Welcome to the official fanlisting for fans of Busted's version of Soul Asylum's Runaway Train, which appears on the Thunderbirds/3am single. This site is a proud part of thefanlistings.org! This fanlisting was originally owned by Ellen, but I [Clazz] recently took over.

The layout and codes are made by Ellen, although I'll be making some more soon. :-)

Member count: 25. (last checked for updates 8th March 2008)


1. You must be a fan of the Busted version of the song Runaway Train.
2. You must submit your real name, country and a valid email address.
3. No porn/racism sites please.
4. If you have a site you must place a code somewhere on it and link back to http://www.bustedonline.org/train


Please link back to http://www.bustedonline.org/train


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