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Welcome to the Busted fanlisting network! If you own a Busted related fanlisting, please join. :-D This site was opened on 10th May 2004.

Fanlisting count: 83.

!% Updates

May 14th 2006
Heee, exams are almost over and for the first time in years, I will have TIME to do things. I've updated a couple of links, like the Charlie fanlisting.

December 28th 2005
So I never did get round to making all those fanlistings, haha. I guess school work took priority... I'm going to apply for a few song fanlistings, and also the Busted one. Most fanlistings were on busted-rock.com, which is now closed, but I have backed up all the member lists I could find.

September 24th 2005
I am still running this site. Since the split, a lot of fanlistings have closed/haven't been updated for ages, so I'm sorting all those out. Any song fanlistings in this position will be opened on this domain (and if the fanlisting still exists but hasn't been updated for months, I will add all existing members back), however as I don't have time to make 50 different layouts, I'm going to make a template layout for all of them.

Anyway, I am sorting through all the fanlistings that still exist, adding ones that weren't on here before and deleting others.