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First of all, a fanlisting is a site to get fans of a particular subject together from around the world and have them listed in one place. To learn more, go to thefanlistings.org.


This is the official fanlisting for the relationship between James Bourne and Charlie Simpson. And not just in a friendly way, but if you want to think of it as just that, then fine. But no, what I mean is proper.. rawr. I apologise if you are offended by this in any way, but seriously. My friend Kim and I have been finding more and more evidence after we saw a picture of Charlie sucking James' hose. Yes, really. You see it on the layout, but it could be photoshopped, right? Wrong. Don't believe me? Then simply CLICK HERE! Now, Kim and I, being our dirty minded selves, took that COMPLETELY the wrong way (come to think of it, how couldn't you?!), and therefore we came to the conclusion that there is something going on between those two Busted boys.

Of course, that isn't all that we've found. Let's go:-

2. (1 being the hose incident) Take Busted's personal review of A Present For Everyone, for example. In the review of Meet You there, James says (and I quote):-
'We were in Dublin and we'd had enough of being in the bar,' James says, 'so Charlie and I just went up to a room, picked up our guitars and banged it out.'
Banged it out, eh?! Need I say more? :-D

3. Another example would be certain pictures I found in Sneak last November of Charlie taking James up the arse at Britney's party. Almost. Intrigued? CLICK and CLICK! Haaa, and I found more! CLICK, CLICK aaaaand CLICK (go on, you KNOW you wanna say aww to the last one <3!)

4. And how could you forgot the Crashed The Wedding video? The spankage, of course! Charlie spanking James? OoO. And then there's James grabbing Charlie's bum. Get in there, Jimbo! Need pics? 1 - 2 - 3 - 4!

5. Plus in an On The Spot interview - you know the one where they skip at the start? Maybe not, but anyway, James and Charlie are holding hands as they skip (okay they all are, but Matt lets go first so bah). You can now CLICK and watch, baybee. How cute, bless their little cotton socks. <3

6. In a Smash Hits interview, they had a fight with snakes - no, not trousersnakes, before you wonder. You're just being silly now, aren't you, you dirty moose! But of course, immaturity has to take over at some point, right? Anyway, yes. James proceeds to pull down Charlie's boxers to give people a lovely view of his bum. Charlie then gets him back by sitting on his head. *eye twitch* Why are you looking at me in that way? You think I'm making it up? CLICK for the full interview then, you sausage.

7. Quote from Charlie in a TOTP interview:- 'I walked in on James in the shower once. Man, that boy should lock the door cause I saw EVERYTHING!' ..and you two did WHAT in the shower, exactly? *giggle* Lock the door.. my my..


9. A certain picture from the I,Robot premiere, shows James looking at Charlie in a peculiar way. LOOKIE at the lurve. ..I'm sure the camera just caught it at a 'wrong' moment, but still, it's quite cute really.

10. I don't have it uploaded, but there was something on CDUK called 'Where's Your Hat At?' where Busted had to read cards with questions on them and answer them. At one point, Charlie was staring at James while licking his lips, even though Matt was talking.

So if you agree with us, and are a fan of the cute couple (bahaha), or even just the friendship *cough* between them, please join!