>> Why you should be a Busted fan?

1. Their music is good (obviously) and varied.
- They have a diverse collection of songs on their albums; you have typical cheeky pop rock like Air Hostess, pure pop like Year 3000, ballads like Sleeping With The Light On, and almost rock songs like Why. Something for everyone!

2. They write their own stuff.
- Believe it or not, Busted wrote all their own songs. In fact, they started writing their first album when Matt and James were just 16.

3. They play their own instruments.
- On tour, they all played instruments, and Charlie also played drums on both arena tours.

4. They don't try to be anything they're not.
- None of the boys ever claimed to be anything other than pop with rock influences. Fact.

5. They're not at all big headed, they're completely down to earth guys.
- In interviews, they have hardly ever boasted about their success, even at the height of it.

6. Apparently they're really friendly.
- Just ask anyone who's met them. :-p [not me, unfortunately]

7. They love their fans and try to always put us first. ;-)
- They know who put them where they are. (let's not go into the Charlie thing)

8. They're funny!
- Just go to the quotes page to see what barmy stuff has been coming out of their mouths.

9. They are amazing live.
- The atmosphere at all their gigs was incredible, and they interact with the fans a lot while maintaining a stable musicianship. Go watch the live DVD.

10. They are [dare I say it] not bad in the looks department.
- Well okay, you can't forget the fact they're all drop dead gorgeous. But that's not the only reason you like them, I hope...