have lucky chains.
16. Surprisingly, we both love a good party!
17. We both love CD and trainer shopping - and we both LOVE clothes.
18. We both own lots of jeans and wristbands.
19. We both prefer showers to baths.
20. We are both bad dancers - but does that stop us from boogying?
21. We both have relatives called: Darren, Kevin & Linda.
22. We can get into trouble sometimes.
23. We both wanna learn drums.
24. In a recent interview Matt said that when he was in first school he was "A hyperactive nutter". Don't worry about it Matt, so was I!
25. We both love to watch shows such as Jackass & South Park.
26. We both have the same phobias: Snakes, heights and stilton cheese.
27. Matt's starsign is Taurus. Recently I was told that my "Moon Sign" is Taurus. I checked, and they were correct...spooky!
28. We both swear quite a bit (hehe!).
29. We both love Kinder choccie and orange Revels.
30. We both think American food is lush...mmm!
31. We have both had a go at Karaoke in the past!
32. We both like to change our hairstyles/hair colour every so often.
33. We both sing and write songs for ourselves and other people.
34. We both have an obsession with Blink 182.
35. We are both right handed and we both have hazel eyes.
36. Our favourite colour is red.
37. We don't like Rugby or Netball. We prefer footie!
38. We don't like hard house music.
39. We don't like the idea of sun bathing - we BURN!!
40. One of our fave foods is kebab.
41. We both have a problem with our trousers falling down! Trust me, it is embarrassing!
42. We have a bad habit of: tapping.
43. We drool in our sleep. One time James said Matt fell asleep on a plane, and when he woke up there was a string of goober hanging in mid air! A similar thing has happened many times with me when I wake up in the morning!
44. We both like to have milk and 2 sugars in our tea.
45. We're both jokers.
46. We both have lots of energy and sometimes our friends and family can't keep up with us.
47. Matt and I don't believe in ghosts. We both think that there is some logical reason for something strange that happens, eg bumps in the night.
48. We're both normally loud, but we go quiet if we meet someone for the first time or walk into a crowded room full of people we have never met before in our lives.
49. We both hate arguing - I'm bad at it anyway and so is Matt.

Currently looking for a Charlie twin - or if you think you're better than those above, email me with your reasons!